*Photo courtesy of Nate Scheffey

The guy who almost defeated Jeopardy James talks with Dana & Jayson

Nate Scheffey was so close to taking down the man who's already taken home over $2 Million on the hit show.

May 28, 2019

Nate Scheffey came really close to greatness. 

Nate found himself leading record-setting champion James Holzhauer for the majority of the match, but as it often does, the game would be decided in Final Jeopardy. Despite getting the correct answer and putting $10,000 on the line, Nate came up just short as Holzhauer wagered everything he had in the game show's final round.

Since Dana & Jayson figured Nate was probably ripe for some redemption, this morning they invited him on Alt 949 for the ultimate showdown with... the best competition we could find in studio: Jayson Prim.

Would Nate finally get to call himself a Jeopardy champion? Does Jayson know his TV catch phrases?

Giving the answers before the questions this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

Listen to the audio:

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