Jayson's Food Crush | Dana & Jayson

What's your food crush?

February 7, 2019

You know how it starts. A casual interest transitions into a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, and all the sudden you're sprung. You find your thoughts wandering while you're at work, at home, and in even in public. You have a one-track-mind. You can't stop thinking about it. Yep, your food crush.

Jayson has been on a health kick since the start of 2019, and has now resorted to lusting after food on Instagram. The current target of his culinary crush is a forearm-sized California burrito that includes Flaming Hot Cheetos and taquitos. What?!?!?!

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Since Dana & Jayson hoped and assumed Jayson wasn't the only one with a food crush, we hit the phones to let you weigh in. A mouth-watering conversation this morning on San Diego's Alternative. 

Listen to the audio: