Trend Setter.. Coachella Fashion 101 | Dana & Jayson

Jayson needs to go more outside the box for his Coachella fashion

April 18, 2019

Coachella weekend two is right around the corner, and Jayson and Producer Jack are ready with their version of festival fashion. Sort of.

Even though Dana's idea of a successful Coachella weekend is having fun, making memories, and experiencing all the sights and sounds of the world's biggest music and arts festival, Jayson is focused on making a fashion statement.

This morning on Alt 949, Jayson gave Dana, Producer Jack, and our Alt 949 listener family a little preview of his outfit choices, and things aren't looking good. Is what basically boils down to hospital scrubs a good look for the party in the desert?

We tried to find out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

Listen to the audio: