Capes on Capes

Episode 22 - San Diego Comic Con Updates!

July 12, 2016

Lots of news about our Comic Con plans.  A discussion about the events in America this week with shootings and just a call to be more civil to each other.  We have an extensive discussion about the new Pokemon Go.  This is the world we live in.


Capes On Capes Ep 22

Friday, July 8th

Lots of news about our Comic Con plans.  A discussion about the events in America this week with shootings and just a call to be more civil to each other.  We have an extensive discussion about the new Pokemon Go.  This is the world we live in.

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My doubles today. Preliminarily that. The low price that is Q does music going for the whole podcast will they would throw me afloat because I've actually never played this game and sound not so it's nudity even missing out I have apparently well laid an. And it hasn't it's all the noises that like that yet. You might know that there is original Pokemon you didn't play in the bottom line is and I wouldn't I did not. Has gone it's good it's good if you if you guys don't know that is these myths that music from Google Mundo were broken quite the Cucamonga I'm never. Never had put on here. And this is like this is it crazy we'll we will talk about a month later in the chairman's allies. I got his dealer caves like caves episode 22. Here we are sitting around two down. Comic con season fully upon us. I feel against him I even though we got that two weeks and change soon with the way everything's being planted a foot it's tomorrow. I will say last weekend I didn't get a chance to get a shot and I did Sam was looking for the someone of her episodes. But the trolley that has the agency shield crap I've seen and I saw yet I had a good look at it and it was nearly my camera on it com. Those do look like Gus trenor chains. They built. And I was like. That's right because somebody else is just recently I was recently reminded that marble has got China back in the fold them so. Wow why not bring it to the super natural legions of seals in the fall that may be time to make it makes a lot of sense just because the initial thoughts was. Netflix one lately are good yes respect landing gear that's it that's your. And just in case it was Lhasa in context so viewers speculating that goes where it could end up UNAIDS is shield because of a trolley wrapped. Instead Oregon on your NCAA and they they wrap our trolleys they go outside comment on the drop people off from hotels and stuff and the trolleys are really awesome EM TS they they always Kansas and I've really cool amazing and I have been for over twenty years have nightly many many major events I've. Taken the trolley. And 88 big big marketing dollars a year rats by these movie you know that yeah it's showed in the early this year. Because one market that advertisement for the all star game which is next week. Oh absolutely. That's right we have the all star game here in town that only eight or baseball in this league if you got all star game gap next week is prior blow your schedule already. Next week out of beer festival because I don't there's so many here now racing season kicks off. Racing he had the race the race season races the voters are dumb are racists the horses and ponies opening day opening day is two weeks after the ferry in the very good. 4 of July. And opening season surge in the next week midweek or and only because ultimately cause it's easy kicks off with Cold War kids. That's right I think that's the 21 which is we've comic con I think I was looking I was in the sounds were on that revised concert children that's my friend really. Races starts the same weekend it's on the current. I think cells so yeah. It's kind of a different crowd out. Oh don't quote while some aren't some aren't some would like to be above all it leaves the if Weezer on all caught our kids played on the aircraft carrier at comic con last year they could do it again this year and they did that for. They do that for. One of the one of the online men's magazines and remembered not realistic but something like that okay. It's okay cut comic con so now it's. Someone that's what so it was announced today I didn't wanna do a lot of news that citing really like diving to him by the it's meals is announced today that do we kind of power range is going to be there and Bryan Cranston talked about it a bit more he had Bryan Cranston Osama parity is weak and my enemy Greece's the Dark Knight version of parent your sources are paying. A gamer and like the year you try you wanted to aren't that. He's trying to say is that deconstructing version of the Power Rangers is what he's probably trying to stay in light I think a lot of people are light bulb go off. Did to compete version basket ear AZ and I allow. I'm maybe may not read to it Sunnis and just an actor not to mention not a script here you email Christopher Nolan and his Dark Knight. And then after that we got probably. Point six or seven years of people saying this is the Christopher Nolan version yes again this day and now. You know it's come full circle and we're getting the quote crystal now Christopher Nolan virgin. Of the (%expletive) power in shelters. So let's do it that is we come. See I got an artist Charlie all this week we're wrapping up and fact is as we've posted podcast. A free ticket summer to win comic con passes he's he's dying. But I'd next week on the front 949 which is the week before comic mind as you listen to this the let's say what a stayed eighth the senate. Today is the eighth the AZ eight so on the tenth. Ninth on the eleventh. Kids are it was be given away sold out comics on passes all next week given that and then on the eighteenth the week of comic on Monday Tuesday Wednesday. I'll be giving away sold out comic con passes on my show so you still have chances to win. On the front 949 we are the official host for year come a time passes the ER and I and I and I can vouch that because I was in syrup this. Click hey what's. Let's deal with tickets like meg eight. Can get to take its gonna get this big hits and his liking it one ticket passes by the one pound at one pass. Because there are going to giveaways he said I've denied like half the staff here. Yeah and this is so good I mean you guys I was I am I I don't want to be arrogant in Eads physical but I will say there's a certain Hamdi effect. And the building this year where. Previously had no offense to woods but he's so like anti anti comic con not like he is anti as having the timing joining us cells but he just. He doesn't get a guy yet that's fine that we have the need a ton of the stuff all the time. We're actually working on a bit together but why he isn't getting it it's over his head doesn't know characters are it's it's intimidating for him. So he's sort of lashes out about a Hollywood's. He Demi king of the nerds last year and I've I've kept that moniker you guys guys do great pit how all star game. Does have he he keeps on mouse game you keep on. Baggage around no it. And then like. Why later does that come Guyanese his right at you I just don't get a sense anybody who could out news each other yet if he can have a MLB story. And I can follow it hits retirement account I went up either that or just Apple's late I don't. Nothing comma kind of winds and Smith and got thrown out there. Now that the it is funny the MLB ushering in is coming to town it's going to be awesome. My job. You know I think there's been this effect this year that people feel it's more acceptable being sad about comic Conner I think there's all of that that's been building for a long time yeah. Hey Abbott I think especially in our our office this is not getting there's a lot of people lot of light. It's okay to come out from under the rock you the woods is gonna bully me for enjoying myself in that. There's a lot of the a lot of people and having coming up to us and tell us they like keeps on caves and it's giving us really great feedback and letting us know that the F nine point nine audience is very diversity as a into a lot of different things just like we are. And I can tell its base at SPF. When puke on say analysts here podcast and it turns out they were