Home for the Holidays

Home for The Holidays: Michael's Story

Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays starts Friday, Dec. 13th

December 10, 2019

Michael was a veteran, a homeowner, a husband, and the father of four kids. When he began having trouble with his marriage, Michael lost it all. In a matter of months, he would find himself living in a car and separated from his kids, who would live as wards of the state for 21 long months.

The separation took a toll on Michael's professional life. At the time he was managing a local tree and landscape company, "I just felt paralyzed," he said, "I tried to do a couple of jobs, but I just couldn't focus." When they lost the house and moved into the car, the baby photos, the ultrasounds, the things the kids had made at school, it was all gone. 

Home for the Holidays

While Michael and his wife eventually split, he would be reunited with his children, winning 100 percent custody. Being a Navy veteran, Michael found a program helping homeless veterans find housing. 

"We got in there and I had two dressers, two air mattresses that I borrowed from the neighbors, and that's what we did," Michael remembers of the day they moved in. 

Listen to Michael's full interview with Dana & Jayson and help us raise money for people like him and his family. All of the money raised during Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays goes to support Humble Design, the organization that would step in to help Michael and his family transform their apartment into a home.