Capes On Capes Episode 21

Comic Con is coming!

July 1, 2016

This week on Capes on Capes Bryce and Hamby change it up a little. No "news" this week, but we do break out 3 major topics. #1 We saw Independence Day Resurgence at Ultra Star Mission Valley Hazard Center last week in D-Box. We share our thoughts on the movie and the experience in general.  #2 we discuss how movies are not really made for Americans anymore and the emerging China audience is really driving the content #3 we discusss the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale and where the show goes from here in Season 7 and 8.

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Capes on Capes Episode 21

Friday, July 1st


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Techtag. I. Think that. There it. Morning here it artist and that was aren't going around the studio him and plans and music for you be appreciated it in a little iPod rings around here and them and you don't have those yeah. They're creeping into the building here and yeah. Okay so we'll see who we actually sent this cell within you know it might as well. Episode one on Bryce how aria I am fan. Fantastic I'm hammy. How are you and the good the good I was just tell you off the Mike. Going through this is not to start in a depressing way around a little bit of burn and it's leak case at this idea that night. Have a lot of things I wanna do and I try to push them all Florida wants it and I'm like jabs realizes that. So you gotta keep a lot of things afloat sometimes you gotta just focus on certain things and if things fall off if off. I've struggling of that lately seven is kind of like a little overwhelmed and just sort of like. I wanna get to comic con again in this like weird expectation like this is like. Tight situation so I can take and slowed it communication. Yet. I get to the drama to go to competent yourself now home now I told our sales department I would like eating kill me outline and be everywhere and I'd like to be. On and Alan Wright hasn't liable wanna be hosting events during the day. And if that's not happening I'm gonna try to work with my publicist Fran seat again it's. Because they learn about this last year getting meetings. To go and play of media in appointments. Instead of just waiting in line instead lines can be hours long yet but I may instead of going to panels I can get appointments making though. You know like I actually played weird story. Played video games I played. Is that global arena it is yeah I played. It. What is the game I'm playing right now geez let's on this rebel now Blaine says three syndicate and ghost recon that goes 3COM. The division Tom Clancy is the division I'm so sorry I was just like he where's my brain. Appoint Tom Clancy's the division and with Kadima a petty partisan to the artists and from a different world. From way back today going out late at night. You want no flag. And picking our president writing yeah they don't I don't I don't heed my let's. Begin there and out of play as Kevin trip so. Up for cop no buffer comic I plan to try to be a lot of those moments a lot of light. Behind the scenes playing games before they come out I can because I know what's coming I know. I know what I was able to get last year not knowing what to expect so now I know what to ask for hanging out like. Trent stack my time up like let me get 1130 let me get that like a line. Immediately get to thirty yeah I mean like giving time to move around Souter could calico is not just because measures that are it's all of downs that. This idea the deal I still like I have friends that don't listening went on the like comic con sounds great but never got a ticket them trying to think. Do these so much going on you don't need to get. I've had tickets for three days and I only went to the days yeah this one gets when I walk around outside of well and add to that no there are actually I'll take its occult passes here and I'm saying that because eyes we actually are officially. But like media partner with comic con we're giving away comic on passes it. So I it I'll just say that is an official statement in a precinct against this podcast were drinking coffee yet laid out of credit Andre and I'm sure will do much worse than yeah. But it miles okay. If you don't like the last time we podcast did we were about to take off. And go post Independence Day resurgence. Arnold so I wanna let's talk about to kick off with our art our night out sticky sticky night out in. And how we enjoyed the movie or or what we thought about it. I first I want to give a shout out soldiers are rough where really nice with big cat we were their guests we were supposed to do. Host the 745. But we got here and talk lame it that the manager said. Do you guys wanna go to the seventh Eckstein indeed Boxee box. Yeah that was that was exactly myers' Austin team box and I have never done at the box and you I don't know Donovan want I've been talking about it like six months but they've never ever to bring you back on an effort and it. Because it was broken there for a long time yes okay so it's only six in fact the last summer I was there. I asked it was a brand in his name. Then manager again neck. Nick super nice guy and really there next guy yet from ask for nick men who are here in Vietnam and plans to go back the ten. It is the same dialing back and you covered all star so nichols' last summer I was there which was for her. What movie do we see you Tokyo LB wanna be a movie definitely and it was the audio yet again. Bassam it was over that tee box in the game this really like. Like I don't even know Manson Lima flight five they're just gonna it is gonna get rid of it to him. Answered a finance like was a good deal I feel like he pulled me is like on man it's fixed. Ha it's us who respect. She we gain new only let's talk about without them all is well I still feel a little up. Look I love tea ultra star yeah I like to see regretted so we we're supposed to host. But got upgraded so we stick the hosting partner already dig deep bonds. NN we got to watch a movie but I think you'd ultra star ultra star has its them alters our miss mission Dahlia has been sent there. The only movie theater in mission value that serves craft beer and and you can also takes move I don't know any over the when as a no law that was that is team and changing Allentown about that whether it takes movies is 61749. If you like your chance to win movie tickets to see upcoming great movies like ghostbusters suicides go through. Why we are you big stuff here. At a tonight when I was suicides Clyde we even have the poster I took a picture of the poster and and share some of that heat ends that's one or how son in law forest. So suicide squad we're gonna all over that by. In the meantime yeah the saga of the movie. Do you want to end the movie is so overjoyed public. Movies so I have lovers about Steve Haas. The start started might take on the movingly yet there. Movie in a lot of action that was really fun so let me spend a and to an end. And I was gonna traditions molecules vibrate. Little shake sure. These things really move I mean I can't even had degree on the angle that they can go but if the ships turning left to YouTube left you if it's going up you lean back. I mean it's a roller coaster it's it's like arrive to talk tonight is not just a vibration just to shape now. I don't know missed comes out of sums to the soda behind me. I think that it was the latter but anyway let's talk about democracy and it moves. The habit of my leg wet but I'm pretty distance posada behind. I'll also Minnesota before we got there because my feet or stock nifty O'Meara Australia however your foot putts yeah. I'm asking you let us that's a bad experience. Tell you that there will hold that against them I am not as well. That was even in it and you can imagine salute Independence Day was. For all its flaws it was one held an action movie there's a lot of action in it so for all those flying scenes yeah. You're moving your turn mean even. It was well done and I know the process in which it's almost like choreography. Someone has to goes that movie and pick the spots. Where it's gonna turn one quote that BG's right yeah but they did a good job of that Alice that was that was my other thing wondering got into it like. How good are they really gonna pick the spots and choose when to throw me left and throw mile. Ranked I I sort of lost track of how old. Invasive it was commit initially I just. Each I I just enjoyed it a house is there writing it out if you lose track of light. How often was it actor roof uranium lake but the move very. You going to when you growing up and there's always the movie trailers there have like then tag lines from the different. Editors and stuff like thrill ride of an action movie. This letter really indie box yeah the real Iraq yet. Actually like you could put this in an amusement park home and rye way. Yeah I mean in the beginning it felt like Iraq it felt really like holy crap I'm moving I'm pretty late in fact I. I mean did you figures on you can adjust the thing yeah you are held flat out lie yet as are they in the beginning it. I would start they like this convenience delegate Clegg is that belly full plot caught. But is it is great and I would say like while you do you adjust to it. It's not as much as well like I've never been a band big fan of 3-D. Could that Billick you really adjust after like ten minutes and then it's just like I wish it wasn't winning these glasses yeah I'm in notice an ingredient in the ahead excitement and and yet. But this one I mean you can't just but it it if it you know the jolts unity that literally like someone's shall and you chairs and you're gonna feel it. It a couple of times I felt like we were. DB Ingle Laura chair because. Of scenes in the movie were characters may have been. Suspended him or they were like being held by a seat belt if you gravity is pulling them. That aren't start chairs had tilted for work they did and that we were sort of give that grass is listed. This is no it's I feel we're going to I think we're going to play well this is her. You know it's funny too and I wouldn't recommend this in if it's a really good movie but if you're watching a movie like independent state pick that what you will. It's really fun to like dulled the scream for a minute he's look at everyone else and a chance like in units and everybody is turning right and or all. I feel as. There are friends Jack censor out Andy in the normalcy it's yet their body like nick there but like a bunch of peasants and I thought all right he said they had gone to the seventeen of those even theater. No well and they go to the seventeen and it and it was because it said that he was. And then nick said to us you wanted to send a team with them Mumbai and I said sure. And and then we came out we relate. He wants when this and they really you guys did the DX yeah crude yeah so they didn't get up early. Sorry not sorry you know the truth and I will say I. I horribly colors my opinion amending the diva yes UV OK so why you're there. If you gave me and a movie. Normalcy it's. Graded it out gave a straight out. Affleck no loud though that Steve and a body of the ending was so blatant like sequels sequels and a sequels. But being in. Greg tee box was whole it was more money management and experienced now what I see it again just to be in the box now but another movie LC in the box all that extra money to see like that. I wide T rail the topic real quick. But VR is about to like make it's thing this year and he might. You don't have an in your PlayStation. Game the other having your PC it's a little expensive there's a little bit of a barrier to entry kind of costs by. It's maybe very practical very shortly and it's gonna have very awesome applications for very quickly moon. So really. VR headset watch a movie like that that's that's a ride and that's worth it if that. Two word. The nation like if that was a movie that like your visit to our experience. In the are indeed box like. Legit like is that that lets you out and light. They coveted independents day three. I'd like how totally go see that and because it's on to work yeah yeah you have to wait for coming your town it's not like. It makes something fun and exciting to do it later on talks about a Bud Light. The the did the where we can go into entertainment right now on I'm so. I'm so captivated and so just like thrilled by like where oh were on the cusp of like next level entertainment at light. This is so some of the chair that moved and how light. And and it led them they was not a good move on the ball but how well. How. I think once heard it from landing. Well bill revolving beats we got the lead right to speech again and he tried to recreate we all of the speeds have gotten me every seat Ethan Allen use. Oh that is right or all people. Be able or acquired. We were together. Is the best but this planet. Is coming in a warehouse talking. Yeah McMillan like asked him to start speaking now be discredits the gate and Eddie plays the crazy man he really create quote came off the old man pole then yeah. Of another tangent. I hand the movie really lack wells meant. It really did it did I thought let's where it would try and being Hemsworth did it out okay job I think places. He just wasn't announcement so I I give him a lot of non credit for the hungry as movies I don't really like him in those movies but that character. Doesn't really have a lot of meat on the bone in his now Nortel can do with Eckerd he's just he's as part of the love triangle ultimately he's not a main he's there's little look hot book and -- that's that's literally what the candidate point isn't it and then series. And I and I'm not a big fan of the expendable movies like he was in wanna mom and he never done anything that's been really kind of has been out this actually wise this Actuant she showed some character and housing you know line. Maybe I will like to see him and something else not just he's stores brother like him now. Would you let's see sequels with an imminent sure you'd see them finally locks I thought now I'm not X. I was excited for this movie and then elves and everyone around me was like oh my god there's a sequel and a penny sales like. Should excited tonight that I feel excited like this little day there was something in the moment. When I mean some months does like you know with all movies now you browse each particularly some stills. Then maybe the title then you get a trailer and you can't. I I was like I don't care I don't care coming up this week window we being like hey. Oh Charlotte status out. Talent. And yeah obviously deep blacks made it the experience not the movie but. After it was like oh that's exactly what if I shun. That's what they expect it to be and it was just a nothing Terry yeah I know you didn't let me down. Every every character and it's it was just really forget a bowl. Every mode who was really poorly written in a we re watched the original because they're like yeah now yeah reasons rain so we realize your original. And I was like well I near little snide. Side. Hi cinema but it's like alone but it was realm of like eight. In now. It was good enough to be used bat that's the good good and ask me that. And it was just it's just a fine movie that I brought I wouldn't even put it I still equality it's not. You know it's not Schindler's List are such drastic part about it disaster film is disaster film and I grabbed Bart is a disaster film the dark but it's an amazing found I don't put in that category. But so don't put in the category of like a guilty pleasure it's like I'm proud to (%expletive) yeah like the three new is it defined my childhood. Or Independence Day mrs. doubtfire dress park and you said that last week India and only makes certainly got that point hit it quite at that point oh talk about again next week. Moving on. So overall I mean we both thought the movie was. I we both had a good time at the movies is it time and I would say even if that had been in just a regular if we didn't have we didn't see Mandy box. I think it's time Nikkei is it was you me and Jessica we have Anwar and like we're hanging out our rain made you as great as I did not get out. Having strayed so I represent the station subway and we we had a good time and I mean that's sometimes I think. I think we take for granted it like you enough movies bad late you know Batman or Superman it's very device decisive and divisive in light. The legal and absolutely love it why do you like us is we're just O let light. Ultimately did you have fun when you saw doing did you go and have a good time at least you know and ultimately you know to me that movie a little bit better not talk about the Seneca. Which is how we should talk about that well we will talk about it right out of Dallas. The box the box would help that movie easy sell I think so okay. Madonna with a lot of action and more to throw all right sure. Any lacking. Action movies will be held by the bucks I do want received. A bigger Justice League discussion because they're usher there was a recent set visit. And they brought out like there's a Justice League set visit and they brought out. All the reporters are literally brought Alex forty reporters that had been kind of down a bad members who ran them and they tried to do this sort of they look at us PR thing of like no we want to wean your. We wanna win your respect we wanna win your approval. I wanna talk about that another shall we don't have that as the top of this week at my next week IG and was invited out and Jim Visio and I went in light. They is this does this pentagon dirty Dan and he did it like a haven't heard about no way am I picked it up. I think picked up last weekend as I watched videos and I GM's YouTube and might solve the solve. Jim sitting down with like Eric and talking about the set visit and gently. Note Jimmy showed up I fanning it out Eric. Eric Cornet of IG adding you're site so what was the sat like what why they have he has iron. I want to talk about it if you show that don't watch that for future viewing when Mike. It's very issue she weathered I went to banish him and then the director's cut just came out and I'm people are bright Syrian made it better is so much good hearing that it nominated any better and I got a couple things and elect a lot better it is still not good hearing it's super gory yet that and that some of the scenes look like they added that gore Justin. Make it are making an. Found that surprising it's not that's why I was like anyway they have I don't like it on the Batman or Superman and Justice League title we will look at. And with comic guy coming up we always got a messed up but I want to buy the box office for. It depends a resurgence. This interesting I thought now would we walked out of the movie I turned you know I turn to Jessica and I said. That's it you better with the Chinese audience and I think that on Twitter I treated out like on Monday said. In Tennessee didn't win any American box office he got beat by finding dory bank. Wait till we see the Chinese did it just yet be needed to make for a big budget blockbusters would make 56 million. Well that's six million as of yesterday. At today's July 1 of these numbers are as of June 30 so there's an I don't have another big weekend this weekend bright but it got beat by fighting to Horry here's what it's done delegate meet again next week they will. Mean our way. What's what he obviously BFGs getting trounced already this weekend and so is there. Something else. What we did that. But we the movie cost a 160 nearly a 165 million as the budget. It's made 56 point one here in the states and I thought. Probably got a good hundred million in advertising what right I thought China blog that's remaking your many of the Chinese pilot of the Chinese general. You have Hong Kong is blown up yet. 37 point seven million from China which. Is actually. M a great number but light weighed in May not the warcraft newsletter is actually not that this movie is actually not doing Alan. So we may not see independent states realists we see it on Netflix. Which seems to be the home front and country would try punishing Bewkes just does a huge fan assured NATO. And I said it coming evidently as I guess we feels like shark NATO meets. Independence Day pretty and I felt a little we really are it was very news is. A little bit. Now speaking of China and seeking a box office I wanna get into our second topic now. There is recommended viewing for this topic now keep in mind. It's full spoilers for independence there resurgence as we talk about it also full spoilers for. The these two videos that I can go watch go to YouTube and look up comic book girl nineteen CB EG nineteen. She did a video one was hurt her kind of review of Independence Day she calls it independents they re emergence. And her other one is the real reason behind Hollywood sequels remakes in Revis. So I just wanna dive into this little bit. And realize that. We've been talking about it world warcraft. Beazer which has ever seen. Star Wars you know not really there were craft bombs here in the states and becoming warm obvious that. We are not the audience from movies and mark would starters it's hours bombed no it didn't bomb in China aegis. What the war crap box here is shall there start or is it gangbusters here it did okay in China well there's. We'll contact since for Star Wars that yeah there's known installed affection for Star Wars because they'd inserted getting movies they don't have movies in the seventies and early eighties from here now so to them. I remember when stars come out yes starting gate dateline or ABC's. Elect Aurora big news publication did an and they locked round saying. Do you who X factors dude does mayor and anywhere in times like I don't know who those characters are. Well and into that note did comic book girl nineteen talks about a lot of the stuff in her video the real reason behind Hollywood Siegel free masonry that's. China got its first American movie in 1994. It was Harrison Ford the fusion and him so think about that what Bryce just said. They have no context for release in the seventies and eighties Star Wars Indiana Jones. You know Beverly Hills cop I mean like just you know go to on the list so stuff from the eighties that light we are kind of like okay and I that's what we grew up when obviously. They didn't have been so they kind of have 1994. Forward. Not only that. Until recently China was only allowing. Why any American movies all year to be screen now it's 34. So. You're gonna they want those who used to be one of them quit yeah but like so for example if you can only screen now at 34 CP can always bring 34 movies. And they're not seeing if if a hundred movies are made in the United States they're not gonna see 66. Of them yeah. So that 34 of them are gonna be like how can we get to the Chinese market now you know. They're gonna cater the Chinese market I remember they want to be there they want that domestic box office. And. Rain now all of those 64. Movies that don't make it to the change box office. Have got to make their money back in other ways so they can't beat big blockbusters because. You don't make your money back now way you got and it's hard to make money it's hard to me money in Hollywood right now he stands and who Bruton lets your marvel. This year China is about to have more movie screens and America first time ever. Crazy. China has a massive middle class with disposal and come and they loved the movies. They loved 3-D movies they loved 3-D movies in three crews are not going anywhere I. I thought this is where Mike all the sent its ulcer and click in my head. We had 380 and eighties jaws 3-D just three was in greedy we had 380 stuff. But like the technology's gotten matter adding it's been easier to make projectors now easier to me chatting back and anything about that ice okay dating have 3-D movies in China now they do. It's it's new to them that I he'd feel like this does not only old it's not me I mean it's it's just forming an. Avian Ike I don't think three deal gulf Wafer asp legacy the manner in screens being offered treaty going down. Yeah it's just financially what's diesel and like I said. I think the world of us putting on a VR headset sitting in the chair. Is brain around the corner I thought right there I don't know if you go to a theater for that I think he would. I think you write regular mall theater and think of the fact that BBR smalley lunges do that at home. You could but I mean that oil out of the box Jagger at bat Gibbons introduced it I mean I guess there yet now because that become a throwback to an evil can afforded a first touring the technology affordable so fast yeah. There's always felt weird. Because like east feel to go to virtual worlds and he's he called you don't go play battled back. And you'd see these it's at least cockpits and they had to hear it as a center in fact years years ago twenty years ago. And you don't play about tech and you beauties layup matches and your friends. But very quickly PCs beekeeper better than what you guys touring barricades used to be a thing in the eighties okay yeah on of the arcade. You have your birthday is your game. He back to the top two so this is why. We see that like drastic world looks like Jurassic Park drastic. The lost world in the day it looks like all three movies because. They want the Chinese audience to be introduced this that's why the force weakens looks like a new hope. It's why it appears they resurgence looks like Independence Day. It's because. They need to get these movies to a Chinese audience at the so they want you think some of that is because the writing was a little lazy. I think it's a nervous because it's lazy I think it try to make as much of a buck is they can't. And they're they're going to. What they think has worked and it's what you're pushing do it for another Indiana Jones. A lot of percent by the magic and the image on these for China and not just because there's money in general to be made I don't think enough people want to see another inning and Johnson is dawn I think is about China I can't downed navy idea that I think about Indiana Jones being owned by Disney and that China just said they want their second Disneyland. Just have just went to the grand opening