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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Forever Plaid

Jayson's Wedding Wardrobe

October 17, 2019

Now, Jayson isn't a stranger to being a part of the big days for numerous members of his friend group and family, but this is a first. Over the weekend while visiting his husband's sister, and throwing her a bridal shower, Jayson discovered he was invited to be part of the group that will be photographed during the dressing, makeup, and hair prep prior to the official wedding. This would normally just be a sweet inclusion that Jayson and his husband Jared would be honored to be involved in, but then he found out what the dress code will involve. ​Over-sized plaid shirts and a pair of tights. Jayson. With a group of ladies in the bridal party. Wearing an over-sized plaid shirt and a pair of tights. As a gay man in America, should Jayson just lean in and go all out, or as a man in America, should he put his foot down on how far he'll go to be part of the party. Squirming between a rock and a hard place this morning on San Diego's Alternative.