Home for The Holidays

Home for The Holidays: Lydia's Story

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December 10, 2019

The first meal that Lydia and her son Jexter shared in their new apartment was eggs and hot dogs. "He was so excited to have a refrigerator and to be able to cook our own food," she remembers.

Only a short time earlier they had been living in a car, the windows blacked-out so that passersby couldn't see Lydia reading to her son at bedtime. After a few months, the car broke down. It died on Madison Ave in El Cajon, cattycorner from the Jack in the Box where they would brush their teeth before heading to the library for the day.

Home for the Holidays: Lydia

Lydia struggled to attain stability for many years. She battled addiction from the time she was 16 to the time she found herself couch surfing with her four-year-old son. Today she is sober, employed at a job she loves, and living in an apartment furnished by Humble Design. She and Jexter moved into their home a year ago on December 1st with a mattress, a box spring, and a few cardboard boxes. 

"Honestly, nothing has to match," She told the Humble Design team when they came to visit the space. The only thing Lydia knew she really wanted was a loft bed for her son in the one-bedroom apartment they shared.

"We slept together for so long in the same bed, I wanted my son to feel like he had his own space," said Lydia. 

Listen to Lydia's full interview with Dana & Jayson and help us raise money for people like her and Jexter. All of the money raised during Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays goes to support Humble Design, the organization that would step in to help Lydia and Jexter transform their apartment into a home.