Home for the Holidays

Home For The Holidays: Leslie and Nicole's Story

Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays starts Friday, Dec. 13th

December 12, 2019

When co-workers at her federal job would ask her where she lived, Leslie would tell them "downtown, in a loft." She didn't tell them that the "Loft" was a homeless shelter where she and her daughter Nicole occupied cots in large dormitory-style halls, or that they had to schedule their timed, 15-minute showers every morning, early. They were expected to be up at 5:45 a.m.

"Nobody ever knew we were homeless," Nicole said, "Maybe because people have an idea of what that looks like and we were so hygienic." 

Before Leslie fled an abusive marriage with her daughter Nicole in-tow, she would never have imagined her life like this. 

"I looked at the homeless the way other people look at homeless," said Leslie, "I had my own blinders and prejudices, 'certainly they've done something to get themselves in this situation.'" 

When they were finally able to get affordable housing with help from the San Diego County Housing Commission, they became connected with Humble Design, a non-profit dedicated to furnishing homes for the recently homeless. 


"What they do for you, you cannot comprehend how that makes you feel, because you were thought of as a cot number, you belonged to a shelter with different people, but with Humble Design, they give you a home."

Listen to Leslie and Nicole's full interview with Dana & Jayson and help us raise money for people like them. All of the money raised during Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays goes to support Humble Design, the organization that would step in to help Leslie and Nicole transform their apartment into a home.