Watch the Terrifying Trailer for the 'Pet Sematary' Reboot

Sometimes dead is better.

February 7, 2019

Left to right: John Lithgow as Jud and Jeté Laurence as Ellie in PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Kerry Hayes © 2018 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


Sometimes dead is better. Indeed.

Right away, the “Pet Sematary” reboot boasts a twist. Instead of a dead son, we’re dealing with a dead daughter. Different gender, same level of horror. Honestly, what’s more creepy than undead children? It’s a tried and true horror movie formula - Undead children = Stuff of nightmares.

Aside from the gender twist the official trailer for “Pet Sematary” appears to faithfully follow the original - A doctor and his family move to the sticks from the big city, a pet cemetery is discovered, creepy black cat springs back to life, child hit by car, father goes off the rails. Father does something he really, really shouldn’t.

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A scene of children performing ritualistic and creepy funeral procession in the woods hints at a fleshed out backstory for this reboot. The children are wearing animal masks made of paper mache, the kind you’d see in grainy photographs of Halloween circa 1900's. It's delightfully macabre. 

The original film made its debut in 1988 to the terror and delight of audiences everywhere. The reboot has been in the works since 2010 with a parade of promising directors, including Guillermo del Toro name dropped for the project. In the end, directors Denis Wildmyer and Kevin Kolsch (“Starry Eyes”) were tapped to bring the reboot to fruition.

Expect this gem to drop into a theater near you in April.