Capes on Capes Episode 13

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May 4, 2016
Capes On Capes

Capes on Capes Ep 13

Friday, April 29th

Capes On Capes
Episode 13 of Capes on Capes featuring Hamby and Bryce. Lots of news this week and we ask you the listeners "What animated movie do you want to see?"

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And press with you I'm joined by handing. But the given another episode of Kate to Kate. Yes ships at thirteen and so thirteen yes. I'm exhausted yet long week and I feel like we're starting up a lot of podcast saying this so. Yeah and I am I an argument that Debbie downer when here's the here's the funny is the about this and I don't mean I'd I don't mean the start of the Debbie downer I'm not exhausted from the show. Now I am definitely being stressed out. Lately in the bank is today was of them on one pass distressing isn't it today it was a realization that I'm like I've been. I've just been pulling away the last week like overwhelmed. I don't want the dole and I just need you know I see him break but like could wake up. Couldn't wait we have today and do the show to us so that. I can relate I don't know if another is a secret that oil on things Oregon or is for our sister station. Formally KI FM now can X and sunny. And eighty sunny and even one so there are legal lunch there only XT station akin to our Bob radio anyway if you don't know Bryce works on Bob and low. And before nine out there. And are happy and get online and get a kidney she radio with her sister station ones all right well being home of electronics on children and some colder with which Steve was Steve let the there's probably carried out being. So it's a cane and then access is gonna get and all jazz stations mean gas I'm in the process that it up and nothing gets the format. It's just not my cup of tee I don't music and a hunt put it together and make it sound right sure. But it hasn't been one of them is one of the less fund projects I've been working on here. That's a bomber so. You know at Gloucester so get paid to good to deal with music so yes or no incentive for me but I means. But today I came in just one more day of coding. You know saxophone and this and that but hey it's podcast today. Why did and I I guess that's part of where I've been feeling too is. I know I'm not alone you and I co host this podcast yet. Greg and I co host what UA videos. But I am sort of like trying single handedly like. Pull everything together and do more stuff she's alive. I just feel like get a little. Overwhelm the enlightenment essentially you with the jazz station Wiki common everyday in my you don't feel like. Nothing I do today is gonna move this ball forward any further than it is and I just don't wanna do it flew over the justice and making a lot of money. But we got some delegate for me what it means sometimes you just have a task in trying to answer I should not as it see how this moves things forward in a day game but then. You weeks down the routing you through it but we still we're still. Human beings we still experienced staff and I'm just burned out I'm just totally like I wanna get back to life streaming ought to do that and I didn't that we haven't hatred on which by the way shout out to our Petrie on I'm supporters are to Kissinger out for the month of April helping. Make a lot of early UA videos happen and so this is well. I'm byte by supporting Patriot Act console legitimately games might. A part of that is is stressing me out to be days I wanna create better videos I wanna do you. We wanna bring videos back to the podcast yeah I'm just not using a gold crown having to make fish I lands and so I've been playing with add just as laptop and it and I believe Africana frustrated Friday the united Meehan of I worked on it and I didn't wanna look at him and doron I couldn't couldn't wait to the podcast we're here glad to be here. And that there's a sits on a cool news I really wants us about how much fun as you run it down and then will jump then. All we have a couple of things to get you real quick to. Again with what you we we have a what you week keeps and keeps crossover of hunting. A we're going to be taste testing be captain America's civil war cereal which sure what we have brand this to me what Kate's case way isn't it. Get some let them. I quit isolate what Hillary seventh grade I race at Atlanta but I was one saying caves like he's what you eight crossover. Look at you wanna give yeah I didn't have been hammering home with Cribbs and great sites and good luck with seven it. If we have the characters available. Both the temple yes tag that went well that video is coming up we're gonna record that tonight and I'm having problems with my phone get milk this time yes she NN. General phrase going to be joining us she's going to be for writing them if if you are not familiar we did a face stats of the advance to mint tea but there is no Mel canals like this. Not fair laws sits on a topic parents think yeah and other. Oh AME. It's like and it is and it's like I don't know I Robin die away and I can taste it. Yeah. So that's coming up as well as. One of our most popular videos right now. I've been booze filled jelly bellies grenade had tried beamed Mosul from Joe The Plumber won the trick ones one looks like once caramel corn and once you know vomit. In unable blue identical C don't know what she and again and that was a really hard video IE to take those out on. And tonight prize FaceBook or my you do need to dot com slash am plays games and winning tons of feedback from you guys. And we've got so they were gonna reach out to you later in the show for feedback for next week. Some assigned homework if you well. But I firing through the news until we get started off really slow this week and then. A lock yet and it Iowa it will happen and I am marvel removes in humans from there movie might not. I don't know it doesn't mean they're gonna make really not just means. They don't have plans at this time we need to change your plans Robert Downey junior on pressed your four. Kept America's civil war says he's open to doing Iron Man for even the previously he'd said there and I'll see you or airman movies. There was dressed in world to news this week. I believe I'm about to the director for draster wrote to is the director for Star Wars episode eight season so I think he's. In another filming episode eight right now and wonder what this news was that a broader nap. Is full of rumors. OJ Mayo and a has confirmed as the official Twitter account that he's signed on to helmet. Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment stressing world two he was rumored to direct the follow up to Colin Trevor rose dress of world called Trevor arrows when directing on Star Wars. And as an aide. Trevor Rowe wrote this recent script was screenwriter Gerry Connolly said the director. Is in place. And they have got 8 June 22 2018 release states are two years from now for drastic world to. Made in Philly in his eye cameo for guardians of the galaxy two has been announced as and was it that did this thing just to cameo I thought there's going to be a roll now they. It's a cameo he is playing a character on a movie poster he's playing wonder man Simon Williams. He's playing these citing a William's. Side of the wonderment character and playing the actor he's playing an actor. In in the movie. Yeah cities like inception and so supposedly. They're gonna be back on earth for a scene or so or TO and there will be. Movie posters at a movie theater or in the background featuring native billion playing as Simon Williams flew in the comic books. Becomes wonder man actually was wonder man and then became an actor. Yet today and in the partially I'm excited he may introduce wonder ran into the marvel movies partially I know this just an Easter you have and one thing that's not. And that makes us that because I'd. I was hoping they could have wrapped. DC can nabbed him as a green lantern still can't I guess there's a lot of cross are these these that was actually a story that it's good but it. That be an active crossover hit your done with something I think you are William never done I think it was. Either Jimmy Kimmel or somebody this week had. That guy. Who just who just crossed over not willing to follow Linda Foley has yet but not his family is JK Simmons and he had to come and sign it. This fake contract and Jimmy Kimmel saying yes I crossed over from one university. It's really clever because it can't have at least made enough but no he's. That that Italy nicer. NN if you don't know we're talking about here. JK Simmons did a great job as kicks kick his name on drug like I've. John Jamison yes ahead of the daily planning retirement. Letterman he will now be Lee you'll get a bugle daily planet Superman. Yes it is you roll Spiderman. And he'll be. In ban vodka and kind of blanked felt dummy in him. Anything his CNN me. Commissioner or commissioner guard and and that man that justice justice which he says the will be a very small part. Again but I guess in the Batman movie devoted they're hammering through the news we have met many easy TO IG was guy also tease these genes and the director of guardians of the galaxy to teases mantis. Being in the movie this is actually real addresses later in. Marketing vs spoiler is not that's going to be a topic of the show so this. These are here to be very much considered spoilers who weren't careful. That and a killing joke animated movie gets its trailer released this is going to be the first that Warner Bros. animated movie with him rated. And I eight. I don't know we had this discussion on Twitter. Myself and a couple Martin our listeners Oz he won a bomb. Where you and I mentioned is on the show is welcome weeks ago I don't think you need to have greater arm would have rearm and you've killed him before there's violence in your movies where I mean. That's my question. What easily that he agreed to movies if it's straight to video you personally don't have terrain it. Now you know so that they're they're doing an umpire illustrated out there children Ryan as they wanna Neil Young shelves of Wal-Mart but he's Siena made for a while has been getting dark hair and via more violent really dark wood going I wonder is as a cross into radar. Are either I think and at a sexuality. Sexual element to it because killing joke has a pretty violent rape scene and it. We'll mention that before and I I have been trying to remember what the scene is without spoiling it I don't remember there being a brief scene get a win. From backer she's all time she's in like lingerie he grabs there. There's things the common simulate but it's it doesn't show honour is all like. Excuse the language is Alec is a force penetrate and going on here but it's a sexual assault at worst a full on rape. I mean it's at best. And worst steps to Gordon himself Foleo and yet entail gaffe that whole scene. Is. Entirely Barbara but spoilers and spoilers if you listen to our podcast is always gonna be spoilers by I always fly. I have to go back and re read this because of what you said highly site is he's. If violate his violation of a Barbara eyes that he Shuster mean and I always sought that wise. Because he was trying to actually killed Jim. Yeah Barbara opens the door he shoots her in the back. And then he doesn't know that she's back on one plate that now wire member and I have to hung at a magnate reread it did to find out. It's but again and again now. What what what he would do in making our understand I don't need that getting kind of seeing. Tune in and I guess you casting his accident that if it's gratuities he roses are in Iowa really pissed off. Let's start and I feel about it anyway it doesn't need to be radar magazine to be radar there's plenty of violence in movies or any. EP I still think if you if you did the book killing joke as is it if you sales led action that would be rated. Yeah up. Live action I am I'm not more. About more surprised that they're doing you know if he weren't just physically war. They animated movie you do that is live action that's chair outlawed that documents I like there's a lot Lee and I understand what the line is being crossed your mind. And he didn't need myriad charges because dental is successful throwing out there yet which is sound and now have been dvd videos car anywhere. Where we. Telling joke Yemen. This is key to us yet powers in the news a Wolverine three has cast Richard Grant in a villain role. I users added his late this afternoon George Miller to Iraqi green lantern or all the alien covenant the next. Man. The next story in the alien and aliens. Franchise had an image teased it released this week. That's the theory is eight is almost at the start filming and I said Hatcher filming this week. Game of throws season six episode one cents a record beats out porn movie news. At that time than you think I was reading some numbers earlier this week. That the the active viewer ship. Why is high but down. But. So people the way they Rhode Island it is I guess more people I've played on the show him more people watched it overall then watched it live. I'll watch it on my roku on they spill out so yeah you want to survive. Now. I watched almost as soon as they could on all accounts it tied 88 counts is on demand. No device that is show. It's feels good about it gives it to you ranked when the shows aren't yet such it was on 9 o'clock on finance and so I get it I literally mean. Set tops cable yeah yeah ours seating area with an on I'm sure they do understand Iowa kind of pushed. This was his a little news no Sherlock three to start filming this year that's they Robert Downey junior Sherlock Holmes movies I not the British when I absolutely lovely are British their from. But not the British diaries the the Guy Ritchie would be okay. You have this repeated marveling units are removed from scandal marvel is received backlash this week and we're not gonna get into discussion about this but we have talked about a hundred of yeah we briefly touched on this I do and how a bigger topic. But they received a lot of backlash on Doctor Strange against Tilda Swinton not being. Asian. And I. We have seen movie but yet it. I just can't stand all of this I don't hullabaloo over Salinas site is still in production though it marvels response I thought was a little and it. He's written was so what they said was their reasoning for doing this was that you think and take listen to that which it is it's on an airplane. And you show a Chinese person has to back and that is a whole Firestone the Chinese Government might not like. And they don't wanna lose in the Chinese money but kind of was given by he says that he can literally. He give their response to come up to see attitude I don't actually you know what (%expletive) your talking about you can't do this is China won't do enormous on the money. Now that's your motive fein who below the yellow let people bird that was like that's your bit Alex I end. It's not like I get fresh air with not necessarily listeners have have an any pork and I'm not saying Russia with people and it. As a group yet but individuals sometimes it's like. Take the rose nasty stuff to us on FaceBook and light sometimes that is not feeling I'll put you we certainly. Don't lose this fight of that is that every it was like he picked that fight like if that's your decision just don't let you on to say if that is your answer. You should have never picked this fight yes yeah. Could that it's if this can be smog. Issued it has been quite certain. Angry not tell if you look like bums and Guzman astle and keep them option I'm not gonna add to the situation under even more anger and I'm. Marmol. To warn his round him if I eat Marmol is calling the creative shots or Spiderman homecoming so marvel actually adds. A big say in what's happening over at Sony. And I know Sony was quick to saying oh we're doing our own thing that's exactly yet but I don't think it's I don't think this is a bad thing no no I don't get as well yeah I. I think it's good thing I think Sony had to come out and say lower RO company allow yet this same time. I think it helps to say that someone from Marlins right now we're actively involved need. You're hearing good hands and they didn't isn't just the act and they and they think creative controls like I believe that's final say. Yeah yeah I think they're the ones mapping out the road map for wide and obviously there's certain. There's certain toys that you play with in the Spiderman playbook and it's up to marvel to allow more toys. Blake Robert Downey junior who really wants to be a Spiderman homecoming that tomorrow will decide. And which of their toys play in the spider man's own universe well we've heard so far as that looks likely. She choose not to not to get too far off topic on this if you were Newser you do. But the fox folks continually their stories. Continually mailing the dead pool camp. But a lot of the fox expert folks are very open and to getting back in the couple of marble they want to play in the same universe they want to get pulled me in the universe of Spiderman. Who's in the same universe as the X man and they are as the avengers and they really wanna have. This is really interesting that you there's a lot of polish behind