talking to us asking and not mandatory pit area like I. And I can't Islam now they know you're the one the little. Legal defense that day you know it's funny a different note with the white UH video that he would brag didn't you and you've done somewhat as we've been gives and his cross overs. Odd Greg wise in the offices the other night and I don't want name names and give people I don't know anybody feel like this is a bad thing. But some little ribbing him about our videos and they were light. All those super important what you ate maybe as you guys do you get like four or five years Susan and somebody else offended that's nearly. All views and heat Greg he's got defensive men. And I said I pulled aside as night. How you feel right now where your angry and you want to lash out. Columbia because you're defending us but I want you and now. We do hit thousands of views we don't. I didn't like they're literally pushing your buttons lighten literally each rolling you do your face and you have to give it a field that. At in new game itself it's how money BK's only analytic crab and I I think that a lot of us. Port and it's awesome and yet comment on the chiefs' super exciting in fact. We're finalizing details looks like I'll be broadcasting live. On Thursday and Friday from comic con. And I'll be doing mid days from ten to three of the unifil and we don't we don't have a replacement yet for the mid days so I'll be filling in there. And also preview night. And I'll be broadcasting live from backstage so I'll be able to cover. Preview night of comic con so probably going taking photos and covering aware of that on that school did so there's a lot of said the still happening in moving forward. We still have a potential. Private party we might be announcing for Thursday or Friday night. I don't know where we are details lies on that. You know it's crazy or am I work on like fifty things at the time and things slip to detract. Cracks and I'm like don't be yourself do you try to next season. But anyway. You can't is still. Tax comic to 61749. For a chance to win sold out seeing new comic con international passes in town July 21. And of course that you can list for the courage of free tickets are wishes wrapped up but listen again torn woods and then myself and on line FM ninety point nine ST dot com can seriously. We want a game passes and hands we have a lot of com. We don't have an infinite amount but when you have a lot and we wanna get them in your hands and as Brian said. We're not Amy let staff go it's one of those things are it's like not you gotta like you gotta be a fan you thank you admire on tickets went up Bogart and yet we're not doable we argue that put him in people's hands yak. And then also. Speaking of Greg and I in the what you aids we'd last name filmed three special episodes with ghostbusters seems. His movie ghostbusters comes out next week. So those will be airing on after nine point nine FaceBook and website next week. Will we should be trying. Key line between he's. Which is like slime. Had been there wise. YE fly age stay puff marshmallow cream twinkies. He had been the high CX two cooler that we had to track down like I literally was tracking that out per month and half. We got picked a color and I had left overs of the into cooler and I have leftovers. Of the greens on twinkies solving ring that was a comic con and an okay film video and if they don't like. April. Perhaps it one of those you should I ghostbusters I think is gonna be a lot of fun like I actually think. That Independence Day resurgence may have been a good things are gonna sponsors. Lowers the bar I think a lot of people are saying it dependency rescissions is the worst movie of torn sixteen. Is bad I don't think I don't think it was that that I was gonna promise as you know I had a good time. I like the debunks. And we we covered that pretty Tim helps. Ten. You know it's weird sometimes. Sometimes I hit the vein of my what everybody else is talking about I don't mean to open I chose Thailand has a resurgence to now start to see other. Personalities that I enjoy start to get a little bit of attack it was too. I'm seeing return. And like our stuff posted in the last weekend it was all these videos of people that are like what how what went wrong like independence. It's tired how you that you think you can capture what everybody else to talk about those nets. You know some some maybe it's mingling and I think here and I'm here. Are in on their what are you wanna do for did you have some news they had been through a couple news OK we keep the line and transmit text message hello. We get to see deadly news this week C dot hot CW do you ask no we there was one story helped me out here you might know than they answered in this. There's what sir I thought got semi retracted that well split in the air lines the story wants occupant OK let's take him into the Netflix one. Well that's a good story to get to could hit earth yeah volatile but balances out there. So I saw and I my facts are completely inaccurate you guys I don't know a 100% wanna talk about I just wanna feel this out. I saw one article that San. And CW is bringing all of their CW shows cute Netflix faster. And that it was going to be eight days after airing yeah and I was like that is huge pressure Hulu rate. It's more than that who Hillary because first of all who sucks nomads and only don't they get newer shows like in sees the next day but they show commercials threat in at least initially commercial so light. If I have my Netflix account I can just. Don't watch his show without commercials eight days later I like what if let what if you're like you're not right and miss out on. Two or three of its of the prophet maybe you're at a talent maybe the next it was a holiday whatever day announcing a three weeks behind the line. Bothering me and I always tell the whole season right yes well now all of those episodes plus everything else will be here so Lee's take affliction import is that because I also think after like I read that I think they're very sensitive Smart climbers track is your it's you're still one season behind the activists are we gonna have all the shadows. Now that is why I was light. Eight days later at bats in saint that's Netflix making an aggressive move yet and then auntie here that I don't know it's just the last season and that's what it is now so what we know our. They pulled. CW CBS had pulled almost all their shows with a few exceptions from Netflix oaxley neither of them alienated new deal out okay people are saying they're gonna CBS wants either CBS app CBS owning seat at the shore. I'm not stopping of me appreciate my text sound I do. CBS is ice in the they're not they Wally do have an app. They're not planning their own Netflix so it looks like they're coming back I think what happened to the last couple years at the rise of Netflix in need need 2000 saliva or on to these production has has run really GM well let's knowing that you know HBO had their own stuff to make it and they can actually say we have our own out. And I think a lot of the companies like Nickelodeon and Viacom owning these arrogant and see you know we feel we have a lot of car you want a continent we would like to keep that in house and not have an outside underneath I think a lot of companies realized with a lot of work we don't do that gap. And let them do it there and then there's still paying you for that content is still making a lot of money I I think you know on the buy and that's what seemed like a everyone's eye watering try to Arnold make our own and a and we'll charge people there's a weird analogy here where. I used to work at clear channel ten years ago men and when MySpace took off. We were still under this old. Old version of html running the web sites and nothing was. Nothing was like module nothing was customizable was not easy to do blogs wasn't easy did you stop. As a MySpace was easy yet and it was easy for you become friends with your listeners like the MySpace has since they became years he became Europe but he was all of our own individual pages and then I was running. The radio stations page on MySpace and corporates like what are you doing and how light. Talking to our audience again and now and they were able we have a website. Like this is how people use that thing yet and and I remember clear shot tried to make their own. FaceBook because faced with the Italian the next thing they try to make their own FaceBook and if that worked out great as it doesn't exist viewers you grew out of all. It was just it was basically just like a glorified. Like blogger yeah you know just very rudimentary tools stuff now like why would I be on here I can just beyond phase back. An and it's so funny because then that went away. And now all there all radio stations are burying reined in phase of their Berrian to Twitter and in the -- to grant folly not trying to. Hold on to add no value equity income and to its it to not broke. They'll fix it. Yeah so this is working just where people are down on yeah but I get the people wanting to control. More of the content that's in Visalia but this is great debt like companies like clean Disney was finite wedeman. Late. Earlier shirt Disney Norman video games and women we don't wanna do this yeah we get tired of doing yeah and you guys are video game company even better in not only. On your own game we want. So it's the same thing weeks you're Smart. Eat your more answerable when you're under contract then tennis is just a different way of doing business and it and it's just an interesting but it is great. For us is the consumer has more stuff is gonna be in one spot and it's always good for us this I don't buy paper to accounts no now. So. Other news in the flare old girl verse arrow. Flat to slightly narrow flair a girl of tomorrow growth. We found out that it's. I'm with superdome moving to CW. They're going to. Play the entire perceive the season as super girl and you'll end. And start the new season while the show I did hear that which I think is great because nobody is one show that definitely a lot of -- gonna need an introduction -- yeah definitely and as he got the audience gets a chance to see for the first time probably you know that's how I'm gonna lots of Obama four episodes in I've heard it picked up. The picks up drumming up some nine and cracked I don't have any need to get there but he gives me once a week like that. August that's got to be more than once a week coming Emma says the deal. I'm it's probably a 23 point four what it means they have to start right now. Yeah they're starting I think actually starting at comic con like they're gonna start airing on maybe that's that's that's only two weeks away my little large gathered. There than more than once a week is there's not enough time between now and beginning the season's well. I can't speak to actually you're right you do the math and figured out I I didn't see the schedule that were probably. I was on it throughout map probably twelve weeks away via from the start of the fall season. So get away there's no way yet it's one it was as easy meal that anyway so anything. Matt playing it cool it's it's really make insurance hey hey any listening this is Canon. Are watching it six the TV show up short Don Nelson CNN is a smaller one but it took Constantine and it's on the CWC eagle OK then just the thing hey. It's Canada now I think they're finding that. The more content is available. The battery is because. It's like when you and I do videos or are we do podcasts like. I've read posts in our Greg Byrne anti interview multiple times because like you have to do not relentlessly. Weisman Greg Weisman sorry we're telling you my next race that's next week we're talking weather related viewers Greg Weisman. I've repose at his interview multiple times his he was really great well yeah it has guy. No really fun interviewed you win toggle comical stuff that's coming up it's relevant and so lake. US is sort of like get your contents out that you have to constantly tell people where he is and I think it's always I think there we see an uptake. If popularity got all these brands when it's available planes available and you should go watch it. And anyway there's new content coming and the timing isn't it it's it's it's great there's there's no shows right now. In that burned universe sure I was like hey in the meantime. For all you people who watched air of flash and legends there's a whole C a simple girl we're gonna bring TO there's a hole which is now Canon and there's a whole season. Of content in just waiting for it. The guy. Who plays martian manhunt turns liberal. Is going to be added him pay at a panel at comic con who. For call of duty I think in I think infinity ward that they game company. With doing college duty. The space wanted to call of duty incidents man later this year I guess he's a character. Uncle so he's voice acting a character in the game so he will be there and Greg Miller from kind of funny games. And kind of funny is gonna be hosting an honest I watch Greg Miller and he mentioned that this week and housing real tired for us the guy from Marcia managers going to be in a panel at comic con for video game of pool that's the storyline I'm really intrigued by it girl that I haven't got to. I'm Muslim then ten just to skip to that line there that's when the coolest parts of the show. Ozzie is a big fan of martian man and he really aren't doubt I've heard it a critical of Malia BA he's been more vocal when he senses that video from his secret layer all right he mentioned yet there are you man senator storyline straight yes you have he was a big fan marsh. Certainly making fun of odd that in secret lair. Debates and it was it was really cool I have to do that. I don't want Alabama has denigrate you can't see my face in these cat. Inside they gave it's just laughing yeah thank you know what you're what I don't mind is he gonna bunker it was up with strange and schooled at. That is in Louisiana is so like early ninety's might not Max Headroom but now it might have seen the matrix and win he goes to the guy Google TV screen he does this young adjective he goes to see the kernel from KFC yeah yeah and he tells and no matter what you do your always gonna coming Michigan Penn no matter why do you find it. You have a choice. You eat the colonel's chicken in the end his we'd be nice so. Lemonade or move on amusements a couple of things we found out this week that still first known as the story non story but in the. He means something that I that I mentioned earlier. Stephen Immelt mentioned. That flashpoint he's going to have a major impact on the air yeah he did mention this now he also kind of attracted to the next thing you sap. I'm getting the right as maven like why did you say that but anyways I I think. I think they're doing I think these social media really well I think these bonds really well often. I think I think the actors are genuine but I think there are also paid actors I think you and I have a job like when I talk on the radio sometimes I have to smile through pain. So sometimes you freak things no offense we're not lying to you but. I think they're great guests in Stephen ML are part of the hype machine for the marketing and I think that. Occasional leaked information that you have to walk back. I think he shares are doing to it I think there's always some until I think it's part of biggest part of the process I think there. I think it and it I think sometimes they may be trying out story ideas and see how you react to it like you people now may be negatively. You know they are maybe we don't wanna do that or fewer exe were negatively I had a balls on time that was like. I tell you what if we don't (%expletive) people off this weekend it got it back hey dolls like I like back. So sometime having yet there but sometimes you wanna go there play it on the issue off I do this. A good deal will let me put the layer on that onion. It didn't sinks even with him yeah. Because like crap that. Stephen amount is it. Yeah. The leader of unaudited what is he now lightly like that you may amend the line this is a helmet on now. Remember items I think about it it was dock owners and players that's and senate says Steven Mills he's pretty active on FaceBook and Twitter and he'll comment on things that I think most people in the public spotlight usually just leave alone. To some of wholesale like oh minus Donald Trump. Of course but it's on a scale comment on like what to do this to. This which we do on season five of aero and some common keynote move freely pretty Ridley like kill felicity. And today Hugh comet back like really it is a and it's funny. So I I think part of it too is I think he hears he reads all the things you're trashing the Shalit I think that he is still he loved. In the beginning win would love an air would love industrial season once he's Q you would reach week that means he was loving it out go with it. And that I think is a way that he he wants to see Michelle get back in a flash like can do that with one quick swipe. You know hatchet and a leader whip and and what. I'm what we mean when we talk about flashpoint if you don't know flashpoint being I universe altering event in the DC comics universe where Potlatch. He's thirty instigated flashpoint that's why I was excited for flash she's 38 Eddie flashpoints coming they'd name the first episode flash point. Basically grant her a sec. Mary grant guest and play immigrant hasn't Barry sees his mom. Thus changing the time line. And because of that some heroes don't have power Barry does not powers you now. It's not Bruce Wayne it's Thomas Lincoln Bruce was killed. And so Bruce's dad is like Armenia Craig and Superman is locked into a government prison innings experimented upon so everything's different rain and they have to light. They have to if they have to go through all this crap. They have to find what made them all heroes they have to beat the Justice League even in this world of you now. Just no nonsense right and so that's cut away. And then afterwards it always like has that effect of I won't when you fix you fix the timeline is gonna mess and there's always changes. Is and that's what allows writers to the human use time in the beginning BI. Well we were ourselves into a corner we can do this and now around the corner and it could Wear his craft that eagle ray you're just isn't. Thought gosh predicting that that's this is Super Eagles in. We think it's great flashy and neither of us and the flash was going to be the way they aero resets itself that's on everyone's hoping and we're how that's a better award and we don't think that we don't know that. We just how did you are hoping that. Yeah. It needs some recently that show and I think ending bit Bissell thinks showed at least one actor since that will Holland tale. He's aware of it yeah I think guarantee for that and it does it plays mr. terrific really wants to be mr. terrific business he's and he's in. Out there petitioning for that and against another one of those things are I wonder like. I'm not saying these are out that these are bad actors they're trying to have spike publicity but I do think that the actors may be gave Fred the Scripps maybe they know something Udall and I think community. I think maybe sometimes will say. God I'd really love it if I got to actually be mr. terrific gonna cost him this year and use them just read the Seattle he actually has the asset excited I sometimes wonder if that's like a great a great in case and I don't mean this. I think maybe four years ago there's one thing that's how I think a lot of people didn't know the subject material on the Comex. And I think nowadays than a lot of the folks. That are in these things actually draw with it. I even more so you analogy you more so than not a beer and I am. By in any different route where they're like no I know who Superman is and I know late combatant and and I know. The flash can do this sign you know it's like Oz great year that you're coming out on the show PG and you know he's exhausts them yet so it's going that happens and have a better exposure so it has a better. People are more inclined alike have. They got to respect for the more I guess as well. As he had. Well and and with all these things you know we try to design ambiguity to all these things are talking about is great they will be here for comic con. In three week on had a week's fall to all of this does happen so I'm sure they'll a lot of hungry need trailers I think that's gonna happen Avery started filming. Yeah so we'll see civil real I think single criticism ruled that has all the shots. We could be off I think we'll get civil reels with scenes from next season on all the shows and I think that will be doing they've started filming we value I'll let you know what let's say this for next week. Okay next thing you know we're starting to the idea predictions for comical yet but stop that let's kibosh act drinks but let me. Tickled that only when times a knack for next week we're gonna do dollar common contradiction absolutely no clue what we can expect down. We'll do we're treated like. What we know it's coming in and what we think it might show up in their predictions and and then afterwards we'll see like where things got. From the transition Australia. So. Is that knowing the end game Meehan AME have been on a hair. Hung out had a I don't know if you play this if you haven't go away and as soon as this podcast has done enough secondarily there. Download put. This game is so cool is insane. It I'll do my best to explain because it's. All over the place. Defense what Agustin college or you're not your I'll fight yet nominal farms started okay current home. So basically it's the puck on game you'll walk around collecting characters except you actually walk around and yes in the real world. And when you spot a plug in car camera it opens your camera it'll put that poco mind. In the room you're in augmented reality as it's called it's so cool are different causes and playing the game on his android. And a lot of problems there augmented reality is not working for him to blue is heading that up with a hands on a server issues yes that thing didn't expect Howell and thought that this game was gonna get they are overwhelmed there's been reports of car crash is that because you're playing at all they're driving they see a Pokemon and they're trying to get it really does is says Steve and that's darwinism at its finest did that today please that you pulled out. Over. This well I'd I'd I'd turn on Obama go plug my phone in the car to get myself. When I get stopped at lights and it looked out my phone analysts see if there's any landmarks in the area for future reference it's you're responsible adult cell. It right so then I got a stop sign. And my phone involved. I looked down. It looked like a charm and there. So I quickly crossed this good this street. Pulled over. And I I tapped Donny and it was as sand something it was not a Charlie's time I started with bulls are not determined or. To get wireless environment. Squirrel squirrel it's all I don't I didn't certainly those guys are with bubbles are this is my first among you might actually were played. And actually having early it's. Not. It's it's great that you never played Oakmont it just reminds that there is there's an age difference between us I was eighteen when he came out so why it would wake up on Saturday mornings. And I would venture out watching cartoons incentive would call line and I would sometimes trying to logic has pocono was so. Big. So yeah it does not third. Ryan an input. One play Pokemon is that it was so there was Power Rangers and move and then it was Pokemon and those two things and I was like I'm just too old and I'm not. I'm not doing this I'm not saying it's bad taste is not formula again just a it's just missing me. I like I've always been aware Pokemon I know who Picchu is like I get a heated to evolve your your kid creatures you. Battling its other trainers like I guess I diners I've watched people speed run. But you like Obama even I love watching video game appeal blame BA games and I've watched people try to speed Ryan. Like Pokemon read a book on blue or try to beat him like he is like two hours are so mentally it's crazy right up. And it's all about like anyway anyway point being my first of mind in I'm accurate throw I was trying to get on Jessica's we use today. And find life poke my ex wire one of the ones that thought they were available on the. Log on commercials are you really wanna play Pokemon Monahan helped. That's the best version of about how like her we year that's how I want all of you my DS and he picked one up money they don't rule. That can be effective BofA and assigns IDS SP. That bad people SP that's all right it's older and all their political SP it was a flip yeah it was really cool. And the best verge of the puck monitor the older ones it's great that you didn't play because man. I put the five. Verse offers up let the games. Ended but was bigger than McCain's for game three was the cards right. Obama cards is really Vick well as big as big purse yet. So any it's funny because when. When Gocong got big there's this with thing of it was a little more nerdy. Then Power Rangers so you Alamos and all heavily Clinton cards second selves and make money Dahlia now I said that. But I was not trying to sell any in my car I. It can well mine is not one of those things are trying to be alienating us cannot deny I wish I played magic began by Ayers is not any like there was a marble. Collectible card game I played back then there was a DC one I played that. Did collectible card games for a couple years there's a Star Wars once it was actually more of like threw my friends because like you might have that one friend that we get upset step. And l.'s that you don't like check out their collection right so that's like how like one of my friends certainly on the jade and comics way back in the day I turned him on that. Western comics you know to me like he's a each mile an X-Men like you had a bunch of X-Men and you know what I said. I talk about how my body had like from 200 issue is a Captain America red and I am love affair of stories get Americans though Hillary so many. But anyway. With Oakmont it was one of those things like I've played all these other card games and kind of dollar card games already. And then this one comes out it's drinking a little bit more decades. It was like I'm not that's not we're not like I'm I'm moving on those things and I'm doing stuff in the video games commercial and this is still thing. That's like ten years after South Park. Is is like you know like dollar of their ten seizing nearly man South Park is still thing a little while playing Monica will not let me like that's what I'm saying that you take for granted. How cold truly significant isn't it's just. Bear what it's cool it's cool that you are getting to a non because not enough that it's like ul we could have been blamed poke along some good became a sense was dead broke. Announced back. And it kudos to them any good noses the wall that. That this is bigger the main thing be far this is nuts. Otter of his bigger than the first wave of poke my. It differently as far as me this people go but things go viral now finally they did in fact that's correct yes so it's hard to judge that that wouldn't have been well and let me meet wanna play at wise I heard about it like last year and it's all it yet got the. Heard about like last year I was like OK I don't I don't know what Arnold you're doing antenna that's on the mat idea and I one of the commentators I watch like that's the humanity annals and I agree with you. That was a that was where my opinion what am I could not Iran. And like I remember like I remember his countless going you know shocked about is gonna be amazing that it but that guy. Is like the guy that's always like bride in the big guys like go go years ago hey Obama is gonna be also be like okay. Okay Alexander you gonna say that it's not you know. And so here it comes out in its light. Late on Tuesday comes out and I knew it I knew I knew it was releasing a Tuesday OK I'm aware of and I'm in the video game an area talk about the team's all time. But like all suddenly Twitter was like like every other tweet yes with some people talking about. I go on this program everything pictures without a month for them and get lately is this like a precedent of the snapped up filter or something right on it. And then it's is I've seen people's characters like and I had a friend texted me he said. Download. Poke among go start trying your welcome on and then I'm gonna (%expletive) you. Look back at. As always have played it against an indicated it is like OK I got a few that did that and I got to say publicized is the game. So bug creative it will first of all there's not a lot to deal now there really there's not to give you have avatar. Then you are in a world that looks basically like. Google Maps mes try on a little bit and it's yet like you basically have a rough overlay. Of a Google map that you're avatar lives in and walks around on using. GPS three your loan to determine where you are in the world in real time. And and landmarks. From a previous GO cashing in certain there is development on this game I was reading about this earlier today there's development on this game. And these people went out to all these locations all over the world. Odd they had volunteers doing this well and they with these landmarks they GO cache had a friend who was in geo caching and I thought it was on Everett did it but I really want to this was. People lit play games like leaving leaving little time aren't out yet and you could go on these web sites or apps whatever was. Didn't lose you get clues in eagle on the stretcher and he defined real stuff that he would leave abuse is gone I had a roommate has started a business around it very briefly laughed and she even had like NPR even covered their main event and it was like that's really cool piano big east didn't have the energy keep going it is not any. And really died as tough as this as it as a trend yet sort of which country we're not doing it came above ground and very quietly went about yet around but like I think only works selling that went underground but Nintendo was Smart yes look at that. They took all that info that information and and built a game around and and there's actually web sites dedicated to the old info which is still current. So if you only gives you wanna get real deep imposed on golly you can actually go to this. Did GO cordon snuffing you can find where there's other. Jams to go fight people again there's a gym there I'm going to drive over the area areas. And there's where you can find landmarks and yeah. It's as Sokol could in this day and age you you know you play game and it's kind of the appeal other we've gotten used to it. OK I can just sit here and I can play anywhere in the world. Yeah but this one makes you if you want a played you know. Say there's a and elect churches have certain putt on pit you can then you drove it to finally turn this negative you can drive that shared a and that's the only place he can play the people that have likes you know took that territory and that. Why isn't Australia the police have said you're not allowed into our our police station he answered Papa mark. Because of Uggla in the like there's some stores like target the you're done this I was at target in the excellent target they had in those barriers like a car can drive to grab a hot he's big red balls in the front right. And someone had marked the big red balls soul. As a landmark let me backtrack this and a bit. My wife and the baby and BitTorrent files and she's black and red well now Tarantino it. Lisa tells me hey Alan had a talent that target. And I am I am really tired I mean and you Ira Soledad dollar target with you but. I'm gonna play putt among GAO's son might mean I have to walk away from you I don't know is it gonna take me. Said fine she did she gives like the rolls her eyes this parsing out. Finding comfort element targets at the landmark pops up big big red balls in the front and I go out there and there's a whole picks waiting for me all of sudden yeah gotta get there. Anything Sokol underplay this is this is Nintendo going back to being creative and that well it lacked for a long time. The editing a lot of criticism on last year's that they should be giving out of the hardware business don't make another console don't think things are non union via software major games people want to put Mario if you can put Mario. On a PlayStation platform for Mario and Xbox. Like it and it is that people have been clamoring put more on the phone on your fine Aaron that's real thing which by the way you can you can do that you can download. Senate versions of Mario again radler on Mike I've had to supplement PS PV four against applying. On other hand held on and on unofficial lead and I never had a vigilant and stuff and you'd love to have remains a bile let's just gently. I'd buy out the Final Fantasy games of their re done that way and well Nintendo who owns most the rights to classic say gains now been released those. On on fountains and I was there this week they're trial ran right had a goes well this is this in choosing to see that working on this software that I thought I was gonna be done. But this to see it in practice even though. The servers keep crashing its allies in the hat on that. Lag EJ lags even under the move where it looks like it's now we move being announced at times it is like sometimes I'm sitting Stiller show news thing on my time ambler vice Versa writer Aaron. Bob some might experience whether it's a Tuesday night I come here to the radio station and like all day had been. Hammering me with a poll among parliament I'm like she's manic forget it's only my friends grew up with Obama my nightly look at this like I'm a gamer McGee. So I download and like immediately hear the radio station aisles like there's two landmarks. Great within range the at the founder and found it in any more at all about Colette yeah that's a vital part right. So I'm like OK so I swipe those I get little legged little things mobile. Okay and then also in a while Oakmont appears Michael book of Hank and Hal Sutton I've got five Oakmont and I I walk on the hall I'm coming and my phone and am I got. I know Greg. They just one night. Poke poke minds are tough fight poke money as he's armor my first beer Taylor will be happy memorial. This is some iPhone prices important like this is a big deal so then Tuesday night. I leave the radio station I come. I gather and Hyde Park. Pull my phone out load up put Margo what's around my house I've never been home with the game what's around my house and find out residential is nothing has a landmark in residential areas. But I split. The 45 it's. I watched in my house a lot to the back yard. I feel like that's that's a plus it's encouraging people to get up move around to tell you play this video games and then told me and attach an egg I had to walk. Buttons allows a woman walk on the. This can lined. 12:30 in the morning when we are just spoke today regarding a walk on the court of public tugboat. This house isn't in my book animal morbid way to look at this but it just a fact. This game as fun as it is. Chuck Taylor such younger people are gonna die because this game app. They're gonna walk into a busy street that's gonna happen now and it warned you right there in the minute yeah re getting straight like this be aware of your surrounding. The Jerry Lee Serb cardiac event. It appears they'll kill you. Our outlook report of a huge car pile up yeah the guy thought he saw a peek its you know well on the freeway. So I a sit in the sedan this was yesterday's two days ago as and then Wednesday morning. I'm like lower out of coffee on the run to the grocery store them in the Russian star and a super tired it's early I grabbed coffee I might. Here's the thing outside make in this coffee friends who check a box and pick up a copy of a simulation of a good. But like near my house is Morley field and I had seen. Find the map because I can swirl communal. Change the map as I can see in the distance and stuff I could see all these blue markers and Morley field. Sounds like I I wouldn't drive over there. NC with thinner and right in it there's really really cool I'll get out a walk around otherwise honest result Trimmer a lot of Jack in the Box. So I go there sure are not caught like five landmarks cut six Pokemon. A lot just sort of slow cruiser while you like it like pulling over in light catching a little un vetted one like yeah. Great and the good generalize the scene late. Like thirtieth university just always have been down bulls and those are blue marks and only I could totally like to appear run. Because like there's a landmark it's no no and I think there's a landmark in modern times like I can do not get my. Don't have a drink at all these bars picked it up but c'mon go. Anyway it's crazy there isn't it and today it was a weird to stand I was driving to the office and yeah I thought it was a charming Internet poll over the ball low so dangerous hole. Seriously any and at their day this game's great pilots who were trying to grid as if you're in the car. Don't turn it on not it's so dangerous now not recommended that does not mean. Not safe or proper name but I. I I I I did on the radar and I know it they're not stop anyone they see snapshots all the time welcome on like on their dashboard while they're driving yeah. I think that I think it's again I think it's cleverly it's fun to catch them an augmented reality but like a lot of people are getting caught up in need. Oh my god my dogs being attacked trap. Loving that's a makes a good social media I don't know of money that's down blades it's funny anymore Abe anomaly Afghan linked him it was reported gain initial sketch it is richer richer. So we any aides it's is inching were intended us from this because. I do see an opening so people are clamoring hey you step on the phone and rather just putting. They could just honestly it would have been a big news if they intend to said hell hey you can download poke mine on your phone and it's the same game. Doubt in big news to kudos to them for making a new game yeah you know gay being creative DOS and they're big they're so bad about kind of just leaning back on what they've already done list was massive in Japan. Am surprised that why it was a massive pumps irons is very successful in Japan it was rolling out here in the states tonight. I think they just weren't ready. For the installed base in the states I usually they are ready frowning he didn't expect this problem now. Don't know the super clever it's so leg up heading you're having fun glance. Yeah you actually caught me. Because I was trying to get my steps ten on my head hits the hits I've. The shining through your employer and publisher pocket that log in your undoubtedly welcome and go poking at reassured my against. When people in their attempts. Will play Nintendo. I want to finish the show this week. To be anything Osama comic cons I think let's save for next week yes we were Mexico into the whole show just on comic con. Any you know at Philly I feel like there's bad news like almost every day by the speed and you know make every day walk as they have before. Five really shows now regulates I feel like indeed news is about like. I am and there are some strategies that they're releasing a little seminarian and get a big news like about all for the show's leading a mission John Merriman sorry yes. I yak bode was on top of long enough turn out. Why did mention he got anyway yeah Arianna is. Stick of a series regular for all four shows yet and hold this the story says he's going to be the big bad for all. Foreshadows. The I don't think that means. You can expect the whole season and time to have like a zoo he'll be resume preferred the flash. Back at sea may be up until. The crossover he can be a main bad against all of them I can definitely see that. By the way we're going to have to read discuss Pokemon when you're able to go to a jam. Here's your not level five yet you can get to Jimmy you know I can't isn't in the I'm in like that they thought about using this game that's going on there was made of them in the Davey says this game comes artists on that what's funny is the games actually invade I think this and leaves out like you title and I am also noticed no ads. Yes agree. It's been great but not on for my guess it's not only that three has no hands. Like it's yet this is paid you sharpen this pulse up a bit. So I wanted to address the feedback from you guys this week and I didn't I don't want this get heavy I want this to be. I want this to be a discussion about real world Ian. How it affects the comic books that we kind of read and we tell we're gonna use X-Men as a prime example for this. But I was sent me a message yesterday and it's been a real tough week in especially here in the states where. You know Tuesday. You know not to get too heavy into this guy's this and this is not a debate is is an. This is an argument is literally these discussions this is talking about how things are have been happening around us and always remember late. Our podcast is not price tonight is talking you guys were very much we want to hear from you we want these to be community we wanted to be. Constant communication back and forth we appreciate Stewart's feedback points out of our rove attack and uses his generally appreciate eyes and Miguel. In two gallon and all the guys that this is the show and gives feedback and knows a lot of people that we don't hear from all the time and we love T cell. I feel free to tweet it is that keeps ninety's I'm pat him BCA on prices at price frozen on Twitter. And even get out of seat time you know if if you're ever. Concerned about things and you wanna get her opinion on and of course ask. Have a discussion because. All of that feeds into the show every week and sometimes you guys make it really easy did you Michelle. Because I feel we've been talking about stuff all week and we just coming in we and we just rehash the same conversation. But I Timmy had initially we had. A man was who was killed and that altercation with police on Tuesday another man. For the first time was. Is murder was burned but lack a better term or is live streamed on FaceBook. That video and actually taken down that had to be put back up with censorship on because it was very graduates. Very. And and that's not happening in real time Tuesday Wednesday was. Really scary and then Thursday. We NN. A boiling over point where there was a massive shooting in Dallas and cops were murdered and no it was always light strained right and none of the stuff he's OK it's all scary you guys and it's all dealing with real issues in. It's really dealing with people's insecurities you know if you're insecure and not just like I'm shy or like prices better hair than I do and like (%expletive) him. But if you're insecure if you're personally not secure. Either financially our. You know we hear you or your feelings or whatever if you're not secure you're gonna lash out your insecurity are always going to be. Looking out what others have a wondering why you don't have that. And I think I think we always have to acknowledge that that is real. And Oz was trying to cope with everything that was happening you know it's crazy in we are all sort of dealing with the stuff and Oz said I wanted to tag keeps linkage of this but I chose not to in the end. I wonder how Captain America would exists in this kind of world is there room for heroes at this point. And it really kind of took me aback because I felt like. Mean and I feel really bad because in this moment like I feel despair and I feel. This stuff Sox right I don't know what to do about it I'm keeping quiet about her radio DJ but I'm not one of those guys that rushes to talk about things because. I just I don't think we should I think sometimes. Deep personal reflection is good thing right. And I I solemnly then here's odd one of our one of our guys writing this is our show and like. He's trying to frame this and how he can understand and light he's like he's looking to Captain America. Things that we'll how Captain America deal with this and they like to Captain America even exist. In the real world in a world like this. And my answer was that I kind of want a want this to be a thing or it's kind of empower Alex you guys to feel like. There you don't don't despair all the time like. If you're despairing go through it feel you know if your feelings are you feeling angry feelings don't lash out at people should feeling happy let yourself be happy but it. Know that emotions kind of run the ebb and flow you're gonna feel angry and you guys are happy and you can anger union to have him. So our motto and of course serious there's always room for heroes that story writes itself. The problems we face in this country are because everyone is insecure and wants to lash out terror royals doubt the point of Captain America isn't at that he can't. Be torn down. It said he gets back up to fight and it's an end cap wasn't chosen. But Ers kind that was the and it injected him because he was strong he's chosen because he was a good man. They made a big point that the first Captain America hee hee son about being a good man. And good man. And I say it so yeah cap could exist in today's world. But he would be torn down by his critics he would absolutely be torn down. Thirty hold channels dedicated button cute chairing Captain America down the YouTube channels or would be. Thirty cottage industries. The dedicated to people who get paid to go to shows and talk about how bad Captain America as. But it would be up to the people that believing Katz a rally for him when he gets back up because. Kind of like this weird. Click all our comic books. A lot of our cultures are more violence are our revolves around the Greek tragedy. The fallen hero and speed we I don't know he has noticed this but in our culture we always tear down our heroes. We always carried out immediately push on a pedestal you're not human being. You're allowed to make mistakes. You're not allowed. Two. Bias hamburger when you're supposed to be I'd die because you're all lease you don't. You know to me like we put people on these places where they're not human beings anymore and we get surprise when they are. But the thing is is that like cat has always been a good man and like you see that the movies he sees what he's fighting tell me he's like eight. I can't let Bucky takes the fall for all these murders he's been brainwashed he's been. Tortured he's been manipulated I can't let my best friend's fault I won't let him and light I think there is room for late against America and today's world and I think that. It would be it would be about him being pure and perfect I think Derrick he would make mistakes but. Cat being who he is he always try to get back up he always wanted to be there till the very end here gonna have to put him in the ground. For him to not get back up and even then he's a hero you would expect him to get back now bright nobody were dies in the moral universe. And gamers yeah. So like. And and I was light. Small serious segment and caves keep stress this is not my words someone else's tree but I a couple of totally feel that did the card I was just. There's a lot wrong here and what you said totally make sense allows late night. I I really appreciated you reach out because I was having trouble dealing with it men like him reaching out to me allowed meal like answering. Any help me frame. Late to elect a bad help me frame like a better hope for the situation then. Just being upset in feeling despair and sat in being angry that this stuff is happening in the United States and I just kind of felt like. It was a great way to address that lake. The things that were passion about our hobbies instead they do help us deal to help the scope we turned to comic books. When we don't know how to deal with things because they're like they're escapism rain I mean. What are what are your sort of thoughts on this week it's been nuts. It's tough because you know we had a lot of the last couple years I mean apart they is will cellphones now so things that are. I think is more worse is is this an escalation of violence is a Smart becoming aware of it yeah. In other stuff would have just gone on that if a guy you know guy in Atlantic gets killed lake. That story would make it to California and now is it just it guy got shot might nominate candidacy and disoriented and he charged the cops and it. This will it was pretty glass on that I I almost. He ought to be in the dark brown must wish I had seen that video because the one from the front angle is it's pretty gruesome. And you could see the guy was so over the guys in the car. No one where he gets tackled Gunner is about they think it's and then crops thing I don't know that it came right entirely up NEC applied and it's like. He really didn't look like he was resisting them mind you just kind of natural flinch is elect that your. To his comic books I think comic book line let me preface that they would. You're