Capes on Capes Episode 15

Lots of Television News

May 13, 2016
Capes On Capes

This week on Capes On Capes Episode 15 Hamby and Bryce tons of Television news with cancellations, announcements, and surprises for next week's Upfronts.  We also discuss listener feedback, your reviews and videos on Captain America Civil War.  Movie news including Black Panther, Fantastic Four and more. 


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Friday, May 13th

Capes on Capes Episode 15. This week Bryce and Hamby talk about EVERYTHING.  The longest podcast we have done yet. We talk tons of movie news, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Captain America Civil War.  We talk about you the listener and some fun events we are planning for San Diego Comic Con.  We talk a lot about the news from this week of TV shows being cancelled, new seasons being announced, and new shows being announced.  We talk a lot.

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So I am thank. They don't have this weird that we just days and days of Iraq now. You know I wanted to tell you IE couldn't. Wait did you tonight shall I got today and just said to me. What are your plans forensic preparing for the podcast is and she's like he has a record to slamming. In and I'm excited it's like Christmas more this week circle as this. So. I'm learning and Twitter right yes not just for work from a personal and I did my first weighted average just with the attached to an article I thought we got there at. I finally wants fantastic four gap when you lower the bar that much was pretty good and then. All we know the what does a good thing we thought was dead but he than we know the Islamic so now he's talked about it we can't I actually. I told dragging our body drag and we we you'd Tweety. Sometimes we don't like you know you were liking tweets at some point and it was so that we don't like last week well and some of the tweets and my name. And I miss that the pivotal I think he's thinking well what at what happened when I. I said Greg and Greg came into the night frenzy and I said Norman said. A picture Bryce right now and he goes all the way its Nigerian that really are nice picture I think it in relax prank you've carved. A picture Bryce right now holding the baby. Annie's rocking her back and forth on one arm and then besides. Should Twitter without giving up there and I pictured you had the phone out and he. And and you just tell you some open date and you you're holding your baby in your ear bouncing her I'm doing the bouncing motion he can't see us. You do the bells must you're holding your phone in your desire. That might let him. And that is how I pictured you explored Twitter as a young father. This week not far off a drop an eagle that you beat Els has pretty on. That's why should I mean like how do you what you just imagine what he is like. And that tired him. Do what he would. Not yet. Go and hop on Twitter for the first time or they make it how we can have a go we'd Diddy. Syria and the aerial about half America civil war. You know we're a much better mood that we have bet you know there's there's been. And it has and bad things just as I did and you have to balance we both of us students hole. Busy this state has big things going on yap noose new. Formats come in in baseball common and it's. And for us you know I use it has momentum but sometimes you know adrenaline it's recharge and this is still as always my favorite things we do you know. Yeah and I hope that comes the real yeah any I think it definitely is today what I think happened. Is we like to we'd like to talk on the podcast and a very frank manner like. Yeah I'll start classic kind of have a conversation we don't normally have with the audience. And I appreciate it and so I think for like two episodes which was last week we address last week noble we start out without struggle and yeah. It'll say I get this dishonestly. And got calls made a spate what are tonight it's the mission harder appearing at a box must lot straighter and that little clues ever share I think it's like 50% sugar I'll have to deal. I want all I IE I mentioned she off fair I may have. Our theme song yes a buddy of mine. He has been trying to Nazi as much a buddy of mine. Does his own music he does nerd core when your core rap vocal but it's very fine and like he has a whole album. Where he went to a record store one day this is abusing the irony in that type known. And they went to a records are waiting came back with all of these like like this one dollar record of light commercial sounds from the sixties you know had an easy piece of right. In so he need a whole album. Like your core rabbit might really funky funky funky beats get mega government goes I would you mind tweet tweet tweet him while. It's I talk to him. Last week I think. They say hey I want you your music from my old light streaming onto rich might. We never he was going to be in my own views on and I said it's usually enjoy mega theme song for keeps on tapes it was like a 100% absolute. And hey. One of his songs I have some of his music louder loaded into my Spotify and soy it's on my local drive but it's it's in my Spotify player is it just pops. And so what he's solid popped and I looked over away. That's perfect. Maybe that is ask him not use fifteen seconds in ease into it so that my next week. I think they they've that would on the now is that really tentative and and that the did you think. Power Rangers team that music well that night now now more like Jenny line each catch. I jumped all on it. I. He stopped there I am yeah it czars right now. All of this kind of stuff and so that's happening I might Beagle that's next week. United taught him how were bowled really busy and I think one thing's been helping me is like. Just writings all the things down I wanna do in keeping that list and then like every quality it's going our let me go back to it. I'm feeling like I had an accomplish anything from what happened because these oh boy I did that oak I did do some things I want to gay ought to get a load of made. Mainly for what you wait for the video to Greg but I really wanna get us an official duplicates which you may that a little. Yeah easy tax it's been great ethical equality I hike got to get a little effort and I dedicate in there it's paid you know if we can throw on a T shirt at some point ethical ones. All and end just breaking news I didn't even tell you this. I got off the elevator doesn't come in and what our sales guys Tony isn't united talk about a lot of comic con stuff. Working on a lot of different ideas some days I feel like nothing happened and didn't and then I come upstairs. Tony catches meaning to us today. Possibly Thursday or Saturday night comic con. Like an exclusive party we can have for the station at a nine point nine beer sponsor you have to windy it and they'll be like. Ya this ball just speculating he's the idea of being worked out but like. But free booze program sponsor mad and I think what we're trying to do is we'll try to do giveaways on the air with my show but also people that are act comic con. Who like we gotta get late and the on the podcast. Definitely rolling and you and I have sent him while definitely I wanna have keeps keeps listeners there like I I honestly we we give feedback. From. They always say in radio didn't. Apologize at a lot of things on how you can go that rubio we say in radio that when we do we give away. 3% since it 3% ease and let 1%. That would that's what I've talked at turner who does our promotions department right and he says 3% enter. Is that basically a 3% return. So analysts if you have a hundred people that listen GO only three free will and ever enter your contest and so. What I bodies we only hear from. Literally like an 85 people via feedback from a keeps on caves but maybe those are the five people that are vocal and sometimes they think. We just don't hear from a lot of folks and sometimes I'm like trial and other tweed of light. So when act. Those years saying. There is certainly something that poor folks out there that may want led to a comic con thing and hang out yet. I'm excited about it. And vehicle. Sure it cools so we'll see what happens. I'm headed there that don't come. After and I ran into words the other the other nine in our top Indian. Oh woods remote into her and woods Monday through Friday here on FM 94 million at 5:30 AM to 10 AM. Get. I talked to him about light. The last couple years that woods is lake. I'm not trying to pigeonhole him but he is very much jock he doesn't understand the stuff you and I didn't. Don't understand is that you imagine that's fine tassel fine yeah. And he knows that it's fine I used to love baseball and football ought to just out on it none of the leaders of the stories manager stamps are aimed editors and so. Heat but like Latinos like he's been the only guy that could you comic con for a couple of years before I came here know when I got hired first thing would say. God yes I don't have to comic con anymore. So when I rented him the nine I told him some of the stuff we're doing he was like. He was coming back with the next level. Like all what do we do this chilling like in that we can have this it won't be the only dynamite who. Are you pretty nap like he's a big champion of other radio station being down there and owning the event and you and I having caves and he's podcast obviously get him in July podcast and there that would be cool. So although it's of course all that stuff in the talks and honestly the more feedback we get from you guys the easier it is. To get stuff like that done and what really say it is a fan driven economy so if you want something to happen. It matter that are out there hundred offered me the universe. Let's get in there and yes I'll mention is he's a gives episode fifteen. But it says here wasn't it yeah yeah fifteenth how how do we get on usually do. You know it's so KLSX then yes I mean any we will and is adding it gestation you added. Yes I might I add soft watch it exist it exist so I you know I had obvious they were planning for nine but I kept one foot in the in the states and let me help. Were for inner calm all technically. Yes. So yeah I've been working on that end nothing against smooth jazz and causes. It's cool music of that figure into ornaments say it's as someone who has a nasty lifestyle of BD DD and a and McConnell lifestyle. The sound coding smooth jazz takes a whole lot to conduct the strain on that should a lot of work to listen to in my pocket temples about here. That's saxophone and piano OK okay. Cool only seven under more songs to go up okay coated go to it but out its Toledo it is cool is the people have heard so far has been select people. Are really excited. And that's always as naturally got into radios play music have people and to turn them on stuff so I feel like it's gonna do that. And is accusing John has years. Your programming for glow just asking him your programming for Bob. So Ray Nagin and in your programming for a smooth jazz seizure like that's a left turn. The Olympics yeah it's totally left field for you but I am I and I appreciate it light. But fuels that's hard you'll have to change your mind. Really did you need it it's like CC I need a piece of that ginger. The clean the Pallet every you know I I try to let this lease and AC DC in between all those things. But how how well when the palate cleanser on continent and then you get to go on the excellent. What's cool is we're gonna can't talk about yet the restarting. A new we have one more signal the years and we wouldn't start this a station that I am so excited for our secure against Tony for hours keeps on cape Whitaker and talk and talk with this topic is about an hour each cigarette well. Also the affidavit couple under more hours or to go but that's coming up next second is automatic is going to be your article. You know what's funny is if someone's listening and they're like. What do you mean he egos from programming a DNC should to a race each and how is that not. A cultural shift you live in those worlds you like dance music you like aggregate those that's that's of that site. You'll put that on home. So that's easier and I didn't I didn't do this for ten years like I eat. It's it's weird we're gonna radio because it's. People come it's been like demons know like so much about music and like kind of do it. I would never think that I know any more than anyone could this day and age as Internet. There's a time and radio were you had access to just wait when music and every one else that's not the case in England why not now in the liner at any song that's ever been recorded by mankind. But. I know flow. I don't out of here you give me what that music is put in the order on the extra plays right on different days so you're always get new stuff. And the U I honestly you can give me any form and I'll make that work and help find the appreciation in it to make sure sounds right. So it's so interesting the way you said that. Because apply it to what we're in to mistrust caves and cave yes. It where it we talk about TV we talk about movies we talk about science fiction we talk about fancy yeah mainly we talk about superheroes. TV and fiction and yet we barely was not about how blogs yeah like what you just said about. There's a rare not more knowledgeable than anybody else out there now isn't literally just our opinion column looks at that I mean not Longo was a very. Like a proud to be exclusive thing. The continuity. There is a big gateway the entry yet they struggled for many years to get past. Is that continuity really hard though it would be. You there's a W wanna talk about convicts in the give you litmus test and if you don't know these things it's like OK I haven't by. Dan Ellis episode you know yeah addition to that came out in 1983 so I don't know this one now eat yet it it's it's out there for everyone to. I was lucky enough. My buddy Matt lived next door to a kid named Conan. Whose dad was in draconian comics in the seventies named his son Conan. But he and his dad had had a huge obviously comic book collection. And Tony in. Not only took that all line. But he he was becoming would lover as well and I got to go next door to Conant tells all the time in read X-Men. And because he had a run of X-Men from life issue fifty. Two at the time issue around 215 or sound flippant or a long long. Stretch of condolence. And my buddy Matt and I ain't like Conan was not into the sea just let us foreign read comics and hang out yet but Matt. I would we be walking places used to walk his kids right. When we were walking to different houses are different things we would talk about X-Men comics and then later my best friend John. Had this huge out of nowhere huge love of Captain America as I kept America resisted. It's cool he's all like I did tipped in a deal it was. As the costume from the sixties have charities and it was very much Swash buckling a little bit in the chain mail. But I I found this real appreciation for cap because at one point John had a run of about 200 issues. Some were missing and he's not but when you can see how. And just read like all of one artist is run on a comic that all of us practice and I. And like one just giant storyline. And then and then what happens is is that. All those things give you this layer. You know every single layer on top of the layers and then when the movies and stuff come out now Mike got to exceed. I can I can kind of tell where they're gonna go people how little cousin this issue than this issue and I like. Being super dirty about it yet but it gives you that other layer of appreciation of like. I know and this and that. That's a contradicts everything we're saying but that appreciated. It's in can be kind of hard because. So someone's really aren't item that they they see and think Thomas is cooler making these movies I wanna get him like what's that by and I can't. That they expect but I'm a gold eagle by one there's got lucky there there's this certain one shots that are fine. But for the most part like you know I've done a Captain America on. If you bought any one of those it be that I don't get it this is like a tiny bit of a story what happened you need that whole run and. Mend it like a bad episode TV is a bad issue of conflict yeah that was the one you got on and no mean an and I don't know many people who'd read. 200 issues and next minute 200 issues a Captain America via and we just sat down and read them and read them and read and read them and incredible Hulk I've read tons divisions and he has gone back. The boy being is that. There is no like this now mean there's no. You can view this summer is there's so many other people that media regular experts and more so tonight and I'm like where experts were to come fund and it's crazy thing. I mean look it where marbles act now off forty now we're not and yes there's there's there's but. When Spiderman first came out. Allen was that a turning point at the McGuire won like holy (%expletive) 2001 payment and even had a trailer for a whole like way out it's happening like. We're getting this and hopefully. Now fast forward we're getting and doctors to range movie now we're in deep hidden it and guardians they and they already built continuity. You don't realize why do you keep your twelve Pete that's continuity lets Netflix plus ABC shows me yeah you're you're going there yet it's awesome. You know there was a article one box dot com yeah usually I'm a political website not all the time they could get they get more there are more pop culture to idea they commented on line. What Meeks marvel movies different and special. And not like they're great but yet different and special what makes them unique and and it was about how these apply. To the movies. Because eyes if you watched just this one movie I you you'll enjoy it but it but if you'd watch the other twelve episode season of the twelve movies yet you gain why this act characters acting like this week you're like why. Well if you know he did this in this movie and it set up back. I'm OK so that they almost have applied like an almost in and what's great is it every movie feels like a season finale yes and it's like. I don't have to watch all the (%expletive) point six episode that sock. And yeah yeah great to be anybody this what's happened see it online yet and this and Nadal. He got all you eat what I what happens next and ideally. Good point let's get Anthony's and there's so much going on how we do we are more than just news. What are you watching this week. Well. I wanna start I wanna start the show every week with us just talking and then what do you know watching okay which soc as we throw into the summer. Chairman get a lighter than yet but to get up would of been watching well I'd delayed it wants with aero this week has a book about show. But. Part of it and I don't you watch it to this week's episode of flash the Kevin Smith treks one Colin selling dinosaur. He was incredible. The dance are. Meant to always dinosaur. Let's get into Allen spent time on. I mean I I elements in me this enemy I was loan. One of the best comic book episodes I've Amber's ever seen I'm I was floored. I I really liked it my part of the problem I have is that I actually watched I had her on in the studio and so I'm doing what you me. The countdown not again house at night. So do we count down and I would look up. To watch part of the show and then I would go back to be dog hairs so I was very distracted and from the show. And for good reason coming up. And I haven't gone back and I watched him but the thing that really struck me is. I hate. The melodrama so is on the CW shows share and and it always it always I always notice it and the flash at the says and unfortunately. Four when turning Candace Patton who plays iris sheriff she's usually the idea that little rare and easily the mood is it revolves around here. An aunt and it's not bad it's just like I don't care. Mike and unfortunately for me is it you can't have everything be plot plot plot playa lot. But a lot of times that's all I care about and saw some lightning. But this country and I think it really stood out to me was the end of the episode when Barry. Spoilers most Oilers yet. When Barry comes back from the speed force that was great yet know is another dimension and that the pig feed into this before so that always your goal there. Awesome. But he came back mature him he came back more confident. And it's in the episode with at the grave at one matches at the grave with zoom but maybe it was the idiot which eminent areas zoom bird or the when he comes back. Tell the zoo part Namibia talk about not under the zebra that was in his Evans and not the trailer for next week but Xoom being in the top station him. Amy's rap he's chanting on its followers in the that he's got a whole roomful superdome as well it's yet but we're. Five navy gap it I mean there's so