5 Games That Made Me #NationalVideoGamesDay

September 12, 2018

On yesterday's brand new episode of Casual Gamers Podcast Jeremy and I asked "What 5 Games Made You"?  Jeremy had his on the show, but I was tasked with figuring out mine.  And we want to know yours! 

Here are the 5 games that I would want people to play to better know me as a person

Legend of Zelda - this game got me to beg my mom for a Nintendo using money that had been gifted to me. First time my mom and I had conversations about being responsible with money.  She had put off the Nintendo by buying second hand an Atari with like 40 GAMES!  I could not be more ungrateful, because the atari was not the nintendo.

City of Heroes - I loved this MMORPG that constantly was compared to WOW and being dismissed as "not good".  The character creation was one of the best ALL TIME in video games.  I would daydream at work about new characters I would roll when I got home.  Then play that new character for hours to get past the opening of the game and really open up the powerset.  I was part of a supergroup called Defenders of the Night, a Defenders only themed supergroup.  We were players that had a chip on their shoulders about Defenders being labeled "heal bots" and wanted to prove what Defenders powers could do in the game.  We would make friends and recruit.  We Defended and we had a blast.  I was super active on the message boards.  I was in flame wars over comic book and movie nonsense!  My character was Hoist, a nod to a Transformers character who had a force field for a power.  My Hoist was a Kinetic/Electric Defender.  Think Flash motif with 90's panache and flair.  Seriously I love the half mask thing and spiky hair.  I still daydream about this game.

Twisted Metal 2 - my buddy john and i had to beat this game with every character to see every ending.  the storylines were dark and twisted and funny.  everything about this car demolition game was insane and over the top.  an ice cream truck with grinning flaming skull for a face?  check.  

Phantasy Star 2/Final Fantasy - this is a tie.  The Final Fantasy games hooked me to the genre with massive storyline and world, but I mainly watched my friends play the first few games. true story. Phantasy Star 2 on the genesis was cool.  It was the science fiction anime robotech version of a game I wanted to play.  None of my close friends had a Sega Genesis. I would have to get lucky enough to hang out with a friend hanging with another friend who had a genesis and the game and was willing to let us hang. thats my early 90's in a nutshell.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition - "I play D&D too!"  so when i was growing up, a friend had the AD&D 2nd edition books. Specifically the Monster's Manual, Dungeon Master Guide, and Player's Handbook.  This was the doorway.  This is what they call the gateway drug.  I was hooked.  My friends and I loved imagining worlds with warriors and orcs, wizards and elves, dwarves and ogres.  you could be anyone. anything. you could be smarter, wiser, dumber, angry, sad, goofy and silly.  We would spend hours imagining characters.  Rolling up character after character making your own team or family or squad.  You could travel to far away places and survive dragon fire with a lucky roll of the die. Plus the novels that shaped the worlds you read about and helped you imagine new adventures you and your friends could embark. And the source books. Oh the source books. Dragonlance which was created by fans playing the original game and creating characters and adventures of their own.  Raveloft and the introduction of a sort of nightmare realm where vampire lords reign and liches walk the earth freely, wherever undead and werewolf frankenstein horror could exist.  Dark Sun and a dessert realm harsh on its characters but fun in its strength. Spelljammer and a mix of magic and science fiction. Forgotten Realms which would spawn the most novels and reading material. Home to Drizzit and Waterdeep. The early PC games not in Dragonlance are all in Faerun. Most of the games since like Baldur's Gate take place in the Forgotten Realms. this game most shaped who I am and the games I like.