reacting to. What you saw on wanna be asking and that's what you saw. You're not judging one way or the other and I'm not I'm not have a high advocating for violence against or citizens and I'm. So bounced their police are out of keeper bounty and what it what happened in Dallas sucks because. Awful. Any just turns Michael could've been a real conversation into now like. Too heated against each other so that either it's you don't things are going over your gas either you support cops are you support. In new black lies manner into the it's not one of the gather now. Wine and Greg and I have worked the last three nights we've been on the air yet and the last three nights have been insane these guys all of the stuff is blown up at nine. Now mean analysts had blown up. The third and the doll's gonna Loma Pena it would -- and I should be flippant with the emirates. My point being is is this that is all he just taken off on TV the last three nights so the last three as we've come to work. Haven't Connelly I did the intellectually in that tending grudge match on TV is just. The most horrific stuff I've ever seen amyloid this same man I did that Wednesday night stuff I mean that that actually pops up on my FaceBook feed. Life like gated. You know it's small world friend of a friend of a friend of a friend upon them on my FaceBook and that was happening live and I'm here I am in the studio trial might. Do Michelle and I know is watching this like I can't talk about on the air and light. I'm not trying to light light the match should say it will go seizure and you playing music and different as a platform to do it exactly so I've been unable to talk about any of that stuff because. Each has some like this is not nobody wants to hear this from me notre Aussie here and I'm like. But at the same time this show isn't Ripley's who we can talk about things and a scab fell like a really wanna talk about this. We have an allegory for the public's Rosie X-Men who you know I want you guys to think about this and want to think about the real world on a Washington think about it. Like everybody in your life place ever wants a minority. All of us right leg maybe. Your left footed. There's only so many people are left foot in this world. You know I understand why. Maybe maybe you're redheaded totally solid quarter ended may be your date only some people today bit your black maybe your Asian media makes it maybe your white meat your native American. Does matter there's only so many ups and there is no real majority anymore light. We we sort of live in this America where we lay believe that this old school mentality majority. But all minorities the majority is minority and I think that everyone should just. Just have a little empathy for the other side you know I'll just win when we talk about. That members of Iran we didn't like it. But why did you OK that's fine leg. You'd you might did he tell you why because maybe you'll sell me maybe you Walt. But I want you to understand the end of the day if I still like it respect mine and it is much respect that you like it. And I think this sometimes we just pure little bit more civil. You know just. Talk about things a little bit more like understandably not always gonna agree with Carolina man right. But just add people or people at the end of the day everyone's got to go home to finally late they're the ones got family. If I connect this to. Worst cities like where content is GAAP. We do this show about comic book heroes and it looks. And it seems to some people who aren't into that emits like oh you in effect for considering comics or whatever who cares. But really why don't like these heroes. Then the day they're just people who just want to do good yeah in that gets lost yeah. And that's why like when I news like this I can I think conflicts are a great place to escape to exit especially. Extend our great allegory for. Any minority group when you re next thing comics you read about how the actually get treated Alia I mean I I at. I think about that these days is like wow and candles primary next man in the eighty's and ninety's I didn't understand. Races I didn't see them I really never saw I mean polar I don't know it was it. Who who does that give them with which characters but Israel documented that professor acts aiming Nino are supposed to be Marlins are king and Malcolm Max yeah. You know they both want same means how to go about it is very different tracks they're both the the yin and the Yang of these civil rights movement via with may need to be even more militant vs Malcolm X be the more militant and of course. Professor X being in the past that messages with. The mark of the Indian pass this and ultimately. And being shut down for his his he had for his ideals and which I really kind of feel like sometimes I don't feel like I can be I could put myself out there like that sometimes the Michael there's not Connolly. Telling the ultimate thing like being killed so we believe and and again I mean like I do I believe this moment are but I'm willing to. Put myself in front of the firing line for other people make. That's why we Revere you mean I mean and we have a date for and we celebrate his life. But anyway I got my yeah we heard professor X for the next OJ doesn't think about that stuff you knowingly or should go and read an expert Tom look at look at how they get treated and I want cheated. I want you to take that hellish and apply that to any minority group you now any minority you know your work any minority you know your school warrior. You know whatever it is and just understand that late you'll know it's going to use you not live is somebody else's shoes in light. You can't because of your insecurities don't pass judgment on others are just. You know its own responsibility for yourself is sometimes letter of people live their lives. And light which deception and China in the early next innings and a great sanity in the show it. It was just a few each other. And you have England trio poke mongo. Fantastic game I didn't mean to be have you guys play it. We wanted to talk about the cause he asked the question it really brought this whole conversation home Korean and us like to bring this up on the show has. It's hard feel at its heart on a personal level it's hard to see this stuff it's hard. To see fellow Americans going through this it's hard to see people being shot on television has not. It's not easy in and and we use all of the stuff. Hasn't escapism and as an enjoyment and for Fulton you know and comic cons going to be fun. Yes and we have got fallen. Programming on the way. And and we have a lot of fun things happening so I do wanna address this and say that. Yeah this is you know it relates account books a 100%. But you we have fun stuff coming up we don't wanna talk about on a positive from the how fun this community is and I want to Israel to have these discussions so. It'll wind and it's in a well what she has still to come to us. And talk about things if that's what you need and and and and this is there a community for friends and we can talk about firefly we could talk about. The scifi challenge to talk about CW show doesn't talk about. That may receive ransacking coming nerds. I thought about transformers being an abomination. We have fine and just keep it light and respect each other's opinions and respect each other. Visit. Tune in next week we got a full comic con special and we'll give you a rundown of all the poke among go carry on we will get the update of WO five on being a G and a son. When I got my eyes screen cap that includes. It said in any player on ha ha. Crazy year. No I don't usually plays games I had my enemy is my playing moniker that got a chance would you go fastest riser. Lay down there racetrack and on the show it to you can't connect to each other yet. Not yet now that's coming later apparently as we keep on the outskirts of this show and as we talked government. I always make a certain names like you're. If you don't like Jeremy on PlayStation. Did she pick twice it's not that I've always. I am either swear words on and costs opt Opsound gap if it ever to play other people there's there's mice intact. I'll be back next week it p.s that are very take care.