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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Ruff Responsibilities

Dana's Adventure In Dog Sitting

October 16, 2019

Dog owners put a lot of faith in their friends or family when they are away. Passing along the responsibilities of caring for our treasured little fur children is a big leap of faith, and over the weekend while Dana was watching Jayson's dogs, she had to make a leap of her own. Now, don't get us wrong, Dana LIKES animals, she just doesn't always get along with them (or their dander), so when Jayson and his husband dipped out of San Diego for a few days, Dana was left reluctantly but literally holding the leash. This morning, Dana & Jayson had an honest conversation about some unusual behavior Dana encountered during her days in charge of Jayson's two small dogs, and why she thinks it speaks volumes about Jayson's prowess as a pet owner. Pet sitting got ruff this morning on San Diego's Alternative.