Dana & Jayson's Asst Producer Apologizes to Lake Elsinore Mayor for Poppypocolypse

Dana & Jayson made Asst Producer J.T. take the fall for the mass crowds over the weekend.. because somebody has to!

March 19, 2019

The Super Bloom is back, and people in Southern California are losing their s**t about it.

Our neighbor to the north, Lake Elsinore, has been flooded with Instagram hungry flower hunters, and things have gotten so out of hand, they've had to close roads and advise people to stay away. Unfortunately, Dana & Jayson's Assistant Producer J.T. was part of the problem this weekend, and he needs to answer to someone.

Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos called in to the Alt 949 hotline this morning to receive a well deserved apology from J.T. 

Check out our blossoming conversation with the most powerful man in Lake Elsinore this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

Here's Part Two of Asst Producer JT's apology:

And in case you didn't brave the crowds and traffic, here's what you missed in Lake Elsinore...