Capes on Capes Ep 60 - Game of Thrones S4, Paternity Leave, Mark Hamill Drive and More!

August 12, 2017

Bryce is back from Paternity Leave! Fresh with stories of his son officially being named after Will Smith and ID4, no joke.  Plus we catch up on San Diego Comic Con stuff Bryce missed out on, Mark Hamill Drive Ceremony, and we get caught up on the latest season of Game of Thrones.  

Capes on Capes Episode 60

Friday, August 11th

Bryce is back!  We talk a little post Comic Con, Mark Hamill Drive, Millarworld coming to Netflix, Disney leaving Netflix, and Robert Kirkman's Skybound coming to Amazon!

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So I'm driving down on the way here. And our sister station sunny customs the dial and I got on to their station and it. I think they're playing Tears for Fears or some whatever ice on resolving eighties. And then it's savings you. Bonnie Bonnie Tyler. Total eclipse of the heart and hand it also and I found myself. Singing along the million dude totally eclipsed. In. I was Dan band had agreement isn't an answer you yet. The windows welcome you see god and I was like a puppet needs you. Let's not do it came and then a hot minute. I got a taste and another song. Heart noted now of our theme song. Masters yet I pointed out that there's a song from the seventies and a reggae like a punk funk reggae band. That is very reminiscent of an hour throwing out there it's possible back I sampled I don't know. But shout out to message and I his eagle years kid pitch in Ireland and let's just took corporate lawyers are yeah. I am as far as I know. One man's opinion my permission to use that from that artist that's all right now yes. Yes. OK and if he gets it that means that more people are listening and I got guys across the team is okay today and yeah what's up. So much yeah so we took last week off fully off peak days you were still Lima. Returning paternity I was let's say maternity that you're not a mom now but you're still on your eyes your last week of paternity leave and I ain't. Was ready to kill hole. Everybody in my way because I mean bird. Now it's up. Everybody can imagine I can imagine yeah a lot happened in com. I was telling that is that someone who's been ahead in infant with them no sympathy with those simply is there nobody. I was telling you off air that light this last week in this week were almost schedule. Like on the calendar. There's no way I can keep doing things and I will not do things can I just we went hard from you might. You and I we had SPF than a mile island. We did more stuff in June and I can't remember you live in July it's like. Fourth of July pride comic on market will drive and I want to kill myself you know I mean I can't there's nothing else. That point of last weekend. Mom. Yeah we had had a box that I could just locked myself handling and add. Even sensory deprivation chamber I totally what about it because I had a moment I like literally had a over my head. And I was like please don't make me go outside to. Anybody who are tired. Don I'm okay someone about to bump and our studio as is tradition we're. I that that sounds hectic I'm sitting about a half an hour a night shallow. Hi hey. How is mom. She is yet she's gonna get without going into many graphic details okay. It was a very much easier berth and a percent smoother than the personal announcement of their first child. But haven't intent is never easy. He's agree either great kid so far Bruce Wayne was named that it will now Bruce I will answer will Will Smith resident with. Well the the why does love the middleman so it shows a mouse but will Rosen. And did she really changed middleman I think you heard I've got away with will Smith and Q is it changes in the sense that he never would have allowed that sure. But it's the owners of funny though we where stuck between a win or win. Could not decide one of the like both Maine and oh yes. And as we're in the hospitals is after her water broke persuading from contractions to make the right time. Put on TDs kill some time what's on Independence Day hanging. The first one not the second line. Welcome our yeah we have a best male. Have been in a Bobby here. It out yeah I started this. Well and and that's what are turning world it was. It was the coin flip that decided it parent and I was very. And it had to be Wilson's movie I think about it at him because there isn't really an Owen Wilson movie that woody came on and then like food that line. Laid Shanghai noon came on I silliman. Night and so that's cited Armageddon. Still to an end designers. OK. What was the line where he was like helping those kids fight the bully what was that one element that that would then. Bomb Iraq it would about bottle rocket you know I could've gone classical the original. What's the was the director does the movies he's in like all of them. He did a real time bombs he dead. Rushmore are. On the indie kids love him. Establish an honest. You know I'm talking about how now don't see the Steve's. Isn't a movie my Brett Anderson is that it was Anderson dad I am seeing so maybe maybe one of the good Wes Anderson it was could've done it can't. But that didn't happen in that as they happened. And I have a son named will Resnick and it is our style let's be honest I like suicide squads. Deep down I wanted to be independents say that whatever they wanted I it let me know that you know this is a strong man lit character. Yes we don't have work on our communication will gonna save the earth and now we're gonna have his baby who is gonna happen if we got welcome back and I. And thank you I got to be back. What. What do we want to go we don't have Rajon voice of the Padres today and that happened let's find in any deal but we are a little. Well sort of Al Iowa first. I've been so I've been. I've been on for a lot before common gone down for mark Hammel dry of well you're there for the original part of it. But not the ceremony at the ceremony in that so I have been creeping like creep or does on FaceBook watching all those things and taxing meter coming thanks in have a match as. I we had discovers him off the air but. Sunday of comic con my phone Mo was driving need that not that odds. This series in limited access like we had him before like. It just you know that the station. Is more accrued and just mean you look at Galilee is the gap. I was really proud of our team this year and we have a point and I don't mean to cut you on and president. I was proud of me not at a personal level I'm working really hard. Heard. Two years here at the station like literally since I walked in the door of my eight. On let me put my toe in the water on accepted great can we talk about comical when you're in like I didn't really wait I was like hungry. And that's only grown and it feels like a. It feels like with the podcast and then you and I being here and site. More and more all of our co workers and our friends have like we're not getting doctor he needed but like they did combine in the high. And I think that plagued the stuff that you and I were able to do two years ago and last year where. You know you and I were able to podcasts and FaceBook live like we wanna to what we try. And I know part of the technology was gonna fly we have better definitely but like this year that would have happened you and I would have had our pod yeah. And that's the point is that. I think that people listen to me I think that light. You're you're really good job of like laying things out of like hey we know what it takes to do things we know logistically how tasty things done and and we just realistically ask her things and like everything we did. I thought it was a little ambitious sloppy I was freaking out a little and just kind of lie well that's an ugly texted you never sit like some like. You lie you know I was reading. Pre like I was worried about delivering I was blown out of all of us are going up the hill yet game and and then intervene. Com. You know I enjoyed myself and I made sure I enjoyed myself and being able to go with Alyssa Jack in Siro on Friday. Mean and walked the floor with them on their actual first time going to comic con. It never went inside Jack had been in as the Hulk and right on some bits but he never been a fan and just. Be gone just gonna look like a filly going to a home what's this about her on this other guy from coaching can't worry guys that his boots right now we know him late. Bill White kids and candy shop and that. That was my font BK and a Wednesday and Thursday. You know Wednesday that was reaganite Thursday main ways Thursday it was crazy peak as. We had the interview with rob light healed and Robert hurt me at the same time exclusive interview yes we should ray and wait. And then ran along and then they tried to fire in more of the creators stretching comics and I literally had to run out the door so that we would not be late. For the shark NATO event. Great I am with very quick. There are at the boss knew if I got it out I got my hands dirty I think no I got I guess I was felt so why not Marat Michael's so I gotten to actually got two interviews at a bad. But that was like. I felt that he was sat down in front of me. And just sort of we were sort of force and each other and it was like. You can't say now yet don't mean kept on any NI and then as soon as he got up I looked Jessica like eyeball like we got well. Like Paccar she likes star walking and I will meet you and I will say goodbyes yes I'll keep mine in that room and you're not. Haven't talked in that room as I mean they're viewing them it was a green room upstairs and Terry Schwartz from IG and was there all balled up for Tom the videos are doing and I was like actually continue to go say hi late. Let's. Hear all the time I was like she should instead of what is. It all this. In your board Marc Bernardin was there then you're. Of late. I couldn't tell you old people that were in this room randomly and it is like I had to go well like guidance are and can only do these interviews and go. It's a Friday was the first chance to like. Enjoy your income that was working and then and I felt like I delivered. That shark you know that was bananas. I'm staying right even so. Yet but I was really stress and hired and then to have it all has fallen into place felt it. That's awesome but yeah it looks it looks fun and we have similar plans for next year late. That's the great thing is that and I don't have I don't plan and have a baby yeah oh David what one finance slip up for birthday party tour. Well and I mean does the great thing is that right. I play. You know between Alyssa and myself being in front of the camera and and Jack and cereal being behind the camera and work with all of us like to everybody got it. And we were just trying to find more fun things to tell people like hey this is free in calm this is our talent. And I don't care it's comma con in the world and all these people saw that three compounds not that it's gonna come downtown. Can be this that was cool because it is you know really wanted to do that the last w.s that. That was classic has has if you guys haven't checked it out if you was to our podcast. Serve back through than the ninth when I went say. There's a breakdown like he was and owns him I'm recap video that was really well done as well to click on your page of either quicker echoed on my page a final lot more of that stuff yet athletes. Listen to the Khmer Michael's interview and rob like all the Robert Kirk in that was greens Kirk has had news today by the way. What was I saw that in Robert Kerr wins. Is dealing Amazon Amazon he's moving so that of those the character. Invincible they go well yeah isn't that specifically let's not no but he's bringing all of his sky bound entertainment which is invincible. And signs start out. It's dog there's a dog that has its ease is what happens when you see articles Bea don't read them you just like oh register the driver apartment Fannie and here. Finally got it out otherwise I would. And that's going to be the one now we're think you're right so video that there was a part of the article I think some articles. Rush to the point too fast break they're like well for now it appears that the Walking Dead interlocking panels they and it was he for at least their next season and might. I don't know go they're not leaving the insanity is not gonna let them god doesn't think choose it's like the second highest rated show in the war million well we'll plug about this. With mylar verse let's about that she and her brother Mark Martin and is doing now general mark alarmed. Tellme mark large crater of kick ass wanted a low net flicks yes on all his property they Netflix signed a deal with a more world. So he's taking all of his stuff there except. Kick ass and part of me by someone else owns Sony. Sort of Fox's the kings an influx of but someone else on yeah but he's the guy who eat the kings and this is by the label movies. So like this up it's already made he's not brings. Netflix but lie he's got a bunch more stuff he's done this rate he's gonna play Davis and never forget about that because this stuff just fall energetic. Did in Indianapolis is the only color that's the that is the U leading Netflix when I read this my first thought was like. The debate just signed that deal but apparently there was an opt out and their claws and after the 2000. Being together in nineteen isn't the only did you and actually signed the deal in 2012. To bring Disney I remember that down at timer when if first happened my quads a cool and then it was like those on hand for a long time now it's happening and during while it's happening they're announcing all this was happening next. Which is a little distracting. It is and but and confusing. But it makes sense from a financial standpoint. Because and I read the info on net on Netflix stocks and one in one of the reasons it's so good this year is they talked about because the sun did he do so long ago. Based on it before Star Wars was a part of Disney yen before marvel Barbara was the beast benign obesity is now like. It was a great deal but I think you know you don't Netflix nuke is Disney you know that they have been announced how much Arnold movies I'd and ended ended the sand now I don't think they do they do pay off this well but I mean mania like hey you have movies in the pipeline and we're gonna benefit Odierno today. Then if even of some of those things and happened they were getting it's right annals and it so I was reading a bunch of articles and I think there's a lot of confusion out there and I'm pointing I know and I'm fully docking about me. The defenders aren't going anywhere no Disney says they're leaving that place they're taking rogue one they're taking. Cinderella you don't really they're taking no calories or made. No and I am and that I'm a little more well. Think Immelman will read on this I own couple Netflix stocks parent and main intention tonight let's let loose and nicely. Yet no is there a note. How dare you. Season there's I work in radio every day it you know. Well who's got dark quick. Yeah. The the marvel shows are all stick it in the house knows they're horrible Netflix show the amount they're produced when Netflix they own a piece of them they're not going anywhere but. What you're getting you're gonna stop getting. Then you know the new avengers movie you're gonna suck getting death row one on the news up getting lying king am really concerned business is business my only concern about this is when you look at Marvel Comics. As they started paying more attention in humans a lot of us as fans of X-Men have felt like. Will you guys can't make X and movies so you're trying to not make X-Men comics. Having there idea that I hope not and I'm as a fan saying this and I'm saying that I hoped the deal in place works well for all of the net you'll continue to make quality. Defender's publisher daredevil liked iron fist I want corporate to be light. I just I just took it like this we were for corporation right and we're going through a merger that's about as much like to talk matter as far as that goes but. Teams have been above us all the time and and I'm afraid. Of that corporate mentality of like hey Bryce. You're now in charge of this division and you know. But the division we sell most popular umbrellas. Ain't Disco whenever I see these other things they need people of passion the need people who care they need people who want seems to be going to. And I I I just really hope and you never know and when we look at bad things sometimes it's happened but I just hope that someone doesn't become. In charge of that stuff and lets it go. I don't think you'll see that at least you definitely want to see it to the degree that marvel treats the X-Men. Because. Although I have read a lot of amazing excellent comics last year's comments are comics and they they imprint their credit they stay true there but overall I feel they have let the actors want and they have fantastic four but X-Men. They don't make a cent now. Off X-Men from fox. I should pulled the deal because it's incredible that box cut. It was like four million nineties and they got like one person like 10% of the first movie and then nothing going I only heard it was made when marvel was. Was blocked out by the toy company men in the toy company run into bankruptcy GAAP. But when it comes to these Netflix so they still are I think they have a piece of that yet they get money from them right. You know they're gonna have to pay the royalty fees keep doing that well I mean it's so it's it's it's not the same as the X-Men where it was like. Well they're pretty much not even arsenal and oriental ladies say that I'm just like I just. But I just want what comes to this time is nothing there though and and complete attention right why would we focus more on the one we we get these once we get 30% have. Or get the easily get a 100% correct. I think they're not stupid though they got a good thing going there I would want to set up so. If using those as we excel overall appearance paying attention Disney as a monolith will leave Netflix like two years. Moammar mark the large properties are coming to Netflix so I I think there's an answering pointed them like and a lot of people build their own universe a lot yet. I'll go bummed about this. In from the angle of hey I really only pay for Netflix account this sucks I don't get to watch his movies and you're right. But interns are just content that exists in the world. Netflix is not afraid to spend to make stuff there and take that money in it and they're not gonna pocketed and use it on summing up yeah it's a lot of it's a lot of money I was Abbott look at Netflix lately and it was it's weird right I mean this happens is shifting sands. But like for example the end of June and also I noticed on Amazon they have the three matrix movies yet. Now I hope I haven't seen in that a lot under a quick and I don't know and then in the end. It announced they were leaving Arizona in June and then end an error on them like we got an amazing animal. I literally don't care like aegis ships around and that's awful to me but that's hot he's always done that though I know when they. Like it happened so much more and like I missed that Netflix you get any dvd. Because I know I know I know all of the deal you know what it's like hey if things keep getting fractured. I hate it it's like I got halves this service and the service and the service in this service I mean. We'll have a little we bought us a little more tolerance for it I think it when music does it that is what makes me fear when artist puts out an album say it's exclusively an apple music. I'm all the. Mother (%expletive) don't underestimate any UK you'll cancel my account and make an annoyance like in here I'm talking you frank ocean so we can listen the new around you mother (%expletive) That's how they got aggressive but. He makes some street. Brad I know that's not unrealistic with just like anyone Loney. Doesn't drink but. My name of the point. For me my new. I don't see it there a world where I'm paying for a third streaming movie service. Because Netflix I'm gonna keep. Well you can ratio. Do you count stars it's it's tough because count Amazon I have mine grandparents cable and permissions like get other slow I'm not gonna lie okay. We partially have Jessica's parents account I mean like. I hate when you get which can actually cancer does not exact. The way we watch team is around here work no dolphins defense now. What is Zain Disney movies I see myself. Oh heading Netflix account and just buying the movie I wanna watch policy act owning a visually yeah Abington in his lately where armed. I wanna download not wanted to watch Logan and I wonder what slogan and I was like. I don't own this and I really don't wanna wait jest you can ring you can't unless the mound yeah he ranked we just pure and we ran for 48 hours we just watch it we don't go. I would probably do that because his thing on that closely. The specific line when. I'm blanking on jungle counts the 06 on the book came out plus it wants those yeah so I did my problem too is that I used to be a guy that would rewire. Movies. Incessantly. And I don't do that anymore like. And I think I think that's a class act that I'd I'd twitch is really sort of affecting me because. A sudden whatever salespeople but twitch yesterday and is she had just discovered it for the first time in London a more details miles like. How's that gonna be honest I probably spent eight to ten hours a twitch every day she was like half a year I was like no serious it's my TV. It's my Netflix. It's like everything and it's my main news and it's. My social al-Qaeda like I don't care. I find channel I want. I turn on and and I start doing what email and I might read Huffington Post and a final look at the news regularly Slovenia it is learning as our. Attention span is shot it's shot that's what I look podcasts. Because it implement what in my ear. And they go do stuff Sina either hard to sit down and watch a movie let alone when you're seeing by the struggling really hard. More this week than last week but it has been the last few weeks because I didn't. Trying to force myself to do nothing which is really hard for me to do then. I burned out on marvel heroes I'm still playing daily and I'm not playing it like six to seminars like I'm not sitting there. Putting four hours and again I might go to heaven any you know I don't I meant when things that it hit the timing I burned out rank and it's like (%expletive) I want something else to watch I wanna do this and I'm like. There's nothing there's no movies are lots of and it I was lucky. Vulture on season three dropped them on Netflix the weekend before. But it was only eight episodes and early half hour. No time like I was like I'm sad he's done an order on another short one the conflict to US Pennsylvania. I haven't seen those so good reviews. (%expletive) them I will I ran ads on our list I'm reveal armour Vienna Iran it's great. But like six episodes okay and liquor. Six. Well and putting Great Britain Italy broke up the vulture unseasonable for comes out October and which is great k's out of this season well. Really also we don't really condensed even though it's really just one season. I am. We'll throw these three guys watch it I love it but it did it hit he was so asked Adam Blake. She is what I hope world I live in I have bowled weight to its contents and nothing to stimulate like what is happening. We're spoilt he's right it's been a frustrating two weeks only because of the standpoint of I'm about to go on vacation. And I am literally trying to not start things before I leave com. I have a couple books I wanna read and I might just don't have you that I just kinda. I think it fundamentals like stopped and graphic novels and I but it's like that and can at least start date date while the getting started is hard to see now I have been blowing through comic books on my comics Knology. In my body sketch. Finally certitude he works Amazon and I can't sing or would you work and it was. You should know the congress are it's pretty cheat on and a lot lighten holy crap I have caught up so much stuff. You add additional wishlists it's either an amazing sale or to wait four to organ music sale an article yet 350 for this. 250 page graphic novel duck I didn't anyway. I've been reading at hiring a comic books this year. Mean that's part of TI amid a comic book he mode and there is I'm starting to run out of extra yeah yeah I hate this frustrating. I'm all las vegan. You talk about market a drug that was half comic con. All of this let's go let's come back and because we're gonna I gotta we legged transition yet I got your diamond contents. And what's it be known you'd get burned but there's no way you're getting burnt. On the game with runs we even have a full. Look I think a cigarette just talk about it. Okay the first three episodes were fantastic yeah okay I'd I've not had any problem with any of the pacing the season move bomb and then and then. Addison's forehead. Holy gee I thought. You lasted nearly I did because days I when he indicted him out one of our listeners. And you are doing it and he was like Hank. Mom. It's actually worth it sounds like DA actually let it sit for like six hours and especially beating it out I forgot the message you. But I was playing well you go to browse and wait till Sunday I was like a massive bribes allegedly Siro Jason from the morning show diseases in humans are fans. I was like hey do you wanna lodges never let alone know it away. I was like no I actually have like I literally just can't control paste it you will hat there you have it like I'm not trying to. I should get in trouble I'm Justine do do you wanna watch it I don't wanna watch it alone nobody would answer before I came to doing show last Friday. Consider the podcast I watched it and I was like much in the big numbers not washing their home I guess time that we would've recorded. I watched it is only 45 minutes. And I immediately misses aren't out there 45 minute upset about this it was for those who didn't quick but it was like. This don't know what you want what I did you relate. This. Like China portion of people like and then go to wanna see you gear were thrown early at a private messaging. Sounds like. I'm not trying to spoil it for you but if you wanna watch out little weight and then like on Saturday a post it. I was like pat wash it it's amazing you're gonna love it mean that people were like. Joseph cannot watch a. All cool that's on as a hey I'm just gonna say I watched it publicly. Don't feel that I did it do I want to three times. Elena yeah life otherwise lasts. To get more times this whole season so far. You're getting all these things. That are sold. Her. Earned and yes more learned than any show that's ever. Existed. So it doesn't chooses that I think the directors. The two guys and I think this season in more than anything else they were like no no no we're going to pay off. Yes season run stuff that we tees that you had no idea would be some ivory lots season one. And the amount of call backs there's every app so there's like five call back then he'd like you have free watch you wouldn't know it. I mean you could what he. The website will be covered and look at those shows on the break it down so these guys Youkilis hitting and you've been listening in you not watch it you're going to be spoiled I wanna talk about yet. We're gonna spoil the Jimmy spoilers. Spoilers are happening five sports and relates to Oilers line mural Bob Hill right now. Tom I was blown away by and I was on a few so I was on Twitter live tweeting. During the mean. And six clocks showing. Yes and it was Hillary see it I like heat Bachmann in I'll share share a whole new look inept type nothing amiss yeah. More like in and feeling like I'd just part of the show because I was reading between Miami and but like people picking up on Robert Bratton who's lying from the first season he says is sir see. Facing off against adult track record in open Pia is sue is Latin. Anywhere like beer (%expletive) yeah lots more delicate light. Roberts didn't and they are both to me like immediately like during the dry roasting (%expletive) yeah like. There's been running on a Robert going out there Mueller robbers and not sit in ended the dragon. I loved in the if you last year that missiles on HBO go they give you that recap with directors Gary at least the main Dooley described the dragon is and it was perfectly. This dragon is what do we put an SUV you nap in the middle of like that's exactly yeah this. The other call back I loved and then episode is. Conversation. Between brand and little finger. Where a lot of this cast letter that is a throwback to the conversation he had with the various just before or nets start it was a grade and got his had got a gun and now. Then no season one Republicans conversation he receives three. That's whatever it is is there the two of them were in the throne room discussing. Chaos is the latter whenever my he had this whole soliloquy in was the theme for the season Everett a couple of our local and take affect everyone says season three I can't confirm. What you're right yeah. And that was the good this soon as soon as brand so that I knew exactly and I can't run it made me mad that people online we're like yeah there was brain got to be we like chaos in the latter make. Yeah this. I'm. Really big yeah. Britain has been we adapt winning so luckily we talk a sense. And it was like I can tell you anything I can tell you a little finger. Got dad yelled we don't do this now arrived and thank you rate. I'm I was like land grant you looked so gorgeous in that dress yeah. Well I that. Global. I did love the means of the reunion with the Starks were aria comes back. On an end it was it people opposing photos it was during the scene. Where aria is fighting Rihanna and then in the sparring Xenia and you have that mommy I didn't think. I didn't think Sophie turner really was like. It was. When your brother goes off to college joins a cult in your sister is now on assassin. What the pockets rock. It. A. That I'd I'd just. After everything in his show he knew believed. That and accept that this Sunday. John so aria in stance billion brand. Are on the back winner for now. Eight this show to those who pledged that did not seem believable and we got. We had John meetings and parents for the for yes. Why there ask I guess what if they're and that is and they start to like each other and their brother and sister very hard yeah and aunts and nephew. He is our net as well they're related yes very targeted and because her older brother is supposedly John's dad. Yes the older brother is out that yes out there related though I was yeah relax target in their reminded incest. That's why's that yet they married they married with the sisters and Brothers I don't know if John would like that if you know that both I get a lot of people are wondering too we're we're not just talk about the so far we're talking like the whole season dia. If there is to be let out and they'd do this it was this episode they started like. Yeah have a we brought and Abdullah at and the fire and yet yet through all I I there's two things that I read online this week and I want to discuss about this Ian at the in. Sparring scene. Supposedly. The are always in the back cat and start and how you guys are stretch here but I was like how creepy is that woman locker processing in the background and I don't watch it again. I don't think it is except maybe hasn't each Reagan and doesn't go anywhere from there or at least don't cart which they said he's not going to be an issue but as. They they said that and also like if there they would've done it by now. Right you couldn't you wouldn't wait hold it we'll have eight episodes plus the next eleven days until now it would feel like cheap it yet it distancing necessary. Alicia is part of the children of the forest but that was not her think she was the red dot now own it it's insecure brand so I'm. No that was all there was no in the books that never unsecured Rihanna and she was about killed. Who she about possible. She's guilty oh no she didn't debris. G said you broke your out and you hang out Cheney and guilder. Among look at that she may have hunger. I knew that I don't think Regan died someone else was about to be killed tea because they got summoned to her. And it was like the book ended. That's what I mean I was like with debris and I'm done yeah I thought Randy and I as a spoiling the books for you yes spoilers songs are ten year old book skills. Bringing. Bomb I am so there is the catalyst. A lot of people were pointing out the name of the crossbow is called the scorpion. Cop Qaeda Byrne is great with poisons you can possible he poisoned that bolt and the dragons and poison and that. Drove on May die in the next few schools. Dallas original reporting I was like oh god. And now I'm like. Boys and of course I earned it they did he score in old wasn't big enough to kill it right English what. We did I. Late not a belief I know that I believe it you'll on the good ones and it doesn't go. I. Boyfriend are. Right now you think it's right. Food. I love that the all the means about oh I am. The families and I know the guy who plays brawn. What is his name Dick known Dick. And I think that I did get a lot of stuff actually use and Doctor Who episode is a black sales keep busy keeping busy on telling them it means. You dead are drawn is into Jerome something new right he posted this week is mailman who will talk to him. That's sure to. All of you lying if you work lately people were literally on Twitter going. I'm cheering for this dragon. To literally turn people ash. I've seen thousands of people die in the show and people get rate. But a dragon takes a bowl and I'm like all so. I I mean the horse pins and need all it is like yeah you know war is and slow god. When he was shooting of the drought and bronco and hit every that no no no no. The broad line when he says Gina you've got to do own genes like no why you know he does your other general yet these (%expletive) are about because yeah like. I would lose billions and billions adopt rack ordered. All as a drag. And there's a vote on dragon you're welcome. I did like that means that came out because it's. So the very final scene when Jamie is charging all he's he's on a horse fourteen thread 88 yes we just treading through water it looks about. Four inches deep. Gets knocked off the horse into water that looks about a quarter mile deep. Kind of lay. That would like a Grand Canyon was. That an analyst is establishes you. That was brawn that saves them. Yeah because the ceilings are they said at the scene for brawn is on his knees after the scorpion it's melting and he looks up sees a white horse. The scene cuts. Tiring in W (%expletive) 88 yeah Jamie grabs a Lance he charges and then a another guy and a white horse. Not steaming into the river cell that LeBron not Dick on a lot of the sadistic on. You know I looks like Dick gonna watch it again and then that it could be was actually on my third play through my third watch news and I was looking for allies like who actually sings them. Then it was in it was the scene before with the horse any and brawn looks up sees the white horse. And I and let it play out and I I was like oh (%expletive) every round and Mike okay that's neat setup that's the timeline. Of them telling us. He's the one that don't ask and I can't tell little doubt he'd do a gold a bad old. Well we are given even give that to save Jamie. Yeah did because fireballs coming land. She used to kill the dragon I think each only shows when you're the gold felt the ground. Instead. I see the gold I'm probably gonna die if I go for it because there's stuff Iraqi swing in low. My only plays to move on. I don't I know that Lee was highly honorable thing I think that there right now I think you're watching again I think you're right and I think in battle things are fluid. I don't you music I think what did you it's easy wasn't a coward. Especially north c.'s Jane Park a lot of other characters would have died if they would have died for Beckel but also notes. If Jamie gets cut by the dragon I'm probably dead. But it Jamie's alive we you're probably prisoners. Then you're really a lot of yeah aren't things that there's a lot to that there's a lot. Maybe he looked up at salt tiring in it was like you were gonna be better off yeah I don't know he'll treat as well as prisoners ice it down it. Now the Tyree wintry I don't know by helping other option in NASA they definitely left us in the end the family you mean. Yeah I love her. Oh. I loved various. Combating back to hurt like you know loyal to me and bears is like. I'm not loyal to just you being queen the loyal to the realm yet now I love that I'll. I did love. Speaking of other something came out with various. Was beyond. Game of throws scheme of Jones. On late night with Seth Meyers he brought he brought. It. Rock ghostbusters what's your name oh boom of about Jones. At a time about this I I I don't have a caller Rasheed Jones and ratios don't downs no. Oh number all three not hurt at Google element receded down. I received a great job if not right and it outlook word that. Based on the in the potter smell anyway Damon Jones and downs she was gone out with Seth Meyers as we can she was watching episode and she her reaction armies. Bob they actually brought embarrassed and the whole time she's like she's yellow it beyond calling him he brought. I don't they grab you trust yeah. It yeah. There's. You army unit took the trash can. Lot of units and that's up to him I think about it kind of foreigners to payment past. But you we get agreed Jane is not dad. You know they don't show you dead in that sense you're not that. You let that lakers ridiculously deep. No I don't think she is that like people saying. Leslie Jones Leslie Leslie and it's. Are people saying that people assuming that he was and I like how why isn't that kinda in this well if they don't show you this dead airline. Dies by drowning it may be never inaudible and if he never comes up again. The black face is still alive. I didn't see him die that's the that's a great point I did not see him die he's still alive he is still haven't liked it even if I did you die. I'm not positive that John came back to I came back so that blended the the men that blacks become that ballclub because all the all time. Owe a great a great theory. Clinton. So. I think his name is not show us from the iron rank and the one whose struggles his brother. And Arizona State Emily wants lend money and the iron bad guys claim they got there may also I want is that it produces a Sherlock and nom is the producer and Doctor Who is or is a writer and our producer he's fantastic and and I director Tom. But he acts in this show is that the iron paint in on him telling her. He was this line here's the line here's the setup right he told a bit tight wind never fully paid off his debt to the iron can and that's the tile. Because Taiwan is very Smart and he was saying to her your very Smart like your father unlike your father I would never paid off his debt to their bank. And she says a lancer always pays or deaths. People think he's playing her. Because guys in this episode. They said the gold made it through the gates and then the dragon intact so the gold makes. So they stole the gold from high guard and he brought it back to king's landing they're gonna get it to the iron bank at that point. Your bank doesn't owe her or meet her for anything. And the thing isn't that I would never paid them off. Because he knew how to use them in leverage their son. You don't they always noon by owe you money you have a vested interest in making sure on the line so I can pay you back it's like it's like. Bomb don't you gotta go collect from the guys that owe you money you while you break their legs you don't cause so they can't her new model killed and I don't know that they owe you money. You can't beat the crap out of them but they know he got to make it's that they can still OE. And the thing about. Her paying off the iron bank is actually probably the worst thing she can possibly do you because she thinks or another gonna invest in the future. You've paid off the back. Billy to make a note seek additional loan to be embarrassed with dragging its post beginning mark fascinating. Fascinating. Interest we saw eleven episodes ago and they're zombies coming at. This episode and they're gonna be. Dealing with the white lockers and I can't want you know it's kind of what was that of the five wood to store for responses for. There's only eight really three more of the C sep oh my god. Seven this is next time garner only three of those left GAAP. So I am sure we have to win a year and a half for the next episode and it said it's early signatures I pummeled until Tony nineteen illegals I'm sure we're gonna next summer possible. The only 8% of anyway. Exciting heroes at site so good I feel like ever since found the bastards. Like you got a victory and you didn't expect it at let's take heart home. Which what does that win that when when John first comes face to face with the banking. Yeah he just loses no well I'm I think which I went to different things like that's when the show just. Took him not usher I'm talking about when we started in the payoffs for all these law all these beatings we tuck yeah. Since then has this been like. You know if things are happening we've all been talking about winter's coming. It's here it's happening to theirs has been trying to cross she's here yeah it's happening