(Photo used with permission by Elijah Nesly Dormeus)

Debt-Free Morehouse College Graduate, Elijah Dormeus, Joins Dana & Jayson

Dormeus was one of almost 400 Morehouse College graduates over the weekend to have his student loans paid off by one generous man.

May 21, 2019

Imagine going from $90,000+ in student loan debt to $0 in an instant.

This is what happened to 1 of the almost 400 graduates of Atlanta's Morehouse College, when billionaire investor and commencement speaker Robert F. Smith informed the graduating class that he would be contributing a a multi-million dollar grant to pay off all of their student loans.

Rather than just bask in the good feels of a story that has been making national news, Dana & Jayson went straight to the source and invited Elijah Nesly Dormeus on Alt 949 to tell us his story of faith and perseverance, all culminating with the blessing he received from a virtual stranger on his graduation day.

What was Elijah's story? How was he drawn to Morehouse College? What will this mean for him, and his family? Hear it all in his interview with Dana & Jayson this morning.

Listen to the interview: