4 Days of Nonstop EDM on the Worlds Largest Floating Dance Festival

Groove Cruise through GLOW's Eyes

October 16, 2018

Multiple stages, bowling alleys, secret sets, and sunsets. Groove Cruise is edm-lovers home for 4 sleepless nights as they board a cruise unlike any other.


This unique concept allows people to dance care-free in a PLUR environment where music is a constant LITERALLY 24/7. Headliners like Laidback Luke and Cosmic Gate are easily approachable to listeners, and every themed day lets fans get creative with outfits.





Aside from the music, it came as a surprise when different parts of the ship held “rave-wear” fashion shows, art installations with live street art, secret DJ sets from multiple electronic formats, yoga overlooking the top of the ship, and silent discos.


Our favorite part was being up close and personal with artists while we played video games with MK, did Kung Fu with Laidback Luke, and battled Shiba San in a ping pong tournament.


While there, we were also lucky enough to partner with Whet Foundation that centers around exciting the lives of those less fortunate. Them along with Neon Owl went to a school in Ensenada to paint a mural and hand out school supplies/back packs/and so much more! Porting into Ensenada instead of Cabo due to the hurricane was a blessing in disguise.


Taking part in a large community of music culture, people don’t leave the boat until Owner Jason Beukema and “Captain” Green Velvet lets them know it’s time to get off. Zombie like versions of people crawl off the ship ready to rejuvenate after four days of sleep deprivation. By the way, Jason and “Captain” Green Velvet also made great wake up calls!!