Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Chris Farley

December 19, 2018

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Yesterday was the 21st Anniversary of the death of Chris Farley.  Recently Adam Sandler was recording a new special for Netflix and recorded this song as a tribute for his late friend.  This video is so touching it made me tear up at my desk.  I got started in Radio in 2000 and someone nicknamed me "Farley" because as a heavy white male with an overabundance of humor I reminded her of the late Chris Farley.  I had that name professionally in my Radio career until 2009 when I got out of Radio for a few years but I still have people who call me "Farley" and I've always proudly had that name to honor the late Farley.  "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" "In a Van down by the river" "Lay off me I'm starving!" Lunch lady, Tommy Boy, Chippendales Dancer, and so much more.  RIP Chris Farley