Hamby and Alyssa discuss LIGHTS #SkinAndEarth and social media Easter Eggs

June 20, 2017

A sort of Capes on Capes crossover.  Musician LIGHTS has a new album on the way AND a new comic book associated with the album from Dynamite Comics.  Alyssa is such a big LIGHTS fan she has been tracking this story for us since an early announcement back in May.  Here with an update Hamby and Alyssa discuss LIGHTS Instagram social media surrounding the release of the album and comic and the fun Easter Eggs you can discover.  Really cool.

First off, you should Follow LIGHTS on Instagram

Giants. Friday ✨

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Then check out the Instagram account for Skin and Earth, when you see the profile page displayed out, all the posts form one giant map!

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LIGHTS herself loves the nerding out.  Go hunting for Easter Eggs, and whatever you find, hit up Alyssa on Twitter @AlyssaFM949