of Shanghai Disney and China's lack I would want another line. You gotta fill these parks were content you got he got out here on day gotta have your brand. Citing actually agree with you 90%. But like Jurassic Park I mean it's it's that's coming easy to say it looks exactly like the other three. But not really look that much for the first we had a lot of homogeneous you know I think of that as dinosaurs. No well scheduled to wind and force awakens for share it looks I stilled. I'm not completely on the agreement that it's not. Almost exactly like a new top but it just apart. Others they're being dinosaurs. I was Shia led army Dresser rollers I want to dress part probably like every other day the. I don't like it just funds set ups it's just a lot of homogeneous it's nominally it's not like scene for scene grabs but it's a lot of light. I'll OK all right again it again yet we're doing here. But it's why it's why we're seeing all the stuff because. You know they make enough money here in the states on our nostalgia and who they make all their money on them discovering new in China. Cher and I get the re setting it up don't just do a sequel yeah that I would I completely agree on. But that's still summing investment and just make sense to begin went. It's it's weird how they treat. The brains that we Europe west and like I like the red or taken our liked. One meaner more years olds into lower our loyalty like you and I are completely different generations but like we share a lot of the same. Passions and interest it's our loyalty it's our phantom. That's being traded on like that's why he's marvel movies doing so well because that sir I mean I unique thing about your leg match god man like. When I go to the movies now is weird it's weird dot because I've been struggling with going a little to deepen the top thing. Struggling with Khamese realize that like as. A white male and even though I am native American roots I am a white male role. I've been living with a ton of privilege and there's not knowing and then they just absolutely not understanding that. And not giving insulate. Not try to drive you away and I tried to black eyes matter and behind that but understanding and having an empathy that light. If you're not being represented. Vinny it's not for you I understand that now it's weird being on the other hand it is them that. And I've been at a party where I was the only white guys need. And I didn't feel threatening feel weird Intel light be. When another like I showed up in somebody's like oh my favorite like I don't like who doesn't make Mika and color me. Best buy this second favorite. I've been fairly my age I hit a good time my black remained Jamal. Who didn't know anybody like he was coming with mean this party here and Jamal knows nobody. Had people a lot of his moan don't tell us some do you do many girls I. It's book it's true I didn't understand what this is like. Sometimes if I'm getting erect warrior gone down this line you're saying ten inches think thing now. Movies being made for China and because that's not us. Yeah ended their there's more of them. Mean there's that this is their 1980s. Played their living there I don't gather at the transformers movies are mainly for Chinese shore. Look at a list go to the back sitting Wren go to the movies why did you ever seen in Hong Kong used to go to Hong Kong extradited extradite Baghdad. By the way who's the exact same actor who was the Chinese general and enhance the resurgent dad and that is that that guy doesn't have a a little bit of a Chinese trawler in. Do I checked Allen make sure if it meant my point is is I'm finally starting to have. This empathy I'm starting to understand and like you know I follow politics is done like our country the demographics of our country are shifting to where. Elect a white males become in the minority and we're dealing with a lot of that heat and. Pressure in our politics and in our laws and stuff and we're dealing with a lot of light anger in pressure but late at same time. This is reality in reality is LA. I'm so excited you're making comics and movies because I can hold onto this as long as I can in light. If they start if they start reverting things I'll have to say to myself when I. Step away it's like the X-Men movies when I say that's enough that's enough you're done Bryan Singer. Let's. Let's tale Waxman because the last like four podcasts we've got to start disagreements if I have not seen. Age of public swimming give you one it counterargument. There's nothing Iran saying it's not the whole picture right as I see it. So I feel like any it's mainly been because of comic book movies because it's the franchise off franchises rank is so much source missed here it keeps splitting us but up. And it's leads changed the movie industry and that used to be. Actors drove the movies like the not not their but it. Every you have like that Jim Carrey movie Atlanta and that was the big deal will get it the Will Smith for the movie you know that was the big deal. Tony Stark you know Robert Downey junior. Is like probably the big most of his most paid actor to play. Iron Man is on his way up there yeah. But people don't really wanna see you Robert Downey junior movie. Now that's not a guaranteed hit infected with great Maine and they'll completely unnoticed he's been doing off kilter movies sort of counter programming. He does the big budget movies too many guys does like a quirky comedy or whatever your right yep are offered so and that's because now. Movies revolve around it characters fictional characters alerted in just a character in the movie. So in that you would want a franchise. Could you don't wanna start over with a new character right. You know. And so I think that's a reason to us it's to see something Jurassic Park and like have your mouth water like okay. How can really set the and then we just get sequels every year I mean. Cult that's been doing it politically Sowers at the president precedent we're not we're just bringing back we're gonna give you a Star Wars movie every (%expletive) year. Also island Ross also wonder if there's a little bit of resentment on our part that when we were kids. This stuff couldn't have come out fast and nine close tonight we've had good imaginations because we had TO like you're Star Wars comforter. I had at bats a thousand battlefield yeah I mean might yet and lie all you had was empire. Yeah play unit a year had yet it glad all 300 during the time that we couldn't indict the pet. Penny on where you work yeah percent in May be in and maybe this is really like a trilogy used to take nine years to get all the movies now. Two years the most away. Nine years for marvel we're talking like ten movie yet. If not twelve condemning they got started to feel me they'd probably do too. Three every two years they probably down. I mean we're six years and to the marvel world. Think about that and Iron Man for six years and tomorrow or eight years were eight years in a marvel Tony who's the damn let's not do the math ability to to launch on SAT there and your three cap. I would and rare man three cash avengers. To avengers CNN ant man. Game man. You have two swords. In the bank eleven you have guardians of the galaxy twelve. You have the official whole movie that actually kicked off before that look the part of the Edward nor and one half so thirteen app. I was probably one more for getting bled. Everything content. Thirteen in the thirteen movies in eight years thirteen movies where we couldn't have got three movies in nine years and like five seasons of shows. Fighting these shows. Multiple different I mean I a comic books and the content is is a scene now let this convicted film because. Don't count them but onsite and got my mind every kid that you can't see. You're covered her hesitant battlefield yes that's which had nowadays. It's already there and lying people are hungry and they want more. We're jealous we're light. These movies are really getting made for me Lar you're experiencing your heyday. You're getting a fan and in his doorways and in the war of the roses global so we try to maximize the dollars and that's what is the index. Trying to maximize our best I think ultimately what address are for everybody to use as you go to see these movies is. Have your aunt always manage expectations like I didn't expect a masterpiece and Eminem as a resurgence thanks I get up on movie. It was a fun movie whose dumb on the net should is that not a bad and it's kinda but I could still gonna interview that the diva to help a lot a lot yeah. 70% of the fund was the Reebok I would say late but late for really originality I think he on it was great to share like. And we had a lot of fun it's funny I haven't tomorrow's time. Goofy movie it's fun you know like eight. I