Capes On Capes Episode 16

Big changes to TV and Movies

May 20, 2016
Capes On Capes

Welcome to the 16th episode of Capes on Capes on FM 949.  Each week Hamby and Bryce discuss the latest in Geek and Superhero Culture news, break down the stories, and share theories.  This week we discuss The CW for Fall 2016 with Supergirl joining the network from CBS.  Spoilers for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow we discuss the latest episode and finale for these shows including how this week's news affects both shows in the Fall on The CW. Lots of news, lots of stories and your feedback!

Capes On Capes Ep. 16

Friday, May 20th


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But that was dead. As get up again feted and next week that was our good friend at the mighty Sein and his son there's something wrong with that boy from fantasy golf confident. And any minute to a great. Hey Al team and I gotta say. When he sent him again at the school song it's fancy golf. Revenge quest my first reaction was. Let me. Start on overload we talking about us. You can find that sign down some clown Seneca best out of them the mighty things are different is that it's like it podcast it appeared lost and annoy you listening tip line and needs to get to episode sixteen exactly did you keep track you know. Lot of talk about it yeah. A big shout out to a patriot supporters for the month of April and may be Asia dot com slash Timmy plays games thank you for letting us. Do things we have going on some news and notes. And we have got to keeps on keeps logo in the development and who currently. Things are happening equity of testing meaning to mean we have a theme song now kind of let us along with permission to play. Yes and out L logo. Yup and the next will be. A skyscraper with Ireland on top of a giant banner that's worth 50000 dollars in this and his with straight razors coming cat in the middle and hopefully either us that the grand man. Do you think the good thing we only and we only have a hundred grand left to you know I don't get it there oh no that. Exciting things are happening. Mighty handy plays games logo is back on a shirt and art keeps on keeps logo is gonna go on a teacher. And other merchandise as well depending on if anyone likes it where it does kind of illustrates yes and and I'm excited and with skating merchandise and stuff might be his goal I think for the next week is trying to get. The laptop up and running to try to. Video recorders even eat Oz made the comment that. He added that he knew that we are trying to do the best we could but he really like the old fish eye lens and smells like it was so realistically cool but it's not. What we wanna do yourself and they are going. Reason I would keep doing is just that took place for you to get your act yeah if you to resign but I'd I I don't feel. But that videos anything worthwhile it's now I think it's do you still go in there and your eye with that phone down missiles Nadia. But look at the at this as they didn't get it on a banana get hit it on iTunes or on the android anyway Google play store it's the FM 949 ST out. You can listen to this all around the world wouldn't. All of the we also got some rat H musicians you know they have all reggae all jewelry line we talked calling itself. Yeah Pamela do you watch this week every seat heavy show not including aero and I watched I watched part of him I would and on. Look what we've we have we talked about that was that that was amazing this week in those game the browns gave us wrote you know I never thought about that on this guy. Then and we. I originally said he throws is going to be fair game for us that there were nights the night swatch were escapes the deal that's in those Arenas out of we're gonna comment and then. Something happened like a week or two weeks before the this season premiere I just lost interest. Mean and I was Kyle lake I was really counting down into it and there's somebody said. Is that there's a billion. Podcast that talk about this. So for me I I hopes that the police unaware that bit like you know it. IE we're capes on cape. There's always going on yeah flash or ADP not a lot of some sob so that there's there's some -- set to be so plus these episodes aired two days after we record the surely talk about it's so we hold VMware already onto the next week we're looking towards the next have a slave like right now I guess that's happened last week yeah. I will say this end because so they. They've surpassed the books yap and I think sums parts in the than other parts they have share but like. What's gonna John Snow rain is what's going on with that banning and what's gone boots on the bigger plot yet. I will save for a TV show and it's no reflection on the book at all and just for its TV show I think this pacing is an improvement. Yeah I. I think he in his near I think it's like when lost like they knew what they are joined this is we're act. Everything accelerates right Erica the first two seasons of lost I've only watched him for a lost. But I mean like you over the first two seasons they're light they're. They're stretching things from them there's stuff that like I want easy but doesn't pay off for six episodes and that can be frustrating for folks. But in total bases in three and four in your accelerated playing well the bulb on and I may be. I felt a little bit of fatigue from bolt the Walking Dead and game throughout chair. This for a while it's those two shows these two behemoths. And as the rest after that but knowing that we've had I've had six years and shared. Like my how much has my life changed since this show first in line and I just wasn't prepared for this season. And I've been blown away by death and really really you know I think in this show and we talk about as early as this week. Is so many good things are happening yeah you know I finally the SARS are again together. Danny's actually got a hold other like that but he Obama and were ridiculous and I'm scared because the way of this does not mean anything is is just when you think you're safe. Bad and I mean bad things are going to happen what is using is that we haven't seen anything from. There and then had the DN dead. Now what do what do what do called nobody I mean the scenes from this weekend they say the as the tease us this Sunday we're we're gonna see is Obama but it but we haven't had any. Existential threat. It's all been back to the internal Paul to journalists like like with season one line yeah and it's it's weird that like eight. Danny's not even user dragons but she's usurped her power around. And it's almost auditions so much happening so I just I am all the dragons in much higher. It may have been looted in the third act way that Jerry and set a trade. Right so record that could be a jets had no way he throws a bears had a and it's. The radar lord of the ring rallies and apparently there's going to be war like we're about to Italy three episodes of just all out. Dean he's got her army now means that she's got her army back in the city within a solid and she now has all of adult Iraqi 100000. People there. I did you guys. Darn it's got into gal door auto army but light. There's they are okay but he's got the feet militant in. King's landing and you've got Tyrell army with ten man yet with the master army or in any stadium but they are there they are they're so you've got the latest surge and the Tyrell the last time. I have a feeling. That land in this plan answers don't just wanna kill. Don't want just to spare on his boy's dad. They that I wrote this is not gonna work after the tire around your gonna let a man. And they're gonna need to add anything make you dead you know who is sucks to be a little bit with contrition. Even for the big word amusing. That that queen mother. It's are seeing here sir seat I finally am believing in. Because I feel right. This isn't sir see who's in his. Bin humbled brought low and has decided that everything that old crone said in her vision. Came true. And so I feel like this is asserting that's accepting faith that I'm not. The ruler of this monarch but I am the mother of the king. And light. She's I think she's becoming more accepting of her role. And I think the land of Syria's seat that faith militant as a waiter thread that I roles and and I I think that. They don't I don't even the last just have the power now to do anything about it I think they literally do you have to work together. I think this could be a situation room the Tyrell is coming into the city. The lancer stand down let him walk credit. And as soon as they're done taking care of the sparrow yeah all the answers are let's say up on the higher searching Hoosier on the walls. They're gonna take their arrows. Point them down and we're gonna see the Tyre else to add. We'll see what happens what that's my theory I think I think that the the bad guys up in the north if I can remember their name right now that I'm dead I'm dead basically I think that that threat is becoming. Way more of the realm has got to have to route is gonna have to rally went into the show is that the and then went. Could be if any of that than ever list these people couldn't get their (%expletive) together for all these years and everything they did was for not. But it happened with drag hands. You are supposed to go I'll that I have in my head I kid and you can't wait to see what happens the Ramsey yet. You that I think late Jessica and I were sitting there watching the show and she was like how does he. Keep getting away with this and I am I he doesn't keep getting away with it we're angry. Because he hasn't gotten his come upload Jeffrey got away with everything until he didn't exactly sound and I think that's why you hate that character because we're never going to get our comeuppance and until we do so yet but it will never. Eat cool how much wrong he's nine. Seconds led bacterium one debt is yeah yeah he'll he'll he won't be as satisfying as what he's done error. Are we can and can wait the other stuff from this week. Let it tomorrow wanna see that for later we have bunch of CBS CW weren't Rosie is the flash policy that for later did you watch the plus of course okay. The ending fantastic I have theories this is while I saved for later even the shield those season finale was really good moves are strong. Two hour season finale eighty and I dug it. It's just sort of left me in this weird place BK is. This isn't always seem to ramp up rate at the end and then your life. How did this page has been reset for next year that's how it always been for ages shield there. And does come wondering where they go from here and mean Chloe Bennett's are the ages shield said. She like to see the movies referenced TV show norm and I think it was just of course she'd like him right there. I was the radio station talked about our podcasts more clip yeah I think you an idea. I was can't Torre let's talked about our podcast smaller but right. I you know I guess but we we've addressed this before. That's not possible though I mean and then this in the show will talk about the movies because it benefits them to remind listeners this or theaters on site right they're not a podcast. They were connected remember work connected people love that should. So it took them days that it doesn't work you shots Osborne at Osborne on Twitter Osgood from the show listens you'd every week. He actually wanted to sobering is that he wanted to comment marble ages as shield actor calling out marble on not caring about their only TV show. There is in class on politics in this so. As of last September there was a recent shift in marbles creative dynamic that they're used to be a fight between Mike pearl murder matter. Who was running television and Kevin fight G who's renting movies and they didn't get along. So you're not gonna have your TV and your movies divisions get along very well if that you had guys don't get along very well but the Disney give her a reorganization. And they left Kevin fight you kind of doing his own thing no longer having answered Ike Perlmutter and there's even a store and she was stories out there about how. The fight between those two guys cause an internal civil war at marble over captain America's civil war. Because it was there was a whole argument over the budget and that all these sort of things. So it's fastening going to read that stuff I'd look at go look at marvel civil war internal Kevin's IE Ike Perlmutter look at that story. It's sort of feeds into this a little or marvel movies now on the budget is should would just be. Would every you want you got it because it's always going to make more money on that level as easily as Disney has shown by shattering Disney affinity. This last week and and willing to take a 150 million dollar loss on something that they've made three billion dollars in two ways sales on them. Yeah they would gap they're not gonna they're gonna do what's the sound investments over a movie. Cost 200 million to make but they're only making a hundred million back on it they're not gonna make 209 dollar movies. They may 150 million dollar movies because captain America's aboard just hit a billion and that's that's in game that's the kind of think they're looking for so everything else if it's not you that much of a profit they're gonna move on. Well so. Well and that day we did see the list of the top five grossing. Ever because commanders went in there rank and for about five those are Disney properties they're Smart about it you know everything that drastic world. The other thing too agency shield is moving to 10 o'clock next year. Now on ABC there's no other marble shows men ages shield is the only moral show currently there was going to be a spin off he got canceled before even aired. So now. I kind of wonder were ages she'll goes from here next year and the reason why it was addressed the then cut that question from the reason why actually logistically. It takes three years to get him to remain and roughly right it takes light a year to get a TV show made so base our filming. Asians as shields season four of those are filming in like July this year. Their body was filming for rag Iraq so by the time. Age is currently and it started filming black panther raising rates thereabouts you haven't yet but it's time black panther comes out next fall. Asians shield will be airing but they can't reference it because that the timing doesn't yet yet that's tough to get it right this is hard for them to do that they struggled doing the comic books where you'll read. One issue of a comic book. At a character has a new cape. And nearly wait a minute why they haven't came they've ever had a case before yet all this other comic book that got delayed because the artist was running late may that is actually consulates month. How does that happen that you like all this it's (%expletive) well that's even worse in movies television and so what what ages shield. References something that spoils the next movie or dispute is wrong and doesn't end up happening correct and that's why can't there be very careful what they do. And with the whole internal civil war thing. That was even harder to deal maybe going forward we will get some better synergy nine I mean that's why. I think unless. And in the days that comes down to. And agent of shield does well but it's not like a ratings monsters don't at all can't ignore so that was the case sure they'd be more inclined. To have better synergy with that. But the moment. Eight and Sheila the show that is that seal is lucky that it gets to use the marvel tacked on right right so. The movies have stuff they have relate to them it's like we have real business at hand. I don't they don't probably don't have any time. To deal with like what agents of shield as downing. Let's play that new shows coming on the fall we talk about new shows I think last week NBC's powerless with Alan tell idea can Vanessa Hudgens and. No way that show references the DC movies. Now they may reference a superhero flew into a building. The beginning and reference a man of steel did something they're never gonna say Superman did this man yeah. I want you guys do you always manage your expectations and just not. It happened at home though how great would that be if they can't it would be cool girl gets late for work what happened. Look what is and what they like enterprise is like a bat weighing just like crashed into it as GS explain that to her thoughts. I'd be fantastic and beer or are they it's like our cars the strain but you can't see the invisible jet. Yeah and only got his paycheck and they look to go to the camera I don't see it yet we usually just squish it also. Right there EDC invisible jet somebody's gonna have to actually move it's crushed the car. And an invisible jet how to I write this up to pick it takes shock at the where's the proof yeah these are flower on it there was no there isn't there like and it's not about flew away. Let's use some quick news and notes and then we'll get into army discussion for the week Michael Keaton is actually in the Spiderman homecoming apparently there was definitely gonna happen after all yet so so he will be an island unknown. I know I mean everyone's saying vulture I think it's such a week the villain. I so catalogs Spiderman has. And found one especially there was a guest of a budget issue I don't know how Michael keeps commanding some sort of he's coming off two movies he's I'm not I'm not disparaging him know what I'm saying is against that when Robert Downey junior came on board all the saddened. There was a budget issue because they wanted to pay Robert Downey junior LA. Really are that much of a Michael Keaton commands that march that like RDJ coming in your well we can and Michael Keaton. But they forgot my way not apple. He may command some I'm sure RDJ. Commands a lot. Which I still think if you are all I don't use RDJ YC's Charlie Cox. He'll do it like a 100000 dollar baggage area next year he'll do it for a 100000 dollars and packed skills and a couple tickets to the movie