FM Radio On Your Smartphone

Samsung Activates FM Chip For All U.S. Carriers

September 7, 2016

You may not have known it, but if you have a newer, Android-based smartphone, you have an FM radio inside your phone.

The only problem is - most likely, it hasn't been working.  Until now.

Last week, Samsung became the first manufacturer to activate their FM chip across all U.S. cell carriers.  The company sent an update that activated the FM chip inside all S7 and S7 Edge devices sold since March of 2016.  The new Galaxy Note7 is also activated.

What this means is that with the NextRadio® app, you can now listen to FM 949 off the air, via your phone.  Remember, you won't be streaming.  While the app does use some data to operate, estimates are that you'll use 92% less data than streaming apps (and 75% less battery!).

While Samsung is the first to activate this phone across all carriers, some carriers have allowed the chip to be activated on their individual systems.  Here's a list of supported devices.

You can download the NextRadio® app in the Google Play store here.

From a release by NextRadio on Tuesday, September 6:

Samsung First to Activate the FM Chip Across All U.S. Carriers

The potential number of people tuning in to FM radio on their smartphones via the NextRadio® app grew by millions overnight. On Friday [9/2], Samsung became the first manufacturer whose phones are completely compatible across all carriers. This includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular.

Samsung sent a maintenance release to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge activating all devices sold since March 2016. These models are the two top-selling Android phones - outselling even Apple's iPhone. The new Galaxy Note7, released in early August, is also NextRadio-compatible on all US carriers.