Producer Jack gives House of Cards Season 6 a 'High' Review | Dana & Jayson

The final season arrives November 2nd!

October 15, 2018

There is so much out there to wade through in the digital streaming world, that you might get overwhelmed.

You might think diving into the movie and TV show trailers might give you a leg up, but with so much content and so many Easter Eggs packed into these things, you might miss something. One sure fire way to ensure that you're way too involved in these coming attractions is a few puffs of Mary Jane, and since Dana & Jayson don't expect YOU to partake, they've enlisted their herbal brother Producer Jack.

He partakes in a little legal recreation, watches a trailer, and gives you his sincere and slightly smokey reaction on whether it will keep you high, or bring you low. Producer Jack's High Reviews on Alt 949.

Watch the trailer here:

Listen to Jack's Review: