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Here we go again.. A water bottle showed up on the GOT finale | Dana & Jayson

Right on the heels of the coffee cup, yet another artifact from the future appears in Westeros.

May 20, 2019

Apparently they like thier beverages in Westeros...

Just two weeks after the infamous coffee cup made an appearance in a scene on Game of Thrones' final season, yet again some strange new thing has made an untimely appearance.

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In the final episode of the series, fans on Twitter spotted a plastic water bottle hiding behind someones foot in a scene. According to Buzzfeed, the mistake pops up at the 46:19 mark in the episode.

Then to make matters worse, a SECOND water bottle appears just minbutes after the first. This time at the 49:06 mark.

Fans immediately noticed the mistake and of course took to Twitter to confront the damages to the final season. Since the coffee cup was digitally removed hours after it was discovered, it's reasonable to assume that the same will eventually happen for the final episode.

At least they're staying hydrated!