Capes on Capes Ep 23

SDCC Coverage!

July 15, 2016

San Diego Comic Con prep coverage, Our Live Broadcast details, brief news, lots of PokemonGo to finish the podcast, Meet Up details and more!  It's a jam packed Capes on Capes episode leading into Comic Con next week.

Capes on Capes Episode 23

Friday, July 15th

San Diego Comic Con prep coverage, Our Live Broadcast details, brief news, lots of PokemonGo to finish the podcast, Meet Up details and more!  It's a jam packed Capes on Capes episode leading into Comic Con next week.

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Shields. Yeah. Okay. Visit to. Yeah there are over I resurrect yeah we can let that go along with looking back to this yet actually enjoy the show. I'm right handed hurry up I would fantastic I I I'm feeling a little overwhelming and I realize not it's not telling you to come here. Yes I need to relax I agree and let this show happen and so do me a venerable a cigarette the daily papers that are in the show if I feel like I'm getting a little overwhelmed. Our mile crazy guy Heyman. Shelves well. Are crazy right now yet they act which came up an all star weekend whether you're into that are not yet it's to any it was going off now. And you get one week into it kinda relax the race is kick up today. In the next week prize tomorrow that is tomorrow on tournament finish just this we can't come back and you know drunk fest over in mission beach on guys that. And then you hold agree other thing I know I am rooting for the purple heading younger singers this year I think they're gonna take the the OTL tournament. Can't get Jimmy to. Me too you know that's the deal right. No conflict and equipment or they all they themselves really inappropriate name I know that as I noted they're very unusual for the purple buddy obviously it's another sign what do you not bring your kids to this kid friendly event no Dodd is amazing event in if you hit their site. A little bit older you wanna bring on there no judgment on my part of that's how you underage children but. That you need to understand the birds and the bees a little bit from them anyway continue. One of this play and we iron on the weekend eve. Apart great comic con yes. Yes. And more than just that. Put Margo has taken over our lives that it has says the Lindsay and drives welcome to episode 23. And became sank his podcast I'm handy he is Bryce. So much talk about you and I have said I got there is like a little bit. Overwhelmed earlier I got a little bit of a panic in a night. I had to change my mind change my attitude debate came out of undergraduate I freaked out a loaded because united had last week that this episode will be. Like everything did you comic con. And what a what happened was I with certain doing. The research today for our show allow outline and I today's literally they the only data available like they. Do you mind the rest of my week has been knots and things like today leg I have I have like two hours. This would sit down imminent chop up the Alley for the show on a gonna find all this cool stuff. And with in about ten minutes I was like there I guess I was gonna explain it there's too much. Boy and so too much and I think I think we can we have a pretty good outline of stuff worth seeing yes but don't by any means think like this is it because. If you've been to comic con you know. Inside and outside there's so it's it's impossible it would be a seven hour show to explain all things happening. Stand. So what does highlight what would stood out to us that over an entitlement on that note we're gonna introduce a new segment of the show. That it's gonna be a part of every single part of the show it's I did we miss a story. So if if we miss something like for example we're not gonna talk about the new Wonder Woman and cast photos that I'm released today from Entertainment Weekly they're actually really awesome I. There's nothing I wanna talk about that he now lives in Allentown Matt. If you wanna talk about it tweet that at caves and yet gave us the best place we miss something. If you have a question about comic con if you're I've here in San Diego you're listening to the show on a phonetic point nine website or on the app and you bundling. And it you have questions about Colin Conner like comic related events or elect I have two kids thirteen or fourteen they like Lago what would you recommend. I will find stuff for so if you have questions like that war if we miss something and this is for every single week tweet us at caves I caves. Economy will come over the hash tag you missed it. You missed it he'd like and and definitely follow up that's it there's something we missed is that a lot of stuff. And our normal show that we are Taiwan news wise we're not gonna talk about this week. But we are gonna start the show. With the biggest news of the day. In the craziest news today is having like this summer's great news coming down. An earlier today it's our celebration in Europe. A teaser. I want to act. Omaha. Exists. I'll be honest like Revlon of course I'm excited of course okay now okay by other air. Relying Brooke I'm sorry we're watching the trailer here in the studio we opened the show watching the trailer and sort of just running in the background a rewind just a little bit. On to the part where she's on her knees in front like a giant fan I think you missed it. But it's like let a playoff I wouldn't. I am I have theories about. What the footage some of the footage receding yet he has some of the footage looks like it's like slow Mo came with like from the movie. Obviously big scenes they showed in the previous tease there isn't then also there's a lot of stuff that it's like hey that's how we set up the shots out of the scene. But there's this scene here Fred that is shows her on her knees. And she looks like she's about to but she's bracing herself in an. And a big leg windstorm blaster keep keep playing. And I am feeling that's Darth Vader using Beck that this or air below. I think bidders using force honor. Could be that we might Israeli why innovator will be in this close to what we've been told that as being not a good thing confirmed what it's different to you and I see advice and I suppose okay that's that's how I kind of things it's not confirmed till we see it so. We've been told to us there's a mean appearance that's awesome I'm excited. And also this hour celebration which is going on now all weekend as you hearing that he wouldn't probably missed that news. I they had they saw footage. Bear that's not being released. Mean being released electric I don't know maybe it's being released a college and I think we're gonna get a comma con you know. Because if something be released or Oakland is coming to come and we know yet so maybe they get neither gets a different. But I would think we're gonna get that I think so and a lot of people on Twitter where upset. Because they don't get to see this exclusive material that people reacting to them and you keep in mind. Maybe there's. It is five or six social media influencers that are at so our celebration right now in your am and they're tweeting about it. And then their fans are tweeting about it and that threat as the echo chamber effect to where other influencers are getting annoyed today because they're like. CS are reacting is that we know it the ceiling by our. But what ever that I mean paid for access to content that tell you I didn't know yet public law lets our O'Connor and again and that's get it well. Start shouldn't that they wish they went to that they get as high there's also knows a thing I noticed since Ryan and confines writer on the month. Once the 140. Mark. If you guys want to follow along with this video. Are watching for yourself hold up lowered it and YouTube dot com slash hours it's rogue 18 start or sorry. Celebrate celebration trailer 2016 agent and maybe just Google rebel and in newsroom now you're watching. Yes so they're watching us our channel which only one who loses. Fresh movie trailers it's all over the place now in different. So around 145. Additional in the December Roger faces will cost intimate and I CN helmet. That looks very closed. Those I solid snake night. I cannot Pozen respond. A package and I see it looks like Tyler and helmet it really looks like tolerance now I don't believe that's him. But we do you know that animal was beat the (%expletive) up. So we never explain and never explained in force weakens wise is helmet I'll. Crippled in my acting in choosing so we may get some there. Does that mean I Kot and as others saw a lot of shots of Donny and looking amazing amazing DS look at me do yourself a favor before these movies come out. Watch it man and it meant to you it's get the other one's a watch those still back. And just. You'll just see this guy how he is is is karate man cannot sign up right wing Chun master yet and you city QB QB great. Towers and you wanna see the western eye is urgent and Donnie Yen I would suggest watching blade two yes he yeah they that is great as a fantastic cocky and he Asians swords and not also a vampire if you if if that's here if you think. Hit play on this as united talking there's another shot. That I really wanted to like screen cap but we have so many problems with. Like being students. Can't probably. All I wanted to do we share a geek out moment I had. Of these storm troopers in this day and there. Then these four storm troopers in this lagoon yet lately artists like storm troopers go to club man it's the most. It's those weird is just a bizarre shot of late these storm troopers in this tropical environment we've never seen this like this I think it's cool it is they're giving Sowers of this movie I think we'll have its own feel to it but it has that light right stuff. But I've heard of like the lineup shot. I'll say yeah. Up it is this is he's not also play the reservoir dogs while acting dude is beyond just like all of a sudden like I animals moments like how. I don't most of barrows hall. Why that had me like all that's awesome together to slow walked and you know as it lodges that sound you could toll put like area. Like a Puff Daddy song before behind him that they blocking that he'd be all right let's go out yes not. Ten years now we still want op. Meddling he's coming back is the and a new name and I don't know I think. I get an