the scenes for Wolverine. To be an avenger now Eden because he isn't a conscious and has been released and and seniors Brian Michael bandits or introduce that concept of making him work. But there's a sense of Hugh Jackman as saying hey let me get at the extreme universe let let that be its thing. Allen and you're playing a moral TrueCrypt why can't I Hugh Jackman wanting it. I get marble wanna it. I get fox saying. Know that we are not doing that why would we do is give you our most violent experience and he's now and there is a lot eagle involvement if you're running out of steam with the movies and you can see down the road that your that we don't have it. And that our game plan Sox. Laurel you've got what do we have to give up and at some point but I I don't I I think X and it's far from that case. And after. Marble expense probably the strongest conflict franchise. Yeah maybe I do wanna bring up extend. Apocalypse later on in the top of the show is that's another big thing market union and spoilers there was a big spoiler this week central. Let daily fix it's not like marbles coming on. Any bad X-Men movies did speech it was a huge hit wolverines going Babylon. Wolverine origins but yes honey I expense three it's pretty bad arm. But they've thinks they fixed you know. They went time travel thing but rather it was the weirdest thing for me Bryan Singer leaves X-Men. To good use Superman returns yet Brett Ratner drops out of Superman returns to go do the X-Men. Yet so Bryan Singer Taylor Brett Ratner is half baked ideas and and Bryan senior Q warranted over. Our Brent are sort it all real still cyclops Lloyd that yes the play Jimmy alls that both up and that. Why would you leave cyclops Oakley Jimmy LC and Lee Daniels or just the husband now. Was just okay maybe you're on you're on you're just not that but just a guy knows not a superhero. Any given Angelos language you know nobody talks about him crossing over yeah I got out of fewer things. We're gonna get to what are we watching IAE Jesus healed this week is pretty good flash of pretty good this week how much leisure and tomorrow yet. I'm watching the blacklist an action of the sharks along and now I'm lodging. Chicago like Timonen with Chicago PD I watched him throw tonight I was back into the air. Good I am that I was and I was out like last podcast I was like I'm not excited I don't care I mean I care and I don't care what I was supposed. Just the whole. Like I think every news silent for an entire year. There would be one of the ten articles would be. John snow's alive in this proves it. As of etiquette that is what I don't care who died in Walking Dead yeah you you didn't show it to me but you're gonna write a thing every week oh casting came out. Look who's missing or. This guy's in a different show. It looks like it's Glenn I don't care. But that I know it burns me up to read over an hour actually Walking Dead casting news or does this figure last week and we knew we got to it but then looks like they're going to be casting. Easy heel for the Washington. Who's from the congress. My public image throws is while this has been good news is it was probably he. Early to mid last season and that they totally left the books. My idea mate you in their story lines or does not do team for the most a lot of story for the bucks and I'm doing night. As far as like the stories they arguing their past yeah where the votes are. And so I mean this weird I mean it's reposition of light I don't know what's gonna happen I don't. I don't think things are happening the way I think they're gonna happen in the books and I'm enjoying the book and I almost feel like I'd rather I almost would rather wait. For George to finish that last bug him that he and now the back and watch live our George arm aren't finished book is easier said than done I now. I know they can not be up for ten years he may not live to finish that behind he'll find them now. I've met Kevin Smith. Is that directed at upcoming episode of the flash which will be airing on May tenth I believe him. And Sam and there's article that came out today that Kevin Smith reinvigorated Cass the flash but being a fan boy but also mean super professional and I really like the article highlights. It just felt like fluff it felt lake. Indices into you were going into view. Season finale territory with they didn't talk about reveals the top aides talked about. Kevin who give a lot of people credit on sat for being who they are new is that the flash to refiners like. This is flop like he directed it and nothing happened. He did a great job prosaic but he's buddies can't arm but I mean like he directed it you know earnings from point to point B got and. But he's Kevin Smith so we feel like we have to make a comment about it I just kind of fell I mean it's cool I was say they'll cynic in me was a little. And I can't speak for this article that I read it but. I'm big fan of his Batman and Batman podcasts. Related breakdowns of making the show is really cool I'm excited C a yen is Kevin Smith that. So if it was there I there's stretchers that I don't know their name and to their better and they've done. Hey Obama what article exists it is because he is Kenneth Smith and Eric in an episode Alice like okay. I saw the Nazis that there's something that. Who might just I don't know that light. The system meet with a little bit like. And. I was excited to see that Ali Sheikh Mohamed. A Tribe Called Quest will be scoring Luke cage that's a school that's very cool and matters that that's a school that. Aziz insisted that it has no. Publisher that was the big news is asking is it Netflix surprising no one. Yet and I almost feel like we if you'll hold topic I know what stories with the idea of for the publisher. You know my story. Bush what's your punished story it's Jimmy John let quit with that the planets are on he leaves you are. Maybe he does is he goes Troy because that's cheaper and her son he's his money in his own business. He's at a diner he sees a nice Oakland girl who's hungry. He say he says he had by able soup. Turn that that girl is a basket sex trafficked and he gets he's back in they pull back and there's so many stories that you knew the publisher I I don't wanna dive into a bad light there's there are really fine. Runs in the conflicts and they youth ages literally take for like half season story arcs and like pieced them together. I'm in our new violet light out as the un and how to date how does it go into the overall world of the Neftali shows that marvel in the moral universe in the light of the RE thirty filming clicking sound case you've related to you as we've talked for months. Late Natalie they're filming and Arnold items like baby yeah summer meeting comes out next summer maybe that haven't. I hope so hope so. If you were quick news and notes. Fox is skipping San Diego comic con over piracy concerns that means we will not see dead pool to. Wolverine three or assassin's creed which is of the improper and and hammer I'd while. And a they're trying to they're trying to put this in there's there are social media talk about this as well yesterday and today this I think the story broke yesterday. Lot of social media talk of light. See if you were pirating initiate. And releasing it on the Internet. Then then you know we can't have nice things and I say (%expletive) it yet because here's the thing. To assume that you can go to news San Diego comic con of all events and in this day and age. In short trailer too hard core fans who have waited in line. Deadly day easier days on other titles days thirty some hours them avoided being stabbed in the eye with a pencil and have avoided. Having the argument over. The vampire version of the Wear wolves in. The whatever movies and that's partly vampires. They're coming. You know you have battled so our energy battled all these things to see a trailer for World of Warcraft he won it utilized. He cured. (%expletive) privilege. Yeah pirate that on your phone and put an online media put all your friends have to take as your friend couldn't make it can comic on sold out yet so it's not eat. Any it's. It's just. Deep dish to think and you're giving the trailer there. So it's like Lowe's is secret footage we've ever want you to see at worse you saw a little early and let me just plan for comic con. And put out. Concerts unfinished material we don't wanna giving out their (%expletive) -- OK show me any video if if it was really that sense that you wouldn't be showing in Telecom on fox has and other phase after Dan poll that showed a comic kind of fan to the media definitely did but remember that old story. That even definitely big comic con was leaking and of itself. Doesn't exist. Until going to be illegally Internet and Andrea. And look how poor fox turned out they were unsuccessful movies they've ever made eleven years due to the big screen now other enemy ever wanted to make a rain they'll leader of the island. What little is and we're talking about. We're talking about the piracy issue oh yeah movies like. When a movie comes out it's not in not only download only Nolan seeing a whole movie that we're talking about would talk about height we're talking about marketing. We're talking about treating your fans with some respect yet. And I I I I appreciate fox pulling out that's their prerogative but he's saying it's because of. Piracy and advantages (%expletive) (%expletive) because fox is beholden on these things with their grubby little fingers last years and today is after selling his lead at comic con at least you showed to a rumor of thousand people yet who are your hard core fans and who have. It's two on sixteen minutes the minutes chatting is she certain but two days later. Your your your legal department is done pulling all the videos W too they keep popping up and you're watching. And everybody's talking about your video and now you've been critical mass you know release the did have that bit them. Fully reveal trailer anyway and we. Don't trailers and production and you toll I don't do it every wanna do your reasoning behind this bold shoot it down sand. (%expletive) Tomorrow night till now you really feel happy if it. This gets into the main common cut conversational marketing and spoilers it didn't get all of these a lot of these things all lead into the army topic today. So I wanna get to that great now but I wanna say. Ratchet and clank is a video game property opens in theaters this weekend. Then video game for getting rave reviews the movie not so much and that that in to a question. What do you guys had assets and it was Miguel on Twitter of do we see video games being in a shamrock to exploit. Like comic books is right now and I think I think the unions are part of the same conversation chair I think that. The overlap between gamers and superhero culture I think that that's a huge overlap as far as I don't amassing everything reasonably new games. Loves Tom looks a siren is combos like video but there's a lot of I think they're getting their Angel circles via their way up on each and I think that I think that it movie companies aren't thinking about. Continuing tapping into the game IPs have franchises they're foolish to you know the only things I do a good. I think on things up they are now is that no one's done it well. I think we we touched on this form what do you think teal what's the most successful videogame to movie ever. Drop immoral combat right. Maybe I'm not I'm not saying that that that's a fun cheesy movie but I am reading that evil but resident on call franchise you and get citadel franchise but. I think most video gamers. Is that if we think likes those movies too just like big action movies like business. Only anybody likes as a reason they've made five someone months I well and I think they're making a last one. We have to keep making them I guess made that bidding of one but. Trying them and she sure is huge World of Warcraft is going to be of B test I think your mom is terrible. So what I've seen this so frontrunner overlooks the stories go around is really atypical it just looks really cool in the school or school it looks expand. Sit on the AM I hired in January it okay and I was never a World of Warcraft guy animal love Rula I'm wondering though like other will work craft fans like all Achilles is moving in you and I I. Thinks focus of this this movie has been teased for so low block bottom. A one point Peter Jackson was sedated and do value is like our failures like the halo movie you know I just as keep changing now it's finally happening to the point I think. Must and no I haven't played world warcraft for a long time. But it's on now it's just like ocean it's happening I'm on them expand in the Internet for news the circuit warrant after. But I'm intrigued. But cern is a lot of things that look in that look like a typical big blockbuster with nothing really to it. I didn't you know. I'm now I say. I wanna say more on the fox seeming like comic con because the world warcraft the Munich comic cons well it. He did need to look or attitude while you were Lan Abu candy. I have yet to me team as you'll decide. Oh yeah that's a thing. Yeah. Keon will also visit theaters this weekend you and I are seeing that tomorrow and ulcers or mission valley he's an amateur take care of us on that I actually really surprised back. Yeah now an outside the box and clean you either radio every law yet in my office like to play pilot getting aesthetics. A little too little kitten flashy is amazing amateur is cool in the hazard as well I want and speaking of movies. Only speak to an into my shell on FM 94970. Until midnight I'm going to be giving away captain America's civil war movie passes. Which when playing at a lot more details to come factories to into my show Monday afternoon or Monday evening at seven for full details and I have full details yet but. Will get to that and I wanna get to tonight's topic of the show. Movie marketing of spoilers. And this touches on comic con this touches a movie trailers as such is on. You know rate now captain America's civil war is its case Friday it's one week. It's one week away from being out and they have been on the press tour for a month they screened three weeks ago you know like people have seen this movie. Where in that where rain in the in the ramp up now. Explain apocalypse comes at the end of may here we are at the end of April where a month out where in the ramp up my ring it's RC and stuff it's gonna take a rarity a weekly it's gonna take over. Sap jets. And it's it's marketing it's public relations. And at what point dies it just becomes spoiled very I had to back off captain Erica mentioned it last week. And I had I headed guy I know cone of silence I don't wanna know anymore and I'm not one of those guys like honors borrowing things that trailer to trailer and but David site. Oh okay so there's a giant and pulling some giant man's going to be in the movie written you know then there's things like. Follow these apples and oranges have a new character that I've never seen before I guess that character is interning in the movie. It's like that or a light. It's too much and like today I earlier this week they had another trailer for. Thanks in apocalypse. And they revealed that wolverines going to be in the movie and even though Hugh Jackman says he's not going to be in the movie. So wait a minute I think a lot of fans are realizing maybe to Jack in. Isn't in the movie. No allow you think he isn't in the movie because you don't CM EC wolverines hand but clots. Using Wolverine fan I think he'll. Well out of the Gobi I think it'll be a cameo I'd just throwing it out there I'm just hurried out there but I will say though if it's really like it's really small part. Kind of reel in some finality than in the movie exactly yeah and camera so about a rightfully so so. This started with firm mean noticing. An age old fraud rank there were soul. I AM they can go but look they've got to get that twelve or so between like the TV here's an international body twelve to fifteen trailers again after that one. And I remember thinking like while I feel like. Ides you're probably using all the good parts the movie here and sheriff when I saw the actual movie it was exactly. That yeah. So the there's there's. An issue of the actual footage you give me yeah. And it's it's too much. Now when it comes to being everywhere. Nolan was more over the top and Star Wars. Obnoxious please don't look at. But they fought hard. She had things not spoiled share in no way they control their footage to the point actually got trouble weeks. Fans because they didn't have they wanna to wait to reveal all. Not hand ray maybe one of them out way to reveal some of the things of rain and the problem making a movie. Is almost up until the movie is released the editor and meet the current editor of the director of the team are making edits to the movie and so there may have been some things that. Were in a cut of the movie about array. And didn't make it final cut. And a that would of spoil the whole. And so there's there's things they had to do it like. You know that there was rumors that pin was last named wise calories CN. Yeah he was certainly enough coverage and son there's told isn't a release like overseas that it's at in calories Ian. Even bands