Hilton Hotels are reusing your soap for the planet | Dana & Jayson

It's not as bad as you think!

March 27, 2019

​Dana & Jayson asked a burning question this morning on Alt 949. Would you use a stranger's bar of soap?

If this sounds weird, the Hilton chain of hotels are already doing it, but it's not what you think! As part of a new initiative to help save the planet, Hilton hotels are recycling bars of soap.

The process takes old bars of soap and recycles them through a process that gives back totally clean and new soap. So it's not like they're taking someone's old used bar and giving it to someone new.

According to CNN, the recycling program will keep millions of pounds of soap and bottles out of landfills, thus saving the planet from more waste.

D&J chimed in this morning.

*This blog has been corrected from an earlier version*

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