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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: News to Us- Thursday, October 17th

More College Admissions Scandal News

October 17, 2019

You never know where it'll strike next. News is waiting around every corner. Like a Raptor in Jurassic Park, news ugh... ugh... finds a way? To help facilitate the whole process, we use our duo of dynamic deliverers Dana & Jayson to bring you the highlights of a world that never stops spinning in a little something we call News to Us! Each morning, D&J throw on their fact finding hats and set out into an unsafe and uncertain internet to bring you a handful of their favorite stories of the day, mixed expertly with just the right balance of wit and wisdom. This morning we learned how one half of the two main characters at the center of the college admissions scandal navigated her first day behind bars, and why Dana seems mildly jealous. All of the news, most of the time on San Diego's Alternative.