What Are You Wearing to Coachella?

Festival Gear 2K17

March 24, 2017

DUUUUDE... Coachella. 

Festival gear requires a lot of time and dedication, especially for all the women out there. Being unique, you, and fun all at the same time.. but we all know you want to look good for Coachella.

For the hair.. Buns, braids, curls; and for the outfits we can expect some ripped jeans or shorts, rompers, and MORE. Here are some outfit choices from prior Coachellas! 


Get your chella on.. 


Day one attire with @bellathorne @bellapendergast ✨ ⭐️Outfit details tagged ⭐️

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If sailor moon was a bohemian princess--⭐️ @stylehaul #coachella2016 #day3 snapchat: -- evelinabarry

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Hasta mañana! @lelepons

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Festival Friday ----

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Coachella Festival-Desert Trip-California ----

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Coachella always the best --

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