Did a fan try to attack Morrissey at San Diego show? | Dana & Jayson

Initial reports said he was attacked, but Morrissey says it's a misunderstanding.

November 12, 2018

Was Morrissey attacked on stage in San Diego over the weekend? Not according to the manhimself.

Several videos went viral showing what appeared to be a fan running up on stage and hitting him, but apparently Morrissey says it's a misunderstanding and the fan was actually trying to hug him.

ALT 949's Alexia was at the show and took this video posted to our ALT949Radio Instagram:

WILD. Morrissey had to cut his set short do to fans rushing the stage! Took one right in the chin. #morrissey #MOZ

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Do you think he was attacked or was the fan trying to hug him?

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