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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Outside the Box

A Funeral With Some Laughs

October 16, 2019

Normally, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack gets the title of the member of the show with the darkest sense of humor with Jayson a close second, and Dana not even competing in the race... But this morning on Alt 949, the script was flipped as Dana shared a story of how one Irish man went viral at his own funeral. Understanding this was a mildly taboo topic for lighthearted morning radio, Jayson and Jack spent the majority of four minutes with their jaws on the floor in response to what Dana thought was an amusing way to make a sad event more palatable. Was this after death prank in good taste? Does anyone really want to laugh in a graveyard? How is Dana planning to draw some inspiration for her own distant day of worldly departure? Thinking outside the box this morning on San Diego's Alternative.