like already and it's all on leno's side which is not there yet now know there that have nothing against yes so. Just because there's two black guys is an in the relentless. That's all the neighbors. But so there's interesting things like that where that's funny was boiling and I just know this is wrong. And it is like captain America's civil war and there's like fight scenes in this economic they'll save that saving it for I wanna savior when I see it on the big screen. Yeah I mean I feel like right now is where I'm like all the commercial -- I wish the movie came a week because I'm I'm ready. Yeah and now I'm just waiting and it's nine is not like an increase of hype it's just I'm just waiting. And again now it's the new way of doing name you give it to England first and then America now share content rich targets circus where the bigger money let the height spread. And then we get used to be the other way around but England and Australia first noted as OK so there the British empire gets the first. But utter. I do think part of with this movie you get the feeling that Marmol is also really proud of them. And and credit if I'm wrong but today under the always scream movies about a month before it comes out I think this when they were really proud of and imagine that's what got screened so. Ireland's another there was another story than higher. Article or something came out today or possibly a lot late last night that civil war actually is marvels response. To Warner Bros. doing man inside that gap and in that Levy. I think is there is a brother sent this in May be bittersweet element I've turned maybe it's taken a little bit out contacts bank. That marvel decided yeah we're gonna do so warrantless Helio vs Terry here Aniston is an out Batman or Superman and now here's Marmol going OK your manners and it was pay and season. And here we are sitting at nine yes and on rotten tomatoes yet and this is just not having this fight we're not saying marvel vs DC is our saying by. In a certain way maybe corporately. Note I think it is it's really apply a little bit and the way marble bar exit. Markets is it's not even solid DC's dunes on them say DC says. We're gonna gonna put adding. A new Batman movie like ought to drop the trailer coming out by noon the next day they'll drop three trailers that are done better than that. Why should that yet he talked about the bridge over the Doctor Strange Syria Libya and he is like oh. You're now saying so and so era EnerNOC. It was you there is that man is it really it okay plausible and give you free bowl season daredevil and yeah oh yeah. You're gonna have to use you have Batman pricey brand that's fun we're gonna have. Iron Man in black man there and targets Spiderman by Captain America an ant man and whatever. You know that was good seeing against America for another a few seconds here is yet that was the other way to user has us our trailer this week that release was Spiderman and action now yeah. Line at an airline I tried not do anything in it eventually it just took Goran timeline to where. This scene was shown to me anyway he grew raw hate that it rolls if you enroll over at the end. But I think what happened is it up and another article which had an ad and I and I really hate that blocker. There's an Audi commercial as well that takes place in the tunnel in the commercial where. Black Panthers chasing down winner sold certain and there are like jumping over cars one of those cars as commercial of the failings and by the Carla goes and yeah. And I know. Why just only to the movie comes out. When the movie comes out all this stuff is open game but the problem is as we have such. Short attention spans gat that we're moving on to the next thing as soon assuming it's released and they have to they have to do this. In the lead up and marketing is really expensive. The one that really the road that really bothered me this week besides the Spiderman won with GAAP. Wise X in apocalypse and you had. The trailer revealed Wolverine. You had. Odds and still they showed of the cyclops actually get a decent costume like let's get more modern costing them and your lie low. And cool in the movie late you know to me like I have caught at the trailers it would think cool movie and in the other part two is. There they're showing I'm actually excited about using her powers in different ways and all these like stills from the movie Elaine. You know Olivea mine is not earnings to Graham promoting and brand singers out there on its example running it. And the chick from game to its rounds so return she's on U a throws antibiotics and like she is in everyone's face right now. She was out there promoting and she revealed an Easter eggs today. From the movie that we. Heard. And where I was like I I don't know I don't let's talk about this is a new stories new spoiler. Because I was like does not clear as we tell me the punchline to a joke. Before you ask you I want to hear the joke and then you tell me then did the joke later a link yet. Really lost in translation BK yeah Ernie told me the punch line and it sucks it sucks. And I think. Where I understand. This but I hate it. Is that marketing is so expensive. And releasing a spoiler like that is really cheap. Israel is really an against Brazil always gets results that no other and it's free he had a case of return here's an image of you in light. There's any news articles about this and it in others what we want to stay here at trending toolbar the public relations people for fox and better I guess for movies in general public places folks from movies. They've got their act to do other man I mean and that's the thing is I give you feel you're getting. Spoiled on movies just understand that this is all part of the marketing machine and unfortunately. Spoilers are free. That's how they do you think. You're here in the news cycle for another twelve hours late there was always hard yes and about what Sophie turner had teased. And and other characters that may or may not be in the movie and I'm like you really just ruining the fun for me. At this point. You know you are right but I I feel like I'm not noticing as much with ax man. Mainly because two guys I'm not that impressed with any of the expend trailers. Now I'm sure the movie great I'm wrong is like the old days if you should pass and it became quickly when my favorite comic in the movies ever. But they always look the same I see like reveled CD in people flying around I don't see any dis I don't seeming different on any of these trailers. But. It's nine to me it's not quite as bad as what marvelous Dylan. Marvel I feel like it's everywhere I look and I. And I guess since it's all in the I have your experience. Yet you're experiencing or of the marvel stuff and -- has some really hit me in Sweden it's weird because my friends are more of the Disney marvel and so our worry is people lighting I there's nothing that can happen is ours at Disney marvel universe and I don't hear about from the it's a tag me. I love you guys I'm not talking (%expletive) and by that I don't I'd and I had I even meet postings saying I don't wanna see. Captain America's my friends actually backed off yeah I was like really impressed because that is actually just say that as a light. Is I'm not seeking out whatever whatever my friends actually stopped tag against Apple's like well thinking so much at it's thank you for spending our position on this that's really Dicey at. So that I am intact that's fairly cool it's it's you can weakness and they and I guess I guess it's just taking your experience your does not seeing excellent staff may. Gosh it's there. Yeah no no not on us is not there it's there we are still talking thirst for promoting suicide Skype squad stuff like. Well that's is DC China where there EDC is the kid in the back of the classroom with a hand on it. Well I. There was an interview would Margo Roby and she came out this begins and sibling pop dance. No she was actually defending the hot pants down so one night and you're able against women might be able event beginnings as she was responding to backlash about the cost him. And she said how about this character is really like sparkly hot pants and these are fun Tug at it like that's it like that's her and that she said. I'm the one thing I don't like about the cost him is would we break for lunch and I eat a hamburger and we come. I can I'm doing. This you Redskins shirt and I'm soaking wet. Yeah I did his camera hamburger meat for a large belt let's let. Look real human being and airline that is maybe big I would look all sexy. Yeah where did my regular old doesn't need a big old cow meat imports. LA