announcing he take his friends mating now. Other other I am casting news. Just got that bode well let's stay on the spider in Miami oh you had you and yes because we it's been leaked that marvel is considering. Using. Kingpin William to university is last in line. A rep reprising his kingpin role in Spiderman. Those are rumor I just rumor not 'cause I was down four. You'll it's now rumored by half and on the website that model is considering it. You don't have those you know how those things are sometimes when someone writes a website and rights article on Iran are at that but it me like like what I should obviously today is Ron Ron Perlman only put themselves my hands are doing that. Andrew Jimenez cable and he was like agony cable I am all right of that and I shared written and you might gain all the light a lot of fuel like it might. That that Al Lerner has so let's play. Ron Perlman hey look like you know Kevin Smith said hey you know who just in his own podcasts that hey you know would be a cool Jon Stewart. Ice cube. Then summoned me I skew drawing yeah others article saying like Kevin Smith pushing Bryce cute to be Stuart green land yet John yes. It. Op powering through some of the other moral news Jeff Goldblum and Karl urban and joined for Iran and Iraq. Having Jeff global Nino that's ankle all over that that's as good that Cisco casting it's just. It's just good casting him. Goldblum. Finds a way I don't understand the love for Jeff Goldblum is great night but it's been a recent really people its MD a bit. It takes on appreciate you love actor. Who's just playing himself. Across the board he always playing Jeff Goldblum. And that's that that's chaos there they're there yet. It was on Conan a couple of weeks ago in his grape Berry said. You a fan queue up to me and he asked how do you do it would be great inspiration and I said the same thing I say to all my fans. How do you speak to me now from. Oh yeah he's guide. A great late career Blu-ray now doing some commercials and stuff like he did that NBC sustainability commercial and he's a late light bulbs commercial that was just. Creepy or brilliant. And I'm I'm Jeff Goldblum fan and I'm like where is all coming you know I actually saw him at Coachella a couple of years ago winds. This is really cool so yeah I'm in the camp sites which are outside the actual specialist training camp sent. And I'm Lockett thrilled. In that we passed by this tent in this area is campsite. And the dude who dropped a full piano when he's playing piano and sing his out and I went down I'm at least let me locked glass stop and go. I point to let demands go. Jeff Goldblum. And Sharon out Jeff global hand as like black as night you so Bhutan. Just played away singing lounge music one of my favorite. Favor will Farrell's stance. Is Jeff Goldblum will Farrell with Will Ferrell has Harry Carey. Now Harry cash back a bit a bit. And cheneys. What do you mean. It. I love the photos and it carried the slogan. Much less common experience is that they can use locally and cat. Hit it. If I. Own and live that's callais I don't know I have no idea what I can guess apart for Collard and you know given you the sort of let him go out it. But for Goldblum finally GNU but it should be fantastic. Skipping around if you these honesty was a marvel news. If you don't mind I think this is just rumor will see what happens a marlin Netflix rumored to be developing. In blade. A moon night Andy ghost writer TV shows for Netflix. So I saw that and now that's a lie take him that's a lot of show lot of programming so if you look. Let's start with let's take Obama won you begin the night. Cool you pick that fits with the whole daredevil to Israel and on street level. But. If you do ghost writer not so much I was hoping that ghost rider is now a bazooka try to back and marvel now in less. You could do a cool combo you mix that with Doctor Strange you can make him almost the suit though not quite villain but anti hero. Of that second doctor strays from living. Those dreaded deserves its own property I don't know for TV show about it and I'd just based on the success the last two movies I don't I let's I thought the first illustrator when Nicolas Cage movie was a decent adaptation. They have a new modern version I was saying what you expect. Run lines equality and the money gimmicks I think the first one. What is generally considered out OK to you don't and it has yet never seen it it's just Joseph good to watch I think these are worth a watch and I am. There's of this silly stuff I know they made a second one is analysts now and Allen is one of those pure we're gonna lose the right so we have to. Throw some against what you and I talk about all the time yet when they're gonna lose the rights event at the hornets made yeah. IIIRL. And since I read an article one of the articles I was reading said that bleed. Had been done since then I am since the movie and I might not I'm sorry there was a blade TV show. That came out on Mike's by late in the mid 2000 this quote like 20032004. An amateur around them know they had I think the league was like one of the guys from the night would not like pain or someone. Now what the final day like they should use by the way we respond. Yeah he'd be right but I don't mean. There's another version of goes straighter you can do in the current comics goes right in the car now might you do that outing and I Ryder vote in the few satellite and I. I think you can even do. There's stories of like blade and goes straighter and like mobius the living vampire in some other and I actually what you do you like the midnight sun you could yeah you too you could combine played in ghost writer. Did you imagine. Now this is just off the wall yet it can you imagine a marble late. Maybe even it's a Netflix movie. But it's the marvel super natural heroes teaming up for a big fight. Can they try to do his multiple times they called the midnight sons they call which I meant strains. Now LA nota I'm strange like literally like. Mobius the living vampire who's not been introduced and the big screen or TV beginning cartoons and then you've got like. Blade you guys go straighter. Then you've got like wearable my ninety. Like man thing but you've got supernatural characters in the marvel universe stays this stood but in the cinematic TV or movies. You preserve and scratch there is none of those I'd numbers that I had a late but look at look at the good looking movie like monster squad. For the eighties and right may introduce you to the wolf clearly introduce you to vamp that Dracula. They creature from the black lagoon Frankenstein. They use they use the Universal Studios monsters so that you have an idea already you have an anticipation of one but mommy heads. The only the only way I could see marble doing that. Would be just a cock block another studio and the way they do DC. Cousin because universal we know really wants to do. Eighty monster universe if you really an Iowa and the money they want Dracula and they want our guys in bring the sides combined into one world now because they think that's what people want now. So TJ hit marble aren't brought together. And give us that movie like oh we have a world with with where hoped he would in this and that's this and it's marvelous you know it's better. I got to endure if that reason. Or. Even give me maybe give me a six episode run of agency shield. And and and they can call it used to it again and I get two to three part arc. They call it midnight signs you know can they do that for heat shield now that you like branding from like falling aging or iron hail Hydro and she did you like. A six episode run of ages shield with just supernatural characters. That they team up a secret avengers and it is that's. Well. That sounds more fun than what he's still does remain. I realized or that. Other marvel news there is. We're talking about this briefly. That captain marvel is going to be announced shortly make that the script is in meant dead casting for the director of the star. Who they don't have yank. So I heard rumors. We know Iran aroused he wants that we'll long time everyone was saying Emily Blunt Emily Blunt emling line suppose she's pregnant and that's supposedly she's pregnant and so that's why did lose her over to. Another Disney property for which Al. Bitterly Bobby group. Tune solution merit Mary Poppins so she's gonna be doing a new version of Mary pop I just because you know you're just dying for that welcome. So they want her as captain marvel she's pregnant they can't write but then on the cover of Glamour Magazine and young actress Chloe grace Moran it's as she's promoting neighbors to sorority right thing. Was wearing a jacket very similar. To captain marvel like to cut the colors and everybody was freaking out in the beginning of the week late. Are you saying you want you say you're all right. And I think that's a marble does is play what if that's her way of being like a wanna be on the cavs marvel I was already hit girl. I want you seen people