thought captain America's civil war I thought I was on that of the great movie. A course that is you mean you gonna have argue that was too dark. Having X in a pod does have issues with yeah. I'll catch it on Blu-ray or something you know and that's her line whenever. You're killing prisoners only it's yet. But lets us thing went on an island. It's it's it's just interesting and right we've mentioned ghostbusters movie and actually started in the subway and I think us us is the deal with ghost. Cold truly is that's an F flies in China because. You'd have differing. There's certain things they believe in as far as like demons and ghosts prisoner world that like a Japanese culture and stuff that like tiger are friends sometimes that we're Filipino growing up lane. A lot of that culture bled over and they talk about like I don't know about this is real but I got. Spears RL yeah but I you know like for them for a lot of yeah. I know about barrage Israel like I know what is you know so wonderfully culturally how moviemaking ghost busters they're capturing ghost. How does that fly in like a foreign country. By the neatly that it is similar contract talking about a bit of dogma China. There industrializing. And modernizing pretty damn fast sleep and a lot people hated. Lot of personally it's an eye lasers here wishing pays to talk about emerging markets I am anxiously to see I think South Africa and Africa and general as the seemingly is that. It was in fact. Assured her article a couple of weeks ago that I was very excited about that. Comic book house opened up in South Africa to meek. South African comics like Timmy south African hero this and then there are no strangers to cartoons laments heard. Adults who started it really ants were in South Africa that's awesome yeah Fossum well I just think that light. Globally we're gonna have Africa are gonna have you know China Asia I don't mean to lump them all together but China India passive. Stars like he had a box office concerns. And I think that we're gonna get a lot of fine awesome content and I think I think you'd have to slow your roll. You're gonna see interpretations. Of your favorite characters in new worlds but guess what it. I'm sure that like a thousand years ago that stands Hercules is an ideal man now my Hercules didn't do that and that's how my Hercules go sign. You know I mean like I don't partly it's like yet it's new it's not Erica this is new one yet to read your rotation at the same cache in there as sometimes sometimes if you. You'd find the heart and in a project you'll find it. And you'll be like I get it this is what I always love that he realized it you know Iowa I wonder if the if the Chinese audience loves the rock. Good on his move is seen as an event below it hit the I love the rock I'd I'd love I've learned to love them because now as a rock movie going to help. He's kind of Arnold of our day so I give a 100% give it he's Arnold and ease the so less just a lot of the staying the night. Massive beauties right as masterpiece like so that's her love life that he's going to be in he's gonna be black Adam. Ariza got a bit out of it item like that test them. He's not gonna be Stanley black and and within its final decisions I think they're still looking for there she is AME out I remember he was deciding game prone Twitter for awhile like. He and the boat and doing ball both parts for opportunism Equity One black Adam Russia's am. It was a black M on school d'souza is sometimes I think DC goes away from calling him black Adam. And they called tech he has no name test data from act in the name I think they should get away from the black Adam and I guess they might call Adam goes with the theme of Suzanne who used to be mr. marvel just. Marmol. I'd love to dedicate can yell she is Sam get struck by like I heard you there have been just get rid of that in this these movies. Better not big is he's not indicate that's part of she's out. I tell you Snyder's involve I hope he's not and you will not seek it if someone else's directing it gives brewing anti you'll see it. Let's see let's see you on a one time in the round you must that I am kind of deal I mean this is the end I mean that's the thing that these topics ranging blog and see how did you noticing or hourly talk in the news. And I wanna be sort of a light Newsweek because there wasn't anything that breaking this week they have these discussions like end on sort of toxin things out you know did. Finishing at the China's fashion. Is the issue is thinking that like we're not getting. And I was trying to say earlier like high cinema anymore. Because that audience and public sentiment to get high too. No well isn't it maybe we get movies like you're gone girls a year are gospel Ben Affleck as I mentioned on the amendment. We get like you wire. Immediately your Oscar bait movies like we get here like. Whatever George Clooney's in this. Yeah we're getting the more high class fairly more movie movies him but like you're going to see. Especially with like our comic book heroes and like fast and the experience and start track but Chris pine even talked about with Star Trek he said. We really are struggling because we wanna do more of a traditional star track. But that we don't live in our world and and the rest of the days explosions. Yeah it's almost even a dig at the at the director for. Sartre beyond BK is that we don't you I don't even talk books movies coming. Apparently Ferraro I know Justin Lin and he's one of the fast he's a geyser is guy's hand and the first trailer look like a fast and the furious meets Star Trek movie nobody flipped out. And I'm like you're getting good action movies guys that's all we're gonna get light. Al these when he's gonna have action set pieces and collars and explosions and graphics because they're trying to sell. They're trying to sell 380 China. Name it is shame because I have that I was meantime I'd love to see a movie just scale it back yeah. And Brett as someone read at a really good post retirement and benefits baton and and he was saying you know what I would love to see. Is of Batman movie because they have a huge villain. Just follow him and it's a night of what it's like to be back man. Patrolling the may be breaking up a drug green gas trolling the roof tops and a and where and then they come (%expletive) like that lit adding military that would be really cool movie. Never. Gonna happen now and you'll have to be explode you know have the septa Celek this you know this marketable criminal who has a face that looks like this then. Yes can you add another nozzle to the tank. The B isn't focused testing nozzles are selling sheer death and that's a thing we know it's it exists in radiates an embrace industry. You you even can have its creative product but it's gonna go to market in testing and they're going to change it. You now. On its really Dahlia out or gone pretty far knowledge of the line you're gonna talk about this you and I are actually reverent thing. We just got something here at the radio station and lie eight. It's like market testing corporate improved and we look at it we relate. Get the (%expletive) out of here and play a little balls of light. Yet the (%expletive) out and play for the record it was next. Yeah but late it's supposed to feel like. She's pricey we do work for a corporation not about Weytman late. Do you not know who we are like this is not how this is not how we were all this I don't work and it is is that we don't mean that like in a bad way but it's one of those in the light. No offense you really don't know us there was no there's nothing about us in this and it was one of the weird things like. Jack that we do refer corporate picture a little lowers and really saying I wish he could tell you exactly what it was sort of stuff it's a job and. In this this that something you know it's not about him a new guy. Rob let's go to immigrants I think. You know real quick to and I'll close out this is well but if you wanna win sold out San Diego comic con international tickets in town in San Diego. July 1. You can listen to the code words in hash tag free tickets summer or text comic. To 61749. The more time detects more change and when this is better rates may apply I want to get that out there because of course we are the comic con podcasts yet. Absolutely obviously. Yeah the game appearance. Guides. Lot to give her season since. But now only bright let's announce. Five spoiler 5432. One we're gonna say everything let's let's just. Really let the seeking let let's walk through what happened. And we're gonna be left with a no I wanna I wanna preface this by saying. I fell for some of the hype in some of the theories online before the episode even so I turn to Jessica and I sandy do you wanna know a theory that I