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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Producer Jack Is Back In The Hot Seat

October 18, 2019

Producer Jack is in trouble. Again. Maybe. It may just because Jayson loves torturing the Dana & Jayson show's Producer Jack, or it might be because he's an advocate for his own bizarre brand of relationship justice, but regardless here we go. In a moment of off-air honesty yesterday, Jack revealed to Jayson that he had an adult themed dream about a person he wouldn't normally expect to lust after, and Jayson pounced. Convinced that an unconscious Jack's subconscious mind was actually being unfaithful to his girlfriend of three years, he felt it was a matter of right and wrong to bring the whole thing before the court of popular opinion. Does Producer Jack really owe someone an apology, or is Jayson making a mountain out of an unintentional mole hill? Hitting the snooze button this morning on San Diego's Alternative.