Capes on Capes Ep 25

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August 20, 2016

Capes on Capes episode 25!  This week Hamby shares a story about trading in all his PS4 games for a 3DS and Pokemon Yellow earlier this week. Bryce gives us the latest in tv and movie news. We have a discussion about Final Fantasy fans over reacting before they knew ANY facts, and lead into another discussion about the movies of 2016, more drama about Suicide Squad, and trust your own sources.  Special episode next week, what Fall tv shows are you looking forward to? We are doing a Fall TV Preview and want to make sure we cover all the news for your favorite show.  Send your feedback to us on Twitter @CapesOnCapes


Capes on Capes Episode 25

Friday, August 19th


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So with good hammer. Yeah about it is a long week the long week I we're busy people let me. But he shares the lead for refresh into the show eyelids duke lose to this week I can actually share fully tells I'm. When where or why or what it was form and I had two other records speak with the deputy I really tiny Dick our audience like that deputy. It didn't deputy district attorney in California is only the that there's a message now is calling for Kimi. You mean give me some day drug related drug related well you know now now really and as I am I am a violent. 9 no I am that. I am a principle and on jail and a look is in the payless will literally underlying. Tom. Blah blah blah but you know what you should ask Jeff Symbian that. And that's why don't I invited me real specific. That I average at sandbags that are behind edict of the day generally that are look none of the caves and gave us. NATO and I'm good I'm good I don't know I think. Your your right into an outline and I got themselves to watch him but it was like Newsweek what are we saying it's episode 25 and I okay yeah. I didn't realize I was and I was like I usually look at the but the lock certain may have sent. What are we don't kick it off. Religious discussion like spousal on talk about that meets funny I wanna hear the cities in the movies and Evian. I. No I did not get on the outs plans anyways in the that came out because of the Sony. Dale comes now that was I'm sorry the Sony hack happened because of the movie the area so they have is not a good movie without saying that. Oh but it had one funny joke. We talk about being honey did and knows what's on the agenda yurigan well the term honey Dick is when you seduce someone into doing something they want. And you don't deliver unlike what you seducing them for so like a lot of fans were. Honey baked into thinking Joker would be in suicide squad yes like watching trailers good example. We will off of on the books but frank ocean of the artists who would drop musician the artist young seventies I drop my album dropped them every week he honey to access stop and today he really honey Dick that's. Because he said a drop in the album this week turns out I'm not drop now armed robbed during this weird 45 minute music video arrives in my albums can come out later. Sell a friend wonder if it's an artistic amount of Jeanne moos. Or just the schizophrenia that is corporate music culture I think that Dick is just fields are honey that's a lot now so. Friend posted about talking about it time and our teams in Condit he's from Portland so there it's a very liberal place you know. And I commented. Well first when it is frank ocean is a game. Nothing wrong with that. We'll contacts and to keep us at frank oceans and as album come out this is not out I commented frank ocean and done honey Dick yes. And people sort of commenting left and right on what is gay have to do with this. And you didn't have anything to do with it you know you don't know what you you don't know what honey tick me right just saw the game man that's Joseph the deacon. And I felt like well I really have to explain this what we need to. Days later this I don't know I. Yeah his audience if they didn't know what that meant they would literally gloss over it yet. They just feel like Bryce he's got some funny from isms so I hope so he's a colorful character I was asked. I would never studied it comes election. So a backdrop with it and that's like me is whatever and then we wanna talk about movies and T down sixteen this kind of like ran a. Movies that from this year there's an article here today I wanna touch on and I also touch on some gaming news and its related to our conversation that we've been having for a couple weeks. And especially last week's podcast episode 24 please collect and listen to it. Where we are gonna. Well we talk about mom. Wheatley ran over reaction and overreaction free overreact yet so let me get back into that and how it related to the gaming world. While we were recording bad episode last weeks ago. What's the news and then also the tease ahead. We are not coming peaking when we do this but let me ask you lastly there for next week in next week's going to be a special episode of caves in caves and I would like to keep your feedback. I'm hit us up on Twitter that keeps on keeps. Of course we got our FaceBook page as well there's literally just look at caves like usual final logo you'll find us. Or of course on the FR 949 ST dot com website give us your feedback what shows are you excited for the fall. What networking is it on cell you were not familiar with it being defined it and like what news are you looking for what it. What did he is for a fall preview late Willie. Like it's the big property rights what you have to have in next week's fall preview past to be in there passed it. It'd all of the flash I mean a flash perfect what network is that on that's on CW it's unseen god you know what I don't look at the flash on CW I don't find much news chief for next week and mentally I'm gonna cover we're gonna we're gonna take care of that cell. And and nobody don't use where nobody give back to us in many different ways even private messaging me however you want to give us feedback and let us Alicia measures are sedan. We're gonna be recording next week on Wednesday night. So get your stuff and before that even if it's something we don't totally talking about. Now that's. Who have had a lot of general upcoming DW Canada or agents of seal but we are going you breakdown of the shows that price I do watch so we we haven't no luck yet little 100% here about the flash and aero let's let tomorrow agency shield Rivero a super girl Luke cage cage. I. You wins out of four volatile about hall and catch fire fantastic show okay that's a good line on a probable we'll touch on the Walking Dead. Didn't the real interfere don't fear is ending the we'll talk about the walking that is I realized that it doesn't I don't overreact. Bobby yeah so that's. That's the next week's episode so Bryce take us with the news well and it almost on talk about our first story because it's we definitely put a lot that. Suicide squad expected to win its third straight week at the box office and it and not to be. But to be rude but a very tepid box office very light. There's nothing out and now it's out it's. Worst suicide squad and that's not saying Tuesday that I heard is the big one this week and I turn yeah. A bit like what was that only a sexy thing solid party didn't bring true peace dragon didn't break breakthrough I think sausage party did what they expected to do it did but it didn't. It wasn't number one it wasn't igniting actual theater ever won a prize is suicide squad is used in unique position to keep them on the idea to keep the momentum it's colorful it's a fun movie we mulled recommended seeing it even though there's a lot of problems with it so. And that's it's surprising. And also just broke 500 million at the worldwide box office yeah it's pushing it so it forward that that's that's that's the thing about this forever stuff we talk about. And quality you can wouldn't holiday talk about which we are Taba later yes. But they are making their money and Agassi to say that for the topic later see you don't you know we talk about that briefly I just wanna add one thing is colored girl nineteen chino which we met exasperated video we talked about last week and she had mentioned and I think it was also on kind of funny kind of funny. Need to dot com slash company I think they also mission in their review videos while all of OK that's enough enough enough this it made its money back in what does that mean. If we're that disappointed where fans. So it's like because I was make that argument of like what they made their money back you guys you got you got to not go see the movie. United namely your little better pay and did anyway yes so I would vote with our dollars and you don't make money get another one of these so there is some substance of that it's it's. It depends ID we are coming from a I haven't seen yet so like I was has he did bring this up but I definitely wanna see some very intrigued. The tick today eight dropped its pilot for free. On him on Amazon acknowledge the pilot I don't know that means am free if you have an account and a priority action. If you he's going using him I don't know how I see mean either you can go in previewing our only rate I racquet on whether that meant you have to have an account must track I don't think that was as a trailer for today in Iowa some and I've seen it's what I've seen and you can't. The new taken cost him have not. I'm I like he says he's not nice play them it was potty it was dinner party at his perfect ID the statement quoted David Brody. I always knew his putting is federal while I mean in a private ambulance like here's first and he's brought Sampson on the venture Brothers he is crock in emperor's new crew. That's fantastic I. And shoot these boys are simply teaching commercials there he does it. A low. He lights he likes what might these light if you avoid twitters and I've always liked. I've always liked captured at least as Slovakia talking I kinda okay Aaron actually I'm. At least I think they said personally for this out. This is brought him back you know he would've said yes to that role he's not as a luckiest you know I'm an expanded to people asked about her like in Al bring him back out wide I just bring him back. You know it's a comedy. Hero thingy cadet he could make it jokes he's older now known as always but that's out there are Barton. Patrick war Barton were brought in there ago or David Levy went on in our party you know here's here's an ad by the. A so Amazon pilot season stream and review now helps like the next Amazon original comedy watching rate ticked. I love Dick which stars Kevin Bacon or. And it's our visa last title again pilot Dick as swarm OK and again you can miss you can highlight that and Jon Claude van Johnson. A new comedy starring Jon Claude van dam and he's got his. Fingers and a gun and smokes coming up his fingers like he shots he shot isolate Lester creativity. You are also out of a look at this Amazon piloting. I'm impression its trade. We entitlement actually talk about this last week but I'm instant talk about it preacher had its finale. Oh usually turn I did okay as the season as a whole IC potential like I'll watch next season but they lows good not great. Okay I I hold a lot of high regard him as an antsy shows I think they do. He really well I'm so like I think Rihanna hotly and I think did you shows I think they do shows well. But I don't think they're all hits in because not for me now they're not all hits but what was that one that was airing. During the Walking Dead this last season it's coming back the medical at all known Olympic come through. That's about it wasn't coming back I was coming back and the guy that wants the play cable you know you are right it's called. The land is that into the battle it out there and help our designers on it to like it to her and this just I don't think so it's only gore I I watched it and I wanted to like and it's it's this post about the apocalyptic world. In the south Arnold like plantations. People who live in like try it and or else camera eyes. Now I wanna like that they were all samurai as well there was a lot the leaders were good samurai swords flare Louis yet could candidate I'll analyze what let me characters throughout the routes what we're most percent there was ever eyes are right. A lot of hype and all the pieces Mino like. And it but I don't know what it was lacking but I never got that into it. There's a very short season to end looks like you can watch the tape for free as it is it's presented by guy coach stream all pilots now. Take this survey I think they want you to watch all the pilots and accents all we can't click on it because the computer in the studio is no I don't you know trying to computer. And when playing. Anyway the lawn. Let us of being alone does not that was not a load got stuck about I thought the finale was decent you know gave little. There is there's all these two stories going on him to like cowboy way. And one in you know present time so woman late eighteen hundreds when you never really how is connecting. Spoil are you find out the cowboys and and held the whole planet is this loop of just ten gallon preacher preach okay. And that they finally marriage that he was in house they're easing him blue and also it and I and our little. Good not great stamina. What was great now Andy. Anyone name and I you're not at today yeah but it you're watching mister robot this week's episode. Pal Adam or anything against the any of our. A spoiler alert but I. Analysts votes joke is this was the term as biggest turn I've seen any show and it was so clever. And I'm being very ambiguous and I had just. No no spoilers let's find it's got kind of funny Dick US letter yet again ideal or goal should show what you're allowed the Chicago logic you're not watching mr. I'm kinda Molly additionally companies utilize this announcement season to eat kind of it fixes on things that you thought were kind of like the certain person's story Linus like. This what everyone else is moving in this one to go anywhere before and this one hasn't gone anywhere I'm not sure if I have permission to watch it without Jessica or if I'm waiting for Burton. But at saint I'm at the point where are my kind of man you don't need no woman whose lament the plane or a money. It's only like eight episodes a season or something I'm just gonna have like I've now yet I'm like you know a lot and I just wait until they're all design and others watch in all three molester and a this fund its ill miss I want that for season two or three weeks ago I was so you know if you're ago. You can lately and went into the summer if you're gonna blast through these five this is almost its own arc of felt like it be good. Jumping off point or any knowingly a couple of surplus he can't wait yeah. Yes name and not diligent there's little photo released of Linda cart on the on super girl adding that just Coolidge as sudden as the bird Lance he does and it's cool. I solid today and I am I was curious it's because I'm actually a big Lynda Carter fan. And like I just think she's. She just gets worse try and do about it right. But but at the same time lake. I'm just kind of like calculate just watch set on the of the sand and now the weird thing not amount of the point with cerebral season to that it was a season one last summer. Where if you had asked me last summer to see gross isn't it. This will be c.'s use of drugs I'm good at it again and here I am. Israel has last year was super season one has the pilot was out on the Internet even I think lies one of our listeners was asking me about an eight relied generally wait let's on certain and that's always been my attitude than I never watched it I only watch the flash cross over and even then. Our our cable box cut out for half the super rubs and I'd never went back and watch the whole thing. So here I am I coming Saturday was admiral seasons here and I know Mike I could very easily now lodges and that's that's the shame of it might you know I think I will. Only because let's get a recorder with the CW there's a rhythm in place there. CW had an app on the roku so every night when I get into bed either a so so on Monday through Thursday looking forward days of leak. I can go to Netflix and take a thing I've probably some I'm Marty seemed to for Iraq and put those Amazon and a that's that's an art I don't know how much I'll be into the musical episode but. They also shot we'll see what happens I don't I don't guarantee that I'll watch it all the way through now. Most liberal haven is nothing against quality it's just there's there's something like you said it looks not for me but. I am in trained by the martian man hunter story ever know they were cool things like that was a really could CC were hurled for next week Andrea talk about it for sure yeah. Because I have some thoughts on isn't just an organic conversation and unlike unlike you know what we're going down that territory 'cause I'm a guy act next week when doable thing. Another as a reminder and every episode British talk about all fall shows they are like other than preacher in the mean that was okay. I get to we'll have more. Positive news well some positive Fareed Michael Pena. Is confirmed frame in two yeah areas and I'm back I hope we entirely up. In the next so he does great recaps that was a funny renting out so that was a fantastic job go around and you know and man. After years and I Atlantic principles put us on the line and doesn't mean her wet but it's like you need to take this man Michael Pena. And happy and start up whatever movie comes after civil war that he can recap. That that's Ed dealing the old school marvel pages were Stanley or someone would catch you up on the Afghan. Or like DC's candidates do as well or that the Griese did people think they allow or they wouldn't it was a TV station channel fifty tip. Yes recap the television is yet finally knows all that yes any counsel you straight when you are CW shows whenever they watch the news it's solid strategic names. Did you hear that. Greg has entered as a rubber ducky inning yeah there was an Easter day I don't care I did. Those supposedly. In every scene at the police station there's always a rubber duck and it and I didn't notice before but god bill lively look at that kind of thing the nation back like right now season and flash. And kill yourself on the CW relationships. Honestly I couldn't put people swear by Smallville right and I watch Smallville for a few seasons there's no way in hell I can go back and watch small. You deal with that. Is he or isn't he wins he going to fly in the filing for is knowing that he never did exhibit the very. Another area of float and I I mean to Wear the suit ball. All I really wish that we could never made it to the end and then again you know does he go instrumental I really wish to Canada Tom Welling to just. Be Superman out of and so perfect who have gone and humid out little Dillon he's married he's brought some of homelessness podcast great listener thinking oh my gosh you have isn't news the the samurai eyeing. Captain that amount fend for I didn't I didn't put that is good I'll let you know it looked Iowa I was stroke in the BS and governor. It looks you know variety of turtles in time it looked. The Jonas are cursing looks (%expletive) awful it look good you look I'm glad not like I'm not doing cursing at horrible in a terrible yeah terrible and I want. Tex obviously you have so that's still lives in a magazine million. I was kind of like really Brandon Brandon Routh the actor who plays gathered at a light. ID article sounds like samurai Adam so we eat clicked on it. Not who he could not see it at all lying to say new cost him I was like OK click on it and I was just like why is this nonsense. They do expect it either and I Atlantis are turtles and time. Gosh I mean at any open news that would mean just reciting news stories and what do you guys it. Wilbur own bull ring three has wrapped. Of the Wolverine three. All in Logan or whatever they wanna call it what I read is our last week that have a title it is lowering the rate was this we go last week at the photo leaked of him as old man low yeah. Or he posted a photo of him he looked old and everyone at first they did gossip sites were like this is what he really looks like he's all the minerals like. He's costume for Wolverine generally well confirmed only about him in the hour. Because they said it now. Those couple weeks ago. But I think is interesting. When it comes a common good movie. Not a lot if this is done filming we have got all known they're not do it they didn't go the entertainment weekly's you know shoot where they let us take pictures of everyone it's been kind of tight lipped on this one which any kind of cool and and sometimes. I really Isaac Davis too much I'll be honest if they Marty film I'm him I'm really scared. A colossal rain has pretty guess I this this will lead into our further discussion about the lose its license and hunter present. The guys I feel like. I feel like. I'm Scott throws out there as a teaser for the conversation. I feel like fox is a bigger. I feel like fox is getting a bigger passed. For bigger grievances about comic movies in DC when their bowl do the same thing out it's that. Let's get one more little positive story and then forget that Sally. Adam West emperor ordered that are reuniting steal an animated Batman movie and not doing you are she passed away who's one of their cat woman this is joining them or. And they got anyone a third person from the show is joining as their character. It's sees their marriage pass on Ryan Maria and his passes and no Joker in a Joker. But Julie nor was only one of the cat woman's. Went to Kansas I'm sure they reached for every character who was available who can still speak. As I wasn't alarmed and added it to its. We'll say for you so it's going to get on the topic at hand. I'll let you be put out any bring you guys of these well so weeks ago with the announce our these launch a poke my ago we became obsessed with vocal on. And Bryce you'd grown up on the games and I never played and I imagine on the podcast and I eat a big shot at the Steward he brought in to game boy advance is two copies of Pokemon blue for me to play. I ended up being put mumbling last weekend and Blake I was. I was it was dipping their toes in the water at first because I was like. Actually playing Obama now and we are doing is you're doing loud yeah that I was like I got about ten hours or just went into green Olympic cool off ten hours of the game Amman Amazon filling my wish list might. Behave plays games wishes of like yes when I can afford it or so when a roster bio forming this is my list. So like I'm putting all the games on there they're reading articles. Which are the best. Book club games where how what's the order could you can't get confused it's easy to get confused. Doing need to play the mall there's a new game coming out this year I'd really like to play that. Was this just dumb I can play the most games on because although I have. Two game boy had been uses and I two copies of Pokemon blue than any other copy of Pokemon games on the game boy advance. Our five to 600 dollars online. So it's clay or howling and a please and I might well we have a Wii U I'll play among the virtual console. Wrong. Wrong can't play all the Pope Monday that on on virtual console back eats at them on the Wii U. Like a desert you don't really have much right I don't get that bit Nintendo are. The best thing they have is they're they're library cattle yes one is put out there well. So I found that. The 3-D S the hand held is the best since the ring now for everything. And so IE IA did the budget figured it out. I took almost every PS four game my own. Shout out to cause who got me world combat last year that went into the pile her hands his now read purpose. As a used Nintendo 3-D S. Not the newest line but I got a three yes you know I I have ever loving son in about that the media was quietly the best hand held this maverick because it just that he deems it just constantly made four and and it's the team that the most Nintendo and a double fault meaning he can't go all the way back though can't play an original Nintendo game it's like everything just passed and here's the great thing about that. It it it has virtual console and endowment yes bu I games that are not available to play on we you. Are are available three yes he can now I've had so. I downloaded poke among yell I got it for nine backs and I got Pokemon yellow which was. Like did the best version of blue green and read them all together and that's Pokemon yellow so now I'm on a three years of playing that I am going to be. Once they get throughput of one yellow and I can afford it how many gay. Like X or Y or black or black a YE whichever ones again and I I wanna work my way at CU. Harte gold heart silver and I wanna know what is the alpha. Ruby and alpha the sapphire and then I feel like this year it wildfire over the ones that he wouldn't like because they added a ton of new poll Oakmont. And people started to get like sentimental about like. Classic crew Pokemon and seen here's a here's a link to I'm I'm glad I didn't not to you because don't ever plan to ever have a besides having about the program on because I'm still a generational and I'm still playing Pokemon yellow. I'm only playing the first 151. It's the same Pokemon that are available and Pokemon doll yet so right now which probably until I was about to expand as well so right now I'm in that classic era. And I'm like I'm excited for these new games. But there's it's that's too much yet do much I'm barely getting through what I've got some excited for blowing yellow. And I want to incremental leaned get to the next games that's I'm excited about him. Not all of them are available on three yes but close. I have to get a 388 you had to either it's really excel but it's the three the excel mill. Yeah that's ordered Nintendo has done with their DS's three excel seldom that was some he's ugly one if you wanna play super Nintendo games at one point. You'll have to get a 3-D S excel and he goes I'm sorry a 380 SXL mail that's Nintendo for him. So I was like all right cool nights and I have a three yes I can play games are on. A game boy color games are on there and game boy advance and then Nintendo. And and then. Some other stuff that all all all 3-D SL lives bubble library of polling is always in if anyone how does the Nintendo 3-D S has said he spoke coming years. You'll have to borrow a bomb on it I'm totally I want to play these games. Like I mean look at that I'm even looking at Pokemon mystery dungeon. Late I'm still played Oklahoma shuffle my phone like I'm not like a nerd like I'm gonna get. Obama stuff which made it don't say it again you heard me. I'm enjoying it's it's it's a lot of fun and and I think we talked about a last week's podcast at my buddy Matt had. A DD campaign where he had created these people called collars. And we literally ear if you were a caller you're like a major what you caught monsters in Putnam. And balls it was played this before mine and it came from. Vinyl to seek a Final Fantasy. You'd capture the monsters of the spirits and and then. Mohammed it would become your attack and intact with behind me in the midst. Huge cuts see what happened about Hollywood attacked right let's put money is it goes on and on about it. You know and then went that included him on its not quietly and emerald calls it baby's first RPG. If is if you're a final fancy fan. That's like a really simplify watered down version of one thing so yeah anyway. Anyway. Usually potent line as one to say that are you a different today Hussein. Put along goat is predicated it's in number and grown ass man and that sign up front our job. I'm renovating a house arrays and a child who don't (%expletive) tell me not Michael Longo I let me suppose. Luckily that you know the people I get the most responses from a poke mongo Paris can Torre fans now. I can't prevent the woods' fans know. That's our guest but no I mean. I'm talking like people that apparently parents and kids. They may have they're like our age men my age and tenure holding either in your thirties maybe their forties they played Pokemon games and they were younger. Or their kids gain access to public games and fifteen years ago when they're younger anyway. There is that are so X about this yet they're active they're outdoor stuff. An anomaly that's so when my post about stuff like it's adults that haunts me the most. That it's also the people I have my friends but anyway point being is. Two operatives that's adorable. A dorm and gets can't play tailback. Cell. Where where did you in with Obama gives you played not supplying noble when did you like what we need though it where you generating grading out logon again when I I clicked the cards a lot. I'm now. Which when I'm around and seeing things I want there where apparently she was it would hung onto did you of the football world championships is again I was actually is what card game I'm just here's the thing. That's so that Gonzales skilled suit itself. Photo now photo a really simple game you know and photos there no no no coastline the decks have gotten so complicated with the jet the I tipped out went so you can we get the original yeah which was it wasn't 150. We'll do the original like retardant and it's really the I don't know let's say the top 100 in the at fifteen safari but c'mon right that you can actually the safari. So Carlos honeymooners without lights yeah it's a far Obama and so those those first two. Everyone caught after the it's every book my app that was like I just can't I don't want anymore. It took me so much work to have this wonderful. That for you'd be like hey there's another hundred out there is like up but the death. You about it here that I sold it for like forty bucks on no eyes so if you go to put it as either poke one dot com slash live right now and if you listen to this podcast. But they live. Nineteenth of August if you listen to this that Tony is the Tony first this weekend. The diploma dot com slash live and they Matt Light streams of alpha. Make a ruby sapphire that they've been playing it is still playing that. I'll get to that is that it but then also that the collectible card game and and then they've got. Pop can turn this poke interment so they got late like a vs one knowing and then there is. Another one where it's just the discussion it's the announcers talking about the deck building and stuff. And I was like fast it might those flip into the different channels they've got going on and part of being like I've been obsessive focus monitor watching this one guy live stream. And you said that in a lot of the fan reaction was. Al sapphire alpha or what president sapphire in ruby ruby sapphire I that's actually the ones they go to to hunt Oakmont these days. Because anecdotally. People of data mined and found that. This is where the most rarest and most shiny discs is now there's cars that are called shiny moon so that's the most rare on the line that are. It I'd ever referred to buckled holographic cards yet another call shiny now they called child like that holographic was like. But move and I got real holographic. I don't get it should become tired and a and Allen and so date which ended the other thing is wonder trading. So you'd take pogo mine and you put him into the trade. And like it'll pop up and it's like you're trading the ball soar and entered pop up from the other intervals he cheated try army under general at the trade a trio. So there's hold channels on twitch of people that are just having that automated. Of the trading system and so all of their viewers or people that wanna trade poke mine as they're constantly trying to get trades are trying to get in stuff. And it's just this weird like so culturally. This part of the Internet I didn't know what it just didn't and it it's our web. It is a shiny as the Shandi around the chamber went Ira and in school they would make rules that you're not allowed two point not play for keeps and then these did there'll you know that trade that hot dogs. Oh prod same thing. But Dave was causing to the justify owning up to. No trade racks. Straight back I mean you variation there's honey it's me on the trade there Hamid so much time running digging in the name no they were doing. So I wanna get into two topics of discussion in the first line. Bomb is going to be nominees is not up I'll remind you know it's not but first what's going to be about Final Fantasy XV and it's delay. And the second what's gonna be an article that was dropped an eye on nine today what went wrong. With this summer's blockbusters now we don't have a lot of time left tonight the prime about a half hour so I'm before we get him we use the studio for zooming consulates. Bust through it. Com article came out last week on Friday as you know a recording this and you know I don't cover video games that's not the beat you know we've just been talking revenue games. It's not normally and I got it fluttered onto the show I'm. So thank you so much of all your years common Stephanie sat through bunch of B a games thank you appreciate it. But here's another another story but last week on Friday an article came out that. Sources say. News is gonna drop on Sunday or Monday. And this last week that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed and ideas that this was labor is much different outlets IG and one okay. But a lot of folks at Wright whose one source and then it just it source everywhere. So anyway. The fans the Final Fantasy fans like lost their sheer. And I don't mean they were like oh my god I'm so bummed that it's getting delayed no they relate. Your reporting is false you're going to be sued. How dare you report that it's going to be delayed when you don't know what you're talking about. And it was this whole attack on anonymous sources and it was a whole attacked. O line really just media and general and reporting in general so I just feel they can. Politically I mean here's Donald Trump on TV I'm not trying to get political but there's a little bit of there's a little bit of he is brand of followers that. Light are overreacting into this story is don't wanna say. There was a lot of questioning of the media in general there's a lot of questioning about reporters there was a lot of saying you guys idiocy you you don't know anything and you keep in mind. The stories on a Friday. It's as news is gonna drop on Sunday or Monday. You can literally windy. 1448. Hours to see if this is richter. And people were on line. They were on message boards they were on granite they were on the Internet light out there jurists entering people's names like slamming these writers. Slamming anybody reporting on it like. Talking really slamming IG and getting campaigns to get them re tweeting told you're gonna you know or I'll lose your job you required. In euros emerged video game being delayed keep in mind you know lining on kind of do they just they didn't want it to be trail. Right but keep make this a corollary. To suicide squad last week and us having this conversation. I mean I want a light transfer this back to. Here is people slipping out. Over something that Blake he can be verified in. You'll have to say you bring you have to spot and. Mainly worried some of the stuff because this article that I am I'm citing an animal. Make sure that it's I'll make sure that it's linked in the article on after nine point nine ST dot com you guys can check out. But he took screen caps. All one guys that I've confirmed this to be false and somebody said where's your source. I read an Xbox radio showed website as well as freelance for others. I've visited sixteen stops for a quick personal friends of mine worked yet there are no materials one even called the original Boston verified this is that referenced the final Lindsay being delayed and they're being an announcement. And this guy's saying on the loan. In a message board. Like first of all who are you and let you what you want everyone you want don't want to trust these journalists a journalist but trust funeral. Because you're an Xbox three exposure auto website and you anecdotally which is six game stops and again and it's so light that. It's all these greens cops I hate being he bring at the delay but it must quote somehow just found two different sources insisting that delay instructions have been. Photoshop there was all of this paranoia and. Are people like. I talk about that conspiracies that all of this is Photoshop all this stuff that you as a reference it was Photoshop this this. You know this little piece of marketing material that's mentioning the delay it's obviously Photoshop here you can see where they made an edit in here you can might. You can just wait to ease. To see this sure or not. And and this whole article is about how foolish these people are we think mostly really really target they're all redeemed facts. Who is to talk source let's find out for ourselves. But relayed back to suicide squad. The reviews come out on Tuesday night. And it's generally speaking bad in people that you watch on YouTube or IG NR wherever it is your outlet for entertainment boss and even right. We're now part of that world. People that you trust don't like it. So you wanna burn down the person he what team. Or more for whatever reason I was below the moment I don't light the stuff you're viewing a now. And them anonymous here you downward move on my number and find them and also elegant my life's too short. Who finds the find joy I folks on positive by. Mean here's this this whole thing and Emily. People literally could've waited three days to see suicide squad and decide for themselves you know and that's as a decided that you were deciding Indian blanket and there has guiding the window Ron tomatoes and all larger decide they don't like it right the movie commands media reported citing you'd know it yet you've not seen it yet. We deciding to deal why not eat on the hill. Fighting off. Might not everything in because you like this line we're not seeing a lot of work it's it's a lot of like why are you so angry. It's this it's it's dark. Corner of the Internet and I'm not even so boxing I don't I don't referenced by dialing call a corner at. The line Internet a bit when we talk about all of the sexism in the nastiness that went after that the women of ghost busters in the movie in general I mean late. The the Internet. Has an an outspoken way of affecting things these days it is scary. It's every sect I can give you a story once the 845 years ago. I was privy to some information about could Chela. They're gonna add this group at the end crass he is the DJ who plays in this big box and lights go over and makes the cube shape and does things. And I was pretty active on the pitch elements charged back and and I haven't going on account so stoked this will like awesome until music I found out of high found out that like only tell people like. The goal line at certain new threat it on show the video and I think this will be attic. Can't say now I have some cred on this would think they had a couple thousand posters like a couple thousand posts I wouldn't know tarnish my name. Just to. You know bright light the and I I I don't know if the sites that keep the name and change Mr. Bush but I would go back and look at once well because the there was like. Twenty pages. Fifty pages coming just. Cussing me out you don't know (%expletive) but you answer enough like forty later it got confirmed and yet I mean. Many of those people go back and apologize have you ever been and now but don't let me ask our audience OK and I'll come it is looking yourself you don't have did speak out. But have you ever night I need you speak loudly into the out out your son your magic number have you liked. Get online and being overzealous about something. And really just like granted and and then they'd made to look so foolish what that's what that's the beauty Internet you know you don't have to do you never come up and the accountability it looks crazy. That Williams and hopefully like attacks on its okay. Mountain time. When you're receiving it it shouldn't bother you. At least army Buddy Guy like gosh you read lots and off the ledge like once a week here of the studios when commenting so only one comment. We just blunt comment and I can be like. And it shouldn't shouldn't it shouldn't these. But it's like why you are appealing cherry. Does mean I've given up causing the hole because that does it to you so much and I'd I just don't go to traveling more by it he just yet and negativity and generally got us. I I I I used to be odds on message boards a city of heroes that the video game guy on PC. And I used to like I love it because it was an early probe for this and like being able to talk about. You know super heroes of light didn't arguments about. That man vs super manners Superman being stronger than a whole other city herald yes. These boards and it was a great environment and like somebody was just a Dick like everybody had a tendency like. Publicly shunned the kind of like you do these Tim Worley I'll polarized that I challenged. Was young always rose to the challenge until I just stopped yet and now as an adult Michael why he's doing more and a. But anyway being is is that light it's this weird culture. Of reacting. Without knowing what you're talking about light just. Not letting things just be patient let something happen like. I understand having outrage about stuff right but like it's this outrage before anything is even real that it's just weird to me. I feel a part of it is that there's this race to be the first one. To hear everything. So at one feels like they know a little more easy company and I don't know that that they do it you actually talked about an alternative to that at. Couple months ago. What if you could live six months this displaced. And so I wonder if like right now you're experiencing everything that was six months ago so for you do like you're super stoked on last season's shows you're watching them. And you're there on your on Netflix and you're enjoying things to your own pace and you're always going to be six months to a year behind because. Things haven't had to see the blow over. Worked themselves out. Is this so this hunger for news makes us. Over analyze and over criticize or sometimes go with the flow and we shouldn't have and just. Venal and the injury to his is the attacking the media think sellable on the one hand here's what I'll say ray so. I've come to experience the fact that there is. For every story there's fifty ways of telling it and when we watch the news understand that. That's one version of the story right and Adobe paranoia and conspiracy theories but that's one version of the story no matter what your outlook this. It's one version. You know bigger stories from multiple outlets you know if you're conservative reads from the liberal size of your little worry from conservative sites. Really get out there understand where people are coming true because it's all about empathy it's all about. Late in being able to have a conversation is all about life how were you coming from like. Weird weird how do you feel threatened so I can understand. How we can communicate right so pro putt but it seems hot name. It's this. I don't know I mean this is Connolly. I just it was crazy is that. I mean people are losing their their minds are. This stuff and egg egg goes into. The next topic which is that between sixty movie schedules but that this year's movies and actually read that article off. I am a ninth had an article out can't add to Cuba today Catherine it trend cost out. They keep Catherine what went wrong with this summer's blockbusters and let me just kicking off with one of the things that she had on here and that is hype. Almost every released this summer stuffer from some kind of weird height problem either too much or too little salacious ratings of the movie topic. And you know the whole reason why the final Tennessee fifteen such crazy topic in the stands react though is gonna type cannot it and people are waiting for that for a long time there's anticipation. There's expectations. Man I think a lot of the times especially with suicide squad let's not pick on evidence about services has what you have trailer comes out. People lose their mind but fantastic fantastic trailer but this is what you've got to hit wow. Wow I'm in that images coming up Batman Superman has again a very good but man that next one look at that trailer than. And him and lose my. Bottle of a bit but the hype about it just the expectation I didn't expect to see a lot of the Joker but we talked to our our listeners and our audience you do it right. I did I expect to see you didn't I didn't makes a trip to see a bit more but it wasn't like. I could see him having more roll on still not being the big bad although people are you recollect it was only on screen like five minutes. Decent amount and I understand that here's an here's bronco guy again now so I didn't go into it thinking I was gonna see a lot of children that he be like a force of nature coming in and out and move because of expectations of other adaptations of this written the animation specifically. But once you know Lilly went when someone mentioned it to mimic all its Holy See that again and again why you five a totally understand line and I can get like India. You know mainly because we don't rings over the Nuba Jarrett led so balascak. Angry. Is too strong an award okay. Because you don't need to angry means your Matt if you get mad you don't need to be mad about that you have. Yet I've judge others and as the Joker while we talk about the news that he there's another story out there now this is nothing Susie is is getting back today up earlier movies on these elements and I right. Kenexa media all Irish wireless him of the media. The media can crack the narrative yes we're talking about his last week how much of the suicide squad drama is. It's a big disappointment and how much is it. The click bait media that is feeding on itself write the stories now spinning out that it's bad that is failed and so all the. Is it and I believe in what hasn't commented that. It's not a secret bait if trio right. And I I will respond it aptly can be quickly and still be true yeah it's just they have a narrative so they're just picking though that this narrative grab. That this that narrative so that Lorena and I in this it's the story that comes out yesterday and the day before that Jared Littlefield the tricky. By the movie that was made because that's not the movie he thought he was keynote. US in in that article it also states he has not seen the movie. So if you watch it. He's watching it I think he'd he was good as Joker and then Warner Bros. announced is this week this is he's like he's he's we didn't get to that indeed uses me. The were rose is signed him to the remake of I don't know. Blade runner yet it because his Warner Bros. Ever one was like oh did that story break that he was unhappy. And they are right we'll give you wanna next day is broke that he's signed for blade runner highly unlikely of course is hot. Highly unlikely he pitches up short that way he did you work at a radio station we were gonna media company doesn't work that way things don't move that fat things are actively do is don't. Well. Why she should we are all over the place sometimes and. I just it's so immediate so sometimes the media feeds into a narrative and sometimes it is that mirrored yeah. So. That's why I'm saying gear for multiple sources at the rate in that article sounded like he's heard it (%expletive) ton of bad reviews and it's really getting to him. Yeah yeah we didn't let me let me fetus into the radio station just for a second peel back because you don't talk weather is he's very often. But the Padres thing and we a lot of feedback that people are reading articles about the future of our radio station. And when we go and find those articles we read them we go I love them where the (%expletive) is that information coming from handling inward you get this line. That's and it's so because it's so funny because eyes. You know more hard to be a huge huge huge you got a duty to get your audience and and right which you have to write I'm not I'm not a grudging in these folks might. Are you trying to make a self fulfilling prophesy because sometimes these guys write this stuff from him and then do everything they can't make sure comes true. Instead of just reporting on them are poor ones whose quick who picking issues Dexter that just so here's our. Are saying is even in our small little corner of the media. There are things said about us not necessarily myself and Bryce outward small data nobody cares. But you how our morning show while people say things about our show yes do you do you know did you. Earning you know the you don't know anything about. Them so like he was set about a mortgage at things gets said about our radio station and and I can understand. Even own a small level. We can't go out fight that stuff that's just it's your opinion whatever habit but it's so it's like I've played adding these massive. And massive blockbusters in movies and it corporations and it's like geez Louise man late. How much of this stuff is just noise published this stuff is just the folks that write (%expletive) about us. And it's terrible knowledge of it is an actual story how much is. Moving it forward. Let's say though that's more on us to find that the better sources yeah now. You can is certain point you can realize this you know on this is just that in what we're talking about and somebody buying on subjective there have been on assignments and that. They had this narrative and maybe the US aid to date maybe it's not that gap they'll pull it back. On that's on us I think that's like saying I challenge you get from multiple sources you know I mean any keys he had trying to story. That's what we're trying to like that's what we try to do we try to pull it together for emailing this seems to be. Something that Steen it's got to improve to eight. Anyway I bet else college where I wanted to go we know. Who's that at the cohost of Kevin's just Batman and Eminem drying them blank he's. Ion iron are done yeah Bernard summer hired. Who are very Smart guy. And he had a good point when he EC was saying that movies right now. And solve them. But there in this like too big to fail mount up there may at least that's written let's really poignant DC I guess. Where it is now how bad it is it's still these characters and you got to see that well yet you know what let's let's get let's let DC off the hook yes and a series surgeons check. Indiana and here's the reason why you're saying. These movies are late they're they're they have to emailing they're too big to fail right so it's obvious that movie that the fingerprints. They need educated to the Chinese audience and and they wanted to carry to the American. They wanted to catered the American audience so you look at that movie and it's night. Sings all the place that you know I mean there's aids it's builds on American jingoism from the 1990s. Which you know our Independence Day and that. He does a very American. You know what I mean I I hate the whole America but if you dare you America. And then you've got the Chinese pilot in the Chinese. General you've got that you don't mean so is it's it's the year catering to different audiences in your catering to different matches of your money. The stuff starts to fail because it's late what it. It's. I am and be less specific than you learn to say that. They go into it thinking it doesn't matter what the final products like it's an independent state movie yeah can be the worst movie ever and it may have been. But they're gonna go has its independence and that's always existed to an extent but when you look at this here's movie the new list a couple of them we got Alice in Wonderland Las Vegas. Here's what they're winning out right money doesn't fix everything. This was the summer where movies with large budgets couldn't hide the fault of the script yet. Usually at least one movie with a huge special effects budget that does huge box office numbers. Despite being having an almost nightmarish we bad plot and or script. I and usually dependency of course being a magical point where most of us knew it was a good movie. But we are sold on it based on the promise of seeing a bunch of famous landmarks is thought. Weird thing to original independent state yeah I think that's to say that what you're waiting to right so you hire ten years apart and when people are writing you'll also remember their age yes so if someone's in their twenties. Writing about this tomato man that that originally dependency moon was so good and I Syria and fewer and hold them or sentimental Yemen like you were eight when he came out. I'm not saying you're red. I don't them saying Europe batty but like you or your all came out Lagos stand by Independence Day mrs. doubtfire. And stress part define my childhood those three. The biggest thing they say you're too is that these movies all have set release states before they even got started. A big problem for you can't because that if you move your release dates in movies it's seen as a failure the movies. So these are in trouble they had drunk but That's Hollywood Graham is had a civilian seeping freak out Utley who is Eric games getting delayed. Well that Jillian delayed so they can fix it make you work. That should be what movies are they release it when it's ready and fortunately it's incorporated. That is how the mark the calendar they have to know Mario coming in digital market counters it's years in advance. It is like all of this move is moving from summer to in June 2018 it's moving up two weeks and it's like well. Who is that the slow and here's where it gets really bad and here's where we can get a little bit bitter and isn't franchise we don't want to be this is where you can right. When you realize that this movie's not for me you're enjoying it's literally a box office receipts. So suicides quiet sued Warner Bros. it's possibly a big pet. Possibly. We took me just say they need to have a million dollars but it just broke 500 million at the box office worldwide and how much to do merchandise. Let me Damien a lot of money on merchandise now that Wonder Woman stuff has selling Wonder Woman gonna come out of a movie company Harley Constance has been out for Halloween that's okay. He held the number one girl constant and end and get shot you see them ask him everywhere. So close things like have common kind of still plastered Joker in Hartley were everywhere and so they they even made their money last year so it's printing of light. Yeah they they did they talk about how all these movies have these huge massive budgets and they don't need CO. Yeah outs in order it doesn't need a big battle in it. They haven't if not this blast went on for had a bit asp battle sequences like why do you need to do that I didn't see this I wanted to I didn't see that the last one was so bad that I was like I'm not the first actually made a billion dollars in the box off yeah it was it's one of the highest -- eighth after he was like well yes we have to make a sequel obviously it's where they waited likes six or seven years six and then long time yeah. I do wanna watch it anyway a is that is like I wanna watch 'cause those are generally comes out on dvd and when not to T a lot of people are just tired. And less you can stand out of the pack like cats American civil war they say. There's nothing this year that green released out that's really the only studio to poke pushing out constant blockbusters that. You can feel pretty confident on in this is going to be a well put together a movie in there saying I make two points on C equalized but they are mentioning. Alice in the looking glass X and apocalypse teenage nationals out of the shadows ghostbusters Star Trek beyond. Pete's dragon in dependency resurgence now what's which answers and of course there's no there's no numerals. And these titles because they don't want you to think. All its Star Trek for got to go back to wash three warm movies you know I mean oh it's something that traditional student and a lot of dragon wasn't. SE you know but I wanted to say it is is that you notice there is trying to Hollywood did not I don't I don't do it too because they want you to go in they don't want you to feeling all right I gotta go watch it on the annual and also these movies now there end game is infinite. Yeah oh used to be three units three Millie you're done. Nothing is aiming for a trilogy anymore I everything is in Bennett yeah they wanna go forever a little bit funny thing too is is that it's the bomb. At the clue was announced that there it was fox is gonna do a remake of that commonly is alone says if you're also okay did you feel about this. Immediately I thought to myself let's go ahead what I knew I was like all please tell another way. Here's remembering what next hole god you clue would be a great stage play. And I thought to myself holy (%expletive) you just justified the remake that's different method. No I just know I don't really agree with you but to all of a sudden. I realized. That would make a fantastic stage play and I could watch. That I could go to watch advocates different actors doing it I can see that being on on Broadway for. Data is accurate I mean and let you have its own history like like a Hamilton I think you'll like. Holy crap I just realized how I justified. Remaking clue in my own batteries at least in your own mind to it saying it. You're just in planet because of creativity that could be really good yeah what you don't want in what I'm sure have salon city as we can remake that. And make a lot of money but I think just the bottom line for studios is they now see these things and go. If this was on Broadway we can replay it for you every night you'd Sheila Allison really should allow the same thing you want this thing. Just win new actors in new costumes I will say though part of me as soon as we you said that I was like. On that as you were talking mid sentence at dot but could you would imagine if you read it clear though with like Quinton Tarantino directing and I get more violence played outlets I've always said I get it that they try to reset comic books these days because really the art typist for story. Right so Superman has the power he has because he's a certain character but. Why did he changed over the years so they could tell different stories that's the reason why things evidence to tell a different story is not necessarily itself stuff although that is a reason that. Decisions get made some hasn't. I think also that's part of the thing that by the ears this movies suck this year. Is a lot of this is for me for money they weren't made for creative process. In a suicide squad is made in a year and a half. If if Wolverine is Donald. She and you fox. Shame on you because I don't have. Any belief. The that movie is near to have been ready with a school Ritz literally just finished filming. Apocalypse was awful. It was but yeah. It was not nearly as part of that we're talking in different director and producer different this all's well that and critical part of the Bryan Singer now doesn't do over I know what he's. He'll have enough you had a hand he's not Xena if you know leveraged the child molester guy allegedly. Here again raising some. Elect Adnan on days of you to pass to came out that he had leg molested recently on the setters something and it was this big. Let's hullabaloo did an expert apocalypse we look at it this movie isn't singer. I'm nobody part of the 118 I feel like you have the narrative here I do you have an heir to her and now understand that. Wolverine was Gant did pull the wolverines Luka that it was given the wolverines with a good movie until the third act. I thought it was fine but the third act the third act yet again it might samurai sword that was dealt manga you of that year source arrow that they are. IA the dispute view I that the you to heart on fox even though. I know I know that lap I was bad. I didn't see it I know but they add a run of a lot of good movie though. They did know you don't tell me I saw them anyway. I like that they were exhaust all of my queen comic book book girl nineteen when she no waving lately he's so parents doubt she can't negative negative negative but you know one at this point this is where amount X-Men franchise. Serve better I don't you go. Does you don't you be sure she might now for fifteen years from Bryan Singer isn't enough. So I'd need better movie. Spurs class and the great. Did he surpass it was like the second best comic book movie ever you can even aptly disagree with me on that out rightly the Walgreen. Was great they have cut so many corners they would ring. Carter's dunk that cut corners it was dead boy and had a great time and punish it. And now with less than maybe not having and I bet there's another good went in there are not even remembering. The other thing they mentioned the villains this year roughly slots even yeah but not too soon sought score it's not. I wish it. The movement to add the dancing thing that was kind of annoying. Yet his brands Eagles plan was super complicated and cats Americans somewhere that was a big complaint. Excellent apocalypse had apocalypse that too as usual comic chicks that fell down hard on the characterization of the four horsemen. Suicide squad ironically had one of the best years past though is that the chances when was basically basically guys now the world's treated me so bad I'll destroy you the stroke. I'll get a lot of height we mentioned hide things were just over over heights people have bad expectations. This single indie movies did really well and I will say is utopia. Was an amazing movie. I'll say it doesn't love details secret life pets was an okay movie you enjoyed it right it was okay but here's the thing about these animated movies like fighting fighting door finding what you basically. Movies take longer to come now. Gap especially our got a Pixar movie which not utopia was satisfying nor is Pixar dreamer but Pixar is known. Four are on sale on Julia plays well into movies of the year right there very early dinner and giver of creative process were like this Sox. Let the drawing for this is not good we need to find out that we are making good. And it's it's me that really am with their their their dedication. And their dedication to making things good and and I'll give. An example in in in video games where. Up for a lot of years Ubisoft was putting on assesses pregame every year. And they got bad and lights this year they're not putting one out finally in a month ago it stopped making good one. But you've got like rock star puts out Grand Theft Auto five. And they put that came out like three years ago and there's still supporting it with contents. In that ultimatum. That's certainly a studio net income slid over a billion dollars on one game that you have to timed bacon yeah rafts. It to a great you can show they're putting out when it's read they don't not ready now program and was wondering when is the next Grand Theft Auto it is and it's kind of like they just more content for five it it'll come islands can't you pick a group of out of five of the PlayStation four right now and you'll be like. This review teams are not this isn't it isn't really well but I do think it's right take the time. Make it cool aid. And. I'm worried about wolverines 30 worried about Wonder Woman it would be time to pacing I'm worried about not real one but I'm whereabouts are ours they're plant is they want and movie every year in variety but in here's the thing but they are what they're doing is anthology movies. So we can't we get done and evidently Larry's New Year's CPU at that pace movie every year. They're gonna get bad you figure at a certain point you're gonna make decisions not like. This movie we need to redo this season of all has to come out in 2019. Right it has to be done. Ready but here's the thing about Disney is that they're not gonna let that fail McGill spend of course he'll spend the money make it work but of course were Brothers the ability of wherever that may us. It's destined to fail. I'll side so we don't have a lot of timer is gonna wrap up the show you guys but that's basically. Again it's kind of like part two last week easily be civil. To the (%expletive) out children out but also only experienced things before you comment on them honest. You know read a whole articles. Or or or weight or you're just try to be aware of what a way to let. But it's a really trying to achieve this article here yeah yeah as of YouTube video and immunology. It's so funny like Bryce and I don't have any. We don't have a narrative we're trying to pushing this I literally just stuff we enjoyed by. I really again it's you that guide again it I can Wear mine. Tin foil hat you know I mean and B I I now that I can see where the media's crafting a certain message so. But told tear down the whole process just because you're not part of it and who also. Anything else. Now so negatively that fact I item I'm looking forward to the wolverines now. So it's finished atoms and that initially don't forget we're accurate record the episode two days earlier so get in the your feedback to us actually signed keeps on Twitter and entrees are dot com slash you think he's let us what fall shows are excited for that we should be talking about and we will. A breakdown shows we're excited for a new shows this to a world and talk about what it what else you want yeah and you know like that showed that the than the excellent show format thanks legion of course a lot damages in that. And Lou Cannon ball that's all I suppose this is falls out yet trailer actually so yeah. Fall or mid season. We shall we winter but still. It will either get it in September October or January and get to generate public and up we'll look at anyway we'll have all that's the tree next week. A that'll be our fault TV preview and then from there. William badges discuss the starter in week assuming Dessens with the Sunnis don't pay so much for listening we'll see next week the next.