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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Giving the Dog a Bone

Dana's Dog Misadventure

October 17, 2019

Dana DiDonato is an animal whisperer, even if she'd really prefer not to be. While spending a few recharging minutes with a friend at a trendy coffee spot in Ocean Beach, Dana had a very close encounter of the four-legged kind, and she still isn't feeling really great about it. San Diego is such a dog friendly city, it's virtually impossible to turn around without encountering someone enjoying some fun and sun with man's best friend, but sometimes things go really far really fast. This morning on Alt 949, the Dana & Jayson listener family was treated to a harrowing first hand account of Dana's experience, with some expected commentary from Jayson and Producer Jack. What happened? Dana was giving the dogs a bone this morning on San Diego's Alternative.