act of god and I means the bad boy reunion tour this fall I think I think mace is coming to San Diego without. Puffy and while Faith Evans and met an agenda with a jar ruled shot to two that's not how they go round and it's. Is it back shot out of jail these jobs. We edit trailer looks it looks is not only trends but to footage that talking is arrogant and are covering top forty DJ so yeah I live in the early two thousands and powerful and early two thousands up forty ways Britney Spears ludicrous Backstreet boys and think there's a battle there and get paint. He had in Miki Lacey are nominated Jerry let's let's let's get patio and he's got to provide all the time Lincoln Park in the end. Yes it was a solid number on an every drama in her life matters anyway. So that's sort horrors the road one teaser thing term television has odds are out in your star sonics. He's got a and it's it's it's a good to almost four and a half minutes so get all. You need or want to yourself cracked open and beards just Alf launch that. Traits Al self exile this is that this is a knowledge is podcast that we sometimes curse on him maybe you have yourself. You vote November. And enjoy yourself November 21 a little fantastic product actually extracts of sit back. It's excellent little DJ Carrasco to babysit and actually catch it you have viewed your Colo land three you do did you watch his video. Maybe a slow stroking it for an hour and to me that's alleged terrorists to get stuck it out how we read that. We went there. On top authority hits he's slow stroke and it to a Star Wars trailer knowledge as I guess throughout it is. You know we are gonna get us some comic con programming let's I wanna hold off on that and I want it in the show on Polk mongo. I think you are fireballs. But we're gonna and that that number were pretty hard on rabbit hole Pope among our brings out yet Stewart well yet so you don't want anything to pull mongo. Indian Michel Ouellet it now and you'll have to have that part of the show but let's keep for the rest of this that was doing it compounds some brief news if we don't kill dozens of liberal you and I did not wanna miss out on this week talking about. Yanked Wally whack. Wally west showed his kid flash per season three of the why yes why it's now it's now I awesome I believe what we're seeing. Because of interviews with and Pittsburgh the writers saying we are not that he did we're not gonna seek to flashes this shows on the flashes so I think we're saying. Is flash point results. And Wally west is the flash and that's what we're gonna be saying here's my take on a lot of that stuff I don't. And some fans are like I wanna see can flash in the flash on that but they're saying is the eye can see that is going to be the flash isn't the flashes and I'm I'm right there with you guys break there with you but. If Wally. Can be a Wally west as a flash if Wally can be a flash that's what I want and at that flash is not an alternate earth that you go visit. Or if this if there's an altar earth flash of Wally. Who now has alleged that tomorrow where he can visit the other shows are all or adults there I guess it as a possibility it won't Morris makes everything Paulson possible. And it's codes because like in this sense. What are we getting Connor Hawke the dingle son version of narrow gap. Who's fantastic they're saying he could show up London tomorrow I'm a big Connor hot fan I like Tim. In mid nineties as that Denver the replacing green I really like this. A mid to late ninety's DC where a lot of legendary heroes were put on the shelf that the young heroes and their play out. Were Wally was that while I was glad you had Kyle Rayner as the green lantern you had Connor hot as green arrow him. All I really light. Bill I I like those guys I thank god does care accuse. Were really great and anyway I so it's great for me to see. That writers are fans of that time and they want them to really shows because no that's not seem Connor rock. But he's awesome and I think it's another example. The Atlanta various. Just dumpster bail just dig into revenue want any fun but it's funny characters that DC is like you want Connor Han. Yes you're to be like this is how and you and I are huge fans are just as we eliminate Batman and answers until he uses light. Guide Bruce tended. Well they took an early look he's he's if you had access to almost every on record saying there was things that they Leahy DB he's a column booster gold I don't why. Well you know I yeah I see that he is one of those he's like you and I and he's like early anti. He's like I'm living I'm gonna bring you booster gold because you should Mike Brewster Motorola why does I will write why. I know I will tell you why peanut writers like that in that vein I am still the wood a whenever we get the Berlin anti booster gold blue beetle. That's like he is one he's always wanted to do more than any decay it presents a far more than just those characters he wants to do. Marc Guggenheim version of me there group fever and of them the ones where that exactly as he wants funds superhero he wants on ball you have the odd couple. Which is Wyatt Andrews blue Abu Lilja and booster gold here and I love these guys it's typical blue beetle that he flew around and it's Hala how you do that in real life. By the way let's will be at Disney wants the watchman. Yeah pretty much his out think out that blue beetle yeah yeah I mean he's supposed to be bad and it blew Beatles also counsels we met a man he's supposed to be that. Detective guys Jerry UN is booked all of its over the blue beetle he's very much movie all that I always look at that ago. If you're Ted court except for your not inventing stuff I got out ya anyway. Katie lives each count on the show yeah legend tomorrow mr. bombing that Twitter feed them dinner on hand you know we gotta do an ocean and now we notion that double count on absolutely I got to assemble a team. Okay we need social media warriors we need he agrees that like. If we send out a tweet and then I can send a message Cheryl and saying hey guys this Tweety the amplification meg that you decide. No problem might re tweet like reads we might literally just pushing its ray I don't Motorola is also true meaning of a baby. If you're also from meaning you wanna be a social media warrior for us and that's what it means here. You'd be one of those guys it's like hey guys we need help with a C this Twitter this tweet media attention on it you're gonna help push that you're gonna tell all your friends. Always treated it and keep McCain's I'll take applications is yes it's a job are always higher and that's. A but I'd love to have a team with that's resulting media that could just be like yeah you know rail about that just push things for kids. Weren't you the community when you aussies have nearly KD. Gonzo I've been announced it proceeds to let us tomorrow I shining right down she's made it may announce thousands thank you and I am liking itself. We don't know the announcement is this how overwhelmed encrypt it that I am looking at. What an honor that's all I put I have no love. You talk about the next I have to we can't leave a site down and look at out what she announce about. I think every treated from caves are I oppose and I keep sank it unfazed by. Southern about the title of the first episode yes that's that allegedly at a time of the first episode. Well Bob Bob Bob Bob Barr can't tell. It's the lesser of the title flew next episode. In titles out of time. Lie. It's actually doesn't tells I think does does it but that was a non news during his during that I shared because I wasn't gonna share. Knives on Katie is doing something nothing is not about a pretty much your you knew you were raised in San Diego girl we got your back via lives and whose annual purple or go to the other. If you at a time yet time yet to and that any digital drag at that charm and certain. This one really caught my eye earlier in the week DC is going to be putting out a new comic book series with he man and thunder cats that some. What makes me excited about that is that Bohemia thunder cats have existed as their own. But you're always right next to each other yeah probably aired but I'm back in the day taking me and and you can take a silver fox and you could take thunder cats actually think thunder castle rock dudes doesn't seem universe then you take all these. John is that exists they've built a rain as it exists and make them into one universe yet still and a whole why nots. I wanna see you man and thunder cats it sounds awesome Iraq as I actually saw video. I think it was deem it. Spots and gamespot did this video and. So does like these features like Ivan Sheryl gay though like fake trailers. They show only they show clips of an old show and talk about why they had relatives or what it matter what it was seen I shared the ghost busters on the enemy to London. So when you look for team and they said he never. Kill anybody never used his stick never actually committed violence and anybody he'd get a lot of throw certain he'd get a lot of light. You know I'll I catch the big giant boulder from the indeed. All and I was like. Really cool it didn't really he meant to pacifists. Alone it is never occurred to me so that's awesome. I thought that one of those that broke on the Karate Kid in said that democratic kid. Was actually the bully. May go through every instance shows like he actually instigated that like he could they could he was. We've seen that all willing to that they were absolutely just leave him alone and then he instigated I've seen an area every time he instigated while he starts it originally until they didn't it damages our economic well Sherry Edgar online. Gonna come bomb on us every hour on the front Percy clearly hitting on the guys golfer in front of and right. City keeps us on the clock the beat a soccer ball right. Him he's jerk his Jarrett at he went to his karate school he'd snap did that could get away from there. I digress this is the very hot topic CNET video that's why it's good it's what if Daniels on was the intact union currently can't. IT one more one more quick news story and this was interesting there's actually it's two stories in one. The Power Rangers one sheet posters were revealed and it's. It's the character faces for the five Rangers and and then it's like. So like this one of the pain trainers the blue there's five different posts are yet. And they're really cool they look really nice. And then Entertainment Weekly I think today put out a video or photo. A reader polls than a reader poll also holding one of the Rangers out my immune to a law she's put her into a long ago. I get a house or something and I don't kind of giving it SATA Mikey I feel you had to treat this with older than her respect I'm kind of wondering. I hope so I must say I mean I've not I don't I'll be ounce of everything I've seen so far I have zero opinion like I don't think there's much to. I want it to be dead kinda. But I as a politician I've got to about it I feel about and powering his movie like I feel about teaching journals to. Like I feel about co sponsors which is out on top of that yeah. I just wanna be entertained share I actually don't care who didn't act like on the eighty union seed movie quality tour. A must see it as bad that's not bad luck as he that bad as they say Independence Day. Resurgence was and you you mean really. Didn't like game I lacked during the movie I had a good cop is like. Have a good time that's all I expect that double we didn't pay for Sega movie we didn't we got to watch indeed box you take away but those scenarios. I probably wouldn't consider seeing it this short messages David but because we do we did and we had a good time I recommend that folks can now do end. Ghost busters fairways all week miles I. Listen we sided tents and he box memories like awful but I had such a good time outbreak in ghostbusters and all all CD box but you. Keep well all of that any movie that's an action movie BC India about chairman at time speaking of ghostbusters so that comes out today. And I wanted to see it no one's title you tonight's attention assumes no volume podcast because of all the stuff going on Collins and that was in the. I've been that could have so I think you just let my try to see you tomorrow there's no hope. Maybe even outside name or one of the pod is important Imad Al tub of piety in only telephone Congo and he acts. I don't know that it thinks is you can't play Pavano if you're sitting in a movie theater for an hour and now you can at times that it's the only flaw I go into the movie it is kind of warm temporary Internet and portrait. But but. Be doing giveaways all we can accumulate twenty gets to see ghost busters. Or if he lets see suicide squad we're gonna do in big Russian with that. At ultra storm mission valley theaters cinemas it's sex movies to 61749. And while you're texting. And we are talking about comic con he still have a chance to wind comic con passes. Tex comic 2617. Porn as well is it takes many times you want both those movies or comic. Hi just mad remember message data rates do apply and we are recording is sign. The Friday before comic on it when he's sixteen so here it is any other damages will be relevant for a sending out. Paso real are ready to come gun is now. Yeah first let's talk about let we at the CU in the states and then. We're going to be done. So yes thinks blood sorry and so this came through and like I couldn't be more excited in my view we do we even. Did even. Talk about those last it wasn't confront. Completely confirmed I need it just confirmed and I couldn't talk about it again but it's got the NASA so we're going to be a garage kitchen and bar. And when I say we from 949 is taking over. We're going to be there with Victoria was starting 5:30 AM on Thursday they're broadcasting live. I'm going to be filling in on the mid day and broadcasting live from 10 AM to 3 PM. We're gonna be on site at garage kitchen and bar in San Diego downtown in the gas lamp till 8 o'clock every night or is going to be there hanging out. And then on Friday were doing the whole thing all over again so the station's gonna be on site can't turn would broadcasting live in myself. On and while we're down there. We're gonna bleed a couple of news story they knew each other. I'll we've convinced that garage folks. To have little worse for vote on go because there's some focus stop in the garage there's actually M again plaque that's. That a guy learners to make sure well as I authorities and we will have lures going the entire time. So it's a poke among go meet up all those men as well. And that's gonna be really really awesome I can't wait till I just be there he and gas lamp light. It's not its key I was a couple of Margo so badly hit it there we'll get that sort of with every Thursday July 21 and Friday July 22. And as those things are going on we were also gonna be. A lot of other different places I would be preview night is on Wednesday I will be backstage. Not broadcasting libel be recording my show won't solve the coming in and recording part Michelle I think going covering me preview night of comic con and then and then. Then of course womb but I won't be on my normal timeframe there's a frantic as a leader in May didn't say that's going to be crazy ass would be awesome. I've also got leftover at duke cooler for our 100 episode of what you ate with Greg and I for the ghostbusters. So. I've met that he can come film an episode of what UH let us. I've also got left over key lives line between he's even coming up on yourself to Asus and doesn't embrace. You're gonna try to be their friend Vince pressure Friday I'll be there with you I can't support you you know they'll look I think Friday the unofficial keeps on case today. Keep Kate's day and not come come down and meet up with price tonight. I will be one of those days wearing a brand new. Pokemon go shirt from graphic as he. And then to match. Well played there now are our good friends at graph I've teased they they actually do my emerge and so I'm on my way. I'm giving him a little room blog but I'm not getting any money is and I'm telling you. They that they actually swooped on this and they drew up some designs and it looks a really cool lets local looks a poker stop. But it's got like a poke my love nobody's hand drawn so it's not. Any copyrights. And it just a minute what does had sailing catch numbers on the nerd go get them. It just so cold it's like oh my got a bit of ash Ketchum was never played a total volume 2000 that's a book and I. The symbolism miners are thought I think. So it's a shout out to those guys and and catering woods or myself will be a live down on the gas lamp. Put Margo meet up comic line I'm trying to get special guest to come through there's been a guy. I serious gaining TV on on twitch twitch I TV slash series gave me he's lives in San Diego I had no idea. Well I had no I know he's brand I've seen is brand before I never knew you that is seated until now. All this week has been. Live streaming. From the board blocked down a mission beach Boca mongo. He's them why should we himself walking around. I see 88 he was at zoom. And he's been doing like six to eight hour day walking around playing well among gophers viewers his wife is back at home. Running it and like I might come by the broadcast T bring your 4000 viewers Jauron. And combined out or work on so I gave him a shout out I wrote an article this week on a fanatic or nine ST dot com about Polk mongo I. I mentioned him regularly shout out and they they really loved it they re tweeted us tonight so. Work where like talking or networking amount they're working on a lot of stuff like that you just try to get light. Fun little things that just just come come come play complaint that's coming up the line and just like the whole thing like. You know us being downtown is not for us of being a tennis for you guys didn't come hang out this complaint that's what I have a good time on down there. Yes that's OK I am content please quality ethnic. So it's gonna run out of let. We use expect. So I really cool event that happened last year and I apologize again this one I didn't do my good journalistic duties. I think get a lot of information on as an anchor the kind of finalize this week nerd HQ which meant the one that goes down at. At the chose museum as a new children's zone is on a little that this one this one is below you need to comet gone past to go to that. Yes and now. You need last year they wanted to bats to go to that part maybe. Why this isn't too is is I always forget like I talked my way into a lot of places so I yes boy this is so I don't know what you need to like just. I think a lot of the outside stuffs they still want the roomful not that it would be a problem for them short but even get your way into of those I think we're at a party that I got myself and Jim that was where the or maybe that's RCP four I think you RCQ did you sign up may resent the equipment or letting anyone go glamour I want right at a kiosk can you just sign on them that you got a wrist band from nerd machine guns anywhere that's what it was its analyst. And it's a little RFID. Band. That they can say that it will prevent us that they contracted there's a hundred people in the room written that's how they're that the idea that they look at the Trenton. Anyway I should it teamed up with Sony they had to be are out there and had Star Wars battlefront now with it was Xbox it's a Gunner that we did last year they had Sony. If the chosen museum yes it was all X boxes now. They show me this year is Xbox you share yes a positive. On the last year. I was too adult services all PlayStation it was all BR. And then an upstairs autos also battlefront. Because that's my first one play battle that I put up front there to just brag who's mad that I never play that game would Gregor got to inspire. But the eight in weather place and Xbox now. It's free. I how to mango build good drinks play some games and really cool is that they have a lot of great content on site they have they partner with a lot of great stuff. I am I wanna say because again I didn't do my journalistic duties I I think they have Microsoft polo lens there this year and Poland's. This terribly run again making a public Longo references and they just showed a video on Busby and they're like this is not an ad we just demo this and this is what we want your. He wore the whole alliance and played puck wound up. And so the whole alliances lie it is AR is augmented reality is not virtual reality it's your I'm looking at EU but the stuff is in the frame with you via. And you can literally play Pokemon now with the lands on and I can see all the Obama in the room and I can just. Throw my poke balls while that's actually where they're going with the game they're also gonna give your wrist band. We'll its public way but a whole list that's this technologies if you wanted to check that out go check out. New gymnasium at its the dirty skews Flashner machine to charity event. It's on all weekend. And my price and I said it's free but they also do. A lot of panels onsite panels. With a lot of leg really great genre folks like they can billion. From castle in firefly and a bunch of different of the stuff he's you know he's been marvel guy and but they aides say how a lot of these folks that'll come to do interviews and sit on panels and they do wedge chair he's now and so that stuff there as well you go and check out some cool panels but yet go to got dirty skewed. New Children's Museum fantastic many by the way so yeah what you ask is cigarette that was left when my favorite offside. Things check out. Absolutely no. That was where I went to the CW party I just sort of stumbling on Friday night after my life broadcast and my friends had been blocked me and stuff and leg. I literally was like psychotic and we got out of the patio like literally one will couch was the cast of Merrill all this money around like it we ought to be here is heavier drinks and so cigarettes Nolan sees us here are more people to look at like next to them was like. A few of the cast of like other of the shows that like Errol was the show last year like even though flashing there share flash your arrow was the team not only around a lot. I don't know if you go to that site but so that was super cool and then. There was like guys like Chris Daughtry the musician was hanging out and he was I'm new to propose. The guy. Orlando Jones who was on and Sleepy Hollow that show. The guy who plays Penn went online backup and I Gotham he was there Jeffrey. Mr. Taylor Taylor thing is think. Jessica is a huge fan of that guy and I saw him I grew items like. Grumman is huge fan do you mind suggests that she comes over and she's like oh yeah a few. They look at us we're developers and relax. Yeah yeah normal like you know like hitting a prosthetic nose for that showbiz. They originally was his nose the union now as his big thing when no dizziness I. Who cares about that I would watch the Walking Dead episode see he was then and compare. Which who was seen Walking Dead spoilers he was only got his head count off when they were at the end does not narrowed down and they are at the ad the trop. Trough from. But it when they are acknowledge that yet does that with a cattle trough because they were eating people at the one city in the one town of one oh at. Adam trip whose chairman is terrorist. Attack on us yeah yeah gland and you had died. The main guy. And a sheriff sheriff Andy sheriff. This is terrible ever that could have. I'm Derek Luke and and Cabrera hit an OK if you Vonage out the Dutch diplomat. Rick permit they got Rick Grimes. He's played by hand and I'm sure that any and a panel at a compound. We'll condensed a lot of that I think pretty well yeah if you don't want to think their college this area and possibly we have some colleges as well and I can't comment vault. Which is the nerd is Wiki and sundry now last year it was dirt is Keegan sentry and Smart girls in the polar Smart girls. And any polar star girls isn't listed for this year but I did put their cause that's what it was Latin and I thought they are all. Under legendary and the thought. And and actually this is rice saw the guys that kind of funny get a panel last year this year. They they're gonna be doing stuff inside and out anyway I would Tom of that same bed this super super cold is going to be tobacco. This is free. They're gonna have panels and podcast. With bizarre State's Power Rangers legend tomorrow agency shield Peter the Walking Dead Sherlock. Chris harder governor and it's obviously preacher. Call of duty the voices of college and you're gonna have a panel. Jamie panel for the new show bubble tried Netflix Ricky Moore you're now a panel they're going to be doing twitch live streaming of tabletop games and deacon sundry. Police today obviously deacons Henry missy mystery science theater 3000 going to be doing a panel and so far that's free to check out. If you don't have a ticket that's that's more that I've gone to who's been inside comic con and an accomplished a lot less than that that's amazing that's amazing lineup and I. I cannot birdie there at the CN you don't have a ticket they should still try to limit because it's amazing to me inside. But if you don't. Coach account Pasco man then it's cool one another's a couple of things happen peck and now this is online at. No they're split up the field this year I feel like MTV took over the outfield last year they did a new big carnival that guy that's gonna call this the comparable mine anyway. This is actually is a record that I walked over there on Friday at comic con my shared a sort of stumbled mightily over there and and I stumbled into the game battle born with being shown there in the game just came out this year in March but it was being shown that he can go and play it. People work they had caused a model dressed up as battle more players are super cooled. They had a budget gaming rigs set ups from like Microsoft or somebody we go play game 7-Eleven was there given a free solar p.s. Because it was actually closer to some eleven day last year. They had laser tag which is back you actually don't play laser tag in and then. Be set up for that tabletop games itself was super cool and because. You take the stairs up at tackle party take the stairs up. It is sort of it needs. Clubhouse my upper deck. There's this great breeze that comes and and and it was so hot last year earned but that's there is little of the children museums so much as cynical as initiated dollar cement walls as ignition. Hope this you'll be too bad those pretty hot to actually and no offense to flee Sudan love her to death I went to her panel last year. Pat counseling. Because I was so tired also exhausted in this please and so nice. And it was quiet and because like that the wind really drowns out the noisier and it's very intimate. And I was warm and I sort of in this yeah. Police today is greater outlet I've mostly notably ocean ocean ocean with soaring exploring I was sorry hopefully. Kyra I arrived I ate last stretch. That's and stuff at pac bell park and I remember matter what you're going to see. We keep hearing people screaming and running. Because the lot and dad had not that's not back that's that's that's not you know it is gone it's gone which I think was kind of distraction in I don't who did and so it was. Not as not worth the money contour. But yes of course of Emory last year or two years ago I Condit there was a screening with nick and billion. And they did a screening of what's a firefly movie. Try to blank serenity at which I never seen before I couldn't believe I had never seen it I'm a big fan of tennis that's a quote good movie that. It just there's so legal things gone yeah. I'll let it loose again. And just edges a few other random things arch heard the show Archer's gonna be doing a panel archer live. Even they've been doing this a few times I think I think they gave me is a bigger voice actors Shia. I think there's a line yeah dragon con a couple of years ago in Atlanta for the show's filming in Atlanta Georgia according to limit. So I think day eight I I've heard rave reviews for this and I wonder if the show ever ends of that this group can just deal. A live panel readings on the. These things are so fun I remember I I wait in line and Howard again in our hours and Allen Milligan in the last they had. All is amazing voice actor they had Kevin Conroy doing that man mark camels there and they read. Stock the script of a new hope. But in the voices of all other different character. There's some living like that definitely if you can catch. Any of those all the voice actors coming down here. Round such ignorant here and actors you can imagine it's as good time. That's a great event archer lied it's it's the cats are treated like reading an episode of the hit show and it's I believe it off saying. I believe it's free but I mean this one might be a bad bank you have to have a bad yet and aliens thirtieth anniversary is going to be celebrated. And I am I guess that some panel and there haven't whole cast come out. I immediately clear Sigourney Weaver's going to be there ain't my. Alone yes he got there its eyes on the list and are bad they're almost all. Pretty trivial Paxton yeah Bill Paxon. Would also doubled there get this one came up earlier in the week and maim and lastly we doubled there is doing a special film I guess double there's also is celebrating a thirtieth anniversary. So they'll be doing a special filming down here comic con with. Mark the post is coming down and I believe today. This was like a closed event anyway let it lets you hit good tennis this is the last on telling you is not that we we can all go to buy. I think you're I think you're probably you don't see any Robby and all the watch doubled there's going to be inside content angered outside. Like that you need at best and I think contested all of our duty hit yeah I don't Agassi. Bowed to double dare. Banking they're going to be filming a special for opening a checking out. That's awesome in late. Just free and installed a field sign out there and all the Redmond you have shared some comic come memories out over the many episodes we nonissue in the time that I ran intent. It is filled and Bradley Cooper with Jeff Bridges back backseat something but. One point one relate most fond memories is IA. When I was going to the panels I've kind of someone else even last year I went to a few I actually luckily it's a Bill Murray at a panel. And I actually took that photo that we Bozeman. And when Einstein social media day. That panel is amazing and worth it to be there but I literally walked it and we line walked it. But I appeal a couple years ago I used to like look at the schedule would be like RIA says in the afternoon they ride. The venture Brothers and before that archer. And before that they've got these three scifi shows it's Steve and he shows all the time I never Brothers Steve and and then Conor O'Brien doing some that are. I'll get there for the cholera Bryant thing I'll sit through these three panels just to get there for my two house. And what was great was that what at time I did that was there as actually there watch some DC animation panels I think they're promoting. It's a couple years ago. I mean now Perino they would remember rod doesn't matter to me but that like Bruce Tim and those guys are on this panel and they're promoting and actually is a DC movies and brought out colored over. And whose huge fan. But he was solely opponent you like my body was code out of his mind now. I'm not that he does drugs but Minnesota's line he just comes and black and and grabbed her arm problems now and then that we ought to we got to put here's Conan in a Bruce Tim cart him. Late it was Al Khalili we can't. Look and content was also in. A dark night returns threat he could talk show hosts her dad. That Roy Halladay they've got his relationship going for us to be good news is so. It was disagree unique thing that like that doesn't exist anywhere on that little hammy it up in the little skit they did they play this video forum was like. All because the guys like we're gonna comic talents have some input on a show try to cool priest a British Tim moment once. When my highlights of the day I was there is I wanted to catch the bat man turns twenty. Pennants and 21 panel thank you in Baghdad I'm assuming now in this is that his name is Batman turned sixteen. It was it was the animated series how it was back and it was hitting a milestone right so Bruce tam. Paul Dini a bunch of guys from. But they're not blocking a lot walking through the so shops and whatnot with Lisa. And casinos and nothing of comic con every issue months ago I'll tell you a teller. I you'll go beg for like five movies to watch an interim you do not watch all those movies you're not allowed to go put that you don't know by the Fed is you don't get to go to conference. And I digress we were walking down artist's Alley. Yeah in I was talked Armand destroy Bruce Tim wise is a big deal lies is so cool and we stop. And I look over. And there's Bruce Tim McDonnell right next to me as I'm talking about him he's doing his. Commission to you know trust banks. And that it did make me feel not as cool Lisa bless her heart. I was in the it is anywhere can get a drawing done in his leg on on Panama I've been told that since 8 AM on the driving gets (%expletive) out of here. And Lisa was like OK you sign this is he gives him as a poster we got those they Iron Man poster now like now. All. Yeah I had packed and plan it's a good immediately went from like this hi hide to lake. I'm so sorry about that other Baghdad he. You've got to have you got evidence is here and why yes I did I did not much easier and my numbers tell I think I I think he saw my pace even though I was. I was just a sub zero so there was an blue thing government as you dale as one does does. And piano's. I love go we talked about going to panels and like waiting to other ones sometimes you find some Chien step ran out yeah. Before the that who armor waiting for and that panel that us on the one boost in the long I want to pay a panel like Ehrlich that was like two hours early. But doesn't relatively inching ever seen one on dark crystal coming into the Japan's movie yes so as a whole panel of dark crystal. Fan fiction writers. And I tell you this was so weird. Crowd the questions were. Excuse me like Dubai move within these characters and there's. There's there's this whole thing about if you read a book it's good enough they'll declare parts of the again and it. And it was just I'd never seen the Ludacris sole survivor that night I went home and wash it 'cause I was like I have to see with this movie is about. And man out that's a weird. Groovy quick candidate go head to court candidate. I think I our show is pretty. Good about. Being very down to earth and easy Lee accessible and you still have to know some vocabulary played like we used him in and I felt myself. Licences and has no idea we're talking about and ends up at a lake got really do have a language but surely is now thirty EDT is supposed to be. But I did realize who loudly Canon. So you let the good Linda Davis going. Yeah some might not even know it can't I mean they got out of time and bottom. Yeah hike and on its what is it one of the bill Larry King so so last year. I was so frazzled by that Friday because I Thursday and on hard not all day 1215 hours he had burns dehydrated I get back there on Friday I'm I'm I'm. I've got a little generous on Saturday I've got a live broadcast Friday night so here I am already starting my day. 10 in the morning and I'm like I'm sort of broadcast a midnight know that I know allows him to go to a party told. 3 of the morning yeah ED it. But when I started out so frazzled about it's how I got off the trolley got into the convention center I was literally light. Having a guy that's not gonna panic attacks and these three people when I was like breaking now and I section McGraw Frankfurt I found her house Jess I gotta I gotta go I'm sorry. This haven't you. So when I haven't I mean I was like. Gold go have a Margarita and go chill leg to yourself this myself and I was like go cross your own beer and that's what I did. And that was wind dude I started expect college. Comma con go to grab a bureau quick in downtown is not an easy affair go Johnny go loads up right. Let's CI a simplicity that well the little bar that extra bit is not a funny that much they have been really just Irina to Doug Benson their one year round grandma's big fans super high means a great set radio. But no I actually had a break out I had with a beard shield and then I did the whole common mall and he joins us grow and actually explored the because I exactly gently checked out around yeah. But they act giving out of the convention center because I was freaking out is just too much is too many people allowed immediate goal explorer and light. Breathing then and then there are like anywhere at this panel. Bill Murray says our pals like okay. So that I bolt over there and I'd like nobody's there hall H and rains freezing or nobody that I walked in. And Bill Murray is host of the panel for his movie that came out last year. Rock asthma now. And that producers up there with them and got it seemed like it seemed like honestly it's electric cobbled road warriors like it's like absolutely woods would love the woods on guitar with our boy woods. Who just like gloves like the Peter fond nose like that on the board a cycle like that guy from the sixties and seventies like. Doing massive and we'd cross country listen music itself and go man that's what it felt like lady you wrote words early years. Peter Fonda Peter fathered 20 and these two guys ever talk about polls might I love that's not love these stories that might. But the wisdom that I got might have liked to have been in this business for like forty years like. I've learned some (%expletive) I have seen from them and it was so funny when that panel anything like. Bill Murray was so charming and so charming and I'm gonna toward paraphrase and I told bush this aren't but it guy got up there that's a question he said. You Sealy stories on the Internet. Where he show up at someone's house party and then usual at a wedding grass a year you show up at these parties. And all the singer to. Hang out and everybody or even Kerry he had his bar or. You you were at the airport and all of a sudden you were leading Armenian chance of what you like what have you use all these like legendary stories about Bill Murray that are out there. And it does so like are these true. No worry and just totally lie just total joke cool like a similar way. Well I'll tell you that he can pick it. If those stories were true. You lead pretty interest in life that he. Well it's it's funny because just this week Bill Murray showed up at 1 AM. At a park in Escondido thank you and smoked out looked like. Who looked like 1019. Year olds that all ages show bill (%expletive) Murray building (%expletive) Married to man the legend I didn't make a go look on line like this happened this week he showed up at a park. In Escondido. At 1 AM what the hell is going on. These kids look we're all them back today. Smug earlier in the park and also in builder it's about showed up and spoke to lead with the goods and holding it like you're going to shy about it. And then you don't. Back to the story about him at the panel. Hamels over in the neck the reason why we were there. Is that just lets friends all wanted to be there for the hundred games panel in the last hungry his movie. You know can keep out like last winter when I'm right so Jennifer Lawrence is gonna be there and and all the guys are gonna be there the whole cast and crew. So their backstage and like I actually saw this story. Afterwards can I not seen backstage while the panels are switching over. And Bill Murray runs and Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence geeks out. Like totally little girls and like she has that moment he Selig had Oscars where she's like behind some ongoing. It's Madonna. Lately she did look like Bill Murray and and so unlike solar flare up that Jennifer is behind him any terrorism I. Draw my attention to Ireland could. Turned Jennifer Lawrence thank. I'm I'd be all but this is what you want to hear. You me he's Gaza. Look I love I had that experience flashy one and this is these are the moments. But you really can only get a comic con Dennis it's so cool it only happened like big events like that's where a ligament and then northern does does this most of what I ever going to a panel. That was about the underground. Lagos seen. Not the ones official the only work to Lego makes that he's the underground this is that. They put are a bit people now's when Nichols found that there is never showed off their big things they brought in and. So much stuff like that when you're talking about the dark crystal fan fiction PI had a flashback moment to wonder con this year and he. And carols like hey we wanted to order this panel I was like all right I was tired but is that what we just tired and make. Knows panel might sit down air conditioning great that's why would good pals like on Christmas sit down so I got this panel and where their before the panel and the pale before. Was fined fiction writers and a few more academic and I'm late. Everything you set up my my brain and I sort of late. In the audience I was like you can't. Registered this as you're going to market new media just should vote got shut the (%expletive) haven't checked yet like letting go. And I. In the next panel was on rats inclined to new video game which movie come out and was coming out. They're promoting ratchet and clank and so it was. The guy that does the voice of overlooking no reason was ratchet apps and so it's so easy and there. Arnold Taylor. Whenever I'm such a big fan of his and I am I Kim I'm actually solvency in a comment on your. But that says the littlest things were like again Anderson the fan fiction thing might mean I've been there Rita site. This is part of the fan to understand but you know out yet. It's just. Group go outside your safe sound and go to some panels just to see like whatever your act. The people who are in there are so low. Into that that you got he better respected and on and on just watching it because what these people talk a fan fiction and I have Bahamas and the things that look but it's like man. I don't buy into anything as much as this guy. Forty years later is still into the dark crystal movie. If you listen to UFO 949 you know the personalities here you'll know that woods is always very intimidated by comic con it's not it's thing. And what you and I always I can explain to guys like woods is like hey man understand. There's parts of the famed amber we don't gay either and but we don't mocked it. Nine differences like we embrace our part of my eye on the eve of my manager I think it's so cool a year into it absolutely Leggett the spectacle that is to watch you talk about I feel about how to log are now my. Yes you might not be indirect but a lot of bizarre. OK so let's. Little immediate let's get a predictions for a two putt Mancha. Well I have one last event going on but I think you're gonna try to attend as we give them a shout out hop caught. Oh yes at stone brewing company at liberty station back I was gonna try to tennis but I don't think we gonna be able to but will this one sold already know their tickets are on sales while on get a mention. I'm just go pop content content on Google you'll find it will we. We gonna be there you should Tyler it's Wednesday night July 21 from eight to 11 PM 21 up. And tickets on sale now but they're gonna have a bunch of the beer is that the geeks have mail it will be you know zone beer I should town has around here. I think of a bunch of an artist folks are gonna be there and obviously Gerke has an injury but we also have you guys are and you. Still growing and really great beard go to hop on checking out. Hi Gina for yourself in that I think Bryce we Galvin they're coming in there covering yeah. So our big shout out to those guys and I got to be a fun event but yeah. Pokemon. Yes no it's not their predictions first predictions Chertoff. You go first of all our predictions anyone from the gut. I'm idled Anderson preferably into our next topic I think it will be ghost writer agency shield. I think that we will see and how many major trailers anyway and yet union Ireland and America. We yours yours it's nothing major like 810 yours you need to and eight to ten always major I'm talking. Marvel DC. Fox eight cent. Inning I think so for sure. How are you accounting Sony in the fourth distributed there. Will we know suicide squad is not putting and on new tractors last and that is final but I they'll get a scene that we'll get footage yeah I mean here's what I think I think we're gonna see more stuff from Doctor Strange I think we might finally see a team doctor Frederick one trailers they can have a second one pressure anyway we might finally see suffer iron fist. Compatibility and not been really couples still floater like the civil. Yes and I think when we definitely wouldn't suffer Luke cage and he will definitely get some stuff. For. Guardians to I know that we get some stuff policy studies show that angle get a sizzle real together at nearly CW look at the masses that and what we're time I was here that is. Super girl the flash aero and ledges of the comptroller of all of them put together I think so a lot of content the shots of the doing stuff that it I think it'll be just like they content. It's an address tomorrow when they had nine film. Yet they showed they made it trailer without any footage actually being done yet and they just literally just are like hey we he has costumes and meat used in. A lot that's what's gonna happen I really honestly. The gritty about comic con is there's so much about the other half took out not even aware is gonna Hammond and that's the fun part two. Is Irish try to keep up with the news and that's on being at home and like. Go to the go to the convention great I'm I'm absorbing everything in golf hall and absorb the names yet it's great piece you can't go to every panel and there's some people on their phones that once you really can't look at up while you're there. The 355 downtown is that it can make a big difference now a huge difference I might just turn myself Surat service officer points what are your predictions. Here's my one prediction one prediction for amber it's. We're going to see something very rare. I believe somewhere whether it's in comic con. Were around it. There will be they'll announce there's immune to. A welcome on honestly. Go find it everyone and their mom will be looking and I never whenever I. That's when some when they find all of the me too maybe it's that it's at the garage I don't know. People will flood there by the thousands. And that's what we have seen about that is I guess they have to capitalize. One here it'll save others and I don't know what I'm talking about certain preps is I don't. No what I'm talking about. Apparently Nintendo has kept. The poker Mayan culture alive very much alive even for many years. Special bats poke amount of Matt's night. A night. Events that if you go to that three and catch certain re airs or make special Oakmont like your record in the night. And I am like he can easily do so comic con a lot of people like this is why they are releasing four comic coming out comic out of every ounce that's why they got released and got released. I don't know if they're gonna capitalize on this and have stuff for it I. Highly disagree I do think. I do think that no matter what it's going to be fine catching Al c'mon. Well the if you think about the lures are going to be everywhere an underdog in the garage you can do Little League and obviously any business that you're Smart. Do you have a a stop in for any of you put Lou on that all they put a thousand bucks that lower to keep their running. But the map when you play poker mongo thing where by the way we're transitioning to book among go right. We're we're headed your daughter Michelle. Isn't it thank you for listening that was duplicating that comic on 7 NEWS and Internet. Now to talk about bonus the Brothers of puma and you're gonna open up that Matt and is going to be Q excuse you can do you do you can everywhere everywhere. You're gonna see it's not quite. I know can they scout in the area no but you I think we'll see more way more pop out and Colin gone. Maybe they said that they're allowing folks to. Suggest stops now if you wanna pocus that you can suggest I think. Nintendo will put them out. Well assignment I know that it's Diane take whoever is making an I am right. I use I know your year your motto is lurks rotation of saint and raise your expectations and RAZR X that it paid book among obese so. It least. There height is so high right now it's going to be insane and now the of comic con in a week people that are all. People that live and die by their phone in front of them and live and die by Pau c'mon this is there. Core core demographic. I'll be shocked at that I say hey I say this even though T-Mobile or Eddie capitalize on this and say they say oh we'll charge you did it for what merger data for free the first year on a month ago and apparently. That's illegal. If you're creating you're creating. We'll put that bit you know it's been doing that. You're not suppose that's why it's illegal it you know behind that litter on stuff now it's it's funny because. Unisys. In all these bills too many trap. Me yeah you know we're very I think we want net neutrality anyway utility not as a year restricting freedom but it is funny when it's twenty mobile does that. That is an instruction on net neutrality yup exactly now. I'll wireless lightly it is but he's not good in the sense they're not limiting anyone they're just they're just saying they were not in charge you for this ruling judge for that so I think it's okay let's get past that argument. I want her now so you and I talked about this last Friday. And we you and I got real deep in the Colorado last Friday in a conversation and then. Saturday head. Well. Whole new world it was like. I hadn't realized. How. Crazy this is gonna get yeah so I'm not actually talked about you we you have text that little bit. What was your experience like last week did you get into it after we talked. Well I am at a federally busy week but it's an only in between getting up 4 o'clock in here blocking. I would ever a lock I shot my baby on the in the beyond the Lego for locks on the play. And that was a little seven now I got a good crop I just barely been fighting it at gyms because. For so far I can go to gyms was like oh camps is like others the Pope was eight has level 800 in mind my best guys that two tenths is label. I'm not gonna win I am I isn't it stress of Cuba I want these Allen interiors you're flexible doesn't like this week its first week. Will Meehan at its history great because Jeremy are. Music director for night for an on our fearless leader gap he is very much and welcome months our offices are right next to each other key. Out because last Friday I said and it passing. I don't download Pau mongo actually was nerves I think you and I saw him on grinding meat we miss weird timing. It is Thursday came innocent don't. That's a job among ideas no line I don't don't do it. And he goes why hang out and I was being I was being the station I was trying