I Beat Spider-Man on Playstation

October 4, 2018

© Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Minor spoilers for the new Spider-Man on Playstation game.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So if you have been listening to the Casual Gamers podcast with Jeremy and myself, you know that being the dad to a newborn is cutting into my video game time.  Which is okay, it's great even!  I love my son.  But I also still love playing video games.  Last night I handed my son to my wife and knew I had 45 minutes to myself to play Spider-Man, and luckily I was able to beat the game.  

Starting off the game I was not drawn into the story proper very easily because I was not a big fan of the character models used for the characters, but the character model for Spider-Man himself was so good it drags you into the story with the sheer joy of playing Spider-Man.  There are a ton of cool costumes and gadgets to play with.

What struck me though was what EVERY great story does.  It made me care about the villain.  It made me understand why the villain had certain motivations and how that ties into Peter Parker/Spider-Man's journey in the game is nothing short of Amazing.  I was just telling Jeremy that it was painfully enjoyable and agonizing in the finale of the game that Spider-Man does everything he can to try and Save the people he loves, even the villain.  

If you are on Playstation or have the means to get yourself one, I highly recommend Spider-Man on PS4 from Insomniac Games.  It's like best Blockbuster Marvel movies out there right now, a thrill ride of comic book epic proportions.