What will you always spend more money on? | Dana & Jayson

Apparently Jayson won't budge spending more on nicer toilet paper...

October 4, 2018


Jayson is cheap. Like, really cheap. Not cheap in ways that make sense to most people, the way that helps you squirrel away a nice nest egg, cheap in the way that involves purchasing discount meats. Regardless of what our Dana & Jayson listener family members think it worth paying a little extra for, Jayson thinks you're stupid.

So what would you ALWAYS spend more money on? Are you like Jayson and always go with the generic or do you have a reason to spend a little more to get the name brand?

We hit the phones, took some calls, and found how truly dark and twisted Jayson really is. A little unneeded life advice this morning on San Diego's Alternative. 

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