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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: The Death of Hope

A Dog Walking Termination

October 23, 2019

Jayson crushed the dreams of three children this morning on Alt 949. We'll let that sink in. Since one of the true joys in life for Dana's three kids is walking Jayson's two small dogs when he's out of town, it was a somber day for the Dana & Jayson radio program family. After the last trip out of town left Dana a little stressed about the responsibilities of caring for two dogs with questionable behavioral issues, Jayson decided he would cut the cord and enlist a new professional dog walker. When this news trickled down to Dana, she wasn't saddened on behalf of herself, but for her darling daughters. Could the little voice of Dana's middle daughter convince Jayson he's made a mistake, or are we just killing all hope? We landed in a gray area this morning on San Diego's Alternative.