Video: Stoned Woman Gives 'Nun' Makeup Tutorial

October 30, 2018

The ever-popular YouTube makeup tutorial just got even better. Brandi Fernandez's channel is dedicated to makeup transformation but is popular, not for her mad skillz with a makeup sponge, but for the side-splitting hysterics she inspires in us as we watch her try to recreate movie characters while high as a kite. 

In this latest episode, she eats way-too-many edibles before recreating herself as The Nun from the "Conjuring" series. 

"My friend told me that two was almost too much for her, so I'm going to be doing four," she explains before popping the homemade chocolate treats into her mouth. 

We can't say that her makeup is on-point, but it's a wonder she made it through at all. We dare you to watch this without laughing so hard you cry.