and I don't let him play and let people are complaining about I. Really looked at them for the best opinions but. Someone wrote that they were men making a Harley Quinn was like a strong. Female character and why you had to putter in these tiny little booty shorts that. I was like. Excuse me have you read a comic but now I'm not saying it's right Iran but how they dress that every woman with their breast out and that there are always leaned over with their app. Asked to connect. That's how it's been since day one so you have that complaint in these don't say we're not represent the comic book welcomes they had been doing that forever. Earlier that she was introduced in the animated series CIA and from the comic she's yeah in the cartoon. And she's wearing it. Basically skin type of cameras yeah but it's an enemy he really earning a manager -- don't get a lot of. Ground HD definition sir and he's did you know I don't like F that. These TV want it to them it is you know it's animated scene you choose not to yeah without lines by a. Good regular is dubious taxi. Absolutely nobody. Knows a woman is a bombshell. With these big old moves and be in a new but it was wearing that costume in real lying to me check the reason actually need to relax you take mired probably print that same costs and she's still a time. Yeah. I think she was talking about she's like Melissa we have other things were coming up with army wanted to. Put her in other costing us but we put her in this went zero for you guys you know I mean. Just tell me a fun story he announced it on get more more excited than they I think it looks just different than the other ones I hope it's guide. I have feelings can be opened his highlight the way they're using some of the powers and everything non. I I do doses as miserly and we have only to audience and that's why. You know. Oh I didn't I think you're right this down in history they cast two year. Little yet because I saw the name and I know her she was X mocking salute with. Oscar I think so she's the girl robot she's the Czech airlines now. Yeah let me brilliant movie while I love and ultimately wow innings as it. I Oscar Isaac cook is gonna become an actor that does anything he's in policy and x.s and then as well I don't Lisa Evers ours didn't and I just wash Exxon's nearly two months you know and I am still trying to be like. So turn around and around like when you look at you in the studio and all this electronic and I just I do I certainly wonder what are wondering who myself and with some added this track girl is she a robot hands. Time with memories fantastic and so she's going to be immune to greater. What's her name I don't know. When is the or crop lower crime normally that's cool so good can be a bad ass and that. Analysts and nothing against terror or bad that there's a movie franchise they just never been over the get a count nine. Effective videogames were talking about video game franchise again and I think that's what I wanted to try to expand a little bit on keeps and keeps this week is that we're not just superhero called Russell scifi and yeah. You know zombies kind of falls into that and and I am. Deanna see and I think in the super drug genre we're getting. Fancy a side by Lou movies free watch earnings in the galaxy and that's that the whole. This is it's a total homers moving with the Marlins seemed in yeah. You could put Becker on the money involved and works its eyes or put Han Solo in that group still works still works sticker spread out. Tournament get an Arab rapper Pratt was pretty decent bet but it beyoncé anyway I don't understand he would feel like this guide isn't it here I like towel. Not to get out time I like a young to fit in to guard Alex because he is a guardian of the galaxy the comics and in the future I is that the 31 century version of mountain and I I actually loved. That round of the comics in the late eighties early ninety's I was a big fan of guardians of the galaxy the old school original. So that was really cool to me like okay howls when you get you argue into this story and have him be part of that team. But he's not part of the team needs. He's kind of bad. He's not a billion per say but he's he's that he's not a good guy throughout the movies. He something that. Els propelled characters forward. By being you know friction for them yet so it's introducing you mean like how you game. Other characters who have been and guardians. In to a guardians movie like Cosmo cosmos the guardian he's the talking cosmonaut dog. Indian movies and got its. 09. He broke out of the collector's plates on nowhere where. The duck. Our that I had to that Howard about making another cameo at a so great that happened and we agree. Certain so this leads me to the don't homework assignment for the week. I recently stumbled line. My copy of giant size X number one and its aid. It's a paperback it's literally a paperback button and I am get a get a beauty of the guy's name Ron I believe it was Brian was on all my buddy BJ. I don't know his DJ name now. But he DJ is. Light. Like I'm thirty anything in north part is that he's like well known okay as far as like local DJ this no baggage he's BJ. He's Bryant even bowl your kids I think it was BJ lent me this giant size extra number one paperback. I just bitter race that was making friends house like eight or nine years old and he lent me this and I've had ever cents a BJP here this. And you want it back and yours. I happen as well paperback giants Kevin that we're building tea that they get to APEC finance. But I borrowed your college blog I want it back that's your I have it assures. Is on there rather them not pulling passage but I would love to see that story you'd economy. And I I was wondering because I've not seen a marvel animated movie in a couple years grouper Satan. They did set that's followed the line. Outside a competent is debatable that's the one field would DC DC just dominance absolutely dominates. And I I I feel that. Price and I get a video online just as sleepers is teen titans which is a really fine movie and I actually rediscovered the video gonna try to post that we lost it lost it. My phone has been eating media's. But hopefully I can repose that on YouTube but that I we have some great points that video and dubbed the bat and movies that have come out the last couple years with bat and Damian Wayne Indians on a bad man and are great and I was like I really love. Holcomb verses that animated a marvel put out it was a it was a two part it was all persons that are in play a horse is over don't. Now I would dug around hoteliers are denying comic books know this was an animated movie knowing incidents I think it's stolen Netflix if you could find it. Actually highly recommend watching it is actually too animated movies that he put into one dvd and told holt verses. One side was holed vs the more the other side was holed vs Wolverine who did so they told this light so I classic tale of whole vs though are aware. Low he tries to control Hulk separate spanner in the Hulk from. Each other. Kills banner and it fit of rage and holt has no banner has no hero it's just the monster and he's loose and has guard. Ages destroys ask him and there's like this great scene of like giving it more fighting authorities he's like. My friend bitter when he ran a winning it through a banner bearing on Dusan man. He finds out that low he's inside the Hulk and then he's like always on Marty got beat up because I was my friend. And like this this is really awesome scene in where. For its ease dropped and the older his hammer false of the grounding in the middle seat and regional trying to. He'd be where they brighten. He or she who be worthy can lift the patent and Cameron have power store which means you have kept your heart yet what it really means. And so low key as Hulk. Can't lift the error but he thinks because he's Hulk a vehicle that you'll be able to and so. His own rage fuels through this psychic link through the Hulk and is it disrupting rookie. And he screams as a whole I shall have this hammer and gives you can't let even. And if this amazing amazing scene where Thor response bay he shall have its Wagner and the hammer floats away from all. Hours and lightning strikes goes. World news. Even then. The Hulk Wolverine side of it. Is a weapon accelerating its into thirty is the story weapon acts and how Wolverine becomes Wolverine mean and Lifesavers you can dead polar there and Avant. Lead deaths jury and wow this is in the Russian guys originally introduced. A made a red means a lot like ninety's millions and stuff this for a Wolverine but it's a hole. It's like the first time the Hulk and Wolverine fight they get into animated version and then told the version or the Nelson told. Powell wolverines came about in the weapon X actually tries to capture banner because what better than have the whole open and you can't control the whole ovary breaks three breaks the Hulk out. They kill all weapon next Sonoma and we are doing it even do you want me to move. The hold is the one in there. Characters that Marlins tried and not succeed anyway the tried twice the age cannot get a solo movie but went on to their and a look comes there animated. That's the one that the rising carton yeah. Planet look at these the best one I've seen a marvel. Which I think I put a lot of moral animated movies have been kind of wishy washy but I I am I kind of like planet hold it I thought it was done well but as far as like this the following the story from the comet. I it lost me a little thing I had and I and I only Redick on the after so and watching it that and bother me right exe I may have had a ready had a time. I under the common when it was first coming out there's actual. Really been a story I don't know we're part of this talked about in door Iraq. Rag knock rag Barack in Latin rock rag Iraq. The Iraq and Iraq. Unveiled her health could be and it yeah there's more more evidence saying that that seems like he's gonna be in it yet and this could be leading. To planet Hulk movie in the eighty trying again for a pulp and every one except the keys and I think you'll go the route of the story is told where there. Though making it releases the hold on as hard as an all destroys as a parent and it's I don't know if it's Tom hit Middleton said this or someone else part of that this could be lucky last movie. So he could. Skipping bay but in the dust in this line supposedly supposedly they never killing him Marmol. But it sort of saying is that marvel is cable doing funny animated movies I'm not saying they're the best animated movies but there are people doing Kleinsasser Amy they've got the story is I would like to see the media giants as X number one seed kid you expert on the big screen. Give me the enemy an X-Men I've always wanted. There was. There was a pilot for a series that got released like in 1986. And I think it was called. Flight of the accident or something it became like holy Grail and for xmas stuff. And it was like it aired on TV like once or twice and you knew you news you new. Matt sign on the news we'll talk to Matthew Matt economy is what is the weight on him when he was a pilot for an animated series that never got me to only one episode out that there was one episode anyone asking puzzling YouTube yeah probably I think it's called flight to the extent on the insurance kitty -- first day but it's the eighties version of the X this little gentler colossus a long shot them. And unity slate John or not is a villain in light matches of evil that tennis that he's very generic eased X-Men. We boiled it down type stuff. But ask Kenny was the most coolest enemies team ever. Prize expand prided X because it is the right privacy xmas this tops X and animated series. A 100% think he really good guys said he became the holy Grail if I go back and we watch it now. It probably does not hold up at all but I thought the animation style that was better than XP and Amy's series next animated series that Padraig and Justin yeah. But I was hard core X-Men fans Waxman and his series and her tummy deviated I was still young and insurance like. (%expletive) your couch. Somehow haven't boxed. Up. But that does bother a buzz all of us is. Yeah but so I surely think like. And I am asking audience. You know hit his back on Twitter. I'm pat can't be seen Diego prices at rates rose in May treat you hash tag keeps like if I wanna know. What do you wanna see animated doesn't have to be horrible necessarily that is my question now what do you from the marble world. Maybe it's an image comics maybe you wanna see Walking Dead enemy we mean you'd rather see an animated oh. In light and medium version of the watching and I can vehicle that would be really cool or. Image comics is another comic called she knew. The detective that it's kind of like I zombie Horry and eat the flash and he knows the history of it even ten or. So much good stuff out there but I really wanna see giant size actually number one and I think that's what I love about DC. And is that they addressed doing. Big stories. Like a furlong time they were gonna do a teen titans movie they're in your teen titans Judas contract because fans right we want to see that's story that's gonna start and I an and finally why you know. Here we are couple years later and sweet sixteen like. I don't takes a few years to get an in these out not sane they're easy and wanted to be done well but what do you wanna see you know only what what stories are not out there that your light. The represented this put this. Or movies or stories you think that warned unranked and manner because I think they get it better. With animated story. Yeah when you go to live action certain things just don't work they don't look right but when you go to anime series you can usually get pretty close. Style but I. Would love to see giants I think number one and that's where. The original expansion they've expanded at this point in the comic books it's it's the original expand yourself five it's Scott. And it's Jean Grey. Iceman and beast an Angel them and they are now joined by Scott rather have Mike and Scott Summers. And his brother. But yet have they can Polaris and a couple other people that are now expand and you've expanded roster and then all of them get captured. By this island needs like Hobbs gets set free and who makes it back today. To the mansion it's the professor and is like Emeril has been captured. X inner over and the professor like he puts on his thinking cap puts on three bro. Eddie goes any hunts down an international group of the next X-Men and and that's where you hit Wolverine is unity is the X man. You have some fire you have proud star. Who plays thundered. Thunder hawk. Thunderbolt and Hough does matter and stormy Saturday is to be edgy it's introduced night crawlers it's introduced. Seattle is holding cast an accident are all collecting and they are now going colossus considers the knowledge some of the most popular ex again. Of all time pretty pivotal moment in their working with Scott they go back. To the island and an 83 the original X-Men announce all these acts been together and I'm like what. Be an awesome enemy in movie Downey Shubert Ole. So that I'm during the pit job what do you wanna see his name in roomy I had and I'm I'm running through it yet. Yours next week. Rang out all right now now. Yeah let's yearning VCRs next week okay and we'll get listener feedback so weak your idea and the listeners keybank next week low. Speaking of listener yeah I guess something yeah. And alien lots of guys don't have time adolescence we did. But now to follow up to you miss the school video. We watched lady tells what a possible. I am two and a half episodes and all okay. That guy. About it just okay I'm thinking about skipping to the Marshal on martian man under art because that's what I'm waiting for me as a fan. I wanna see that I indeed made a martian man and analysts who he looks like Allen just look it up on YouTube. There's Susan registered the cheesy to me the whole. Calista Flockhart character it becomes a girl show at certain points but it is cool there there a special effects from the show. Are what they made their way they capabilities than they have. On the CW shows which I love right so that's cool I like in the character of super girl. I don't like just about everyone around her. But or I'm asked I'm intrigued that that'll keep gone south. I hate to feel like. The business guy and give Debbie downer and ask that does that hurt to show that it's on CBS has a bigger budget but it doesn't have a bigger audience that Curtis. Yeah does it the expectations are higher faster. I'd not heard in Mike it'll make the show that but it's harder when your expectations that higher CW. If you only have to hit a threshold of this high you know and if you go twice that high. You know you still may be one into the audience you know maybe CBS but units grades assurance. That is wonder like an open. Because a lot of Hollywood is just politics and nuance and ego and I sometimes wonder like. Will we lose a show like super girl on CBS beat hands. It cost 22 million dollars an episode made by barely making 2.3 million dollars backs of their own making a million dollar profit by. If they cut its budget. Q eleven million possible