Dean Spanos You Have Failed This City #Arrow

Remember this?!

January 11, 2017

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Bombshell news tonight that the San Diego Chargers may be announcing their move to Los Angeles tomorrow.  Nothing confirmed yet, but it feels like a foregone conclusion.  For many this is like the final letting go, if that's what this is, and can't wait to turn the page. Some folks on Facebook tonight that I know as die-hard fans who would get in arguments with people about them NOT leaving we're absolutely devastated and crushed by this news tonight.  I feel like that's the most telling thing of all. They might actually be leaving and some people are just realizing it's over.  And never forget, we dealt with a lot of these emotions one year ago which prompted Arrow actor Stephen Amell to post this video on Twitter. "Dean Spanos you have failed this city...." a popular line from Stephen's tv show.  And if it's true that the Chargers ARE leaving....everyone blames Dean.