yeah you know there are some. We have loopholes in geography that I'm willing to let it go or how. How fast and here he's got over there. That's later dragon dragon go fast but how fast is up Iraqis got there. They keep mentioning it she has she ships she lost the ships for the and sell. Even if she did write I refute it seems like this all happened like an hour later well yeah I mean I guess it reality in the show that was during one week. Yeah I it the best part for me and not like any event. I get a pass is on eleven arrived bright and do you think that is that everyone forgets because the next the it is so amazing so crazy I watch now a few times but it. Did Jon and Dion reunion. And John saint and Hillary's I nationalize what you know it's a plaza. And then asking why are you here in the on saying well we lost everything and you know I got to Kanye queen we gotta tell the queen whereas the queen the greens out here. Like that is life it's up that's for sure hope because he could immediately goes to Jamie and Veronica might. I knew I annual. I was kind of watched it but to put too likes that again and again as I started to notice the hills and like that trailer I thought like. Those are those hills yachts out. The blueprint of the here it is this is she hit that was nothing to inform me that I was like a hand this is we have seen this in a trailer I've seen. The dragged into Israel she and a ya know I know a lot of people are re watching right now and I am one of them. It is so crazy deceive like season one into. Dion lake with a start like I. When he went to win kids when you were kids when he would come when rob becomes king and number robbed yes on as. And yes come on your brother now forever watch that now you're like you. It should ask you two big hits the only Richard Dicker that's. Is this needs to be two this season as well is hearing stuff on on the screen of light. Jeanine talking about the block water rebellion and RDI am I'm sorry to graduate rebellion and that. And it's it's it's a good Richard knowing it's fun because it's after. Robert has become king yet and Alec all the principal players are there in their prime hilly genie is there and hi there lord Merrill's comes through with a flaming sword leading the charge in and what's his name that the Danny's got the bear with this grey scale Dora more money than the morons out there that door was bearers were here and his knighthood. You know and and it always people of the kings guard baron sell means there all these guys and they're loyal and great joy they wanna do when they said one this show's over they want. Did you more game of runs right so I could see that but being interesting that to find out you're on. Is the one that caused the civil war he's the one that told was that. At all parks yeah. We didn't and then he fled yeah. And he can they lose and he please can chair umpire you know how we gonna see you're on in the book a lot where he's way more mystical. You know what I love about that character is he's done so well. That no one has product that his name is Karen with. You're on. Come on Dick on. That's funny too I love every time they say deacon and Brunswick. All too well. At all. Well since grade I Texas Jessica today that I couldn't find rays blue ball in shootouts it's just regular blue walls I'm twelve. In memory watching when things I notice I watched was I noticed but. This scene where. Syrian is on trial of lord of the veil and he offers from money to fight for him. What an investment for that family has that paid off right. Right here we are. Five seasons later I've snarls save Atlanta I there's not that's where he got brought up he got run on the road or he was with the Starks. Why was he with a Starks I think he's a north man announced and I know he was these boys as was he does at the veil. I think so or think Syrian Matta on the road. At any Whitley you would not you know not a prisoner he was with you the suction the veil one of those tea. And maybe. Idol forget to watch my one of the guys actually the guy audio isn't Adio audio raced here is going to be covering your common conference he's got tickets he's going to be going. And he's an equal enough I think to check out. I don't with a and a half we actually knowing you wouldn't know comic I'm gonna have spread this year. But he's gonna cover some stuff for asserting it's a good coverage from there but he just watched you throws for the first time and he liked. Like the last two weeks has been powering through and then watched this episode life. And I am like I wanna know where your rat like ask three easy. Is it is they now like in the moment. That's the special within them you need to assure you. You watch it again you know does a lot of things and certainly you know what's happening here again and miss a lot and in the years unpack that you go back in your late yeah I got like. I've forgotten is that happy ending like holidays this all leads the this I didn't realize just that and we move way past all the call backs. Between tearing in and John have been fantastic great. They like when he said all to our serve bastards with like. You just said that I just outside you just say all forms of basses and yet it's. As it's this has been so good isn't good and I. I just realized we had at the time monument throws tires he's been really four episodes deep may even done and we had other stuff and it's only a realigning our Ivan on three weeks is a woman back for four weeks out gonna say we only wanna talk about the first episodes and in our the last one I had it. It was just so dominated by the lead at comic con as I was saying now we had. Some remarks he didn't we touch on and a little bit then there is reaching dragon stone said it was coming world. Maybe noted we just broke on the trailer that's always dead yet because we didn't we just haven't had a breakout game and a lot of people and ask really look for podcast that I don't like. Let now what are we really feel not gonna play almost in the sea every summer at a season I don't have a standard to say that that. Those shows keep us on more of a schedule did you hear the part of the year figured he was way more on topic is we like to break down those four in particular now now when he. Yeah but that's the thing LII and I've been really sort of on board since about may have to scuttling. Sorry when it. Some of the art of yeah. Well I'll drive that you want to I feel act nice. Ally you know look so. Sunday of common cause I was I was gonna go out right are things that come a minute ago of a city like Lilly as soon as I say that. These water breaks he's can put out and getting up that now harm Hammel drive was gonna Gaza and really wanna go. I Hague I obviously I think that was the week after that was literally this and ask I was so funny I was totally in the cards. I was told by a human publicist friends that Marc was an account for comic con and I was like host that's not I thought. I