Inside Ice-T’s New EDM Label

Electronic Beat Empire

November 14, 2018



In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, West Coast hip-hop pioneer Ice-T announced the launch of his brand new music label, Electronic Beat Empire – a label that he has publicized as “a serious techno label.”

Teaming up with friend and collaborator Afrika Islam – former member of the iconic breakdance squad Rock Steady Crew and disciple of electro progenitor Afrika Bambaataa – the pair have released the label’s debut album, called ‘Hip Hop DJs Don’t Play Techno.’

Islam, who has taken the techno alias Mr. X, mentions Kraftwerk, Larry Levan, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Marshall Jefferson and more as some of his biggest inspirations. Having spent the last 15 years DJing raves and nightclubs in Germany, Mr. X seems to have his finger on the pulse when it comes to the current trends in electro, techno and other forms of electronic music.

“I am not gonna act like I’m a techno wizard or know anything about it,” Ice-T tells Rolling Stone. “We’re into the real, raw creativity that’s out there. When they came with dubstep, that was a whole other part of music. The painting is never complete on the musical landscape, so let’s take it there with Electronic Beat Empire.”