I'm going to make this series. Dan big winner on the CW and sell for fifty million an episode to make four million in earnings and if they can't make that happen in the described the show. Think sometimes that's how. Sometimes that's how business works as Hollywood. It becomes numbers and it's sad. I think yeah. I mean he's set them and that's that's life manages business that since this is is there is an instance are I mean there's always stories now coming out. Bad handsome man let's bring in that movie up again but costs the 800 million to make and market I think you made 845. Million. Now Polly rake another ten or fifteen minutes about and yet like wow that's a lot of money just to recoup and make forty million when he could have. Probably talk a cab idle movie together wet fern five minute would have made thirty fives and that. I'm noticing that led there's a real hole. Drought and the movie theaters with stuff. Amelie. We look silly ugly key on it comes out this week you bearish sentiment that wells is coming yeah. Blank I had I had I was talking the smile man recently Indians is that if it's not a big blockbuster which is usually comic book for an and I and I I can. Maybe I am I at a there ones is cements an amoeba from me IC Lotta movies is like. Well I don't need a big screens see that all. Yes stream and it or I'll I'll I'll get it when it's out and down. Like I originally later had who made dazed confused. And I blame red you know Allen went on to blame when this picture. Bernard ate it was a great movie incredible as well and it's. Day that he is one all time classics. And he's got new movie out this week and I hear anything about it. So yeah if you're not there's some two that if you're not this huge big blockbuster. Target people and I was here. I can't unite. What kind of off topic but where this shows how the weeds at this point you yes you don't for a little bit yeah you are talking on this as well as like dig deeply cool. Only. I I struggle against anybody thinking that we are cool folks like we're the ones that tell you locals he would tell you about that that we think is cool yeah. But like they showed a different. Our show has different vibe when chance here yet what I'm not and we don't dump the showdown now. We have a different conversation we we frame in a different way there's a different voices program that adds to the ads of the character in the show. And I I sometimes feel is an I was talking about with the whole super girl thing and just sometimes like. Like ours are like is likely Richard linkletter getting no love because there's nobody in the room advocating for him. You know I mean nobody in the room it's like hey we got to promote some of these other movies like you know just our little budget the way to Pomona man is weird light. Our first show I talked about how I don't care where it comes as long as it's quality of its quality showing YouTube and watch it yet. And if if you know if you if you need me to helped pay for it all figured out otherwise I guess watching it. And you know if it's if it's on like big meal when I got and I got to be a subscriber to get access to it probably won't get access to it like it really it in around and we do pay for the content we want at this point we you know we can pick and choose a little bit check and we Yani go back to integrate lies in an interview with. How does how do you get through the noise. He's taught Burke isn't hits and we you know you lose sight cooling up some stuff about him. Schooling us I don't know that I was embarrassed like I was embarrassed I was embarrassed like. I feel like I should know that I was laying there you well we don't usually release from only. Even then like a once you apply wouldn't cover it. I don't know I think the people. We're lucky we're in the marketing world 'cause they're all trying to figure it out and win one podcasts of a million yet talk about complex stuff. Yeah Hillary idiocy so we're lucky we have the radio station as like as amplifier yeah that's huge advantage over most people but. In the day. With the men if I could figure out how we cut through will be the top but I don't think anyone has unless you've got millions of dollars like marvel does. I've had a budget for marketing agent market shows that the house of those I've had a budget before and I've had no budget and I always know that light at the end of the day were there will there's a way yet you now and I don't think that you admire ever going to be set people's Harris fire with listeners might. Or maybe we well that's the point is I'm not trying to sell us short but I saying that light will still be who we are no matter how many people are listening. And we appreciate folks the dealers and it's really about us having a conversation we would we want. I was having issue any week you could we do the podcast you are having issue week couldn't wait to podcast we can't way. When you guys like I'm staff and to win it's my nose listeners like like we listen to it odds every time at Superfund the did get it just because we already had this conversation and they relay ends up like I don't let this feeling LI EA Iran on the money at that end. Always the laugh because sometimes. He'll live tweet with winning the answer is in the next sentence yes it did but (%expletive) let's say man had already. He's sorry he fired off his reaction. None. Of the reactions firing off as. We are contradicting what he's thinking and then he has spent that part. Of the best yet you know and I. Actually treated out early as three big shadow to the amplifiers. Because. You know price and I do need your help we do weigh in and we don't just do this in a vacuum like we absolutely want to get your responses. You guys are ones that have had the idea like. Miguel wants to come from TJ and DO CX and apocalypse what does he wants to do like a meet up comic con Oz wants to come now from LA for that as well so. We are we're in the talks of trying to host a media for comic con because of you guys yet. I'm we react to things you guys want you we reacted NG as wanna do. We were doing stuff like he kind of giveaways and captain America's civil war because reduced this podcasts and because you guys. Are reacting to that as well and and so we need you don't light roof if if we're doing giveaways we say text released 61749. You'll want to win Texas only six let's have again if you know. If you love the podcasts like re tweeting you know show us some luck. In that you can even though the week be like these guys talked about this already your your reaction is going to another podcasts like. Hit the conversation going with your friends and you know amplify the signal because were only two people with Hillary as he should and even then. You so much we have to yeah note that I get embarrassed sometimes Wear a light. All were promoting our little podcasts and I'm not overly greedy decisions in the congress Williams and the congressmen. You know he may have. He may give us a little bit aggrieved but he ultimately loves what we do yet but he's not it's not his thing now so he doesn't sometimes you get this you get discouraged feeling. Then I'm not hearing from the people that want to hear this idea we need to hear from me you know. Amplify this signal and keep the conversation going throughout the week. And to the ones Judeo yeah thank you Rick absolutely thank you change and we talk about some of the guys that Bob we talk about. Janet majesty of it back is an amplifier allies is an amplifier and you know about Cordoba Alex or nobody can it's really good and even is really good about reach cleaning staff I've imposing steps of the warriors and. Everyone seems to like kitten but we'd love contents uranium link yet do you listen to the show do you. You then along wind and I don't listen my cat live more like him he's rattling. Well I get a that's fair it's like as I love I can get that are. And I try to real men just like when I'm mumbling an idea that a lot he'll try to when they re explain that in English before you guys but. Flanagan pointed. You're evident. Yes so polar for next week. What animated movie you wanna see made tells the property you know cellist Seles on the idea and I'll give you on the combat some good and yeah. It will hear rice's idea and in the meantime if you're having a conversation with us on Twitter I'm at can be seen me go Bryce is at rates rose in. The best thing to use the tweet that one of us and make sure you do if you can fit it hash tag keeps on capes. Because we can always as a group we can always Korea actually keeps and keeps we can look at the whole conversation Iran's haven't so thank you. Peace.