many things I loved about this episode. I watched it twice and I'll underline everything what showed twice a week but it melodrama that makes it part we go back what strikes. Share but we talk about melodrama. Who. I think you're talking about is. Relationships things that really don't move the plot and in a way of this this episode had a lot of it. Put it there and it was good in acting was what the emotions felt right. You know there's this thing with Barry and his mother. And him having to be Rian the green to treat introduced to her when she's been dead. And it happened when he in this either if not the first one about you know the story. The reverse flash flashes and and arch nemesis killed his mother. When he was a child. So he flash goes back in time sees his mother after he gets killed he can save her but he knows. If he saves her he won't become the flash it'll change history too much and he let her die. Like this with the CW show or talk had a he sees his mom getting killed and he just sits there and lets it happen then that he knows. That's the right thing to do things well the greatness he's accomplished and also thinks his mom wouldn't want him sacrificing himself. Well I think. I do different take on that. Particular scene I think that is him accepting this is what happened I think that's part of the tip yeah I think it's different it's a matter I think it's. A superhero show teaching us how to cope. And grow and move past tragedy and heart are breaking our lives where. You do have to hiking day I think a lot of these I think a lot of the superhero Aniston is. You have the power to change everything. The reality is you can guess this is how things have happened and and you still have the power to change things and and it's it's having superheroes have to accept what they can't can't change and that the real rarity. Almost like the dark side vs the light side in the force yet the light side is very much. If if you die and that happened AM in that Sox in the dark side is no I will provide debt. I will control that. I would have been there that's how we got better and that's the ever seduces him that way by saying I can help you by use up had me Geithner are real again. So so that's we're. And what we got from that is what I just the story told in talk about it in this episode this was. Kind of the results of that. So he's back he's in the speed force which I'm not I'm gonna try to explain yet he's in it and just in this really beautifully. Filtered and lit place he has to confront. This speed force being his mother. And that because the speed force he wants to give ms. power's back but to them it's the it's like we're not gonna get him back to you because you're still holding weight on yourself you're never gonna go fast enough. And he confronts that. And now he's able to go back he has his speed it was. It was beautiful and so it was it was. As a good at all and I've. Ever watch and on the cinematic side the flash would have known director yeah. So well one plus and you know and here six flying. The movie universe she should. Do you know it is what it is so on that. FEMA mean I watch this these residents tomorrow irons in this recent lot I won't spoil things for him. Glad I watched it late last night and after amber I'd I picked up Jessica for the beyoncé shout that was not. And I watched it late last night and I was blown away by a wolf for slower season finale territories of the batterer good. And of course. Every week plot line that I've seen throughout the season so it's it's worked the point where. It's weird you could almost hell hole wind. Creators. Writers directors producers on shows have had a break. Nice comeback like Israel matters on six episodes in the week to break them directly from six more. Yeah like yeah I feel like sometimes they have a chance to like look at what they've done there now that we wanted with it yeah did it that's an episode of episode five and you know what is gonna not address that anymore and it's funny you say that because I I I. So and two maybe three episodes behind and I'm planning to watch them down not out matchup. But I there was a point I felt that some partners dropped some were not in summer and I was summoned and really distracted by the hole. Ray Palmer and hot girl somber view about yeah and it just every doing as little I was used to last week analogy is that. And it summit to ruin the show because it thinks narc is as strong connections are Lance is strong can't honor and you still can't. A fine. Oh and I've not been hammering that home enough right now we literally living at literate tweeting let's let's keep tagging that. The local she's by any time I know it has good writers and I'm hoping that. They can just be careful because it's the ship still on the right way but it's veering off and it's not an aero two or is this is not elicit the territory but. Alexion steered back and what I'll say that I think apple to show that really close that mom and but this episode. Did FEMA lies. Of having did like except like. Everything you've done has not been under control. And like this season like blows up in your face last night I analyzer. It's it's it's crazy how they pull it together. And late late in the game is allowed cheesy stuff but light yet being a fan of the show and being on the journey good episodes and rough up the senators lame. But didn't seem really characters are. And going like yeah this is my watch television and he has the character. Unseen episodes sixteenth not to characterize on episode one yet and you have grown. As an actor and as a character in the role and it's like it's great to see just firing else. Owners you know it's called alleges that tomorrow. And I don't give enough credit is that this is not. Every comic book thing anything we've watched is. This person's version of this always lessons of tomorrow is just a clean slate of budget sea level. What an Eagles say it's got Doctor Who roots but don't I am. What are you. Stinging Justice Society of America Jeff Johnson's Ryan there's a lot of elements in the show I'm not saying there's not things influencing it well then rip punters have these but these characters ever been hindering not together in a cup not mister OK now. Have any three of them maybe even. It does foods is that is how. Mile and a big deal locks with ray yap because they've all been just asleep at some point I'm sure they've all been in a room together some but nothing's ever focused on them now. So this is able to appoint Sarah glances and exits the comics already exists yes mean she has been like Kerry was just like there is a little thing it was another it was another. Adaptation of the black area gap but no it was not them. Yeah I know the characters and the way are telling the story is fresh coat of paint you the story they're telling is taking. It's it's like when I say that I read 200 issues in this tour it's doling. Well they had ripped punter in a booster gold thing. Traveling through time trying to save stuff they dealt with day at a time and you know will then that you might guess we view as I mean as the will we get them that the Adam. Was policy boost your goal yes and they couldn't get him. No I think it was supposed to be blue beetle your right is blue because it was the court court yes any ends up being raped all firm because what the rate right Ted cord version of rape all yet. Yes. At times yeah. That's that's how television works treatment and yet that's how add add adapting prime you know advance. And for me for the sociedad beavers that's what. We do give them anything you want it's okay it's when you give them limitations and you force sent to be creative. They come up with a really cool stuff that's on Errol is good. That's when it that's why legend toolbar of tomorrow will you regain. You and I are about to do a video about captain America's so warm we did. Up the the audio review last week it's on F a 949 ST dot com but I like it was your video for kids like his putter on. U2 dot com slash am plays games but the reason why is because I was like we had done one we're too busy last week. And our good buddy cause data video about captain America's war on his page YouTube dot com slash under the hatch TV. And like I remembered tweeting with Oz touching him this week and I and you and I both said they had at some point of light. You have to manage expectations better about some things and I think sometimes he doesn't appreciate. How things have been adopted yep and I think in part of his review I think that's kind of. I love that he did review one in the new market odds going into more gives you it. Mike just Hewitt do it do it I don't care is going to sort of conversation yeah. And a day that the thing is is that I felt like. Sometimes it doesn't manage is expectations like you can't have certain things. On the big screen from the civil war comic has not been set up in the movies and all and you have this there's no you don't you don't have a year and a half laid out. This could have done and in the movie day. Anyway you are going to review about it and I and it's it's a week all week we haven't watched it a week and so it's it's gonna be our impressions a week later by its interest in that light. I do appreciate how on the television side they are adapting things again like this is what we got. Mean we're gonna do well on this and receive CW should we go right into the super on this. Double bogey there a second at the other thing alleging agency shield. I'll bet. A season finale loving it and really am loving it and this thing I thought was interest seeing and I think tweet us. Why is Egypt the shield is fighting the main villain is named. Hide. And arrow there are a fighting I nation called Clive. And these are all. These are bold cannon and a hybrid. The hive mind mentality they're great they're great. How to separate heat shows come up with a single he Brothers season finale that was the other guys had that happen out. Well I don't watch isn't killed but I'm an angle on a limb and say their lives better. Yet. Yet that not. Deep and air I'd I watched this week's ideological line I've watched them washed it off at us and Damian dark can kick rocks as far as you're concerned yeah. I think I'm. Everything else and I can go in the news a what if she doesn't mean is that. I watched this week's episode Chicago peavy and I'm I'm I'm including this downed keeps on caves as long as an interest in the show because. They have their own universe admission is on the show and became Vermont order. And now they have Chicago PD Chicago Ahmed Chicago fire brought loan dollars than now no they still have this view. And it it's gone crossovers which you can't know all the Chicago shows and law and order as you mentioned but they just announced this week. They refers all there at this week's it was a Chicago PD. I had it on in the studio again kept looking up an ongoing. Corley knew characters are you are you making this obviously you're via split off there's been no ground work. Either brand new pair and be entered wrist and one of the guys was on that show on NBC earlier this season. With Wesley Snipes was in Vegas. A good bet against the housing is like it was like action drama of it sucked really bad you catch any of gotten out. It but obviously the guys under contract it won shows sucked so there are still another show OK this guy he paid for him to this many up though isn't there another. My contract at gang signs Scott this you don't mind. I can only show for him and on Thursday with all the other news we have. It's announced that there's a news Chicago show Chicago law Arden. It's got the doctors the cops the firemen and the lawyers so they can have a more park tomorrow. What's what edit all the same channel. These are all NBC shows so it's it's old bigoted wolf universe not well yeah. So when we talk about. When when you talk about like CW having a stable of shows now. And ABC having. Some shows now we'll get into that that is. As far as like properties is that if saw the way you talk about I guess on and on NBC. They have like a public schools show is an excellent gosh it almost a teacher yes Susan but it almost is. The bus bus driver makers Chicago bus driver of that that nag in a trash man in ABC's shot on the land where they've guy. Shawna rhymes doing. You know ER a scandal. Had to do away with murder you have the robbery and active knowledge they're all her show's got you so you know for the fans they could live in the same inner yet. I think it's it's. Where you want us there I lost my that's my computer lets you break it down I don't let's start up. It's not about see better off right. The super girl we can't divert. Him to grow will be. Re news but not on CBS it's going to see Debian. Got. Implications here it is all the talk we talk about they'd need route to Vancouver. No there are more accessible to be alleges tomorrow arrow and flash yet monogamy filming like that. I guess the warehouse is there generals described the handers studio warehouses are all right next to each other it's its latest streak one the biggest thing is that their budget was gonna be cut from like five million episode like pattern that he calculus three not so before okay. But a lot of that now. If I'm wrong on this I want to just say it was three million and a lot of that was the the to look at what it paid DC to use that character okay. And by go to CW it costs a lot less. Partly because as you said last week it's a smaller audience you pay lesser fee and also seed DC has the hand in the NC Debian image CW's Viacom owns CW CBS. But Warner Bros. does have what Warner Bros. is owns a 60 has must know Korea I mean. Things above our payroll at that. This story not to get off topic there's a star couple weeks ago about. Bones the show bones a boxer with David Brandon he's being. Underwater like money was the gearing debt yeah. And it is because is. Then the cost of making the show had like outpaced. The licensing reasons however some things I saw only the breakdown of how that stuff works and how light. You know fought a cost fox X amount to make the show them or whoever the producers like maybe the producers like ABC yeah maybe ABC's making bones for fox and I don't know I'm just saying. Because the X amount of money to make the Shia that's you know that actors in the dash of the provisions. And net cost amounts are about to market the show and it cost certain amount or they get a certain amount for a license the united TBS TNT they get a certain amount per episode. Where like TBS TNT is paying like 100000 dollars that was an area so when you watch. That when you watch the rerun on TBS TNT and it's that companies paid. But a 100000 dollars seen that yet and it when your life Arby's commercial. So. Thin and is a (%expletive) monster and once you've got to show the people want syndication deal underlings like seventy now. It's less now I think it because the Netflix I think you know it's like the game in its you'd like to. Though by after a season opener on it's it's a whole Limbaugh and he right used to be a hundred not shrunken down what I wrote in my money was Ehrlich syndication like. Women who long has this showbiz on a couple years and an authority on TBS. Syndication so. And as the nets and NBC back line yeah anyway but Tyler showed examiner also insisting that it cost. Less now to make it yet the only things they are gonna lose budget share they're not going to be filming in like battle. He's gonna go to duke coming in Ankara has that is what I think about. What was cool. He was gone this girl for what I've watched so far is that the special flights are clearly. Is bigger budget balanced but. Flash gets by there's not a flash apps that run like if only they had a better budget for the special factor or he can sit around and defy. Flying is a bit harder you know he ray vision but it can be done. I don't know especially me and I've talked about this especially since. Every year gets cheaper yet could you be done and I mean you create more ideas when the technology at hand but it does keep cheaper yet. So maybe the upfront costs of having a CBS will benefit it long term on CW applicant may be while the question I have is like. Now CBS had like ten million viewers at one point CW CW has him in years. That would be the flagship. Yeah. That would be you'd have super girl coming and your eyeballs him they would be to be undercut can't everywhere it suit or CW getting ten million years is. In seeing it gained chain that would change the now insane like there have been lucky to get Katrina you know I was inching that we found out and that's. So we found out any if it shows CBS is just not the right home for it. The CBS has been known have been over older demographic now I had no idea it would be like this old. It's superdome had by far the youngest median age. And that age was 56. Years all holes so just in case you at home donors and that means. Let me answer the average viewer that said out of our super girl was just hit it easy signaled. And they're target demo to have that show exist at all. On CBS slowly eating at its young with an eighteen to 35000 are hoping for all you want I heard just one young women yes. They were like him we young women to watch CBS young meaning they're like they just started menopause yeah. There for a rash. Young meaning I tell you they're just how gas range yeah that they're Brett they're grandchild is not really guys. Yeah meaning they're forty years away from retirement doesn't exist I did drum roll for all of these yeah. Young me you couldn't see applying or needs. Can't give up dance because she's got a man upon us that the new things that are happening to. But you they and by CBS on worries. Me a. She her lot with the rotary until she used money. In a rotary. Don't know at home and is the is dial Riyadh and her oldest grandchild. Just taught her FaceBook. So you do Andre at CBS. You audiences got guys and type you can worry about that and for your thing I was gonna say. On top of that is what I it's what I said and our first episode nine and say it off their guru before we started talking. I don't understand why the network matters like now I you go to that only port CBS yet. Your bread and water audience is old yeah for whatever you wanna call back. And that means that you market to them older products you market to these folks that's why he's Democrats existence for well. Looks like they were trying to bring in something nail yeah what do you do I mean I don't know what you do could there and I would CBS getting younger. And we have more in the news there he is CBS cancels CSI cyber which I've never Wyden had no desire Washington that yeah it's nice show. I get a CBC I didn't realize cius hazard on that last of this is it sea ice ever canceled and that's it for the CSI franchise as Dick Wolf is announcing. Chicago lock I don't know. Let those (%expletive) out of sort of the monsters that law and order ceased to be. No there now to be an NBC doesn't do that well in general running for a long time well and that's why you yeah you gotta have shows like a magnet some not. Well let's go back to zero they have some thoughts on the so there's a lot to a speculating now. With then moving Toronto that'd be right next to each other. The opportunity for crossovers are right there on what do you Bosnia do you keep super girl on this separate earth or do you try to get them in the city unless you that. So in aero. And and flashing and a pleasure Sattar name address this three times and at the outset of ye shall not hero because he was. Flashbacks and whose it was normal but I think they've addressed at some point you. There's no Batman is a Superman. Flash had Q. Traveled to a different universe to meet superdome there's no super brawl there's no Superman yes there's no quick Tony and introduce them. In flash or arrow but let you tomorrow which exists in those universities. Rick hunter has said. Icy dark knights fall. And managed the other and but I do think that was kind of justify an Easter egg hunting that really and funny straight. But considering it's morrow was being mean at the same time super role exist. And it is early ante and there's there is that well that no reason to think. If flask and jump between there it's that a got a grip hunter you got time travel down. You can move backward in Florida I bet you can move left and right. You know I'm saying I just wonder does this open the door. For more powerful characters for maybe. In a may be Superman Batman off limits okay me but light martian man contenders in super girl. You know and super roles has to deal with bigger threats stronger threats. Then aero can ever contemplate dealing with. Die or flash really. You'll you know it's inching with super girl and Alamo for five it says and I'm trying to plow through for laws. But. He is that spectrum ghost aliens really fast. And that's something on flash in aero the fuel