Capes on Capes Interview The Curseborn Saga

Fantasy and Manga from San Diego

August 28, 2019

San Diego Comic Con is not only a great networking opportunity for folks in the entertainment industry but also a great way to start conversations with people you've never met!  It's Hamby and right after SDCC this year I was contacted by Elnath Shanks from The Curseborn Saga.  He said something in an email like "Hey Hamby!  Love the Capes on Capes podcast, loved all the SDCC coverage this year.  Wanted you to know we are from San Diego and are making comic books and novels in a fantasy setting and have a manga."  Oh?  Like that?!  I clicked the link and loved what I saw.  The guys at The Curseborn Saga tell their story in this Capes on Capes interview.  We also stumble onto inspiration while sharing stories and discover how San Diego's Daybreak Studios Everquest inspired these guys all these years.  Check out their website and give them a follow online.  Review of the books to come! @cursebornsaga on socials or check out

The Curseborn Saga

The Curseborn Saga

A young woman ran through the dark trees of Neverend Forest, her breathing heavy and her feet bloodied. She was a blur in the night, her long white dress ripped and tattered. On her back she wore a large leather sack, and slung over her shoulder was a wooden longbow. If she had not been running in fear of her life, and if the night wind had been softer, one might have heard the faint cries coming from within her rucksack. But not tonight. Not in this moment. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of many soldiers pursuing her, forcing an inescapable plight upon the woman that would ultimately mean her death. ||| Check out the manga that started it all, The Curseborn Saga • Vol 1: To Whom Fate Smiles || EBook with color introduction avail on Amazon!!

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