get parts by that I mean you get this movement of people like clamoring for and Presidio cycle (%expletive) why don't we give it to on. But. I've. But there a bit faster in Africa and marvel is that the possible director is being an Adam might in running down on him. I generated apostle directorate sound mean dale. Sad news ran after we recorded podcast last week we heard that fantastic artist long time VCR isn't darling caught and passed away he. I guess. So was fighting a very aggressive form of cancer they came on out of nowhere yet and there we lost the link within two weeks of the announcements though by the current us president that's terrible terrible loss is due if you if you like mean you have been very long Russia but all right you don't realize you had I guarantee you have a lot of comments that are drawn if you like to know who Darwin cook was as far as art goes I recommend highly V. Trade paperback from DC comics Justice League new frontier or and the watch the enemy to feel as well. You'll both are based on his art style and his story. So DC's Justice League and you frontier bull for common look and the animation fantastic rest in peace to our own cock. Or like this stuff. Tons and I have in the DC news. DC comic scenes are logo again. Yes well I think they got the news that we make a new logos like always is spruce up by Israelis are tired add usually air I don't like it. Touching jealous fourth time in ten years. I don't like it because I have you know all marmalade. Trade paperbacks animal lined up and it's it's just you lose that continuity when they jumped loaded them into the lineup arguments I'll give them some. That's for this artistically it's a combination of Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman. Is that get fined thematic Leodis yeah I didn't see it by read an article about it. And I are good field. Other music came out earlier this week Harley Quinn with Margo Roby is so popular is suicide squad there already green lighting her for a spin off film. Featuring possibly. The birds of prey. Cool I mean. This just wondering you want to do birds of prey. So. Eugene do you need to make sure you get that continuity right because I'm making them Batman movie that is all I mean you got a former bad girl. Yet there. Give summation that Batman movie acknowledges not only was there of that girl. She got shot she's now will cherish is now oracle now. And she has her own team called the burns press yes featuring. I'm Chris huntress black and wearing black canary. And there's black canary do you acknowledge you know is that lead to like maybe agree narrow in the universe. It's mind boggles the idea. I admire Iran feels. I like birth afraid usually an all female team with males or it's more female driven team. I've always liked it I love the comics yeah birds made his letter vehicle reveals thousands fantastic writer introduces the birds prank and joke and she gets nearly enough credit mine and I've never chambers and birds of prey were probably cleaner and analysts she's going to be the antagonists and a later yeah she's well I mean. I mean I've seen episodes of like Batman animated series. Where like she she got in the car she went along with a vision never like a member well you can also do if you've got Hartley. And she's gonna do our own spin off may be edu Hartley and poison ivy. Share vs black canary huntress botanical maybe could Tana. You know in circus gets on who's in SuSE as wide she's been embers of frank I'm wondering if he's stumping in DC is clicking. They got wondrous that L one ruling coming out this dvd interviews tonight wing. Hard yeah do you not we end. Actually he's saying in. Everybody what's up that was something that happens and tell me every chick had a thing when nightly one point but to my point. What the one thing may be of anything DC has been marvels of the punches is making a female lead movie. List the most are counting Elektra but I'm not gonna count Allen. Look at the marvel that hasn't happened Diana so one woman come out maybe they've feeling we've we may have found our niche. Something to get attention. Maybe all your right Wonder Woman is done filming that ends up does anybody really knows this movie is really good I'm hoping I want to be supposedly it is and supposedly it's got a lot of charm to it. Good is he's in a reduction of Diana as a younger. Girl right he or she becomes. Board yet but she struggles with her place on the moon. Remembered here Losman plays. Two quick ones on the other thing about Harley Quinn Tara strong. Police actress yet. Probably okay she's been in signing things and why she was the original incarnation of Harley and the reason you loved Harley is has the terrorists you love to have a cameo. In the harlequin she got a cameo that did in there but they put it out online. Win. It. The CW verse and aero. They did their suicide squad yeah which they had to kill off because they're not allowed to use it anymore I think it's unfortunate yen. But her voice she voiced her part just saying. I. But because he's using it to go at that they obviously could use the character but they alluded with her voice it was really cool. I'm sure the studio nixed it but they released just the foot is online thought it was really cool I'm a huge share structure and she's the power of girl. Jeff she's my little pony bush is always a comma con every year that she is Brad yet she's racked up huge outfit she's. She's a teen titan I don't know which one yet she's not Raymond the issue is this martian. No. No that's in economic power. Iraq Iran and she's it she's at tightened she was fine titans go OK like when the team's tight group gets together on and from the voice actors get together should let our eye your eye on it doesn't matter yeah. Other DC comics use actual comics the DC comics future quest launched we announced this on the show couple weeks ago. But this is a comic book featuring are U even loosened. Johnny quest space goes hurt kill Lloyds party bird man and more Hanna Barbera stars star in this massive crossover event. Finally over that it's so good that they give us something for adults when that this can't rely gas and make it. It. These aren't alone makes me like oh my god please put more of the toy isn't easy mirrors. Do you toys in the same universe we mentioning a lot this transformers five gets its title. And it also teases a June 2016 filming to start the movie is going to be out next year and it's going to be. Terror I don't not a big fan of it it's also the unofficial start of Hasbro universe with possible GI Joseph and Brohm. Crossovers the big thing is that everyone thinks rom is going to be in transformers five. Introducing this new property well patrol I think you don't think so. I don't know I think so if we'd have a tendency to read into things but in LB were pointing out optimist primes eyes in the teaser are purple instead of what they've normally been bred and rob his purple so their light. This is empty they're they're teasing robbery and I don't mean I don't know. Thought it was newsworthy. And it could I'll saint fur deeper deferred malicious is husband Josh to Mel is back to join the cast a light just from on the chain stores and he's he wasn't in the last one. I'm glad he's back. I the national it's another guy soccer channel once I was leaving and he was like laying down on the grass elect. Here are our guy as you do then there's another ghostbusters through the through much better okay. I decided I thought this might be okay the first one I cut at and I didn't I don't know that it deserves to be insane. Amount of hate that you liked the most hated thing ever like literally document in a few too. But I left behind them and it's really stupid. Has really shown people's sex sides. I think it's nasty it's it is. But that that doesn't account for all the it's you can't say that win. The fact is it looked bad. Now one that did it would elect the worst thing ever which is what it got voted. But it looks like almost like. To me I gotta tell it like it's not that mediating this is like on sex and Alec woman I don't like that you used women and thought that was enough. Like here is women give them a good story I don't and a go to their because you'd best demographic you wanna hand I think Leslie Jones is going to be a star. Yes since she's there for your partner commercial stuff not Leslie does going to be. Today I you know I now I'll be honest I'm more excited for this that was from Batman or Superman and I united said approximately classless let's grudgingly you an air ball flight mommy I'm gonna see I'm gonna see it. I'm the well I'll say this now. It it their views come after. Night and you and I can hear from like people lying on the Tommy goes bus is terrible. I don't have that same need. In that like we Batman Superman it's like even Utah it's terrible like this the first time I get to see Batman and Superman now. On there and moaned and Wonder Woman and in the same room taken on dean stick now on the C that. Goes Fuzzy