'Once Upon a Deadpool' Drops Teaser Trailer

Because nothing says "childhood innocence" like Fred Savage

November 19, 2018

courtesy of allied global


The holiday season is officially here! Even the Grinchiest among us cannot resist the special brand of holiday cheer that is "Once Upon a Deadpool."

The movie is the PG-13 version that 20th Century Fox has been jonesing for. Ryan Reynolds told Deadline that he agreed to the pre-teen-friendly version under two conditions: 

One, a portion of the movie's proceeds go to charity and two, Fred Savage be a participant in the film. Let's face it, nothing says "childhood innocence" like Fred Savage circa "Princess Bride" even if he is duct taped to a bed and held against his will. 

For every movie ticket sold, $1 will be donated to "Fudge Cancer" also known as "F*ck Cancer." the non-profit has graciously changed their name in the PG-13 spirit of the film during the 12 days of the release.