FM 949 Shock and Awesome: It's For the Kids

January 6, 2017

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children? Here at FM 949 we sure do. We also think of their parents, and what cool moms and dads they must be to be our friends, and part of the FM 949 family. That's why the FM 949 Street Team is hitting the road and coming to your home or business with a bundle of #ShockandAwesome goodies just to say thank you for all you do to support us. Haven't made your way onto our radar yet? Increase your odds of getting noticed by liking us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (@fm949sd), sign up for Tribe 949, download the totally free and constantly improving FM 949 App on iTunes or Google Play Store, and just be a generally rad human being. Then you might get a visit like Jason did, and your kids will get to be super cute, and super proud that their Dad is an FM 949 dad. Kid tested. Kid approved. FM 949 is San Diego's Alternative, and the home of #CommercialFreeMonday and the Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways, giving you 13 chances every weekday to score SOLD OUT #Coachella2017 wristbands. That's a whole lot of awesome for one radio station, but we're up to the task. 

More #ShockAndAwesome winners!! Our friend Dana was stoked on some FM949 prizes AND the fact that #supermegacolossalcoachella giveaways return MONDAY on #fm949sd get yourself signed up by texting COACHELLA to 61749!! #msganddataratesapply

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Jason and Jackson in San Marcos are ready for #supermegacolossalcoachella starting on Monday where we're giving you THIRTEEN chances every weekday to score your passes to #Coachella2017 text COACHELLA to 61749 to get yourself signed up!! #msganddataratesapply #fm949sd #ShockAndAwesome

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