Tommy has batted cycle that already better versions I can go watch that yeah so I don't have that same need. I guess mainly I think it was I think it was through this story that. Patton Oswald was getting attacked by fans. Because patent attacked attacked he commented on line. One YouTube yeah he comes there one YouTube. Review orders but a guy who does videos I mean the guys in video and I apologize because I'd I this was not a story on the younger but I am talking about it. The guy get this a a video about the second trailer for ghostbusters the new one with the females. And has basically saying I'm not gonna watch it I'm not gonna logic but the guy is making a living. Doing a nine minute video talking about a fact he's not going to watch this movie should. Sure shooting all over right but the worst kind of entertainment that I it's that the worst I'm content ninety. Late yet if you're gonna see it just drove us he shot you're not the only two video you don't have to write but you did that to be contrary and. And all the sudden you became this rally cry for all the trolls out there who were like add up these movies. Bases don't belong innocent women and (%expletive) the new socket Lleyton has these talks it. Vital disgusting stuff on the Internet for people think that their. Big man 300 heat or again but much of what is that played out like this. You're pinning its you don't wanna watch that movie that's out of Washington makes. A miniature cities yet some video and that all the Australians were attacking pat I'll walk in light of your dad wife thought it was funny it's on eastern Dan White on his. It was like I'm sorry. Did the toxicity. Around this movie is ridiculous doesn't is this not deserve this at all. And then that's that's very have a Democrats like get into things out there and play some of that nozzle like. It's unfortunate you you engage with trolls he spring in coming learns he knows what he's in floor. So let's get into the BP story of the week. Let me read. Let me read all the news stories and and then we'll diving to the shows will dive into you measure of tomorrow and the flash is nothing about aero no. Fortunately unnecessary and you're on. Necessary we will discuss aero but not this week's episodes nothing like that. So at this point forward there will be spoilers for this season finale alleges that tomorrow and I'll be spoilers for. The second the last episode of the flash so be aware of that. That your guide. So big stories came out of CBS CW and Warner Bros. this week. A big change at all certain order of exchange mediation to Warner Bros. John berg and Geoff Johns are now to co run. DC films Geoff Johns was previously running the television side. And now he's going to be running the movie site and he's going to be for better or worse the Kevin Fy. DC sign. Snyder is out as the big guy running everything but he still directing justly and then. And I'll just do this once you'd Tom Cavanaugh star of the flash says. They need a big mistake not using grant Dustin. As the big screen version of the flash. CBS said they would have picked up super girl if not for their other networks CW picking them up first call (%expletive) Yeah your first Ryder refused all that you could have Guyana on. I don't. You sound like you tried really hard. Cited on the chime in on that note adding that could be taken as though as well as CW is like we don't want it right. We would've tried to make it work I'd but I I believe CW says no we don't want it that would in the in the super I aisles look at this as. Like OK I'll mind the air here ethnic for a like we work for intercom San Diego and if if corporately like the big bosses here we're like any can be. We're gonna move you over here where you're a better fit were trading in new network of just geeky contents can we want you to be over there is the flagship. And then they're gonna put someone else to do nice here overnight for nine. I'm not gonna feel like FM 949 tried to keep me yet. If it was a better fit for everybody yeah. In other don't is intended it to daily just makes all the sense in the world and that sets up CW exact confirms major crossover with super girl. Flash aero. And legends of tomorrow as well as they promoted Dixon. Well. Dan Bartlett that Dixon was just in that the promise. There's no actual news to any growing role of Nixon now but. I think I think that Herbie promote and here's what on talk runs so we had a bunch of questions about this. And we'll get through these each one. What are your thoughts of the super removing the CW good move or bad move solicited our first great man and he's awesome great. It's where not only. See that's CW who they said they don't want ideas but they aren't the DC you know the DC TV network now which I think is great yeah. And you in the cities where you want synergy want everything together. That's how you do it. They're not only they're gonna film in Vancouver there's studios are all next to each other. So now creatively it's all the same teams and it if you look back and no Winamp it's like on flash error does crossover. It still it's always two episodes because the first episode is the flash episode and the second episode is the or vice Versa depending on how you wanna do it but. Now they are doing flash for us because he's on Tuesday next Tuesday yes it does to the day that we. Now. If it's gonna go all the guys are legends of tomorrow that means you're getting a four hour movie yeah you're getting super girl. Then flash then aero than legends of tomorrow. Now on that note. Part of the big announcement from the CW guy with that Monday's is gonna stay super early yet. Tuesday's the flashy Dayton as you set a different meaning it differently Wednesday's aero any Thursday's blended tomorrow at eight. And vixen is what they've said. I think all Dixon will continue unseated recede as we now. Why you don't have time days as a cartoon but they introduced her as a live action character I guess in this season and an arrow you and I've missed it. You know I saw you did today I watched that one okay. I think that we are days away from announcing the vixen on Friday nights. Or. All are she becomes. Give so much secret it's all a shot about all this yet be ties. What we're to know his character. Was quote unquote upgraded from. A series star on alleged tomorrow series regular among all series regular on all shows next season so maybe vixen becomes a series regular. Well that. So do you wanna get right into. I spoilers let's talk about legends of tomorrow finale okay because this can give options race we know in next season a pleasant tomorrow where I'm sorry let me run quite. The one thing on the national was all those shows lining up. There are now articles that came out today about how on overnight the CW has become. The most put together the most. Like Soledad network because your line up. Monday's Super Tuesday the flash Wednesday is aero Thursday is legend tomorrow. And if your. Another not everyone's a fan of the genres but now all of a sudden you've got these things you can hang your hat on you know and I mean light yeah. You have your flagship shows each and I eat. Where. You've guide I zombie is supported by the flash yes and you were natural supported by aero or vice Versa. So you've got these shows now the Dayton they can hang their hats on especially. When you're selling to a demographic. You know you've really got your demo Monday through Friday it inch incas of snow for. For us army and I think in radio turns. There's ratings. And that's how humorless and any given time moreover this whatever you wanna frame. But in this key him and humor is what's really important because it's how many people are. Listening to you regularly on me there here or there years you're you're you're go to use. And that's what CW has now because the likelihood that if you watch this show. The light that if you if you start your work with super girl that you're gonna watch us like every night of the week through Thursday is pretty high may be more consistent and even some of the big now. Works. Yeah and let me ask let me through the a couple of quick questions we have certainly we are addressing them and has were answering them. CW. At Gomez may ask what's our opinion on Geoff Johns involvement on the DC movies and G Allen asked another question at challenge Debbie utility 23. Thoughts on the latest DC news directors leaving Snyder basically losing control we'll get through it. Well those two what we say it would release for just 12 there and it will finish with TV as you talk about the flash and one tomorrow. What do you think about it Geoff Johns basically taking over. Did that to creative side of Warner Bros. DC. So I think there's there's good things about that mean Geoff Johns is is is a comic guy you know so. Someone who's you know he's got comic ink you know in his blood yeah that's good yeah. I don't know that necessarily means he just because you're good at writing comics does not mean you're good at managing movies. Soul or you know heading in the DC comics so we'll see. Eight I like it. It's it's an inspired choice I think. I think keep diminishing signers role is a good thing it could turn Snyder back into a valuable commodity but I think you need to limit. And bring that rolled down I think you need to have this is one Warner Bros. is doing kind of like Disney's doing Warner Bros. has. They have somebody who is working on the Harry Potter stuff moved so that person runs that your numbers yet. Having Geoff Johns and the guy that runs your DC properties as far as like movies and television goes. Now Geoff Johns it can be the end all be all he's a great story teller he's like a Josh Josh we Nancy Josh he's got a Josh Sweden. He's like or Kevin fight you marvel he's like. Yeah well I mean Kevin White it has been a movie had about a mile long time as far as like he gets like he's. And he's like like that blocking daddies like I'm. Kirk pretty good run on her man where robber current ministers or writer and an any kind of thrust into the role but he's. Adapted well on his feet and I think Joseph Johns can be really real August and then they got the benefit doubt creatively I think it's the best thing for the. And knows there's no doubt that Warner Bros. needs. Someone at the top just. Digit ebitda into the UCL his mistakes and it with DC you don't think they're gonna learn from them because there's no. Accountability at the top to regulate all this will stop at. This is what the first is okay we see it looks like that so and that I think it's a good thing. And then and dirty living Cyrus who's neutral net we just we talk about all that and ask somebody re back to television now. I'm excited because they have the upfront this week concede Emmys were a lot of this news came down and they promoted Dixon. Yeah so I think the big question for the audience who is Dixon. And she's a character that I know I I know she was in the comics but. I ice Miller more is Jon Stewart's girl from just as they eliminated definitely. That's right our from I think I knew or from the comic books but light so that when she was introduced unjustly a limited the cartoon and I know these are that makes it. I don't know I think about water no and I have. Once it's there her cartoon that has done so if you're not aware of these ideas seed yes he did you see this or app. Being directed towards kids yes so they made a show a cartoon. That with ease up with in the universe like three minute by minute segments. They're short he's a more than than other short of that yet a land lots of Celtic you're for it. But they exist in the same world as Maryland flash they announced it that way yes everybody brought from the beginning this is where in the same world this one just happens to be cartoon. Gadget you'll find thing. So this same present as the voice acting is who plays the live action whenever he is great yet Xena and when he was when she was on air out. They said they know who's this crunch is like we had a thing back another sensor aero with his own voice was on. They Ali ashes gap we had we had an adventure there is very animated name have done yeah that's like. Animated. Eye again and it. I'm excited. IE the more at the martyr. Carriages you have from the DC universe I'm all about me you know light like your blue beetle like having ten record not just having that's you know. I guess what I've found that the finale of legends tomorrow. Drugs are you into fractures is plus season finale I get a heads up that aisle on tires I was tomorrow so that tomorrow we know. When we talk about what to do with six and spoiler 1234. Here got. Care and down a hot men hot girl missing now we it is a first cut chance that a real life we're gonna go off. Like cool. Cabinet called not a guy that yes I am tip they finally in that finale actually I felt found some identity. Working together embracing who they were our shore and Kendra not consciously be like. This week I was very bad. I've like every bucket Abbott says she would say that and the whole love story with the race got sold distracting from the plaza only guy I don't care have a month. But so there's two spots open. Three actually has gotten called is not on there and our show so there's three spots open one could be Dixon I hate seeing that. Well we're not dosing changes on lessons tomorrow which by the way. Where do you go with the finale. Of has gray. Just society. At or just decide what area you call it. This is I'm excited by Geoff Johns being in charge Geoff Johns road justices and a if. The stuff we're CNET TV under growing anti moon was also under age months. Then I'm then I am actually I am actively seeing the justices ninety's stuff and I'm seeing it because he's involved. Because if he is the creative he gives the okay you can use justice I imagine that you lose you a great story here. What he did this and you wrapped it around with this and you introduced this in Iran like oh. Because it's so it's also forming his justice society run but other writers are doing the work. I feel I. Let them Charles always gonna be legend tomorrow never think of as just a society now but like about their database they said justice society. Well they had the day our man who was introduced yet at which reminded me hot peppers sir that was gonna meet that card that. Well see what they add they have announced our man like back in the. All they know today how army and has been cast for alleged tomorrow that's right I totally forgot about it been a while yet. It rip Tyler is the arming him and I. Love our man his powers are based on that he has a mere. He has a steroid called miracle and they look at me they were vitamin he can throw. Yeah and he would like. I mean there's other there's different versions of the line. I am glad you've won where he has a literal us it's our glass and he turns it any knows he has an hour of superpowers and. And that's kind of implementation he has power from within an hour. Yeah aren't I am school rock and honestly with them I wouldn't mind what those powers are. On the company's president make it out because there's so many versions of what those power and the ad is even an android version of our man get gas so. Anyway it leaves me excited I think there's an interest in being we gonna talk about this in the news and notes by. Prison break is coming back to fox with I went Miller and Dominic Purcell new word sorry it's. A legend tomorrow and a spoiler how much it tomorrow. Captured cold was killed. But. And I said this is Jessica. With the flash introduces multi verse catching cold exists what now he covered anywhere explain this to me because. Win it. Heat wave went back captain callables alive. How is that you had yet be yet keep your eye on the on the on the clock on the screen. Because they they were taken into points sixteen yes he went back to Tony thirteen that's when they went to the bar. The bar that would mean Dallas when he thirteen sliding catch that giant that is an earlier in the Italian British and see on say goodbye yes he went to say goodbye to save it brings here. That as the show got maturing developed and the characters. Had these great character arcs a man in the growth in heat wave a thing was adjourned rabble in beginning uses the moon. Yeah you five by the end yet is as much depth that any care from the chat. He's an anomaly he's starring in prison breaks on how much do they get Dominic. For next season lives tomorrow is he also going to be written off the show. Well. At the end of this episode he was on the team wanted to go and he eyes but when was this film like. Did prison break mocking it I mean it's I have questions about stuff like that because of what. Logistically possible well. What ever it up president Reagan's is in it very well could be this is a one off. Let go one season wrap up what we do get to wrap OK so I would think they wanna hang on to these roles lined it'll be interesting to see how CW is using them and what their availability is for the next season I tell you what though I wouldn't mind at all if you taking these characters but what they're gonna with captain cult church he's just he shows up when he shows up he's gonna be a CW regular yes. And I think that's perfectly fine I think that's part of the beauty. Of what they've accomplished. You know the question for super role do you keep several in another universe and I've done I have I gone all of us but IE. You can't just. Saying you're in this universe who disarming holes. We Wear it well then why has Superman never come up like why we so blown away by it's the flash but when you've been here the whole time double why couldn't I couldn't Barry bring Kera to his universe if she gets like stock on the side and she's in she's in another city. And now she's part of this universe chic I mean maybe they find abilities but did jumping into new hires this Angelo is asking is why cancer or show up like Nancy burger yet. But I'll posit that always you have I always stick it and that's and that's a flaw of tell of aero once that. Whatever