Guillermo del Toro Takes on 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark'

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February 6, 2019

Courtesy of Lionsgate


If you were an 80's or 90's kid, you probably had a copy of the series, "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark." Honestly, the books, especially the illustrations, were a delicious horror, each story more curdling than the last. Soon the stories will find a home on the big-screen, and there's no more appropriate storyteller to bring it to life than Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labrynth, The Devil's Backbone) who developed and produced the film. 

From the look of the trailers, which were a shining spot of horror in a sea of Super Bowl mediocrity, the movie will stay true to book author Alvin Schwartz's telling and to illustrator Stephen Gammell's aesthetic - that's to say, it looks like a freaking nightmare come to life. 

The movie strings together four stories plucked from the pages of the three books: "The Pale Lady," "Red Spot," "Jangly Man," and "Big Toe."

The movie is set to drop in August.

Check out the trailers below and pleasant nightmares!