Fortnite Breaks Playstation Back - Crossplay Coming!

September 26, 2018

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It happened!  This news is huge today.  How big has Fortnite gotten?  They've forced Sony Playstation to change from "No Crossplay" AT ALL with anyone, no matter what, to "Crossplay with Xbox" is live play testing on Beta today.  WOW.

Sony has been a HOLD OUT.  Taking lumps from fans and people in the industry for years now on their no crossplay stance.  Nintendo and Xbox of openly mocked them on Social Media.  And now today, Playstation caves and cross play is launched with Xbox.  This is the first domino.  Will Destiny be next?  Call of Duty Black Ops 4?  Big AAA titles and companies like Activision are going to FIGHT to get crossplay on all their major titles now.  Welcome to the current state of gaming Playstation, everyone wants to play together no matter what system they have.  Makes console exclusives the only thing selling the units now.  Not that PS4 needs help selling MORE units.