puzzle arrows and like he could call flash and it would be it be fixed real quick right. But I think. If the if I had my way. You do you flash bills infinite crisis. And may be next season. There on the same world just a flat that is now this big thing we all got to deal with black. There's whole CD that he needs to exist what world is this any think you just matched to world yeah so now. What city is super girl and she's in central city. The tournament for a summit droplets and settles and the essential so I'm not wash or shall I think it's that city OK so let's say it now central city. It's just depart this world. Maybe Guinea before maybe because flash was in the time warp and knew he had air with him. He's the only one that realizes like this is a totally altered merged world and to everyone else that's normal and now you can be OK with that. So liberals just there still. On top of all of that. Let it tomorrow has me just. You really geek out brought applause they'd they wrapped it up. Variance. There probably up until the last plot holes are like the last three episode I was really like I don't care about this rate Kendra think. And to be honest I don't care about the vandal savage thing anymore is like. UConn have done this one off every week we almost got noting that we almost got no waiting get up. And the N eight had a real satisfying. Death it was immediate kill and three time and things and that was really cool this political team so everyone you really focus on the are all others. Own identities. But how many of us that they begin to be at 1816. Well the other shows started in October a bit we had a half season gets started adding the Christmas break voted in Atlanta. Yeah hearted that shows are solidly maybe it was like is they tend to fourteen of. It's actually got the show started when we get our first podcast. This is episode sixteen technically seventeen into the interview was one yeah. So yeah the show's been on and I'd I don't think they had any repeats I think it was just solid within one week on me. Bite the dust of the show's been on since we didn't podcast. So we didn't have a full season. But it might theory is that yes they pitched a six episode arc with the vandal savage storyline with the eyes that they could stretch it. The stretch but when you stretch it yeah I even if if they have the six episodes sold as kids. Because the stuff that when we saw the trailer for lenses tomorrow back in September there was a ballot that was just a trailer ineligible hot stuff they pulled it wasn't footage itself from a pilot yet I'm Maria that they just had to create that from scratch right in so debate the show is basically trying to live up to a promise of that trailer in the overt sold out yet they were great. Especially things they did well though you know Adams and as the on the show yeah like canaries gonna stay on the show Britain has been fantastic. It and I just feel like. So this means you could introduce us to blue beetle you can introduces you can you can bring constitutional -- you can bring costs Tina join a team Matt hardy has set or a Matt Ryan has said I would love to be on the sand and not only and that's on top of the week to week of them visiting late you know like your. What is it that decal way Danny visited arm of John acts joining pax yes it is aunt. I'm very sites in good at a pro have a perfect let's snatch up a very very excited for next season's the honestly honest that. Wrapping up talking but the new this whole news about who broke comic yes I am really excited for next see their season. Right I mean you got a mile ceremonial last super girl. Tuesday I'll watch the flash it'll be a press season I'll give aero I'll I'll try to beginning of next season we'll narrow pass to sell associate pastor pastor yeah salt given that there. Episodes do you arrow you out of tuning to do you think that was zero down a minute you know nobody cares about her mom now. It's and then and ours cannot look he's not a bit mouse that's got that going on the last. But the big broad as it is because look I got it does have an. I donated I'm like tiger did and yet I and then there's a dollars and tomorrow it's great fantastic IE. Yeah and end it. It's. For these shows I think it's really cool that they don't. Do the Netflix route of just. Given me a whole season tour 'cause I'm grateful that gives me every week gives announced mails every day of the week I had something to click on. Because that you get meals either Auburn during the weekend and has done. Well in let's let's finish with the flash now we said spoilers but obviously spoilers here. I have a theory not the flash and peppered the season finale. So at the end of this episode this isn't this kind of a lot of the business for the flashing highlight. All of this sets up that this happened you know I mean select a lot of I don't like I don't care late the knowledge councilman I don't care in general care but I don't care. But I can also it's up at the and. Barry takes out all of the earth to villains. Like. Really spectacular in the beginning it's kind of a joke just takes him down yes and then the whole episode everyone's like you to company to company you're too confident. Because he comes from the speed forwards sit down I got crazy but you know Ozzy and ask me questions like the one reviewer had a problem with it was lot of religious and preaching what you can take it that way but the one that's an end. That's one viewed as one viewer's opinion can't but it was appalling on that wrote honestly IA. I kind of agree goes good it didn't bother me but yeah I didn't want little in this way this shows him meeting got. Like its way yeah I mean you don't smell it we never say that but that's kind of what it was another way they way they sort of show. God on television is by faith chair Pete is a big team and so. If you wanna take this as an allegory for your faith in Christ if that's your religion and your or just over the religion general whatever your illusion is this wasn't bearing defining religion yeah. But that is what this is an allegory for ease found. Faith. In his abilities he's amount of maturity. Sorrell yeah he and it ending was good he she says that happens he comes back and he's an in his mind like. I'm the (%expletive) flat. Yes I got the speed force you have the probability could happen zip zip got a mom and that too is highly strata preaches as well and in the sense that lake. Yeah you're literally have to fake it to you make it might and sometimes I'm having a bad day I'll be light on line. I do and also podcast with Bryce and what Jeremy and I talk about beer and I played video games and I have an amazing girlfriend yeah. Squad is gonna come through yet. And that's a faith in your friends your family so the flash comes out of the speed force with Pete and his team even and that's why today we seems cocky yet. Because he's like Alberta we did not mean we always do and that's Connolly. Okay. But how exciting is it that and I just saw this coming but when this happened I was like yeah I know it's happening in my mind I mean they killed flashes Gary Patton. Zoom captures him. Takes into flash his house. And kills flash is bad products breaks and I'm gonna bring you like I would yet. But they were all that energy goes next week this is not the end of John Wesley ship out no sir this is not the end of dawson's dad from Dawson's Creek yeah. This is not and. Of the original flash from CBS that they on the rights to you know sir. He even tees do you that the original flash does exist on apparel learn how to parallel earth who is in the iron mask on earth to. We don't know who's in the iron mask I give you dollars to donuts. It's John Wesley ships actor at the character the actor playing. Playing the original flash but he takes on the role of the older flash which is that with the flash something out with his name. Not while it lasts bearing down and take care Jay Garrity he's going to be a real jig air easy to be your real. That zoom stole the pro V persona. So that sell John Wesley Shipp. On earth two is going to be. Who was a flash. And he's going to become. Our flash Barry's mentor replacing him as a father figure in season three. The only the only reason I may disagree with that. Is I believe. In that flash and the and I don't know I don't know if he is has really dirty hands of the looked dark. But I see Donovan argue those like an African American adds beavis and I'm saying that is Wally west and I think the guys to being. Yeah line wasn't at all but I don't know he's always sitting it's really hard to get. A bearing on him yet. Could be they still haven't done powers for Wally or Jesse but. Said don't expect penning Tencent. That could be smokescreen so you surprise when she he has powers next weekend. But he said. He is pretty commend you like this shows the flat in him very much cancer contradicts what's happening and arrow up for a that this is the flash is not the classy exit. You know if you add another flash is like bears on that specials we don't wanna do that right now. Now again it could be smokescreen to what we knew a lot less will eventually be the clash. Is this like I still think an especially in this new universe and on the CW having shows yet. Five nights a week I'm calling. Five nights a week there's been a lot of right now I don't know Vicks and as the falling to get it now maybe Nixon doesn't maybe there's a justice society with Wally and Jesse quicken vixen you know you know what was team arrow. Before legends of tomorrow happened. There were some reports saying that they were working on show in its new club DC comics presents. And they would just be these 23 episode arcs maybe one episode arc. And you just using new characters that was going to be a guy like like a Twilight Zone yet and religious authorities don't strike. I thought that would be really cool yeah and like anthologies you can focus on villains you don't even have to focus on our heroes sure. So if you give me now Friday is a loss but added it. But down we'll say. I am excited I I I know I've seen the story that they're not gonna introduce. Wally and Jesse would powers and how might you aren't even introduced Wally white fiftieth day you're maybe he won't be the flash but he made just. And like how to put to judges do that you know while Kate you have kids flash in the comics you know and again in light. Barry was flash and then he had kid flash with Wally and when Mary goes into the speed force and sacrificed himself. Kid flash. Wally steps up and becomes an adult and becomes both flash yeah I mean that's. The latest he's built into the DC universe it's built into why I loved these these legacy. You have Superman has super boy you have Batman and Robin you have your right wing you have. These characters live in this world what gas DC so awesome is delayed due literally grow up and now. Yeah that's what I'm not just is the saudis seem like the old guard with the young guard you know and I mean in light. I just. Depositors and as we had a really long podcast yeah Ayers is public is an incredible though that. This universe. On the CW. Of all places now is variety I mean I and other an aero with him on all cylinders. And the real money. The universe that has almost put into it and they're so careful bowl but everything. And the movie there is given us kind of turns right now don't. You almost wish this is whatever oil is last that is that DC guys. The animated movies well yeah but Marmol does things for news well I don't believe in all that necessary that the numbers don't lie and I don't assembly. But usually initially they can all get together all the time and that's what scares me about Blake. Rumors of light goes right here in blade in and and it. Was that there remove night for Netflix might whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Court whose poor the creative people on these things like I want yeah that's because you're not talking and just give me one more movie telling you an a hole. I think there's not that much talent available in the purpose to make goods up. How amazing would it be if if let's say tomorrow they said you know let. They everything we're doing DC. Cajoling and Superman and that man. When and in the keys over to Atlantic. We'll let him just give us the movie's. Use your characters cast who you want change what you know I have John this. He's not but he's not see that he's not he's not saying oh oak casket the flash is the matter is is a mess yet. Okay it's Greg gust and now Atlanta is producing it here we got. Movies can be (%expletive) great. I just can you imagine it could you think do you think Disney's sit now they're going. I really wish we had a marvel network or network we can put all our marshals on like it could you imagine if Asia as a shield exists in a world of like. Doom doom incorporated which is the insurance Pierre Paul and like media like. Maybe like she holds barred in LA so please be with carriages yeah. Maybe and I think that's always been the to me ages of shields had a ceiling from day one that was pretty low fare if you get because how can you get excited about it it's. When you compared to. On CW. We're giving a flash out yeah mine goes crazy a flash and build flash like the running afoul of the towers on Asian windshield legit and I'm not I'm not saying they're not blown out by design this show is about. Like that agents who were around at the show is not about. The heroes and heroes this you wanna see that you don't I don't read. Larry comic books I read about the heroes you know would be great international called heroes for hire just took the name don't think occasion an iron fist. Tiger Israelis and that's not it's not ease stop not naming. Huge things about college could you even comparable to don't know what you do is denying calling league they were heroes for hire as well but they're not being using let me tell you this did you give me the mystic knights out just give me a midnight sat don't give me. The organization that hired her in oh yeah. It's just it's also good like what if we get a birds of prey on a Friday night on have you. What is that's what we hit so we don't well to show the vixens part of Byrd the black and birds of prey if that's going to be an amenity. I'm gonna next Jamie Kennedy Agnes yes look you and I don't doubt we'll see that becomes a memory I have this isn't very exciting time. Now I might I really like trying to hit up our local CW contact for comic kind of like a new years to be bawling yet let's let our wanna be promoting. It and what's gonna be announced receipt at your comic con I mean they will have a month of filming under their belt when they go to comic con whose balls. Item arrests since. An interview with Katie such you know. We got to try to get Katie on the show because she was so amazing is like canary should great. Everything isn't oh I wonder though. If she's that she's a she's just happy is like Mary but it black man has gone. Once of acting like there was interesting. Was the fall out of black Mary being addressed on double the flash. And legend tomorrow this week yeah you know it's cooled black siren as she was cast came from its new I thought that the best floral Lance I've seen. Since season two in America. And I liked Katie having the follow finding out her sister was dead is great yeah. And wage gap and I didn't even realize like oh crap. She never heard about Lauro right in the moral thing was recently at least a gaffe after an awful event. And we're down a rabbit hole in the show here is the level of that was on the flash with. Daniel. Had a bigger scared there and I am. Killer frost was her name K okay Caitlin. Snow and being. Oh that was that was black canary we loved her but we fought with her beloved turn late. He yeah have elements of late there if that was the character from aero telling us that. Yeah okay Syriana good there was a flash characters you created it episodes like she came over there you time. This helps establish our powers like you've given this history is that he never lie and I and I've and maybe only once seen you two in the same room. Bonds they had Cisco with her sister though. Yet but I like he cheated it's a little bit with that only has little forests. Little forced just just. Did you notice that pay they and I ain't no one would know that lets you watch the ninety's flash back but the doctor. Nick came from. Was there at that the company right. An emotional about she was also on the fly under the character who's on the flash and love interest right in it yet well she was her. Eat I don't need the show got long enough for that to happen but she was hurt Caitlin and or Cisco in Holland won he helped him she was the science yet. Actually he's also sciences and night says she's in this new flash and that's why it's not like while she did you invited only that I quit is that her and John Wesley Shipp did have some fun scenes the other yes they did that's right they need to act like in my certain. How we forgot about that watching this week from this what happens when I'm trying to do a radio show and the things on the background and I'm like oh what's happened. The volume back guys like that happening in the NC. That's different assessing some of caves thinking execute very much for listening of course got you can catch videos for are what you eights that Greg and I do on YouTube dot com slash Camby plays games all through the month of June were promoting. A hundred views for a hundred videos were about to hit our 100. What you eat video which will be very fine. Something cute like his podcast entering woods is podcast. Hillary's port in means more content you can shake a stick yet and don't even know what that means them. Which picks will be ship in that it. You'd be app on your Google's or your apps via iTunes store appetite for dynasty or go to the web site. At nine point nine ST dot com and of course you can always sure this question throughout the week. Bryce is at Bryce Rosen on Twitter and I am at Andy's idea. To.