Capes on Capes | Movies of 2020

Plus how will the Coronavirus affect attendance?

March 4, 2020

On this week's episode of the Capes on Capes podcast, Hamby and Bryce continue the discussion of what happens to the Box Office if people don't go to the movies this year because of Coronavirus fears.  Jumping off from there we discuss movies still coming in 2020 that we want to See In Theaters, Wait for Home Digital, Skip It.  Plus Hamby shares he has been watching the series of shows called Marvel Rising on Disney+, is it something you should check out?  Plus we discuss the X-Force trilogy that was being discussed back in 2014 before a Deadpool movie was even a thing.

Since the podcast was recorded 007's No Time to Die has been pushed back to November

DC Comics pulls out of Emerald City Con