to be like yeah that takes unrealized thing and I was like you know dogs don't do it so he didn't. Did you canceled his Sunday. Anyway this week as you and I thought he's only not to do that I'll let out of being facetious as you need to be sarcastic absolute. We got it like today when I came into work he just let me on U I you're just in time. Our our building where the seventh floor but we're still according GPS right next to a bogus topsy bogus up so we can keep farming balls all day we do you buy an apartment. I love that the term we can just say I'm the eyeballs. Clear as he Jon Leuer on of the U Jiri doesn't so I keep him from all islamists the go here and I got to build that in the we got to me. You know well and then my girlfriend works in the morning she works in this studio that you and I using and she comes in and at like 9 AM text mean goes. Wolf of a pocus stops have lures on I just yet and Abra at a might. This (%expletive) that works for sure yeah there there was two there's two lures on him today and I cut she'll vote model Lorena to a school but if you will in our building. So the students have been dropping them now is that was the thing you are gonna universities and up and on yeah well now as the two so. So. Friday night you and I talked about we talk about a show we are very assessed moon but did Saturday. Also frank and I go home and we had some friends in town Thomas Kelly. And Kelly didn't want anything good they should think it's cool whatever I want you did Thomas like school. Have your play poke my shuffle introduced me to another poke my name which I now play. And so then breakfast on Saturday morning we go to breakfast at three of us. As we leave the house we all fire propelled problem. Discussion and we were all getting dressed like Oakmont Obama about just literally as he left the house and an era looked at each other we all we also believe got a sheep astray and clearly. I gotta catch my eggs. Gotta I gotta get my says got to have rigged but we don't sort of shorter shows like I'm really sorry this is embarrassing night. Yeah I'm playing is the end game and so the Lira the breakfast table and the waiter comes our earnings that are you as. Putting any pressure really no moral claim Obama going to Manila some of playing it may hold coveted the waiter. As you did leave we walked past two tables that were all playing putt Monroe is that will be eased near north park. And we are like on the map and we saw the nearby park. And someone to put allure of the march so we drove moral and here we are in like three was the ace running. I'm trying to picture in this in the that's. At it as a double what went on with my. On the brink. It is it's and then we went to another part and a diet drug to lower that we're at Morley field. We're still in north Barbara more a feeling I dropped allure in Morley field by the baseball fields sweet goal over there and at this point. Where does laughing at ourselves what we do and why are we doing this and it's an adventure right and we get over there. There's one guy standing by a tree. And we're like it's real it's been since harvest America this guy has and he obviously that's the direction. Now blocks. A soccer mom looks like a saw them right leg in her thirties. And she's got the phone up and she sweating under former lynch. She make a guy walks up and another couple walks up. Before you know there's literally eleven of us that this lower in the Morley field on a Saturday. Catching poke a Mon anomaly happened at the time in my life and I might. I really want to. I didn't want to place. Does that give up its. I don't eat at you this from now serves a mean we're talking at this game against Oakmont is in the sounds silly but it's. It's done something so much more it's getting people out. And to bring what you just have started eleven people at a park and Morley field yeah probably I'll lap and that where it's funny we're all here that you are out there yeah every game has always been just from the day I started playing video games as. You're in one place is playing with yourself maybe a plane people online but it's still just view in a module that logged in in different places you're gonna meet them. This is you'll if you wanna go get that lord you gotta go over to it. And it's the same lured that everyone concede it's so cool it's super super cool and then of course. On Sunday. The experience continued. We drove around north park. And it was like it was called bear republic none on and on thirtieth they had allure. Yeah and ever driving up thirtieth I was trying to slow but like there's so many pocus spots on thirtieth me like I every all the breweries are yes so excited right. The smoking don't have won the restaurant anyway an edge traveling down. Ice can see the Laura and it's not even as we're going to how we get down there and not a stoplight and three poke my job my name minimally. I can't do this and driving urges. Now you can. Honest I'm driving Ali this is no new news shotgun duties is that you have to hold my phone in guest welcome this opened my eyes so much different stuff of course as soon as they see dynamite. We have to have allure of a conical bra casket began. Friday we had a finalized but we weren't announcing on Saturday and Sunday. That came up in my had a Mike I want them we're gonna have Leuer is now the comic opera broadcast that's gonna have that's going to be a thing and then like. Off I was like it as I'm driving them might litter this should be a left I should be at Oakmont lift driver or Oakmont which if that thing we've. So that's what you don't like I would charge people that would take you to spots that are hot. No anomaly and then my idea would even further animal issue and it's because this is the thing other people doing it's not my idea. But light. I was like what about a brewery tour slash Oakmont safari we take in a different buries that all have pocus stops. And that it each brewery you've got a half hour drink the Beers enjoy the Leuer. Give back on the bus and will go to the next brewer and the we will we will do our homework and find out which Pokemon or in the areas of these brewery so we let people well. We need that premium. These are the book on you can try to catch and this is where my brain when I started creating a whole cottage industry our running game I was enjoying for the first week. Gamble and you're not the only one because Jamie today signed up for a puck mob pub crawl. Yes there's a IV if there's any breweries and now I'm sure all in the drop lured in front of them up and aegis. You know to have Beers and cash father Ernie can deal with McDonald's over seas veteran Donald the real poker stop a novel obviously they're gonna try to move that here. Doubt that Ed first what it's like no we're not creating new focus stops this is created from a previous game opera or about that a second. This is created from trees game pre it is simple we're not changing it really need. But then here we are the play well barely eat on the K you know. There are no longer does new focus stops I would I would say one thing though and life still believe they will capitalize on comic con. There is also very high probability. That it will crash their servers. Yeah so far their servers I don't think they ever anticipated we had this big. They have they've not been able to handle violent and volatile people who influenced me to play the game the soldier media endurance or is that I I was seeing on Twitter that it's is blowing up the first day. All those people will be at comic con there a senior woods the wrestler. Tonight people are raping two Indians think the team valor and then what's the third one team mystic air reverend hints at what people are wrapping your collar. I don't know why it is a red gym nearby got to make sure is facing dollar we got to make sure you have. I have some tips and I have some news about the that company so. I don't know commission last week and I am taking the one who put out this game and they put out a game previously called ingress. But these guys used to work for global and they were done on Google Maps and he spoiler it's right. They worked on Google Maps that left Google made the deal with Nintendo and gogel. To partner up to make this game in grasp and they use all that information to create. Pokemon gul so all the information that we use in the map and poke Congo is based off the information that was made for ingress and Ingrid has maps. Online that I can check out areas and see. How many pocus top shall be in that area so last week and I figure that out all this week. I have been scouting spots around town. I'll catch water come on where's the great part of town that I go there's a lot of focus stops and it's very busy. And I hear water poke on mission beach bag I've been like Jimmy there that I can see him right. Is promoting it isn't like coming your we have fifty focused on his plate. Can't I'm forty wanted to go to the I looked there map it's playing. It's like saturated with pocus ops like every exhibit is a focus stop eating his walk through the entire zoo like what kind of strange animal in Oakmont would have and his crew. Isn't that hey it's amazing it now on the main thing ends at same time because you go to look at tiger. And be like. Iconic grip all that but there's tiger right there yeah I kind of how real they rallied. All and so that's kind of late this kind of a thing of the craziness and the like he's and it's getting people out and I just got nine. Monday Tuesday Wednesday we won an adventure all three days and she would go to work. And I would showered dressed and get ready at the house and I would get some work done in the she'd come home at night at Bieber gonna go to. We're gonna go down to the ocean beach pier because as Al over the water and there's three pocus tops on the pier easy. And she can't really that's cool and showed she love and particularly adventures like me we got him mission bay. And some guy had popped off to lure is on these two pocus stops and and we we wouldn't stopped and like fifty people show up and like we're all talking a total failure blame Obama and I. This is true today. It's odd. Hi you're on VH one used to make those shows I love babies the ninety's though the teeth out whatever yeah boot. I could see one day we'll look back when maybe the Mikhail