thought maybe we can connect like me who can meet up with a remedial this ceremony what happened our comic on one and predict a week later. I don't remember we ended details yeah I think it was during comic cons it was a week and a happy slower it was an account on no I don't know but I just meant that like none of those people were really down like physically in the CI AM but you know like is this Sarah. And mark was going to come to be detonated. Ended up being the Sunday after comic con so he came down in. It was cool man I grew up in Claremont like blocks away had no idea I just I didn't nodded my mom took me to seize hours from me she was pregnant with me. Guy I was born February issue in December so she reconciles our the part of my life but like. Like to meet Mark Hamill and I are leaving it to him I didn't. A well known. I know we talked about it on any sort of I think guitar better on air but if you missed out. We got to there was this immediate area and we got to go into it we got to like we got covered recovered let me there was other media and Aaron. Hot hot not with the councilman who hot putter on and some of the other folks who McCain aside and stuff and but it got so crazy so fast it was like 85 degrees and thousands thousands of people. We are the media and black will square square yeah and like I can walk around freely but everywhere I looked it was just a sea of people. Bomb in the four corners of the block and it was crazy man people were changing the name I had a really hard core vibe of wing you and I met were you there for them. Captain Kirk thing we know I was not. The winner shattered thing breaks my heart it is seen at all right see in the photos the photo is amazed it breaks my heart because he was at the end of a super long day during comic con. Had Isabella that's. Worse the event it was a bunch of mean recent listeners we were supposed to be last. And dude I don't blame him is like 86 years old and tired you are like you wanna go home right in he liked. He learned he was late shell shocked like I know what you mean an end. He was like who the (%expletive) are these guys and Clinton that program or public I don't blame them yet and I didn't want to have a would mark and I didn't forcing thing Jack usual great Jack rushed in there and got. He got a sure sign he's gotten. He got to meet mark because mark whisper to him so Jack ran up. As mark was going downstairs to leave and Jack ran out K I'm jacked because we have to it was so crazy and we are supposed to do stuff with them. And jabs like and check. He goes yeah it. Beat me at a fire house. And then Jack comes back. Who is the energies and Jessica mean. A Jack Straw for Merrill and who does that to 1988 Michelle. I think one more person knows they're talking to us and Jack goes he said. Mimi at the firehouse. Arnold let me I'll put out he must be his green room must be down the street at the farm house I grew up around here is just it's just rates. Down the street and. The and Jason and Jack in Jessica and Merrill and I also the conversation switched. And it was like and this is confined you don't can't see this tomorrow it'll be good okay man. But are rough what then. And we just and I got a car and we went to Wal-Mart across freeway and mean that a little bit shopping about a card on the freeway are driving away. Emea at the firehouse just goes what ago. What security. We have zero reaction to Jack saying meet me at the firehouse. Why didn't we go to the house you I don't it's not eating chili. Could we miss something like why didn't we do that like why did we falter I think I just was burnt out of time. Jack falter. None of nobody else everybody it but Jack. All through whom got over there. There's a cop at the door to door was open and and the cop was like hey do you have clearance or whatever music I don't buy it mark said. And then all of a sudden mark Hammel from inside the firehouse as Jack. Jack. I wrote every word of the stories have come up how intertwined. Mark Hammel has been with us. I say it's ridiculous I'm here now. Depth every live as he gets nicer and cooler. Than before yeah and and I just I I asked. He wanted to talk to every fan that was there and it in he tried you know that's the thing she was like the reason why I was a crazies that he was like yet he's pushing the humble abode the media blocking and when he was going to the fence and like diving in the people in light. One guy passed out and starch. I'm not. The last night. To have this the mountain. A mile than him I don't want that and get mad at me if you were licences anyway but a guy and it's our troopers not sure cost him a pass at a car. That is. That is fantastic. I've been a guy that does am costliest in. There was Brandon Jackson and he is he's a navy guy even on I forget what his nickname is but he does photography. And he's big he's been picked up by the final first is that market few times and I was vehicles that's a guy Greg Anthony case. He goes can I didn't Russia talks and anxieties now. Daniel M crazy it's been a crazy few weeks. That's an understatement and I believe. Out in early and upon then the next week and then I'll be gone for a week and then weave back and I don't think we're gonna. Go anywhere for awhile already get into you coming up. The war was great. Piazza which were to order a little by the way guys like the unofficial. Caves on tape seen and also works out like she's still learning and when we're not doing anything to that keeps the momentum got it. Like Unclei and it just works out well she wanted to go to work to her because she loves worked or worked through this year had young comics she got mean programs I have. A comic book from nine comics that the program for war terrorist at a school. She did the lights interview as flights today. That was so cool that those are on the Mark Campbell moment it was is it still is life is you know. On comic came out and she dropped new single and said man I tweeted about it and then. As an ally and that is one of the song and the song told savage or whatever. You can be savage and I have a gift of Melissa. Of her throwing G slippery ground and I sat hash tags avid. Typos today and then lights tweeted back in both of us you are literally my favorite arts. I. Just used that all a shout outs Alyssa. Her picture with lights that we got a comic con is going to be in an issue a skin and earth. I don't know which one. But they may be reached out to her and got her approval to go nine outs so she will be Internet that data that the Diana that the good that yes and you add you haven't seen it guys you'll see it that I'm it will be an issue of us Skinner sometime in the fall position to just came out and so three or four drivers out now. It'll be there is some. Comic you've got. A and she's kind of art she's dark she's arcade psyches beeps. Out of this album. I gotta run yes. Next week then. This is episode sixty thank you for listening to it though these.