Producer Jack broke Instagram | Dana & Jayson

Everyone woke up Saturday morning to a cheeky surprise from Producer Jack

March 13, 2019

Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack broke the internet this weekend.

While spending a quick weekend in San Francisco with his girlfriend, Jack went full Kardashian on Friday night, posting a scenic photo from his hotel room with a 36th floor view of the city. The thing was, he was completely naked.

Since Dana, Jayson, assistant Producer JT, and basically everyone in the Alt 949 offices saw it, it needed to be discussed this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

HERE IT IS... Producer Jack shared this image with his Instagram followers — and it was the first thing they all saw on a Saturday morning -- CAUTION!! Swipe ➡️ If you dare to see the unfiltered pic -- @actjack159 @danaandjaysontalk

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