superpowers Yahoo! has to do with. You know chemical plant explosion or particle accelerator things like that or their from the future they haven't they haven't tapped into that and that's a lawyer you could go just to get some powers. But he's you know. They're having everything they do introduce aliens in legends that tomorrow this week okay. All right well another mansion and of course with hot men hot girl. There didn't know star is round and I'll bet they about narratives and the show you're a 100% at right. Those elements and not in hairdos but if you know hocker on hot man. Their powers are not earth base there alien base trip trip which they niners I can't so but going. Let's just say they they announced they want to rule on same world tour it's really hard to get around my way how to Superman never come up. They evolve as we pleased to him like really highly she says her husband Brad yet aloe. I only ever say Superman the basic Kalla. And that's hard to get around those rights yet and now. Well they might say super man but they ate in in the making very clear like he's not showing up here yet and he's off doing his own thing. Is the biggest thing is like. You always have to admit it again Manger expectations. Here watching the CW show. You're not watching Superman badminton and not men don't expect to see him that's not what these shows are is that not available. In a matter how much of a fan you wanna talk about that I'm addressing mas directly indirectly even but no matter how to have free and you want that. It's not it's doesn't happy it can't happen in the real world and you as well as I TV shows and. The real world and they can't legally do this because of money and because of contracts because whenever. It's also its most of the things they point out of white marble is better. Quote unquote and because you have Kevin five years like the main guy. Yet who says what can't he see Warner Bros. now that these weren't as has like fifty people live ahead. But like how much I save his ex writer have and what they can do on TV. It's corporately yeah. Corporately yeah and almost pushed down Ben Affleck is now directing a bat and notables as I say they're headed DC operational bush Chris Carlin have a say what happened. A big and he can say no to things on Friday night isn't hate him not one person. At Warner Bros. that then. The driving force but luckily but we do you have and has not this is going back to smaller cup we have the Atlantic. Who's doing how the job and I think if you want to combine them it can be done you but you can't just say going forward it's the same would work that way. What you could do is flash since the first seasons that he found that newspaper has been building. Toy it towards a crisis on infinite parents now you do that you could say Ali you mess with this and now all sudden. Characters from different roles are together and band. There that what do you wanna see from the burn anti burst next season do you wanna see a big cross overall force shows. Cross ever do you wanna see a story line where it starts a super girl continues in flash. Continues an arrow in the legends it tomorrow. Lot aren't you wanna see characters actually like flashes is back with care like he's hanging out super well. We want to let you. So that wanna once and I'll think they'll ever have Nadal is using happen the same time. They Canada can't I mean if they have I think historians out of your story and you can have flash crossed back over to Barbara why I. Think they wanna make sure that if you wanna just watch one show you can do that I think that will be a factor in that but here's what I want. An RD docked at second ago give me a lead up to me and it's a fix it may be the next season. Give me a lead up to Christ is on infant innards. Nick if that's the flash is storyline maybe the other two. Air deceased get itself right in sodas should across a run on us more to look at just be there around just you under the one time crossovers through a season that's fine. But at the end you get to crisis on infant earth NASA shakes up. He gives you this. Days of future paths. Opportunity to fix everything wrong let's stick. Aero. Bring back blackened area may be the Sarah glance one which I've affirmed that in bad. This story telling Jessica all listening never happened he goes back to speed computer with. Arrows that's the nice brooding character the character lose to go the other Brooke older brother role that character and bring back red arrow our arsenal who slow day. Fix that show now and at the same time. Arsenal arsenal was. Called names called names of and he's off the shell he's off but he shows up and he's tweeting that he either way he came out this week. He did and then officially well he key came out of a year ago he needed ET get eat it like a full article talk about how it feels good to be out. And and more clarity and good for him and what went Miller. Yes and we want to weigh more apparent sexual individual heeded he he just he sees what he wants and I basically lying Leonard Smart and I think of one or Mel and I go yeah. I wonder if that's how. I think weirdly. I'm way more our understanding of people underpants actual these days. But that what that means is light here in the manner in women what you're looking for just loving companionship and get it I guess I'm not in the men amendment and but I guess it like I have guy friends and their day for Phil. A certain role in my life of light that companionship right but like. Sexually or not attracted so I like that a Wentworth Miller captain cold is light. I can offer a guy I can flirt with a girl and Timothy losses Sarah I'm excited to watch this girl that girls that's it can glances tip. That character at least. There are brought her out is at her and Colton Haynes were off to a press stuff this week and I follow her on answer ramp. So when he again that article to come out that he had. Written and it feels good to come out and accept who I am and I she was out there saying how proud of him she was and I'm like you know I really bad I mean this is huge human beings you know their urges you and I these for a living and I. Like I unusually cool. Kimono show Katie yeah. Among down got to actually clear right here. That's that that's that's that's my that I am excited for what's going on there I think. Coming to CW whether those your buds or not it's just story telling lines that's it's a good thing anemic and tighter yet. So I I guess sauce the fans then what do you wanna see from this what you wanna see from. The early anti verse on CW next year what is your fantasy what do you like. And and and again I wanna manage your expectations take Batman Superman off the table they don't exist for him OK so what do you wanna see you wanna see. You wanna see aero as liberal to you up and have a little bit of Batman and Superman rivalry trying to knock his. Arrow can be a replacement for bat man of clear overgrown replacing for Superman. May be other storyline with you involved and yes. Maybe you involve. Do you marvel civil worst crime maybe caddie this is let accidentally truckers. The crisis on offenders all I'm going different for you may be. I stuck on that idea but maybe academies in the DC universe speaking the language for DC yet academies receiver voice says. Says you can't have these heroes and villains out there you can't have it makes them we got our control we got and there there becomes this. Friction that. That get like Argentina. That makes folks team up early goal I Kenya. A lot of cool thing could happen firmness. So move on from there. Let's let's say with TV news that now I broke out our news this week as marvel news movie news TV news and and we start it was super restaurants can stay TV news but there's marvel news and if we just had enough marvel stories at a home its own category check. So blond girl broke me I was really devastated aging Carter got canceled. You have a lot it would very senate ever quality wise the meaning that the viewers obviously. He must say here here weaker than the first really invite it's a great show. A path and eight in Adonis like cliff hanger and even there was even at the time they were like. Yeah we left that open the cliff hanger or. What are you assuming died. They spirit as well. We don't have the show and come back we may not wrapping up is what they were trying to say and I think he knew the writing was on the wall apparently. The president of ABC back in January. Isn't being fair and was lie until a leg locks on sorry. This is merging into another story. The seconds are cited as Asians that sealed spin off featuring Bobby Morse and hunter was canceled before even there isn't. They were written out of the show and Asians shield. And the president of ABC really wanted that showed a large. And I think he was a big fan of bull these properties. And he's no longer there so where and that's like. I'm wondering about that because. Doubt they have agency shield that's aired on ABC ABC's. Do it's getting enough ratings ABC seems to be committed to keeping that going who you are for marvelous having a marvel property on television. I just hope that's not it. I hope that. Well I know they're developing for Netflix nine we announced that cloak and dagger you let cannot. This is one of those things where marvel has their plans. That ABC also has their plan all by Disney Disney had that plan it is but I eight. Disney has a plan but Disney still wants ABC to get the biggest numbers and can't Turk in a different and then like CW battling BBC properties he can't because. Those are just bigger than getting another supernatural spin off its just a bigger deal. ABC has put up our supranational this week was sent. Op art I was never watched it it's been on for like thirty cares I figured out Navistar about it for other add on that go to Africa cup. Here's don't I was were hit a fairly. 82 years ago three years ago try remember I mean. Anyway. It's some rituals like nine seasons deep yet and I never watched it I was like streaming on twitch in one of my viewers like wait you loved. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel although Sheldon got app again the other shows issues that you love supernatural. Tells it all right well. They've got the ninth season on Netflix and obviously there's fans yes I'll check it out. And so I was working. Before the fair start you work at the fair you work in the offices and you work on like marketing at nine getting rave seizure is involved and Canada. So my job was only happened at work like four hours and then go home and so I would go home. And at one point just started binging supernatural. Out and it got through nine seasons and about four weeks. Just. Boom boom boom boom just hammer drill. And then I've never watched it again I've never watched it live I've ever recorded. Am the only cell and not forcing the bank now and I'm like how. You don't you think again like it. Well you know it's it's part it's CB to CW but the threshold of what you need to achieve to stick around it's not. ABC levels Brett CVS levels. Man. Funny thing too is light I can release up on YouTube there's no there's no. Nobody's telling us how he's yet to get the flowers yeah I am I eight we I noted if we got more views we can get more popular Wii Fit the the show could grow to where I want us to be late night and I am ideals I want us Cuban early teens growth to get there in the meantime we're just having fun and doing this stuff. And we were hard added yet anyway the thing is I guess there are no expectations on us not them and we're not gonna see him be who are not I think you are. Are both the demon pass has to do this league worst and that we're gonna start doing it no justice in continent. They sold it kills that was available I'll let you get a bit of tomorrow I gonna sit anywhere as. Let's power through the rest of this TV news. It's speaking to CNB CW orders full season of Archie comics is. Riverdale so if you ever have read Archie comics are aware of Archie comics jug head then these spare cot it. You know Archie comics the other they're any TV show this all on CW called Riverdale. She citing a high school played so exciting finish. It's just his board not RG coach McConnell you know Veronica and easier in I have broader agenda go to our RG hobbies how are you Veronica John had. Veronica being bad temper at all not really. Guzzle now as Ronald guidelines and sin is the issue of the dark hair and then as the blonde the darker in the line. Probably that one doesn't matter finest sushi piano and matter I mean just it's Eli because the last couple years in Archie comics that doesn't crossover and not like having fun with the property and mean I leave the window like archer. Archer meet Archie and green banking and like Archie needs Batman type stuff yeah what is it like a guy like that isn't the scooby do meets that man. Is. This can be can be gee here is gonna be like lead late semi a dramatic but like with a lot of comedy and ice water on interest he was gonna go. The other line. We mentioned briefly see it says Cyrus canceled at Indy this season fresh page has had no idea jam jeeves and her beak with both season. Has that worked cyber or hobbled now. I'm calling the low well he doesn't go a little while loading or is little cameras make his ballot now Bala OK but he little I like him. Didn't you notice Alicia. I haven't thought about him in years I can't say I have an opinion I was out on CSI. The original CSI so I I I got in Miami and doesn't amount she got a New York out of Russia got and see is that the regular one I was line. Almost to the veteran like about it maybe a year and a half before the show actually ended and I was there a long. Long past. Shelf life and action and it was one point. I think three weeks in a row I'm watching it on like a Wednesday night and it moved around right. Names on wins and as I'm watching it Thursday morning and I'm watching it and I'm like you're trolling. You know you don't want to enlighten me as if you were. Gilani when you'll want to show. And you know you kind of feel honestly I ever watching the office. Way past Michael Scott's gone and I could have president and a point I was watching it so in this wanna work in an NBC affiliate. So I have to watch. But at one point I'm watching it at home on my own time and I am I to the tee off and it's it's in the south. I'm doing yeah this isn't good time for that flag and I can be doing anything else but this. But isn't that he does do that you don't realize you do and it sees I was like this nice comforting. Yen do we get there you there are these characters and I. Don't like even when it was like a lot you would say to jump the shark or beats up watching after Grissom left which was long time ago. I'm cylinder for a long time Ted Danson was there. Kevin Anderson new carriages altered ignorant not. And I was their whole time until I was just like your you ass holes like you really care about music you play. But you. Want to answer it well where. Is girl saying. And your does like you're like I was almost well they are looking at Kerry going hey Tammy. You you've been eagerly watched us you gonna eat that ethic is music is that really what you think its quality entertainment. OK here we go Gus I'm I'm kind of glad that. If if you if you ID add you realize it was on is still kind of interesting to me like allows CSI as are all gone because that one what it was like six of them. New York Miami and original. They were gonna do an Alley spin off an errand and and then CSI Sandra boss was there Vegas that was the original. Well they do is enough yet and it's let let's go on to other news especially as there's an a non news or. In the new story being of all the news for TV. The TV up fronts our next week and her and that is where and advertisers are pitched a line pilots their pitch on ideas and page are returning shows. They're shown numbers demographics. That that's and that is why all this TV news came out because the networks. Are preparing for the up front next week and so that's why they have to make announcements this week. This is canceled this got renewed this is announced this is happening so that's why all this news happened all of a sudden. TV reference and that's where they decide how much money. Advertisers pay the commercials on shows the last order of business on TV NBC orders powerless. A DC superhero comedy. This seems really could be really funny it could be and I think the the pitch that I read lies that it's a cross between NBC's the office isn't. And it. It's it's ready for heroes it's it marks and reckoned superhero yeah I. So I am I a item and this was gone before I didn't read it to but I read about it. And so it's it's a work place comedy takes leasing insurance agency. And is the people who work. Around the people like making claims like low Iron Man like to knock my building down a Porsche Superman Batman O yeah I immediately act like you get the point and Vanessa hard as a starting from High School Musical and bench for the movies and stuff and one of my favorites. From firefly and he has con man he put out from comic time and. Shoot. Up. Anyway I ate the Catholic sisters so that should be interesting. I can't look at me funny I got a Agassi. Al target thank you price value outcome could. Outside you can also so that should be interesting. Now powerless look for that not all on DC where he wanted to and expressed. More clues in movie news or. What you can now find on air being beat. Let's do every mile into the equivalent to. So IAE drives us when you can rent the end ninja turtles Blair how would you how excited are you to read the names until colonel would then mean that I don't know if that money you get and threatens nick a mammal he would pull that in and out. And not it's (%expletive) It's gonna be rude but what posters on it and obviously this is marketing for the team he's turtle out of shadow most of that early June. Which looks really stupid it doesn't it looks less than the first one that's a low bar apparently does not narrow in on that later we can't have a it does have Steve and Melanie from arrow that's cool as Casey with art you know what I I think we made that given way tickets for this and if we do I'm down to watch it. I'll watch it I don't have any expectations that I wanna be entertained and that's it. That hopefully at that hopefully. I so I see I can't believe that I'm here being beaten at the turtles there that is. I saw my bit for that good marketing and get their sense what I thought of crazy ideas like that my parents did the good thing. We're doing a marvelous movie let's talk about won't have a sentence for Oregon this week then tucked and so that movie news. Actually. And that one falls something else. You know what are you wearing one of each and I think there's two stories that are connected ones marvels everyone has a movies terrible. You watched him tested for this I did. The one I came out when he has anxiety it's gonna go silly part of an inch Goodell fined as far I was that's right I have. Ohio is our home babysitting and as I am not going to be an. On and on and I was I was like we usually it's on. Let but like I can do more I could do much so let's I don't look at it as far on. And now you know if they eat you saw you know you made their opinion he did it but does win this movie came out. At people hand it fuels that is Ted don't Easter Bunny porky and other direct had a light with a studio yet so. All seven Diane I was like I just wanna watch a comic book movie I haven't seen before or. It's a common movie what you got. What led lets you edit what's all the drama let's see a new tucked as much about panacea and as a movie. The story was too. That for one there was not very much fantastic four and it appears that is mainly than doing computer project one of the trailers. Just is not a movie at all yet the whole there's a whole everything he can average photo there's a scene of. The thing jumps out of the plane just drops it drops and there are like he'll be there four seconds and he hits in that maybe two. That this doesn't happen in the movie suppose that was that was a big thing in the review is yet to cut that out but I will status. Not when you lower the bar that much not to upset and the director was Josh frank frank who did. The MTV movie that first person she he can superhero. Cross the goal. Trenton chronicle is that if that's not know Max Landis chronicle he wrote it. To drink chronicles the rate that's why I mean look it's possible I mean he had Michael B Jordan and bowed out on the break out for him. So I was on Josh Josh frank was in using that took away from Nantes. And another story main chains plans as. There's the bones to use those characters going forward are good. The characters refine. You wanna if you wanted to try again Emeka fantastic port to which may be ill advised I don't know what fox is gonna do at this point when you bomb that that. But it's part of me to number one thing chronicle chronic okay Congo's great fan as well panel. Of the inventive. They got drawn thank. So yeah I liked it I had a good time he was up first hours movie and in the fight he had with fox they've said it would on build it and they I think they picked up Colin Trevor row. Drastic world two episode eight I think that's how that went. Who knows yet ultimately that was the story we were presented a year ago apparently for fans to support him now. Well but isn't as bad as they said. I get that I'm still gonna watch it complaints are warranted that there's not enough act he could he. Took ratchet reed Richards who's supposed to be the leader is kind of little bitch at one point and he comes back but the it's is not strong and it's there and everything that I know you should be our leader because you came back I was here about. I think that you NI. I've grown up reading comics and Ed when we start reading comics and your kids and and we assumed that Reid was the leader of the fantastic four and because. For whatever reason in. I felt like culture society had. Is your right meant these yeah exactly a 100% gray and and he's dad the husband he's the me he's the patriarch of the family and I dealt light because of his intelligence. The other characters always revolve around him chip. But. As an adult and light as we got older in average other fantastic for properties other takes on it other storyline that Blake. Think he's the leader's true I think would my baby needs a leader being the matriarch of the family life after he won again I'll share I also generally not Johnny Depp a nod and I think you could. I think you could do in this version I think you could make then. Because then I haven't seen the movie and shipped so and they didn't do this but I like they let too late could have so it came all the characters they'll get. Powers would drew just kind of cool to them but Ben is the thing he's stuck. So I think you could find them heroism in him that's like. Well on this. I don't get to go home. And just you know beam me I never get to be with a woman again every to do those things so I'm going to be hero 100%. Now they didn't do that but because at the table to a cool opportunity to do that. But let kids here's what I left in this movie thinking. If marvel wanted to re acquire fantastic four which we talked about last week we did. You could do that and you could use these Kendrick has the story is very caged bird that's CNET theory. On message boards yet at least five topics they never is only given get in the streets and everyone's like oh my god these four people we've never seen it almost all takes place in a lap. Did you ever use these for. Well wouldn't now we know they won't do well and good Michael Dolan area anonymous elite that has Michael B Jordan is going to be in a black. And allies says oh that so that just mixes in Japanese same person twice the going out of Kansas port story so the fantastic four producer. Simon can berg he wants to do it was from fox and he's working all the action movies he wants the sequel to test as a foreign. Now before the Michael B Jordan story yet posted today Friday may gave thirteenth when sixteen. I was by arm are my publicist Fred was in town it saves your T beyoncé we were talking all the TV news and stuff and and he had intimated to me. And certain things. Take for example. Media Robert Downey junior saying he wants and it Iron Man for. But in reality he doesn't want higher four and they're never going to make Iron Man for him but he says it because that's what the public wants to hear and that's kind of light. And they're setting it up for like he's doing something else and eggs haven't announced it. But outwardly doing Captain America had pressed or both to hire for assumption task Clinton when he's been reluctant. To get this far is not your moral. I've heard multiple times he wants out I don't notice is all anecdotal I hear from like IG and it like hit fakes and screen team all either blaze. That he wants out ready and that's all just Norway's but I eventually. Some it's true so. It was interesting we see signing camber saying he wants a fantastic four sequel. And and the announcer that Michael B Jordan is joining the blanket the movie. With looking in the logo in talks also enjoy as well. Any Brodney rate back to light my publicist Fred it said to me is some stuff this smokescreen. Share and that could be even that could be in a leverage. In negotiating point from fox. It marvel really want to save my really wants fantastic four back. He goodwill you have pay a lot of money because we're planning on doing what you are just doesn't waste property we're still moving forward and then they egg and I'm not saying it is but it could be a whole another one on him marvel got oh yeah because we just tested Michael B Jordan. We don't stole your second Johnny storm yet except your words are yet he's now in the marvel universe yup I'm that. Yet NI IIB. Ol I don't know. And I am interested to see challenges in our media we talk about captain American civil war what happens in black panther. Spoilers from the movie winter soldiers left with black pantries in what conduct yet. Is winter soldier gonna be a black panther is Chris Evans. It's going to be a black panther and what other marvel heroes are going to make an appearance as far as you know there's nothing in the script written that are there as they surf filling like this year. Really is a script it's not that and I DN story Bordeaux black Panthers moved forward especially her casting Michael B Jordan and people looking and younger than dogs they're just descriptions dot can. Exist. This you can't guess that strip them a shot out to top. Thomas easy coats that is named Taiwanese accounts talk uneasy top uneasy coats he's writing by entering now look he's a political guy. That. They like a writer he's right about like Sybil but civil I'm. Chris investigations like you know like some rights richness of rights that's that's his thing he's right by entering culturally out. I don't think is that this guy who did as Selma. Now hearing that coming. But it is usually aiming to see Michael B Jordan. Announced that he be joining. Black panther is that is that because marbles good acts yet is that almost Marmol being lights. You really did what benefit is for a sequel that we know you're not gonna do yeah we just cats that we are we can't just pretty much let yes. It's interesting man. Marvel every player's they will. Why do you put this is story but Kevin fight he has this does a lot of stuff coming out about Kevin I eat because of Captain America as a war. There is another story came out this week about him saying guys we're not gonna I'm not gonna do in humans it's just not face for. Better phase three rate now and marvel movies captain America's a war starts pastry yet they score it's points funny. So any humans knocked out of phase four you will not a total of 120 clearly. Who knows what that means that. I'd do it it like 20/20 four in the navy and my my opinion I could be wrong. But you and I were right about super growing as we were read about that were right or wrong I think and I seen this theory many places on the Internet as well. Just a theory I think. They are holding out hope to bring fire hazard for back went some way. And do fantastic for any humans this story together because opinions does come from Kansas for. I don't I don't think marvel. Needs or I don't know if you introduce you ten characters in one movie that would be crazy. But okay that's. And it's a shame if they were gonna do fantastic for you absolutely could have just kept those characters. There's nothing invade dated or act reportedly. That's you could hinges. Expo so fed has four is not Spiderman. Not the same time you. I really don't wanna waste time or reintroducing because everyone already knows that origin. Not so much with fantastic for you can't just have them show up. Billy puny little back story on them which means if you use new characters you've got to do it again so in choosing you know. On the congress side there's not a and is sentenced were comic Margaret. And part of that is is that marvel. Gaffe. At certain point marvels like what's sorely Intel out fast as far now they belong at fox. Yeah I am I it's a sham deal isn't blank into the common side is definitely become the marketing side yen or our marketing. Side of the TVs and movies kind of shame I wish they would treat them this is independent properties will do this and it's synergy and then it's like will they don't wanna give any mine shared offenses before they don't wanna work on it it's just flat as a company like. This is your marvel you make comic books that that's what you did this was your bread and butter. And I giving characters and you actually purity tried this share and but now you're treating it like it's your toy departments is no different. Well. So I doubt video game story yet. Disney infinity canceled this week. You don't do the amenities does that poisoning and video game and everybody Unilever. And it's what it's it's a a John are they called toy is a life with him. Which she's you can go and by Captain America on the shelf and then put him on this little platform and then he is now in your game and you have the pouring. Now he's in your game. And any time you wanna plays Captain America you put the toy on the thing and by America. And they have Star Wars and has Disney properties and they have. Parts Caribbean. And it was just really sad because like Jessica my girlfriend and I we she wanted to Disney Infiniti at Christmas wanted to we yield. Shot one yet and we don't have any of the marvel characters but we all star characters so we have been re like we got we got a force awakened sat. I played its Disney affinity and I played as Luke at the game at. A little clunky and the soothing to this violence like we've never played it at home. Never play Disney for very home pages become toys yes it makes the TV we have to bock now we've had solo. We can't can we have a Soka we have Darth Vader we have both that Darth Maul now leading to both fed does matter Darth Maul. Did and rain from the start of reason and I don't really excited about possibly getting more carriages but I stopped because I like her I haven't even played the game I'm not even played the game. It's how the living room and went away for a reason and one that's the thing is apparently between 2008 and 2013 Disney lost a billion dollars. On those doll because regain his more recent and the OK but on development of video games. Oh yeah that's why it is given to the people now and that's the thing that's why Star Wars. Battlefront. Which aired their EA's battlefront Star Wars came out enough and I did it. The holiday season I got a copy from that from EA I played eight. I loved it. Greg has any crap I'd ever play the game noir like I had a problem you not say it is an arena like that some games despite Pokemon snap to play wants it and there you know it's so it's interesting that light. Gathered at a license it out now. Because they make all the money from the licensing now from building and including ordinary wells. This is because Warner Bros. is we're Mortimer as wins sometimes. They've now that legal dimensions. And a youngster playing has seen you can play as Doctor Who then you can play ads Marty to fly from back to the future. But they all live in the same world they all you like doctor who wants her ten whichever one you have yet can play with a ghost busters can play with Marty would fly can play with whom do you complain of back and but in Disney. You couldn't have a hole in its hours game or Luke and a marble games navies Nero went there they say they're due next year and then is Canada this seems like now. Shooting at us. It's sort of falls and caves and caves but like we don't really talk about video games that was really adjusting to remind. Now we were like well. Fishing TV news. I know we are so let me blow through the rest of the news. We went through a lot this yet you really have fun talking about TV instead. So quick hits is that creature or not released the movie that the death video game is a video game property. Interest is see what IDC in the version that doesn't have Kanye West and it no but I want to waive that there OK that was way. The Connie mean yes it Greg Bruce Lansky who wanted to make a booster gold TV show. He's getting his booster gold movie. Berlin Diaz and then what title producing it. I don't know. How we can pull the article where is gonna quickly hello next week that's odd about this mark you've got to Wonder Woman wrapped up filming so Wonder Woman is done they're not doing post production. Well what do you think it is excellent apocalypse receiving bad early reviews there was an embargo on Monday there was a screening here and see Diego and then afterwards immediately afterwards. All the reviews posted there was an embargo for like 1 o'clock Pacific time Monday that amounts to let him out and there early reviews are not good an interesting thing is. I read the first review I read was really doing glowing. And the next half power. On the Internet that's would have bet that the event of that song man I'm in the initial tweet to lake O these tweets are really good act and you'll I think they thought about it a little bit and they're saying they're saying X and apocalypse is a mess and I'll leave it is going and hopefully now I'm excited see it positive to say oh Wimbledon isn't taking giveaways and everything locked in yet we do have some seven hours. The Russa Brothers they are the ones that did Captain America winter soldier in caps America's war and they are working and avengers infinity war part one impart to you which is filming even later this fall. Sided deal with China. She makes three superhero movies for them. Blew me away I actually really sad about it had would see China as a super. Pacific rim too which. It's have been struggling for a long time has found its script writer so listeners as scripted and keep moving forward to all wondering. Has chimed in he wants to be cable and did lose you that's inching to sort of laying Laporte Stephen Lang. I don't blunder and I. Grip that they're very good to go he was beginning this redo the potter sure they did in their early 90% of while. If if if Chris Evans can move that quickly to captain and I. Michael Jordan to move back where. Dolph Lundgren and he lays late enough time that's not how this is using me to see that and and it was in seeing Dublin and out doing press this week I don't know what he's doing. I just to jones' season two and defenders. To film back to back this fall according to Chris and Renner. She's training and she said she couldn't say. Whether or not she's in the rookie season one she's not allowed to talk about it. Interest. Kevin fight he again out there Peabody and all its culture and he really wants see a black widow get a solo felt. I down. While I'm at this point I don't honestly is. I should wind died down yet through wording of that let the next eight years we have stuff lined up Irish stand islets adult but would be in sync if you make a black widow movie. It's just it's just gonna it's gonna be a way smaller deal. Than any other other other who is our own expense Yellow Sea. I wanna see more females I wanna see more minorities I wanna see more. Diversity. At the Cineplex wanna see I can't wait to hear who they announced to be captain marvel. I can't wait and not female journalists love. Can't wait to see with the idea and I don't care about a black widow so fell I understand it she was the only person presented to us at a certain point yet but at this point you're about to get captain marvel. You've got washed who can be an aunt and oh yeah us. Maybe see other female here I'll maybe maybe I'm more urgency Asian thirteen isn't sold only deal I'd like to see black widow of the character humor TV show. Sure but a lot arm gotta Jan Johanson is not and your TV I'm aware of that and I know but I'd like this. If you do a movie let's say the deal. You can take a role I would love viewed it changed that character. Yeah I don't need to see black widow. By eating. These superheroes with heat. God be like powers are because she has no place in there she's just she just knows how to punch and twister are really good on my my biggest gripe is that every movie now she's doing the hurt and Ron just keep doing again I don't know that adds she. Does this that she's badly and lay eggs and she flipped you all her might she uses her entire body weight. To counterbalance flip any of the heroes she had a civil war should have been like one punch like in your unconscious click Quito hospital yet. Let me get I get the comic book movies not real but. Make a spy she can do that could make its leaky one in the this tactic of the more thinking eat us. Fix that character I like Scarlett Johansson is as Blackwood I'd love to see more of her modestly. There's not a bigger geek Al moment just off the top of my head. Of her an Iron Man two where it's all the suddenly. Revealed in the audience because until that point in the marvel comic universe maybe it was an Easter egg of like oh this is. This is and oh that is not yeah she's this this and I was like. Don't know if that is the black widow yeah. Like she was not just in east strength and character name now she was the black widow she was undercover agent working for nick through the whole time yeah like that was like. She wants it always is not heed those guys are awesome but you don't. I've got that I have not built Evers it's like just not at all but I mean I'm all over the place anyway. Two last stories these are bold gardens of galaxy Q related. Rocket raccoon may join the avengers movies and be really cool to be fun character to the next yeah I mean you haven't of carriages that threat is the issue god can be at the Bradley Cooper because. Yeah I'm in half. The final news of the day Kurt Russell has finished his filming for guardians of the galaxy Q tonight. And originally I had written as the guardians is wrapped filming of wonderment wraps filming my brain kind of went there. I think he's means. He's Kurt Kurt Russell's done so. That means that they're getting close to finishing. Card into the go to Q and it comes out next splint and Chris Brown a lot of good things about her hustle you like a effusive about. He may very. And in my my next kid Kirk ought to do that I was making stuff. You speak to me is you don't have an excuse it. Speaking for Chris Pratt good edited. We did brilliantly and out onto his wife Anna Farris was and Yana she you know great she is great great the other areas that. So let's grab of it is we we've been going for Aberdeen I'm sincerity. I don't forget to watch last week's what you eight needs cave sank caves. Captain material using guns and BB gun and you at least 600. On FaceBook yeah it is I usually look at the YouTube members. And let us I. Like you can check that out YouTube dot com slash handling Kansas does exist out there and yeah there's a lot of stuff in the works its and we knew we are pattern I don't know what happened to me halfway over. SPF nine point nine like two weeks away three weeks away we're gonna make in the summer affairs going to be here. The blockbuster movies coming out comic con is comic con coming. Plus what puts it I'm I'm a little wheel wrong that we abort him. Com content shared are allowed to expand. Although I thought now yes I know what they want free Susan watts who says glide gently it kind of looks great. If you keep wanting to pull out like the movie Liz and I what are we look forward to that idea will will host the timeline episode well we got coming one of the how might this is what set for the next six years or whatever they haven't found to be cool but that means that. What you would be pumped for would you expecting yet I. I'm excited for experiments outsider that is this last season finale. I can't wait is that next week. Condit team is two more now we're like pan pad and now Obama didn't have Pendleton Pendleton pedals that means ending. You Carla at the time a year ago where as far as like this is traditionally sweeps. This is all the season finale tea and we have I think for all of our showed a water to a missiles left Miami yet. He's as shields has two hours he's now is that if two of us is left airing one thing. So I was the senate Vietnamese zeal makes eyes yelling out it's at the end of every season is always the best yet people everything he got going like oh my god gave. Never said why that it sucked and I understand why he did it in Atlanta ended and the season that's where you know cared they'd die hollered halt Madonna John. An average distance it we contracts have been fulfilled. Part of me knows zero this season we have reduced shipping. And with that. Thanks so listen caves and camps is that.