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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Rooting Interest

There Are Just Some Teams You Love to Hate

October 16, 2019

Being a baseball fan in San Diego can be tough sometimes, especially during the Major League Baseball playoffs. As a lifelong Padres fan, Dana & Jayson Producer Jack admitted how involved he is in this year's post season, and confessed where he's finding so much joy with his beloved Friars home for the winter. This morning on Alt 949, Dana was almost entirely convinced that Jack was the ONLY person in San Diego who could honestly say they take great enjoyment in rooting against other teams, citing the Dodgers and Yankees as the two teams who have kept him engaged through the first several rounds of the playoffs. Would our listener family come to his defense, or would Dana prove Jack was coming out of left field by himself. We tried to find out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.