of the 2010 disease and they'll be have a whole sting of the ago. Coca mom and go it took. Over. People have found dead bodies and part of people trying also. Just about to get out of here I think they can be able move and go can play you know well if everyone's talking. I every time really work every night. I'm driving home. Stop late what is on the it was on the radar and Ahmed a spotlight you really handicapped about that I'd I'd I'd bought myself a mountain for my car excitement to make Atlanta distracting does not give us your I did not they are less distracting pulled over. Five times and try to catch Pokemon like although I got pulled over and. Charm hander has escaped me. Five time I have with the retirement and I think my deal my deal I'm gonna have nothing gets its. I've actually level fourteen per capita 15 AM and I have some tips if you like some tips share for everyone not just makes for everybody turn off AR. Two reasons have you found it. Go that you've finished an average estimate customers know you'll all just you really but he tells me it's if you turn up AR it's very easier it much easier to catch them yes. Now I have noticed I did that and at the ball does grab them much easier because they don't really move as much. But I've found them they run away more often. Well what I've found is that when AAR turn off for sure saving battery power is not easy your camera good second it I feel like the software struggles trying to get your camera. So I feel like I've had a lot a lot of poke onto its frozen in the process experience I turned I turned that off and on a yard had a lot less freeze ups. So in that sense I've actually had a lot more get away and because they're not eating frozen. And I've I actually if I read online that they're saying and people don't know. Pilot will know nothing about the game everything's aghast at once trying they're trying to read into information to August. You're saying that when it freezes up they've already is it really frees up on them escaping. So you're not gonna lose it regardless he Bart annual loss it's already escaped. And a game always is articulate the word is frozen you have now and I always had to read it looks like when the ball's about it always looks like you Cottam. Yeah but the ball stopped yes and it makes for a processing that it's freezes. And and of course the games had issues every single day had a patch to mount on Tuesday its foes have updates every two weeks. There's only a 150 vote must of only reason that a lot of my well it's funny you mentioned you wanna do put months of fiery do you use of its safari was the second. Generation a puck money came out all and I I was anti Arab there in the care America hasn't slowed this one away. They didn't you didn't seem as separate. And down the line at like eight or nine bitten known cares but later Owens is the original and people accepted safari safari was cool. I feeling when when that when there when the high comes down they'll announce by the way. Supplied by a month are now out there. And that will give it. We bring people right back. Well I'm I'm very addicted to the game I'm loving it of course some of the tips again congress if you go to it if you download the app ingress and GRE SS and sign up for an account basically act at the he's never count. You go to their website ingress Docomo and go to the map and you can literally put in zip codes. And you can interact with it and all of the ingress info is poke my info it's interesting and as every dot is a poke a stop or jam would I've read about interests too is that. So is beginning to get from the put a lot of work into it and just really didn't take off they play a puck onto it people who about it. Not and I guess for other skins led the the and poke a month when they're playing now. Is a very simple version ingress had a lot more features yeah and layered and congress is what poke on can be yet yes. Should he blew it do you a Google commercial a couple of Super Bowls ago that like predicted that. This game yeah. It's crazy that I came out I don't know increasingly look around the Simpsons predicted this again. It then yeah network classic Simpsons did name or showing itself did it and then it cents as dead. Odd eleven million episodes you know they're gonna hit everything at least once your parks are way more better for Franco c'mon especially like grass parks like literally your neighborhood rec center. Then near mesa rec center for example has got three Coca stops and people are always drop lowers. So public places really awesome. That's what I've found so far and again near schools normally that. I think I'm alert elementary schools public college Louisiana company I was actually look at the map for UCSD UCSD is amazing I could imagine playing Oakmont there. Indeed it's cutting that's got to be pretty crazy. I you know I love islands summit to run the numbers like the World Health Organization summit this is not America like. The plane in Australia put all sorts countries this would tear this week. What yours and Australia Australia Australia it was that the over the weekend and I was like holy crap in the please allegations showed up. Yet no and it was for him. The symphony placing and what's the Australia's big symphony hall. DB on the simply well yeah the big building on the water two worst track and catch up on the on the amazing weather and look out. I like 2000 people showed up there. Playing poker on gotten and it was one of the things that the more people showed up more. People showed up again all of a sudden they were taking photos clearly all of us this is. He Australia and it's wintour now the other side of the country and perks same thing happen and like there was a couple of light. I'm wondering if like because Australia is tennis somewhat spread out like it's a little more country mentality it's like high industrial. And at least give this up. I'd let my most the city on the coasts and in the middle is kind of a big desert and I'm wondering if like it just isn't a lot of like. Pocus stops that like they really only went to a couple few that they can get away. Well it's still it's few months I'm sorry I felt final well well very well we're only seeing what's in the news now I know I know that like for example that over here. I don't know if there's anywhere they like I think it was very spread out I really a lot of people. Just went old town. In this wasn't what unpalatable we're still talking about a big San Diego is there whenever biggest city in the kind of immunity you can bet to like a rule Geraldine what. Then that is yeah it could read that too. You know someone who is in the backwoods admit Mississippi and the book among goes all the fun of the game. But there's like a not a clue what to do and I've wondered if like way better in the cities I think it is I mean I think they've told us that like you go or more people are playing and mark welcome on showed that in a weird position now because I want to AAR online. Liberal or finally win with a mission bay it was cool the lake catcher crabby that was on the board rock and a night I caught a photo of. A goal beam that was on the grass and with the water in the background to the super cool some of W I try to take some shots like that but. If I'm home are found here at the office just running it while I'm on the air out and how they are off you're an attorney. Let me 500 photos of me ask you bats this feud yet but I'm so sick he's got to end Zoubek C form can he got a evil all of your program on other goods and Gloria. When you get to a certain level. Lucky eggs will get a mock things like what eight. Nine and lucky if he be double XP for a half hour then so what you do is save all your evolves. Because they give you a thousand experience points every evolve minute yelled look he is going into double XP and 2000 experience points. That's an ending so I rate now I have ten Oakmont I'm ready to of all I am waiting. The next Tony is a lucky day set I can just get all that double experience with the match. A so have a little a little tips will tell little steps will take and then violence remember your biology from high school. You might have water poke my gotta go your water literally go near bodies warily go to the beach like cash. That's written to us Cheney and I feel like everything's a desert grass seed by Helm and he beat guys and I'm wondering does everybody get rats to zoo bats and commemorate only gonna a lot of it's not just I mean getting the you know I well. You peek at chilly north park to mark are bubble parking lot because you. Charming enter in another part art part he's not always there to site their data viewed him you know man. But charm and it was outside last night and ran outside he got away and I'm I've wanted to cry. I was playing jamming giving a heads up the this is my physical fable out there and then he told me yes it's not a lot of high through CC like forty balls and Bob Packard. And I got him and it froze. Like coming down Jamie late Monday as I'm not getting done now right is tomorrow and you threw forty balls and fair time now. Well I think of the good. Wrap it up that's got anything else knows recap real quake. Just remember live broadcasts from comic con will be at the garage kitchen embarked Thursday and Friday July 21 and 22. 5:30 AM to 10 AM is can't Torre would broadcasting live I will be broadcasting live. From 10 AM until 3 PM rice will be joining me on Friday evening we will have a Pokemon lures set up the entire time you can. Dressing caused play. Come down on us Thursday as supplies are limited while supplies last and still your very own what you a video with me taste testing at duke cooler from ghostbusters. Or key lime slime twinkies. If you'd like to win last minute passes to comic con. He decks comic to 61749. If you like to win. Movie passes he ghostbusters or suicide squad coming up at orchard start machine guys this theaters and hazards center takes movies. To 61749. And don't judge us for playing Obama best chance. We'll see what we do put together next week's because it is comical because I don't expect actual show but there will be what we'll W recap after the person to be some stuff all right. If we don't like these sooner on Twitter wherever have a fantastic come on get down there says he gonna take it still get down there.