believe it. And she's why. I told her what's your scenes of gangs because. What the theory based a lot of what was the news they went into the clues are there all season yeah NN and even like like especially the last couple episodes like even brands videos he was actually having visions of vets. Because the mad king ARRIS never actually set fire no but he bundled it right but. A brand saw visions of fire brands all bets so brand actually saw some baggage in the future yeah. That's like why it's bad and we knew he asks she asked her. Evil doctor. Cliburn cover eighty ER the rumors Israelis that's why we go I guess he was alluding to that. So but let's talk about it let's you and ask sir she blows up every one everyone caught in them. And I and I have all harm I really liked Marjorie and I issues are really good character I was shocked but. What is so when she started to they want so everyone's in the in the heights after. I set the price have been you know he got the sparrow. You got all the time aroused by the then the queen and and then yeah lady alana. You had. Laura Thailand's brother who is hand of the king GAAP. In onto this kind of last year and a son miniatures there's a mourn forgetting what all the sparrows all the faith Milton Blake. Everyone and in a ball. There sees enemies not only that but like somebody else pointed out to I think it was I think has come to a girl nineteen the whole court was there. So my all the royal families like all the Noble's normal there are like yeah other organs you have entered as you show. So I'm. Blew it out. Aniston is Marjorie started started to click. And you're like I need to get that dazzling focusing at a here and win the the fate militants putting you know stopped there yeah that's a good oh way. This is game of the Rollins. This this don't die. Concern. Now this is all of those things that not happen in the books so. Let me also I think this is an of them dead yet yes or no I mean there's a lot of stuff but like the books. The vast majority of them the way they handle things are different in the books and in the shows that timing wise somethings don't match up where. That books are actually still ahead the show in it's just certain parts like to show just hasn't gotten to those characters in this characters haven't gotten them point. But yes yeah. So that happens. Common now and then it quickly after that Tom has left to loans being guarded by the mountain. Offs himself I didn't even put. On its on the list yet I want to keep going here because heading into that point Solomon Thomas out but then. Bin and this happens later in the episode. So timing wise we're not there but like Dan she captures the high sat down the torture her. And is pouring why outer face in his life confess I have sex of my my brother about it. Like I killed my husband I love it or not. You know means you fight like they bitch please and he wanted to hear me confessed I'm confessing and now want you to compassion shame as she brings game. The mountain the zombie amounting to race the clock and honestly I'm cussing because yeah who is. You're graphic it was graphic like they don't show it by lighting and ads as serves he leaves it like that woman Jersey rate surges like shame and I'm like I. Can't I. Jersey at this point she's the band queen yup she is an epic duel even the way she treated the death of her son I think at this point because of what we know is that. She saw us kind of a fortune teller that told her this is all going to have a she treated like get an inevitability. Thomas can die anyway well as Maggie the frog and she's always sort of combating this vision and all the vision has come true except for our. Her younger brother will stringer her or her to death. With her own pearls and I think is that held Canon Gillian on his way ARD and also the younger brother yet as he was the second twin. So both G Jamie any younger both Pyongyang can kill her yeah and in I would I'd bet money it's gonna happen at this point. At this point the show is like the the show the books are like. All you thought things are any and every right now it's not exactly the way we hole it was and now like you we just had you to Bear Bryant. Like this is what Maggie the frogs vision has cast like that is exactly what happens if it wants as Elizabeth's rule is a problem. How let's go to Ari Ari are getting server event on the phrase I mean I mentioned this on last week's show freight hi is it actually got in reduced. In in the books. Eight eat is a character is actually introduced on this episode than you know but. It Wyman won earlier and I what is another noble house men and he doesn't like. He's like he's a star loyalist yes so. He intrigued with the phrase but he was mad at them for breaking. The rights of the table like you serve bread and salt then it's free passage but at the red wedding. They serve bread and salt and then killed and they killed all the Starks. So why I'm in manually why main man nearly needs a big fat he and sell what he ends up doing is that each case. The two phrase silence. Chops them up into pies. And serves the pies at his big dinner to all the freight family so they kind of tweak this they may aria did and yet. Like the books it's like it's intimate it did that happen like it's like obvious but it's there was ever said specifically that helicopter and went you just say your son. Yeah yes and he sits back doesn't eating the food and just laughs and chuckles and talks about is that the best I you never happen. Several calls it freight pies and basically out aria. Chops at the two sons. Off camera and puts big black walled her fray as they call them into apply answers to his dad then splits the vote. Great via the Fraser awful it's granite Agassi are you back in less stressed yet is just discussing her backing a little bit. I'm troubled by the way in the last three episodes you know you know that's in a lot of Stan. Especially this season people really get places. Panic and you think that it could take weeks I should the show is the point relate listen we don't want this and having things did happen this is there right now. Happen. We are trying to add to that there. And there's a certain plays like that Gbaja reality. You got that dragons just flew over or the guy who turned into a black vote character and his commitment that instance. Moving on would SO and then over at the start. House which well well I wanna willingness what some of the fragile quick hits you. There is the big feet Newton and Jamie was there and brawn was the curtain and they were taught and wilder and wilder is lying Hamas Murr Lee. All of our enemies are yeah. And then Jamie's lying yeah we have been killed when some sorry. We killed them you have all this because the bus and if we have to keep coming back here because you want to throw it will again. We should get this arts. I agree pony about the game of throne and why sir seat and Joffrey were so awful mean because they were so light. Pirate in light light blue literally insurgents he said everything on fire but like there's so light. Now I'd like you know you've just respected me like this and burn your whole house down because that's what my father would have done yet but like Jamie starting to realize like. No it's a balance keeping the status quo all at the political ID it's about. Why why do we not go over the Starks for you if you can't even control everything they controlled everything for years. More rethinking. There's. You get on line without saying a million theories on game at the rounds. But I did see one article had a really good point in saying. Maybe the game with drones is the story of Jamie when it's there and while that may not be true. Wow that catcher has come along way laughs as some people are sort of fear icu and even higher. Sort of skipping a forward toward her and talk about for next season by it. The thought that Jamie killed mad king parents and she might killed and yet and that Sears sees vision in his actual Kilby be killed by younger brother as let's keep plowed through what have we won't until it. I think that again Phillip king and a queen particularly. What is now he's talking car anymore I could see sourcing naming him kings are again now now I think he's on the outs in the books he doesn't want eking guarding more elect walks away France. And well he still wants to be years are seeing. I can't go out and vote on its face when she was queen he's like oh my god the crazy line and left her behind eighty things yes the same orbit. Let's close not close but let's make sure we mention that what it was gonna start us right now. Yeah so confirms our west L equals. Brand was cut touches the one of them we are treat men and he goes back to the tower rejoice scene where his dad. Has just he and his how and read