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Producer Jack is getting an 'Evil Switch' tattoo | Dana & Jayson

We had an intervention with Producer Jack to talk him out of this horrible decision

May 10, 2019

Friday is a big day for Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack.

The show's big, bearded teddy bear has a very special appointment, but he has been keeping it from Dana specifically, because he knows she won't approve. Producer Jack is getting some ink. As a huge fan of an iconic animated series, and generally kind of a weirdo, Jack has a very specific idea for a vague reference to be permanently and visibly added to his body, and for the first time ever, Dana and Jayson are borderline speechless.

Since they knew talking Jack out of this was more than a two person job, this morning on Alt 949 we hit the phones to find out what our listener family would say.

Flipping the script (and the switch) this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

Listen to the audio: