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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Disney Plus Pushers

Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Disney Plus Subscription

October 16, 2019

Like a weird guy with a trench coat selling counterfeit watches, Disney is pushing their product hard. Even though Dana generally avoids the vitriol that's inherent on Twitter, she couldn't avoid the barrage of friendly but stern reminders from Disney about their soon-to-launch streaming service. This morning, Dana & Jayson examined the hourly Tweets promoting Disney +, and the seemingly endless list of titles you'll only be able to access with the new service starting in November. If the day long reminder of everything you'll want from Snow White to Avengers: Endgame, the onslaught didn't stop there. What was the cherry on top for the gang at the happiest streaming service on earth, and who found a way to make this whole saga about himself? You can probably guess, but we found out anyway on San Diego's Alternative.