Weed Wins in Midterms

Multiple states moved to legalize Marijuana at election time.

November 7, 2018

ID 23845747 © Andreblais | Dreamstime.com


Did watching the midterms last night give you anxiety? There’s weed for that and now it’s welcome in a few more states.

North Dakota, Utah, Missouri, and Michigan all had cannabis related issues on their ballots. Most of them were a win.

Michigan legalized recreational marijuana for those 21 and up. That makes them the 10th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. They are the second largest state to make the move, next to California. Welcome to the fold, Michigan.

Utah and Missouri had medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot.

In Missouri Amendment 2 allows for the use of medical marijuana, gives the green light for legislators to create legislation regulating it, and sets a tax on the sale of it.

Utah’s Proposition 2 allows persons with “certain illnesses” to acquire and use medical cannabis while setting limits on home-growing.

Unfortunately, North Dakota didn’t have much luck pushing the legislature to adopt progressive marijuana policy. The state’s measure 3 hoped to legalize recreational use for those 21 and over was a no-go.