just killed. The Donovan sort of the morning he runs upstairs. Liotta as dying in childbirth of childbirth. And and makes that promise not to to give away who were Sonny's gonna Robert okay Robert will kill him. And there's unintelligible whisper in the scene but light basically she hill same promising had and it's the confirmation that bed. Is honorable net and he but he was covering for his sister yeah Eddie house's own name because of that yeah. On everyone's always like it doesn't mean it was all in the same fears it doesn't make sense that are blown dead wood going to war. And have sex and bring back ambassador it's not what then we can do. House fascinated by they did the film. The filming was really because they never actually said the name. It now did it cool hand right to Johnson has faced so that pretty much said it so radar target area and Leon I'll start. Are the parents of John Snow or John target area and a song of fire and ice in the eyes yes. Which means. As far as lineage goes John is that aired after round one is the nephew of Danny. And Maris is actually well he's the man though I'm pretty sure it doesn't younger so is his son no heat but he is this is the grandson. Of V king. Yet it puts him in line above bush and daughter Nell she's the daughter of the king. He wasn't. She's she's on Tug in the butt in the brat eons does it ever go to queen now can't they in in the start house they said Rick gone is the true air. Of that start Sansa even bill that they always eleven mail me there by the mail but the mental is more mine house more out of a female I don't think anyone left in house from month. Not. And of these and emails you really don't lady more money is the head of the house Mormeck yes grounding that was emailed below her. Not gonna they're not gonna be younger than her own now but there's no males older than her but the more on house is run by females not because they have no choice that they may choose that. Big big cheese I believe they choose to run as a female we don't know they've never of them explained it technique I'd. Is so we can look up the more my house there is explain to his apartment now we don't know. Bryson I don't know right now but she's so young that there's there's no scenario there's like a younger boy whose tech win one line because apple cracked. I would we get we can table listing get did on the better click on the front clip her because she's the aunt she's the club today I think legitimate claim his as army and she can make it happen is candidates John really wanted to I think that people would say oh that's the correctly any ideas lives Tyree and telling her you have to leave Dario behind him to marry someone had to marry some good that he can set up its sanitary airlines always married. Are they marries Taylor lives he had. So Dana John I think being married grafts but on this he's the wartime the north and she's the queen of west throws he's bald men but now he's now the king and king you know. Off half. Lee Marat speaking out to jump start thinking and our lady warm out Kyle violated Florida. And I love it in my mind federal steals every scene she's in and she claims that. This was it sink in that area after the tower enjoy seeing. John bastard heritage matters not net star's blood run through his veins it's not he's not actually an outside making him a start like anything in the yes. But he would be. Ned this is uncle getting ads on he's now and that's not the yeah yeah he still stark. Now he'd be a target area plays guitar against her he still has me here in. He still have the name but but but through Leon if you start yes yes I alien threat no family left. He can carry on this our nation it's and I am he's got he's. Just an option to which struck the ground he wants to go for it just makes the game restaurants even more important when you look back normal watched the first episode of game throws after this. Tell you whether all what you realize how much that kept from Robb Robert. Yeah and that Robert is always like were bodies the more you find the best friend learn about. About Robert King Robert. He just he he was an okay guy its friends and then but he just wasn't the on Nevada and then war years and Gloria is really remedying. No. He was meant to real warrior and die in combat and Annie didn't eased but any any try to rule it. Westar us mama revenge and you realize that Ned was trying to save Rihanna from Hammond Leon I was in love with a radar and they are didn't kidnap her yet so the war for the five teams didn't start because radar kidnapped Gary. Many anxieties where he is the new wife gas and a pledge they have an egg knowledge anti American. That's easy agency now so then here comes another dragons has mentioned Danny has now allied with door Nolan. What's leftist Tyrell because the queen of the orange is all that's left of house Tyrell there's a lot of minutes there's no editing their army is not around. Now the army that still be that he saw the cash but I'm saying. The Tyrell out yet that house is done it when she does there goes the tire that the and it also teamed up with a house great joy she has a fleet and she's on her way to west's trust gap with various tell reporting between dorm and have big ass dragon. Three B adherence. That's crazy and then all held queens are seen as we said in the vision. Come true Eugenia or Tyree and will probably end up killing her. Supposedly confirmed two seasons last Saturday at seven and five a sentence saves them and 613. Episode yeah it's. As we deficits might be longer and he says that they're more like movies of the week and I must read like. This isn't changed based on the budget of ten episode season ranked so expect to see that diggers see what we get is wars seems like. Yeah we got a war for less certainly got a war of the king of the north. Also where do we go from here eliminating entire. Let me ask let's go with queen Sears see where do you think really think seriously and that these annexing a great thing also really since it is wrapping up share patty thing. Yeah like us who go to nine seriously I I think canaries who killer not not physically hurt but in the war. I take it she's going to land. At that. King's landing kings ahead okay. That's my prediction a bank and she will die somehow in that maybe. Maybe we'll see her wanting to use. The green environment non qualifier. Once he is a lot fire against our own citizens and too many citizens. And you see Jamie in the same position he was with I'm managing them telling her I could diving and accents more than two years and is under the small. Flowing a little stumbling he strangled. That's so Rangel. I shouldn't take that away from him he can strangle a woman. So I sisters seat where do we go Ari where does artist's story I think aria will get back to. And that she killed the queen. Masked. It's one of them Lance Harris why don't know well. That may be sir she's on our list would and is on our list when me in my prediction. I thinks. She will make her way to. Winter fell. OK I think we'll see almost all the starts mean a pretty quicker didian brand made it to the law. To me how far. Theory about brand is that if he passes the wall. Because the night king grabbed him that it's gonna break the spell. That panicking as Korea is now that light now because today was his powers has the un dead can't pass the wall. Like uncle will mention mentioned that a cold and I and I can't travel south the ball is that Allison in a passel of them because the night skiing as grand as branded Brandon burden of back and met determining grabbed him. There's a theory that when brand tries across south of the wall he won't shattered the spouse to will shatter the magic the that's a theory and and that of course would that would then say well that's how they itself obviously if they can't you tell the wall what's the big deal mean. I think that I don't I really don't know what happens Danny's story I did she come should king's landing did she go to Doran. Majority come to door he didn't pay listed on and on well on the ship and the final steamroller ships someone mentioned you see. The sense beer you see the Tyrell rose these C. The gray Joyce Kuwaiti see you all out NC don't earn no you do decide rather that ease you so you do see so they are all together like they were on together. I guess it's awful is it actually all the females are certain come out yeah they're the ones and left. It's it and I mean you see what happens to John I'm I'm really don't know light is John become this great general. And run Danny's army is wall Danny's the queen. Like why they do this love affair between the two of them next season like how. Where does this joke is I don't know at this point. Yeah. I because you know when you either you see that she saved the marriage to use for strategy. And boy John on makes sense out he's got like. You can you can marry one pursing at one house or you can marry John and get the whole north. I think once a lot of crazy stuff sitcom stars like magic goes unchecked this stuff that's been touched on the world that is like. We still have those gonna happen with those major is that wearing that try to message Danny the first and the trying to kidnap her dragons and my she messed him up. Burned them have an idea that they were a group play big burned she burn a one rabbit like there was more. Major is it more people on media is curious eyewear that it is it will they. Nick potter had a pretty vulnerable moment and she's deadly anything but that now put out it's still it's still a third act they left alone for quite awhile now. And George arm partner although not anymore they're very good like they don't forget anything now they'll bring him back. My prediction is a holdout is this next season the seven episodes whatever it is. Will be the war for west for a us we will see Danny conquer it what that means the north I don't know. And then they'll end the season saying all right now the real war. Now rankings here. Yeah and that's the final season. Net and my final season with a battle for that I still kind of wonder what that twist is it's interesting because so many houses are all mean. So like here we thought like for ever that the Starks were done right yet but now the Starks are king in the north again you have salsa and John back the other John confirmed is part target area. He's already been brought back to life once yet he's he has or high when one of them predictions in the buck he's into John can be ads or hi. What's of mellow sound I thought that was stand as she thought he was cows are high and you wrong she was that it has had a soundtrack of wrong. Ronald. I was meant to be wrong. It just finishing see where they go from here it's exciting and it's mind. We have dragons we have saudis I solace. We you know. The million theories vessel one that was a really ged and I hated. It was saying what if brand towards the dragon. Can't get putts to marrying all season middle of battles in these are dragon bit the night king's comments as I. Oh I know what I can use any tapes or dragon. Naturally lose Dinara here's what Sam's story is ultimately get him because now he's. Dan olds handset he remains here here's everything thinks you anything notice this chandeliers. Are that big fire in the beginning now what that means I have no idea but I was no way. That means something it was Easter eight days there is a name for what that thing is called them but it's had a device it's an invention. And NASA somebody said that was a really cool Easter day that. That this thing that it's always been opening credits in the show viewers are seeing is in general its coveted exists in the library and it's what B. It's what they're saying it's what the Maicer use to monitor the realm. Now it's kind of fun thing like this thing has been beat the opening credits yeah show me never thought about it. Somewhere in this world yet guys like as uses. I'm excited. In a drug what you guys think of the season tonight Gary Charles what do you wanna see where does he go from here. Of course were consul for media he's the FaceBook page keeps in case and yet the FR 949 page you've also got on a Twitter. Had a tonight point nine SD and at caves on caves and mighty. Twitter is at Camby San Diego Bryce is at Bryce Rosen. A lot of great stuff coming up you actually asked to borrow a book. This week I was so excited yet ready as they let alone a game and I didn't much take you back like yeah. Outside of eatery this yeah I've been one area for awhile in it so that's getting into our summer recommendations that were calling in our summer reading list but. Call it every one cooled recommend books forthcoming games recommend movies are command shows by as far as like books go our command ready player one fantastic. Price is about to read it. There that covers as Willie month Wonka meets the wizard which I love this kinda had a movie is being made me Steven Spielberg I think yeah two years. You dread analog and Lyle yet because for me I can't see a movie and then read a book. Data order party know what's happening I will never finished that book. So I really wanted to read this before the movie can Allen reapply the trailer comes I should enjoy reading books after the movie because then I get that. It's got to be pretty different like some Star Wars books I have better understanding of what Han Solo is 'cause I see Harrison Ford way to know I'm not talking like. He. Spin off Utah I'm done the exact I don't you mean I mean like I I read. I read plenty soured but like I read Jurassic Park after I saw the movie and I like ultimate crichton book I like the movie and the book that I get that. Passed up. Los rules actually fantastic. Hasn't worked in and then coming up came you know I. Speaking of Michael Crichton and HBO ID I am not in the trailer minutes out their for the west world. A new series I am Mike looks cool and a I'm interested in Michael Crichton the west worlds is using. I've ever read that book to that finishes ever I saw the movie way back in the day came back in the day. It was the neo I solid I rented it. Do you have anything you wanna recommend for this week's American nations. IE also I bought in if we're talking books not Colin books are better oh. Yeah I'm I'm really is should I actually Bob and read it clear 11. But it's us you really get the book. Console wars. Is the story and I say again vs Nintendo and now you're Deion Branch is fantastic hmm yeah that's good one. That's that's what I got up next I'm ready I'll actually really read about a book a month and a reader fast what I really excited rounds like always did you cease recommendations when Eric monopoly could remember names are dialing three or four things with like three or four theater in Manhattan Project lastly Greg Ginn and I think cell and I recommended. On nine dynamite idea I recommend. And recommend mister robot well there's another place finish mr. about recommend. Any of the comments and rebirth if you wanna jump into a character easy time really good time rather. And something so they're doing whether supposed to do re setting the universe they are an Angel on one of the hardest things about comics is that you can just like you like night wing and say wasn't rebirth under examples they like nine. Nine when you get to grab a night when book is it's yet to book tablet for because you're gonna win that. I have no idea what's going on now may be. At the minimum for books and you'll be like okay I'm starting to get injured sit in the green lantern comic. Because eyes they introduced. The that you're going there rolled like three or later reduced Alice is named bonds a couple of years ago. And you've Middle Eastern descent and landing introduced a female recently. And apparently bolt. He and her have to share the same lantern so their bowl Earth's. Land turned rain now and that that's got a constant fighting Betty yes that I am I guess it choosing to me like I love green lantern on 211 Jeff Johnson donor naturally we're not talking like a. Firestorm it's like just one can use it at a time they don't combine them so you know day in jail come on like firestorm yet only one of them can use on like. For example like only wanna be easily Internet time as an. An illegal literally there's only one lantern so they both have to go back to it to recharge says it's like it's holiday Campbell wrote I can't share ring like well. Now that bald eagle hatched inside essentially they have half the Bowery China that are half the time within easy you're trying to lag or yet recharge you got to manage like Guam on the other side of the world you yen a year. Chewing meet half way to pick like him best spot last game of the Denny's and I like that Denny's because Carlo the waitress she's bombing hit done and even given the forces solitude kill that we both Millard area. You're Superman you know how he acts he has problems with language in the minds is their heat sealing the keys. It's all things. Takes comics is its second floor and I am praised by the rabbit at first shift it was sold out stadium comic con international pats is it is beginning to look a lot like comic con in everywhere you look. Here is India and I was gonna go look at the trolleys and I didn't is busy week China's next week I got it takes movies is 61749 when took tickets to see. Ghostbusters or suicide squad or any upcoming grey blocks us ceremonies at UltraSharp mission valley in hazards center now and expanded menu. And great selection of local craft Beers. Pricing I think mostly Muslim. I'm Andy we better all have a good week.